These NEW Nintendo Switch Games Really DISAPPOINTED Me.


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  • BeatEmUps
    BeatEmUps   1 months back


    • Mateo Villa Ramirez
      Mateo Villa Ramirez  1 weeks back

      Not hating but something I noticed is that you said screaming like a headless chicken a headless chicken can't scream

    • GLO-TUBE
      GLO-TUBE  1 months back

      It (your video) helped me feel less bad about not supporting Daemon X Machina. I wanted to like it, the graphics are kinda cool (not so much the human models) but I just can't get interested in the gameplay.

    • DIRTY Dooney
      DIRTY Dooney  1 months back

      great video with good opinions other than DBD I feel like if you played it more to understand it more you would change some thoughts on some of the frustrations the game definitely isn't for everyone

    • SimonMooreChannel
      SimonMooreChannel  1 months back

      If you think it's unfair to talk bad about games because it's "subjective" then you shouldn't talk about how much you enjoy other games because that's also subjective! I think you're very fair with what you say. What I mean is keep doing them all, it's your opinion that we enjoy watching :) And I love these.

    • Ronnie Patterson
      Ronnie Patterson  1 months back

      Hey Mech hater , the 80s called , said they still adore your hair.

  • Joshua Anderson
    Joshua Anderson  3 days back

    Dead by daylight is so hard

    • 1 and a half nerds
      1 and a half nerds  3 days back

      i agree Friday the 13:the game is better than dead by daylight

      • Jan Montesinos
        Jan Montesinos  5 days back

        Way don’t they do it sow wen you play dead bay daylight you can only talk to your team wen you are near them and the threader you get from them you hear them less until you don’t hear them anymore

        • C N
          C N  5 days back

          Friday the 13th is so freaking garbage though... I couldn't even stand a single match. I had no idea what was happening in that game even though I've seen other people play it. DBD is far superior...on PC anyway. As for the voice chat, it's not to ruin the survivor's experience, it's to not make it unfair for the killer. Yes, the killer has it the toughest in DBD. Survive with Friends on PC is pure stupid those groups just straight up harass the killer. It also makes sense in game. F13, you're just stuck on a campground whereas in DBD, you're whisked away to a map and The Entity stops you from speaking.

          • Ruckus
            Ruckus  7 days back

            Speaking of mech games... they NEED to remake Phantom Crash.

            • isaiah1516
              isaiah1516  1 weeks back

              Daemon X Machina felt like scratching a mosquito bite. It felt good for a little while but ultimately just making the itch worse and more painful. I want a really great mech game and Daemon X Machina just didn't quite hit it for me.

              • Tony B
                Tony B  1 weeks back

                I agree on DXM, I felt very underwhelmed by it. I played the demo and it felt like an unfinished mobile game. I'm still loving Astral Chain though, I really hope it becomes a franchise.

                • CyberDragoon656
                  CyberDragoon656  1 weeks back

                  Have you ever imported games cause if you like fire emblem you might like the super robot wars series

                  • Jefuri Hartono
                    Jefuri Hartono  2 weeks back

                    Daemon is an acquired game taste there. Especially considering it literally is the spiritual successor of all armored core. As mecha fan it is a masterpiece. But for non mecha fan sadly it is hard to sell there.

                    • Pennywise The Dancing Clown

                      I personally enjoyed dbd more than f13

                      • Andrew Rivas
                        Andrew Rivas  2 weeks back

                        If dead by daylight had voice chat, it would be so toxic, it’s too competitive, you get so much toxic messages already,

                        • jodie walsh
                          jodie walsh  2 weeks back

                          Is it just me or does he look alot like jacksepticeye 😂

                        • 74Delta
                          74Delta  2 weeks back

                          The mechs are okay in Daemon X Machina. Its just like Gundam and stole from Gundam Breaker. Its just the repetitiveness that was the problem. And story.

                          • Dylan Lim
                            Dylan Lim  2 weeks back

                            Technically there are two ways to escape. Way one, group way, which is the generators and door. Way two, solo way, is a hidden hatch that appears once there is only one person left alive a hatch somewhere opens that you can escape out of. However, the killer can also find the hatch and if they were to find an open hatch they also have the option of closing it to force the remaining survivor to start working on generators again. But yea, besides that it can and probably will get relatively repetitive for a while until you start getting traits and stuff to work with to enhance your gameplay as either the killer or survivor.

                            • karim uda
                              karim uda  2 weeks back

                              Wait demon x machina came out?

                              • Paulilenthee
                                Paulilenthee  2 weeks back

                                Stay of dead by daylight

                                Okay okay

                                Wait disappoint?

                                I like you're content so I'll forgive you

                                (Don't take it serious)

                                • Walther Penne
                                  Walther Penne  2 weeks back

                                  You bought it. You made them money...Now more shovelware & crap are being produced xD

                                  • DBJ
                                    DBJ  2 weeks back

                                    does anyone else feel like he never actually had a fight with another arsenal in daemon x machina? i mean yeah in the first few missions your killing pions but after that your darting around spending every point on stamina on boosting, managing your aura thingo's, and trying to keep track of other pilots doing the same thing as you. the stealth/3rd person shooter stages as the pilot are pretty well done as well as the level of customization. you can be lite and fast or a tank or somewhere in between. i sort of get not being able to invest every game he owns but a little disappointed, this game deserves praise just because it brought life back to an idea, we haven't had an armored core game since from softs success with dark souls and i believe it has its fans to. it's far from perfect but, needs to succeed. because when a studio strikes gold like the souls series it doesn't matter how much people love there previous titles they will never get the same attention as the cash cow.

                                    • XJAXX Jackson
                                      XJAXX Jackson  3 weeks back

                                      I like dead by daylight and Friday 13th I just can’t play it cause I’m too scared like if I’m getting chased I’ll be screaming while trying to either getting away or get someone else killed xD I did that once the person was mad in both games

                                      • Andy
                                        Andy  3 weeks back

                                        take a shot whenever he says "game"

                                        • Alfonso Payan
                                          Alfonso Payan  3 weeks back

                                          6:50 it looks like a 3DS game

                                          • RalfsStuff
                                            RalfsStuff  3 weeks back

                                            I'm getting Dragonball.
                                            I know I like the simple gameplay and obviously the card collection after putting 35 hours into Dragonball Heroes Ultimate Mission X on 3ds.

                                            • Efrain Cordero
                                              Efrain Cordero  3 weeks back

                                              Wolfenstein was so bad and critically hated that it's price dropped to 50% off in every store that I've seen it.

                                              • leonel mora
                                                leonel mora  3 weeks back

                                                Xenoblade Chronicles X gives a pretty good sensation about mechs, the first time you feel indestructible with the mech, you realize later that there are superpowerful enemies even for your skell of course

                                                • Kijionn
                                                  Kijionn  3 weeks back

                                                  If youre a fan of mech games DxM is the greatest thing ever lol

                                                  If youre not you prob think its boring and slow lol.

                                                  • Enigma
                                                    Enigma  3 weeks back

                                                    I disliked not because i didn't like you dissing games. It's because you did it like a scared wimp. Reiterating over and over and over in fear of someone getting offended.

                                                    • TripleSRank
                                                      TripleSRank  3 weeks back

                                                      I generally love Wood/his videos, but I really wish he would come off the act that he doesn’t get treated fairly when he criticizes or is disappointed by certain games, even popular ones.

                                                      What happened with Xenoblade Chronicles 2 happened because he didn’t appear to take the time to learn and understand the key system that makes the game fun. No, auto-attacking isn’t fun, but the first full blade combo you intentionally perform is like magic, and when you add on further mechanics like chain attacks, driver combos, and fusion combos, the additional layers create A LOT of depth and fun in the combat that Wood literally never tapped into. It just looks like he missed the point entirely, which is different from getting the point of something but it not being your sort of thing. Nobody would be upset by the latter. What’s worse is that the way it was presented made it extremely misleading for people unfamiliar with the game and dissuaded or nearly dissuaded a lot of people from giving it a chance— myself included, and it might be the best game I’ve played on the Switch even now.

                                                      I mean, take Daemon x Machina. I’m a fan of the mecha genre and will probably like or love the game whenever I get around to it. However, even without having played the game I can tell the stuff Wood is criticizing/doesn’t gel with (e.g. the way the combat feels, or the way the story is relayed through missions with extra bits of dialogue here and there and the occasional cutscene) is fair. It’s pretty common stuff in the genre, and based on those criticisms I could immediately (and sadly) tell him that he probably wouldn’t like any of the Armored Core games, but that he might still like something such as the Zone of the Enders series. Regardless, his dislike of the game is perfectly fine because it’s a matter of preferences, not him misunderstanding what about the game is intended to be fun in the first place.

                                                      Anyway, the point is, whenever Wood acts like he’s not going to be treated fairly for saying some games disappointed him, it just comes off as being condescending and poor sportsmanship. Just get over the fact that a lot of people dislike how you handled XC2 and move on already. A single line, something like “...and just to remind everyone, these are just my opinions, your mileage may vary” (however Wood would say it) is all that is necessary. Stop making a big deal out of it.

                                                      I don’t say this because I’m a hater or some crazy XC2 fanboy. On the contrary, this is probably my favorite and most consistently watched youtube channel, and this attitude is the ONE thing that comes off as super grating/off-putting. I’m trying to be constructive and helpful here, because I think there’s a good chance Wood doesn’t realize how his doing that comes across.

                                                      So Wood, if you do see this, no hard feelings bro. Just let the XC2 stuff go and go about these videos normally, please. Virtually everyone watching these videos is cool with you, including the people who may have gotten mad about the XC2 stuff when it happened.

                                                      ‘Punching that like button right now. Looking forward to your future videos!

                                                      • ThePlagueDoctor
                                                        ThePlagueDoctor  3 weeks back

                                                        Friday the 13th is a cringy bootleg DBD, don’t @ me bro

                                                        • Nicholas Harron
                                                          Nicholas Harron  3 weeks back

                                                          Your camera likes to zoom in and out and shake a lot. Do you think we all have ADD man? Chill with all the quick cuts.

                                                          • B39 _
                                                            B39 _  4 weeks back

                                                            Talks about Daemon X Machina:

                                                            Marvelous Entertainment: Ding-Dong, Your Ad Revenue is gone

                                                            • paco ramon
                                                              paco ramon  4 weeks back

                                                              Friday the 13th > DBD

                                                              • The Paularbear
                                                                The Paularbear  4 weeks back

                                                                Have you played Armored Core: For Answer? If not, give it a try. Its an older game but a good one.

                                                                • TripleSRank
                                                                  TripleSRank  3 weeks back

                                                                  Armored Core 4 and Armored Core: For Answer (same continuity) are probably my two favorite mecha games ever, but based on the issues Wood said he had with Daemon x Machina, I don’t think he would enjoy them very much.

                                                                  He MIGHT like something along the lines of Zone of the Enders, though. There’s no swappable parts and stuff; the game is linear rather than mission-based; and the story is pretty good, particularly in the sequel. I couldn’t say whether he would enjoy the combat or not; it’s a bit different, but I don’t know if it would be different enough for him specifically or not.

                                                                  Titanfall 2 is probably my favorite FPS ever because of the mecha elements, but Titanfall 2 is definitely not a traditional mecha game even in story mode. Wood just isn’t much of a fan of the genre.

                                                                  You can’t push these things on people. I know. I’ve tried. I’m probably never going to get to share the wonder of Undertale with some people, for example.

                                                              • John von Shepard
                                                                John von Shepard  4 weeks back

                                                                1:30 video start at

                                                                • FromBeyondTheGrave1
                                                                  FromBeyondTheGrave1  4 weeks back

                                                                  There are two ways to escape in Dead by Daylight.

                                                                  • Akimoto
                                                                    Akimoto  4 weeks back

                                                                    When you come back you should review the Switch Ringfit Adventure, I heard it's been doing well, wanted to know your P-O-V of the product / game :O

                                                                    • Uncle Brizz
                                                                      Uncle Brizz  4 weeks back

                                                                      Bruh, that into, I thought you was comin' at me!

                                                                      Had my duke's up

                                                                      • Vianka Leigh Patron
                                                                        Vianka Leigh Patron  1 months back

                                                                        Hey can you give a content regarding recommended power bank that is safe from switch

                                                                        • Luke thegamingkiwi
                                                                          Luke thegamingkiwi  1 months back

                                                                          Yes F13th and DBD are Different because DBD is better with
                                                                          a larger roster of characters (Killers and Survivors) more maps and just more content in general
                                                                          Oh yeah and it's not dead XD

                                                                          • Blood Bushcraft
                                                                            Blood Bushcraft  1 months back

                                                                            We need 007 Goldeneye for the switch!!

                                                                            • Dixon Dathaniel
                                                                              Dixon Dathaniel  1 months back

                                                                              dbd is a good game that you don't like, how about that

                                                                              • BriggsTV
                                                                                BriggsTV  1 months back

                                                                                DEAD BY DAYLIGHT SWITCH IS GREAT! On Switch I love it! It’s deff worth picking up!

                                                                                • 月月酱
                                                                                  月月酱  4 weeks back

                                                                                  BriggsTV i just bought it online and wait for the delivery!lmao!

                                                                              • Hans Karl
                                                                                Hans Karl  1 months back

                                                                                This is the First Time i dont like your opinion dead by daylight for me is much better than friday 13th when i played friday for me its one of the worst Game i have ever played it for me just Bad and Dbd is so much fun you didnt Even told about everything about dbd which i think Shows you played it Not that much but i Love you and your Channel keep up your Now almost perfect work 😉 just kiddin

                                                                                • OptiSpider Gaming
                                                                                  OptiSpider Gaming  1 months back

                                                                                  See i like dead by daylight. But there is a few problems with the game that piss me off. But other than that i like it lol

                                                                                  • VegaPhil
                                                                                    VegaPhil  1 months back

                                                                                    I'm not a mech fan at all but I do like Daemon X Machina. The only reason I stopped playing was that I got stuck on a mission and have no idea how I'm going to beat it, I guess that's a problem. I thought the controls were great which was my biggest worry going in and the visuals are really striking. It does have a weird story and the cutscenes are quite basic but I can't say I was disappointed by the game, it was as good as I expected it to be.

                                                                                    • Roger Knott
                                                                                      Roger Knott  1 months back

                                                                                      I was excited for Daemon X when I first saw the trailers but then I saw actual gameplay and I was like - ehhh - no. I too wanted it to look and feel like titanfall.

                                                                                      • RedXVIII
                                                                                        RedXVIII  1 months back

                                                                                        best mech games were Transformers on ps2

                                                                                        • MonadoJoJo Zerø
                                                                                          MonadoJoJo Zerø  1 months back

                                                                                          Hey man you have your opinions, and that's cool