Was Ned Stark a Top 10 Fighter in Game of Thrones


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  • Please R.I.P
    Please R.I.P  4 days back

    tv show ned was definitely a top 10 fighter imo, but not top 5, book ned was not though but was still decent

    • Dan Kelly
      Dan Kelly  1 weeks back

      Book - no
      Show - yes

      • Tasogare
        Tasogare  1 weeks back

        One might assume Ned was a better fighter even than Jaime only because of their duel but reason for that is Sean Bean has made a lot of sword fighting in his career. He made it look like Ned was a better fighter. But actually Jaime is far more superior lorewise

        Also I remember reading Bronze Royce beat the shit out of everyone in Winterfell in sparring,including Ned.

        • bridge4
          bridge4   1 weeks back

          @Tasogare you're probanly right about that (his decision at least). I'm a big fan of all three of those, including bronn, as fighters tho. As lady cat would say, bronn was a panther (a little addition i found for the secret reyne hypothesis. I think hes referred as a panther twice by lady cat iirc)

        • Tasogare
          Tasogare  1 weeks back

          @bridge4 Yeah man dude is a beast. Shame show couldn't show what a badass this dude was. Could have shown him leading Knights of the Vale during Battle of Bastards or something. LOL just realized Bronn actualy fought Ser Vardis after Lysa chose him as champion. That Bronn is a sneaky mofo he knew he could beat Vardis. No way in hell he would fight Royce or Lyn Corbray...

        • bridge4
          bridge4   1 weeks back

          He not only beat ned, it wss two on 1. Ned and rodrick vs him lol. And he won the most recent melee if I'm not mistaken, topping thoros (who had won 2 or 3 of his own, partially due to his flaming sword which someone like sandor probably shied from. But also cause oiur boy thoros is legit, just like book bronze yohn

        • bridge4
          bridge4   1 weeks back

          Totally agree with you with one exception. The show version has a note on the episode 1 script where jaime and ned run into each other and says "twonof the great swordsman of westeros" or something like that. So possibly show ned is a better version than book ned. Or possibly its same as books and ned is certainly "elite," but jaime is elite among the elite

          So yeh, my hats off to you for giving ser jaime the credit he deserves according to canon lore. Alot of peoppe sell him shortz and that upsets me lol (robba quote about the whispering wood jaime is good info for those people)

      • Grawrness
        Grawrness  2 months back

        XD my bad i watch too many theory videos

        I love your content. I wanted to add something about ned and Arthurs fight. They are both excellent fighters. I believe sir arthur dayne, the sword of the morning although was outnumbered he held back against ned due to his oath to lyanna to protect her and her own. If he had slain ned stark he knew lyanna would be reasonably pissed since she had no idea he was coming for her. He also knew that if he didnt fight ned he would be breaking his vow, so he did the noble thing and fought ned, defended lyanna, fulfilled his vow, and sacrificed himself. I honestly believe sir aethur dayne , lord commander, and sir wels? Could take 2to1 and 3to1 odds. They're famed warriors and in war the odds are rarely 1 to 1 . That's a quote from game of thrones i believe one of the wildlings said that but I'm not whycreate so i forget exactly. The only honorable thing sir arthur dayne could have done was to die doing his duty, knowing the realm would know a peaceful era , which it did under bobby b's reign, i believe sir arthur dayne knew that, and he knew there wasnt a place for them in that era. And i also think he was the only one who thought that because the lord commander actually taunted ned stark thinking they 3 could take an entire army and be alive to laugh about it. That confidence doesn't come from no where, when the hound tries to intimidate people he acts scary but the lord commander was just talking casually to 7 potential combatants like it was nothing. Back to sir arthur dayne he knew these odds werent uncommon, and he knew if he took a dive here no man alive can say he wasnt a skilled fighter to have needed 7 men to kill him . He planned all this the moment he saw ned stark and 6 of his bannermen marching towards the tower. I honestly think it was the most brilliant decision sir arthur dayne could have made. It ended with a long summer and an entire generation of those who hadnt seen war or winter.

        I think that's a good place to end it i don't want to make it sound incoherent.

        Thanks for reading!

        • Grawrness
          Grawrness  1 months back

          @- Blackemperor- wow i didn't even notice lol thanks for bringing that to my attention

        • - Blackemperor-
          - Blackemperor-  1 months back


      • mahi mahesh babu
        mahi mahesh babu  2 months back

        It doesn't matter he survived the rebellion

        • sora roxas
          sora roxas  3 months back

          Show ned =
          Number 6
          1. Arthur dayne
          2. Barristan selmy
          3. Oberyn martel
          4. Robert baratheon
          5. Jamie lannister
          6. Ned stark

          Book ned.
          Not even top 20

          • sora roxas
            sora roxas  3 months back

            @bridge4 omg niceeeeee, keep up the good work fam. You have a new subscriber :)

          • bridge4
            bridge4   3 months back

            @sora roxas thoros best move in the show was disarming Arya in the inn....pretty slick tho hahha

          • bridge4
            bridge4   3 months back

            @sora roxas haha I hear ya. Those book scenes with jon were fun. Show qhorin is gnarly. But book qhorin is the man

          • bridge4
            bridge4   3 months back

            @sora roxas sorry I reread and see u mention his brother for number 8. I didnt catch that word the first tome through my bad

            Like you, there are just so many. I'm slowly doing a video on everyone. Only done a few. But I'm doing it by tiers. So I have someone like show ned as tier 5 probbaly. Hes still the 1% of the 1% of people in the world considering his training and experience. But there are levels I've got above someone like him or book stannis who leads from behind.

            So far I think I've only done qhorin as tier 2 (I'm a qhorin fanboy). And I think o said trant at tier 4 which is totally debatable. I was sort of trying to make the point that hes bot nearly as bad as people make him out to be

            Jaime in the books says hes nothing special but "adequate," which to me speaks volumes coming from book jaime. And sandor of course hates him since he hates knights in general, let alone knights that best girls. So I dont take his diss about trant to arya very seriously

            But to play devils advocate, bronn treats show meryn like a joke at least once, maybe twice. To the extent that, assuming bronn is a good judge of skill, show trant would be tier 5 at best (I think it's fair for peoppe to assume he was just a political appoint and nothing more. But I prefer to see him as tier 4)

            I'll have jaime dayne barristan probbaly Bobby b even at tier 1. Oberyn I flio.flop on. Qhorin thoros bronze yohn sandor tier 2. Gregor brienne greatjon and others tier 3.

            It's difficult to really say tho. I need to finally just write everyone down on little card and try to shuffle things around onto a pyramid, with less in tier 1 then tier 2, and less in tier 2 than tier 3 etc (and each tier is a bandwidth. Not saying everyone within a given tier is identical. Just close enough)

            When I eventually get my full list down, a key point I'd want to make is similar to what barristan mentioned to dany about the slightest thing making the difference (what someone ate the night before, slip of foot etc) ... so one of my main goals will be to highlight that a tier 3 fighter could beat a tier 1, for instance, but he or she just would be an underdog in Vegas going into the fight :-P

            (So manu typos. From phone. Hut my fingers are too numb to edit right now lol..my bad(

          • sora roxas
            sora roxas  3 months back

            @bridge4 book thoros was crazy, beating the hound 3 times in a tourney, charge alone during siege of pyke. A shame show thoros didnt have that badassery and was reduce to a beric- priest/drunkist. And yeah i totallh mean the amalgamation of garlan and loras. A shame at how he died though

        • THEIAN11
          THEIAN11  4 months back

          He helped overthrow a dynasty, he can fight in war plain and simple, I think Ned just happens to have no record in duels. And maybe the Bronze from the Vale just happens to be a super badass

          • bridge4
            bridge4   4 months back

            For sure. Bronze yohn won a recently melee in the books

        • 28 Mouse
          28 Mouse  4 months back

          You ruled ed out of the top 3 because he wasn't alive when Jaime said that then the first person you name on the list is dead lol......what

          • bridge4
            bridge4   4 months back

            at the time jaime said this, barristan, sandor, gregor were all alive

        • Written Mirror
          Written Mirror  4 months back

          If Oberyn wasn't jumping around like a fairy he'd have ended the mountain. His actual combat moves reminded me of Kilic in soul caliber though 🔥🙌🏾

          • Mike Brammer
            Mike Brammer  4 months back

            Honestly, my own opinion, Ned Stark was an above average swordsman, definitely skilled, but used a different style than Jaime. Ned is a Battlefield Swordsman, skilled at fighting multiple lesser skilled opponents, but was also a competent general and commander, while Jaime is a Duelist Swordsman, who has put a lot of time and practice into his craft, skilled at single or small group combat, but lacking as a true commander and general(too vainglorious and easily distracted.). So as an individual swordsman, Jaime is superior to Ned, but Ned is a better general.

          • Miscellaneous Mind
            Miscellaneous Mind  4 months back

            So he's a diplomat who can hold his own in a fight. Definitely "Hand Of The King" type material. Makes sense, Eddard was the brain, Robert was the braun.

          • Rosamund Powell
            Rosamund Powell  4 months back

            Listen . . . we had Sean Bean portraying Ned Stark. This is a guy who had spent years doing the "Sharpe" series and the "Lord of the Rings" movies. Of course he's going to make Ned look good. You know . . . you would have been better off rating both the literary Ned and the TV series Ned separately.

            • bridge4
              bridge4   4 months back

              Shout out to Sean bean. His sword sequences definitely look great

          • M Chaney
            M Chaney  4 months back

            yeah ned was a decent fighter, definitely better than a peasant, better than a lot of lords, but definitely no A+ beast.

            • Daniboy
              Daniboy  4 months back

              Brynden ''Blackfish'' Tully > Robert Baratheon

              • The Wolf
                The Wolf  4 months back

                I’m pretty sure Ned was a great fighter. You don’t survive the battle of the trident without being a good fighter. He also probably was the knight of the laughing tree

                • bridge4
                  bridge4   4 months back

                  Lyanna was the knight of the laughing tree

              • Danny Warford
                Danny Warford  4 months back

                2 handed Jamie > show Ned > book Ned > 1 handed Jamie, IMO

                I do also thing the "now it ends" line to Arthur Dayne was a bit more only one of us is walking away from this thing.

                • Jack Adams
                  Jack Adams  4 months back

                  in the show one of neds men stab ser arthur dayne in the back then ned kills him

                  • gamerslockerslife
                    gamerslockerslife  4 months back

                    Blade would kill themall

                    • Henry Johnson
                      Henry Johnson  4 months back

                      Yeah Ned was never the warrior of the family, that was his brother Brandon

                      • Samin Huq
                        Samin Huq  4 months back

                        If Ned and Jaime fought each other for real and no one intervened, Ned would likely end up winning. It might take a while though.

                        A lot of people, quite unfairly, base TV-Ned's skills on the books and not the show, even when talking about the show. Yes, in the books, Ned is not known as being a particularly deadly fighter. However, the books are quite different from the show - there is no (F)Aegon plotline in the show, Sansa marries Ramsay and not Jeyne Poole, Jaime never leaves Cersei until much later, Jon Snow doesn't advise Stannis on how to fight the Boltons, etc... It shouldn't be this easy to get the two confused lol.

                        Barristan Selmy OF ALL PEOPLE praised Ned's skills in direct combat. One of THE finest fighters that ever lived, who even in his old age was feared by the Hound and the current Kingsguard of all people. When Ned says that he's lucky to never have met Barristan on the battlefield, it is the former Kingsguard knight that chides Ned for being ''too modest'' and praises him for cutting down ''a dozen great knights''.

                        Heck, when Jaime and Ned DO come to blows in the show, it's clear that Jaime isn't fighting for the thrills and is in it to liberate his brother, whom he cares about. Yet Ned is the only one to actually land a hit on the other and clearly has Jaime struggling to push him away. The fight only ends when one of Jaime's soldiers attacks Ned from behind, so technically no one won or lost this fight.

                        Ned was able to kill one of the Kingsguard (Gerold Hightower IIRC) and gave Arthur Dayne himself a fight, although ultimately would have lost if not for Howland Reed's sneak attack (ironically just like the sneak attack that Ned received years later from a Lannister soldier). I think there is an argument for Ned to be in the top three fighters of Westerosi history, and he's at least as good as Jaime in his prime.

                        • Goku son
                          Goku son  4 months back

                          Saying Jamie could beat Aragorn is like saying Naruto could beat Goku its bullshit either way.

                          • Goku son
                            Goku son  4 months back

                            No human in The Game of thrones verse could match Aragorn, Aragorn fought and kills orcs stronger than Cleaganes and fought ghost, so even top dogs like Sir Author Dane would be an insect to Aragorn

                            • Goku son
                              Goku son  4 months back

                              @Z_Boss_23 lmao😂 ok

                            • Z_Boss_23
                              Z_Boss_23  4 months back

                              Ok I see that you're having your Nerdgasm over here. I shall leave you in peace

                          • Omar Inman
                            Omar Inman  4 months back

                            I think in a knock down drag out brawl rule book out the window I think Ned was better than a Jaimie. Neither better than Bron or Brienne and I say that cuz they both survived and have prominent seats on the small counsel

                            • Luca Matoke
                              Luca Matoke  5 months back

                              Am gonna say this directly to all Ned Stark fans, am one of you but please lower your expectations men. Ned was more of a lord. Somebody who'd pick a sword and the whole house as well as the vassals pick their swords and march with him. House Stark could go down a cliff with him. But, if he was somebody's champion in a trial by combat vs say Jaime Lannister, Ned had zero chance.

                              • bridge4
                                bridge4   5 months back

                                Im with ya. In show-pnly fans' defense tho, the episode 1 script had a line (not dialogue) saying "two of the great swordsmen in Westeros," when jaime blocked ned at the feast.

                                But even with that, and even with their show-only fight, there are levels to greatness. And it's at the core of jaimes arc that he is the elite of the elite, unlike ned

                            • Sørlandschips potetgull med Spansk Paprika smak

                              Just because jamie is better than ned, that doesn’t mean he isn’t elite

                              • Dale LaPointe
                                Dale LaPointe  5 months back

                                I think its pretty clear Jaime was the best swordsman during the shows run until he lost his hand even then he was still pretty darn good in the battle of the dead at Winter Fell not to mention he even killed Eron one handed even though he would of died odds are from his own wounds. I still think Arthur Dayne was the best and Jaime would of known that and perhaps rumors got out to Jaime that Ned only killed an un armed Dayne after being wounded in the back. Jaime seemed to mock Ned not respect his fighting its clear to me that Jaime wanted to fight Ned and was pushing for it in some sort of arena. Even when they fought Jaime seem to always have the confidence during the battle Ned face didn't look so confident. To prove who was more honorable just look at Jaime who allowed Ned to live and he rode off after someone stabbed him from the back yet Ned Killed Dayne un armed its clear Ned didn't want to fight Dayne ever again & Jaime wanted to fight NED healthy!

                                • Tony haston
                                  Tony haston  5 months back

                                  Epic moment when Eddard Stark meet Boromir

                                  • Anime Is dope
                                    Anime Is dope  5 months back

                                    I wanna know more about Ser Arthur Dayne he seemed extremely skilled

                                    • bridge4
                                      bridge4   5 months back

                                      He was. Offline grrm said hes equicament to barristan if they ar reusing similar swords. Both are top class for sure :))

                                  • Low XF
                                    Low XF  5 months back

                                    Karl Tanner of Gin Alley was a focking legend

                                    • Mark Moore
                                      Mark Moore  5 months back

                                      There is no chance Jamie would beat Aragorn in a 1 on 1 fight. Aragorn was legendary, and had elvish blood in him.

                                      • Jibaku
                                        Jibaku  5 months back

                                        Doesnt include ned since hes dead... Includes robert baratheon and that two sword dude... Smart dude

                                        • Jibaku
                                          Jibaku  5 months back

                                          @bridge4 thats the point... So was sir arthur and the other dude was old and weak af

                                        • bridge4
                                          bridge4   5 months back

                                          Robert was dead at this time too

                                      • Tex Rule
                                        Tex Rule  5 months back

                                        Ned’s attention to his duty and being prepared mixed with his extreme heart makes him better than Jaime as Jaime doesn’t fight with heart

                                        • MUD PIE
                                          MUD PIE  5 months back

                                          I agree the quite wolf was more a strategist than a battle master

                                          • Winter216
                                            Winter216  5 months back

                                            I think was giving jamie trouble like I think Jamie was underestimating him but I think would of won but with trouble even with he wasnt underestimating him

                                            • Concerned Citizen
                                              Concerned Citizen  5 months back

                                              I want to see Arya vs Ser Arthur Dayne

                                            • David Geary
                                              David Geary  5 months back

                                              luckily for Jaime Ned didn't have ice on him...did he use it in combat is up for debate but its pretty much a scottish claymore which was used in war

                                              • terry waller
                                                terry waller  5 months back

                                                Bed was a leader, but he had a brain fart, once king Baratheon died he should have gotten himself and family back to home instead of trying to do what's right.

                                                • James Taylor
                                                  James Taylor  5 months back

                                                  The show done such a piss poor job portraying lord royce

                                                  • James Taylor
                                                    James Taylor  5 months back

                                                    Ned was defo.a capable fighter but he was no barristan the bold or arthur dayne

                                                    • William Baugus
                                                      William Baugus  5 months back

                                                      He was on the show but in the books he would have gotten killed by Jaime. Jaime Lannister was one of the best swordsman ever

                                                    • Snake Pliskin
                                                      Snake Pliskin  5 months back

                                                      Achilles would beat everyone

                                                      • Snake Pliskin
                                                        Snake Pliskin  5 months back

                                                        Sean bean was also Odysseus in the movie Troy, who was prob the most memorable man in Greek history

                                                        • Snake Pliskin
                                                          Snake Pliskin  5 months back

                                                          I think ned woulda beat jaime and would do it w ease in his prime

                                                          • Useless
                                                            Useless  5 months back

                                                            Gerald Hightower was an old man by the time he fourght Ned Stark and Oswal Went wasn’t as good of a fighter as Gerald Hightower and Arthur Dayne

                                                            • Nemesis Enforcer
                                                              Nemesis Enforcer  5 months back

                                                              The greatest fighter is Puss in Boots, period.

                                                            • cegolau
                                                              cegolau  5 months back

                                                              People keep thinking that real life is some sort of RPG, where a higher experience kind of guarantees victory. That can come close to the truth for unarmed combat, but in a fight with weapons capable of with 1 hit killing, you don't have to be better than you opponent to win, only good enough to hit a vital spot, and even people with average experience can do that fairly easy. The only difference is that the more experienced has more chances, but nothing is for sure.

                                                              • Desmund Leonard
                                                                Desmund Leonard  5 months back

                                                                I always thought that if Brandon had lived he probably could have been one of the best. He did have a realm to rule after all as well as winterfell it self.

                                                                • john black
                                                                  john black  5 months back

                                                                  none can defeat aaragonn!!!!