Bait reviewed by Mark Kermode

  • Published: 30 August 2019
  • Mark Kermode reviews Bait. A fisherman without a boat – his brother having repurposed it as a tourist tripper – is displaced to the estate above the harbor after his childhood home becomes a getaway for holidaying Londoners.

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Comments • 39

  • Christopher Daley
    Christopher Daley  2 months back

    This film was wonderful. I was afraid it would be a pretentious cineaste's thing that critics loved but audiences hated. No, it's a good film. See it if you can.

    • peter harman
      peter harman  2 months back

      the scenes on the beach with the lad pulling the bass from the net had a really lovely look to them,i enjoyed the whole film and can relate directly to the whole films subject matter from both sides

      • last unctives
        last unctives  2 months back

        It ain't Ken loach by the sound of it .

        • dzl999
          dzl999  2 months back

          What a pity it's not getting a wider release, only playing at a few art-house cinemas. Will track it down though.

          • Sophie J
            Sophie J  2 months back

            It is on general release but obviously won't have as many copies knocking around as films with big Hollywood distribution. It is in quite a few 'regular' cinemas as well as arthouse ones.

          • Omen Gaming
            Omen Gaming  2 months back

            I have a feeling this is going to be one of those films people will look back on in a few years time and praise highly. Just judging from Mark's review and the comments section posts it certainly sounds like one of the better made films of the year. It isn't something I would have usually considered but watched the trailer and am looking forward to seeing this some time.

        • Felicia Barker
          Felicia Barker  2 months back

          Saw a trailer for this before the rerelease of Don't Look Now and without knowing anything else about it knew I had to see it. Went today in eager anticipation and was not disappointed. The first five or so minutes I wondered if the filming was going to prevent me getting on with it (I felt a bit motion sick from the opening shot, also), but after a little while was fully immersed, and by the end was not 'not noticing' the technique, but was absolutely finding it to enhance and deepen what is, as Mark says, a film of immense rich texture.

          As well as what Mark notes, the historical quality of the film lends it something. Old films always have a strange, stilted, slightly 'apart' quality, as if they're coming from a slightly other place, and a time slightly before even their own present. Combine that with the juxtaposition of this retroactive methodology and modern setting and the world of the film and its characters feels of another time. This adds immensely to the film, about a place that very much is struggling with being out of time.

          It's lingering and pondersome (not ponderous) in places and yet quick and pacy and was gone leaving me wanting more, which is a rare thing. It's very funny in places, very tense in others, it has huge amounts going on conveyed with a minimum of perfectly placed words (and the ADR nature of the dialogue means they do feel like they have been tactically 'placed' into the scenes). Just an excellent piece of work and one of my favourites this year.

          • Joshua Rhys
            Joshua Rhys  2 months back

            Saw it this evening - outstanding craftsmanship.

            • ThePWRJunkie
              ThePWRJunkie  2 months back

              Why not put in a link so people can watch the movie

              • Arno Willekes
                Arno Willekes  2 months back

                Hey Kermodeandmayo! Love your reveiws but why can't I find anything on Downfall/Der Untergang? Strange and very area53-like....

                • Maxine Hayes
                  Maxine Hayes  2 months back

                  Only having seen the trailer, I felt it had a feeling of Coeur Fidele by Jean Epstein. Going to book tickets to see it in the cinema ASAP

                  • Euan Smith
                    Euan Smith  2 months back

                    89 minutes long? That sounds cool.

                    • Steve Catanio
                      Steve Catanio  2 months back

                      Keep up great work. Your contribution to the media and criticism world is enviable and refreshing

                      • Christopher Daley
                        Christopher Daley  2 months back

                        Keep up the good comments. Your contribution to the humanoid landscape is luxurious and effervescent.

                    • Mark Smith
                      Mark Smith  2 months back

                      Brilliant film. Sublime. It blew me away! Not words of praise usually garnered from social realism - but this movie genuinely transcends such trivialities as 'genre' or 'category' -- it's just so good, everywhere - narrative, script, photography, sound, performances (particularly the brothers) that it can't be ignored. Take a few bows, all involved!

                      • Doppler
                        Doppler  2 months back

                        Weird to see this just after getting back to the home counties from our cornish holiday cottage (prosecco in fridge and all)... fam are originally sailors from falmouth so it must be ok though lol

                        • Jon Dellar
                          Jon Dellar  2 months back

                          I grew up in Cornwall but fled as soon as I possibly could and never looked back.
                          I won't be bothering with this film.

                        • Rob B
                          Rob B  2 months back

                          Looks and sounds fantastic.

                          • ЛевМЭХ
                            ЛевМЭХ  2 months back

                            this sound dreadful

                          • Ash D-H
                            Ash D-H  2 months back

                            Mark sounds so convincing. But he rates Babadook.

                            • Anthony Burn
                              Anthony Burn  2 months back

                              And rightly so. Excellent psychological horror.

                          • CrossingThe Rubicon
                            CrossingThe Rubicon  3 months back

                            As a Cornishman who had to leave west Cornwall simply because the economy is mostly set up to serve a minimum wage service economy and no working person can afford to buy a house, this film resonates very much for my friends and I, who are all part of the generations-spanning Cornish brain-drain.

                            • Mark Smith
                              Mark Smith  2 months back

                              I feel your pain, Bud - it's the same up here in the Peaks. My kids have good careers ahead of them, but they won't be millionaires - so they'll have to either live with me forever, or move to somewhere they don't want to live. I'm certainly no millionaire either - our property has passed down from generations. In that sense, we're very lucky. There's no foreign immigration here to speak of - just extremely rich city folk who buy all the property and use it for 6 weeks a year. Don't get me wrong, most are nice, respectful people - but the bottom line is, the system isn't working for alot of areas of the UK. Local people are left destitute, with nothing - no occupation, no money, no pride and finally no hope. It's a real, heart-rending shame.

                            • Kernow Boy
                              Kernow Boy  2 months back

                              CrossingThe Rubicon I’m also a West Cornwall refugee (Australia) who laments the passing of a distinct and once vibrant culture, sadly the outlook remains grim for young people in Cornwall, it’s increasingly nothing more than a retirement destination for those from ‘up country’ with money.

                          • David Alkhed
                            David Alkhed  3 months back

                            Saw the trailer of this at the BFI Southbank. It looks interesting.

                            • ries
                              ries  3 months back

                              sounds like Mark is talking into kazoo

                              • dinkles
                                dinkles  2 months back

                                He's getting harder to understand

                              • mcbrando
                                mcbrando  3 months back

                                Thank you, I did snort a laugh at that one!

                            • Jack Fruth
                              Jack Fruth  3 months back

                              Why do all the reviews from today sound so bad? Isnt this a radio program?? Sounds like mark is talking from the end of a tunnel

                              • Epicurus341
                                Epicurus341  2 months back

                                Every single year at the end of August Mark attends the Shetland Film Festival and has to participate remotely.
                                If you listen to the radio broadcast or the podcast you'll get the full story.

                              • Pletzmutz
                                Pletzmutz  2 months back

                                Because he is at a film festival and not in the studio with Simon.

                            • Ian P
                              Ian P  3 months back


                              • Thomas Saunders
                                Thomas Saunders  3 months back

                                From what I’ve seen it looks and sounds and is acted like a bad amateur film

                                • ilickmyownfeet
                                  ilickmyownfeet  2 months back

                                  I bet you've seen all of the fast and furious films

                              • Hgbnk Bggj
                                Hgbnk Bggj  3 months back

                                Glowing Kermodian review, and it seems refreshingly lo-fi. Hmm.

                                • Haritha Vunnam
                                  Haritha Vunnam  3 months back

                                  Sounds tedious