Babylon’s Fall Reveal Trailer (Square Enix and PlatinumGames) - E3 2018


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  • Madao
    Madao  31 minutes back

    Maybe this game will finally optimized on pc lmao

    • Apparo
      Apparo  7 hours back

      Poor Xbox players

      • Priscilla Uribe
        Priscilla Uribe  20 hours back

        I got Drag on Dragoon vibes!!

        • Peter Mobius
          Peter Mobius  2 days back

          any news? I'm loving the crap out of Nier Automa right now and drooling for whatever they have planned next

          • Madao
            Madao  1 days back

            Theorized to be a yoko taro game

        • Drake Kay
          Drake Kay  2 weeks back

          I love poop

          • nope don't wan to
            nope don't wan to  1 months back

            2019? Are you sure about that?

          • Emiliano Merendino
            Emiliano Merendino  1 months back

            Square, damn, release something!

            • Mega SLD-16
              Mega SLD-16  1 months back

              And here we are, only 2 months till TGA 2019, hope we get something by the time then. Please give me something, SE, don't cancel the game and I'll give however much you think the game should charge.

              • Frog24
                Frog24  1 months back

                I finished Astral Chain today and now I want new informations for this game and Bayonetta 3 :/

              • Meta Cube
                Meta Cube  2 months back


                • Akiletour
                  Akiletour  3 months back

                  Mark my words : i think this is the new yoko taro's project

                  • Ben Nickel
                    Ben Nickel  1 months back

                    ahh, a fellow conspirator. I also think Taro has something to do with this.

                  • Krijn van Alten
                    Krijn van Alten  2 months back

                    'Yoko' Taro

                • DG
                  DG  3 months back

                  One of the first games of Scarlett? I think yes. Although Platinum don't have ilussion for new consoles, I hope a great game, great visuals and no loads.

                  • HopOnTheHype
                    HopOnTheHype  2 months back

                    PS exclusive, you should stop having shitty xboxs.

                • Mohammed Alssamra'ey
                  Mohammed Alssamra'ey  5 months back

                  Ok now I hope this ends up like Nier automata or Final fantasy XV open world style,

                  And some Mesopotamian mythology since I'm from modern Mesopotamia (Iraq)

                  • OugaBoogaShockwave
                    OugaBoogaShockwave  5 months back

                    bye bye

                    • Speed Junkie
                      Speed Junkie  5 months back

                      About time someone use Mesopotamian mythology which is the mother of all myths, the Norse mythology is really cool but it's getting very crowded in media adaptations
                      Really hyped for this one

                      • icantthinkofaname
                        icantthinkofaname  5 months back

                        Astral Chain is looking killer but I'm surprised we didn't see any of this or Bayonetta 3. World of Demons was supposedly cancelled relatively quietly and Platinum's pulled out of Granblue Re:Link (although according to them their role was always meant to be temporary).

                        It seems like Platinum picked up a ton of projects at once after Nier saved the company and I'm hoping everything's going smoothly behind the scenes. Not hearing anything else about Babylon's Fall when it's supposedly scheduled for release this year is just odd.

                        • Miln 25
                          Miln 25  5 months back

                          Hello???? Where’s this at?

                          • WartyWarthogHogger
                            WartyWarthogHogger  5 months back

                            Guess I'll just watch this again. Here's to 2020 E3...

                            • Mog Wi
                              Mog Wi  5 months back

                              Wtf there's been 0 news for this game and its supposed to come out this year. We don't even know what genre it is. I hope platinum gives us some news soon.

                            • Di-Dorval
                              Di-Dorval  5 months back

                              Game is still set to be release in 2019 on their official website.. It's weird we didnt see anything at E3..

                          • SomeOrdinaryViewer
                            SomeOrdinaryViewer  5 months back

                            No news about this game at e3 2019. I'm upset

                            • colejack88
                              colejack88  5 months back

                              I'm just glad not to be the only geek wanting more. Literally all I wanted from E3 was an update.😂

                            • русский шпион
                              русский шпион  5 months back

                              playstation state of play june upcomming i guess

                            • Filthy Weeb
                              Filthy Weeb  5 months back

                              Ive veen looking forward to it since I saw this last year and absolutely nothing

                            • Miln 25
                              Miln 25  5 months back

                              Im sad about that too.

                          • Ly Le
                            Ly Le  5 months back

                            Nano machine, son!

                            • exclaim go
                              exclaim go  6 months back

                              I just want a metal gear rising sequal

                            • Ante Misura
                              Ante Misura  8 months back

                              Wats goin on with this game, square enix should give an update now that left alive just got released

                              • Titan Slayer
                                Titan Slayer  9 months back

                                There are two games now what i want to see from Square this year.
                                1. Final Fantasy VII remake
                                2. Babylon's Fall

                                • Syzonax
                                  Syzonax  7 months back

                                  I was so hyped for the remake I bought a PS4 directly after buying a PS3. Guess I'll have to buy a PS5 now lol

                              • the colossal titan
                                the colossal titan  9 months back

                                no news...

                                • Antariels
                                  Antariels  9 months back

                                  Epic Game Store 😬

                                • THE ANTAGONIST
                                  THE ANTAGONIST  9 months back

                                  A knight with powers?
                                  take my money!

                                  • Ábel Rózsa
                                    Ábel Rózsa  9 months back

                                    He has a faram set

                                    • Tiago Snake
                                      Tiago Snake  9 months back

                                      Vanquish is amazing.

                                      • Steve Lopez
                                        Steve Lopez  9 months back

                                        It was all a flook those clever bastards

                                        • GamE FrEak
                                          GamE FrEak  9 months back

                                          Nier AUTOMATA devs r behind this. Out of nowhere im seeing this trailer. Im so hyped because we all know how amazing this devs can be.

                                          • Wallace Sousuke
                                            Wallace Sousuke  6 months back

                                            Hope it's NOTHING like Nier, or else I'm not even gonna care about it anymore

                                        • Angel Rivera
                                          Angel Rivera  10 months back

                                          Wher is my update on this one?

                                          • derek hughes
                                            derek hughes  10 months back

                                            I just want to know more about this game pls

                                            • Kiwi The Cannabis
                                              Kiwi The Cannabis  12 months back

                                              I head the word Babylon in bible

                                              • Hamid Shah
                                                Hamid Shah  1 years back

                                                Any gameplay ?

                                                • César Emiliano Basurto Madrigal

                                                  Drakengard 4?

                                                  • Yasir stoker
                                                    Yasir stoker  1 years back

                                                    I am from Babylon/Iraq..!

                                                    • Oxymoron
                                                      Oxymoron  1 years back

                                                      This looks pretty cool and promising, but wouldn't it have been even more awesome, if it was about the real-life Babylon? Nonetheless, I'm interested.

                                                      • SectionEight
                                                        SectionEight  1 years back

                                                        Well, I'm certainly intrigued.

                                                        • blackstarGOaT
                                                          blackstarGOaT  1 years back

                                                          A Nintendo fanboy told me Some Platinum was gonna stop making games for PC and PS4 and only make switch exclusives.........

                                                          • Tayzor Azul
                                                            Tayzor Azul  1 years back

                                                            The new Prince of Persia looks promising Ubisoft.

                                                            • Empty Bottle Messiah
                                                              Empty Bottle Messiah  1 years back

                                                              Looks to be a decent story, fantastic artwork, and great developers. You have my attention, Square Enix.

                                                              • cat boy
                                                                cat boy  1 years back

                                                                Yay ps4 exclusive thsese are usually good games

                                                                • Geronuis
                                                                  Geronuis  1 years back

                                                                  actually stoked to see what this is

                                                                  • Станислав Матвиенко

                                                                    Brutal Dark Souls!

                                                                    • Hermann H.
                                                                      Hermann H.  1 years back

                                                                      Diablo vibes.

                                                                      • yuvraj01
                                                                        yuvraj01  1 years back

                                                                        I initially thought this game was based of the Babylon civilisation in Iraq! Would be interesting to have a game based on that era..

                                                                        • RafaelDB
                                                                          RafaelDB  1 years back

                                                                          after Nier Automata, this must be another hecking good collab

                                                                          • Xadcrosnem OrgXIII
                                                                            Xadcrosnem OrgXIII  1 years back

                                                                            Although this trailer doesn't give much about what the game is about and has zero gameplay, I'll give it the benefit of doubt since it's made by Platinum AND it isn't license-based. They never made a mediocre original IP.