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  • Linda Nicholson
    Linda Nicholson  2 months back

    I thought the ending was horrible. I think George Martin will make us understand his ending. But I think Bran might be a great king. He will do his Raven thing and Tyrion will rule. We have seen that the Hand runs the kingdom and things run nicely when the monarch doesn't interfere. Bronn might be a good master of coin. We have always seen him acquiring money but not spending it.

    • Sinisterpage
      Sinisterpage  6 months back

      All Jon did this WHOLE season is, look at the camera with a spaced out look on his face and say "muhh queen'...

      • Thomas Lee
        Thomas Lee  6 months back

        21:49 legend.

        • Amenadiel Jagger
          Amenadiel Jagger  6 months back

          Funny you noticed Sansa's new hairdo at the Dragonpit Council Meeting. Her hairstyle represents the true North, where she pays homage all the way back in Season 1 when Catelyn was doing Sansa's hair at the hosting feast for King Robert & the royal family. The half up-do was a blend between the Tully's braids and Northern ladies in Winterfell. Nothing that is reflecting Dany whatsoever... LOL!

          • kins
            kins  6 months back

            Well Tormund did say that he will go to Castle Black with the rest of the Freefolks and wait for the heavy winds or the harsh winter times to pass, then go north of the wall... Which could coincide with the time Jon was held captive, then making the trip back North and Tormund still here. And while they were on their way, we did see a sprouted plant over the snow, which is a sign that the Weather is fairer up north. And Jon's ending is kinda ambiguous. May be he is escorting freefolks up north or is really leaving with then for the far north. Im pretty ok for both, a man of duty on the wall, or finally leaving his past behind him going up far North

            • Hala Hadi
              Hala Hadi  6 months back

              Honestly, I think even Missendei would have turned once Dany turned. I expect anything from these 1 dimensional cartoon characters which D&D turned the protagonists into. They ruined the complex world and real people created by GRRM.

              • Dark Star
                Dark Star  6 months back

                Why do you say Edinmure was trying to nominate himself? He didn’t even get close to making his point.

                • Dark Star
                  Dark Star  6 months back

                  cookieaddictions ok then, I’m challenging wikias assertion that he was ever putting himself forward,
                  If you ever watch that scene again, watch closely.
                  He was preparing to drop some “wisdom”. He was giving a long preamble explaining that he has lots of experience with war and statecraft. That doesn’t necessarily mean he was going to nominate himself. Of course you can interpret it that way but could have just as easily been preparing to suggest X or Y.
                  I thought was explaining why people should listen to him, not why he should be king.
                  He never made his point.

                • cookieaddictions
                  cookieaddictions   6 months back

                  I’m too lazy to go back to the episode, so here’s the relevant sentence from the Wikia episode summary: Edmure Tully rises from his seat and starts to give a speech putting himself forward for the position but is cut short by Sansa who asks him to sit down. Edmure is visibly embarrassed by this and sits down.

              • Larry Lawrence
                Larry Lawrence  6 months back

                thank you for video

                • Dem Roshed
                  Dem Roshed  6 months back

                  Total rubbish ending.Sansa the Pathetic Passenger , so smug and self entitled should have been cast out for her imperiousness.I hoped that Brienne was pregnant.So many continuity errors where do we start ..umm the destruction of Kings Landing... things just do not collapse how they portrayed it.They could have consulted engineers and and people who actually know something about construction methods.Jaime and Cersei COULD have survived in that collapsed rubble Archway for example.Why have the Nights Watch?? A huge section of the Wall is collapsed...umm why bother? They cannot rebuild the Wall... It is a LONG WAY to the edge of the Maps to the Three Islands Arya.... And anyone who went there was lost , unless you are on a Dragon mb.Perhaps Drogon took Danerys to Valryia a lot old Old Magic resides there....... Making her crazy was so damn pathetic and stupid , Dumb and Dumber just ruined everything.GRRM, give us a better story than these idiots have ..please..... John will probably find a nice Wildling again and have Stark/Targaryen children.Thank goodness that we have the Books where Shireen still lives and so many other things the series TRIED to destroy...We could go on and on about how CRAP Season 8 was ..but that is for another time.Ghost, may you roam well and you and Jon and Tormund look after you .
                  Dumb and Dumber indeed.Tactically useless , they are hopeless in battlefield tactics and understanding...... ..$50 million an Episode to write trash non-real Hollywood rubbish?This is what SERIOUSLY annoys me about the show. So many of their ideas could work with the appropriate setup but they're either too f*cking stupid or lazy to fix it. There have been so many GOT Fans that came up with easy fixes to their idiotic story moments as soon as the episodes end. People get paid HUNDREDS of thousands of dollars to write this trash and they're being outdone by random Internet nerds.There's some 15 year old kid in here who is going to be so spurned by this shitty ending that they're going to dedicate their life to mastering film directing and writing so they can come back in 20 years and give us The Remake That Was Promised.
                  We'll call them Azor Ahai.

                  • Toro Toro
                    Toro Toro  6 months back

                    So since the previous season and this final season, they have built up the idea that the throne belongs to Jon and when the moment comes to choose, they choose Bran... so Jon was a Taygaren for Nothing, he killed Danny and save the "world" for Nothing. That small council is a joke.

                    • Evan Roberts
                      Evan Roberts  6 months back

                      A review, or you whining about 'muh feelings, muh emotions'? Should have given yourself a timeout in your safe space before making the video.
                      The level of emotional immaturity these days fucking boggles my mind...

                      • SpookyApparition
                        SpookyApparition  6 months back

                        Say what? This is a pretty level-headed take on the finale. She points out things she liked, as well as the obvious shortcomings. Did you actually watch the video? Go to reddit or Twitter if you want to see people freaking out.

                    • Hinato Ito
                      Hinato Ito  6 months back

                      This end especially leaves the door open later to many spin-offs (Arya, Jon, Sansa, Bran) but also and especially the character that no one expects: Daenerys. The last time Drogon is spotted, Sam says he was seen flying east towards Volantis. Do you know who lives in Volantis? Kinvara, the High Priestess of the Red Temple of Volantis. The latter had declared that Daenerys was "the one that had been promised". It is very possible that Kinvara will revive Daenerys and that she will end her life in Essos, the continent where she feels at home. Remember that throughout season 8, she says many times that she does not feel loved and not at home in Westeros (hence her lead farting). So why not a spin-off in a few years? In any case, the theory that she would be resuscitated holds the road.

                      • OZ KING
                        OZ KING  6 months back

                        Quite possibly the WORST ending I could have envisaged.. Bran is the mass murderer not Danny he foreshadowed it yet let it happen.. Who is more evil?

                        • A H
                          A H  6 months back

                          16:20 Drogon was buried under falling ash not snow.

                          • Zilbert Silvinho
                            Zilbert Silvinho  6 months back

                            Why the hell you look a leaks if you do not want show to be spoiled to you???
                            Most of people did read leaks because show become so bad that they did not give a fuck how it ends...

                            • Zilbert Silvinho
                              Zilbert Silvinho  6 months back

                              @cookieaddictions Oh. Ok .Season sucked anyway, so u did not lose much with spoilers...

                            • cookieaddictions
                              cookieaddictions   6 months back

                              I didn’t look at the leaks, someone left them in the comments of my video.

                          • V Dan
                            V Dan  6 months back

                            Game of Groans

                            • cheto50
                              cheto50  6 months back

                              Everyone in Westeros was drinking water from lead pipes and they become idiots.

                              • dali b
                                dali b  6 months back

                                disappointing every way

                                • Mohammed Amine Oulhaj
                                  Mohammed Amine Oulhaj  6 months back

                                  In episode 4 it was mentioned that half of the dotraki died, so half of them is still around

                                  • Zack Jurnak
                                    Zack Jurnak  6 months back

                                    All I really wanted to see this episode was Jon take Grey Worm's head off🤦

                                    • Mappy McMap
                                      Mappy McMap  6 months back

                                      or vice versa. SOMETHING should have happened with them ....anything

                                  • Kody Dollins
                                    Kody Dollins  6 months back

                                    You mention this is your favorite show of all time. The Wire (another HBO show from yesteryear) is the best show of all time. Not fantasy, just 5 seasons of real world sociopolitical cop drama that addresses the actual roots & nuances of corruption in our gov't bodies/bureaucracy. Same as GOT, things grow more compelling after season 1.

                                    • Kody Dollins
                                      Kody Dollins  6 months back

                                      @cookieaddictions Lol I have the same list in evernote, along with a "movies to watch"

                                    • cookieaddictions
                                      cookieaddictions   6 months back

                                      Haha I just took a look at my old “tv shows to watch” list and The Wire is literally at the top!

                                  • Technique
                                    Technique  6 months back

                                    You're surprised my Yara? Really? The people who "pay the iron price" and grown people to decide who should be a leader. They're brutal barbarians. Yara has never been shown to care about innocent people or children. Why would you think otherwise?

                                    • Jack Selig
                                      Jack Selig  6 months back

                                      She was traumatized by watching her friend get decapitated right after Jon betraying her love. The moral of game of thrones is showing inverse character arcs for Cersei/Dany Jamie/Jon.

                                      • aRsH aL
                                        aRsH aL  6 months back

                                        and Jon will always be remembered as the 'Slayer of the mother of dragon'. The only sensible 'character' in the last, appeared to be the 'dragon' who melted the iron throne in anger.

                                        • Mappy McMap
                                          Mappy McMap  6 months back

                                          and dragon was smart enough to leave before the finish, unlike the rest of us

                                      • Robert R
                                        Robert R  6 months back

                                        You're absolutely right re: Dany in episode 5. Some fans will try to gaslight and say we weren't paying attention, etc., but her heel-turn was far too quick and rash to register as anything but scripted behavior.

                                        • Joshua Lizard
                                          Joshua Lizard  6 months back

                                          Hi... fun little re-write...
                                          Whether she will indeed be resurrected remains to be seen but Daennerys was not merely a hormonal 19 year old pyromaniac with entitlement issues, a superiority complex and fire breathing dragons. Nor was she a lunatic or a tyrant. And may I say thank you to those few who remained faithful when all the other countless traitors and fools condemned her in a single hour as a tyrant and compared her to Hitler merely for sacking a single city regardless of the fact that she had spent the past 7 years bringing dragons back into the world, overthrowing slave-lords, liberating the oppressed and doing away with slavery across most of the globe. All I would ask you to do now is to accept that she was telling the truth.

                                          We are sent a truly qualified architect capable of building a brand new world untouched by the corruption of the ages only once every thousand years or so down here. If we accept that she was telling the literal truth when she told us all that she was going to build a brand new world, we can know that it was her. Her faith in that mission and her vision of the world she was going to build had already guided her to liberate much of the world for the benefit and betterment of everyone. That her vision also guided her to set King's landing to flame while tears streamed down her face does not chage the truth of it or her will to follow where it led. Look at her face when she invites Jon to help her in the construction. If the signs weren't already abundantly clear, she was the real deal and a new world builder.
                                          John didn't care. He didn't even ask about her new world or how she planned to build it. "How do you know it's real?" he said and then he murdered the whole world... thereby sentencing all the countless oppressed masses to continue in chains for another thousand years just to ensure that nothing would change and no more evil people might or might not be killed for standing between mankind and a new paradise. Jamie was the King Slayer. But Jon Snow was the World Slayer and pestilence will follow him wherever he goes.. In the end he was a million times more evil than any Lanister, Bolton or any other villian and even more evil than Dan and Dave or all the inhabitants of King's Landing. He was he most evil person to ever set foot in Westerous since IDK when. Ask Bran.

                                          LONG LIVE DAENNERYS TARGARIAN, THE TRUE HERO OF THE STORY

                                          • Mappy McMap
                                            Mappy McMap  6 months back

                                            @Joshua Lizard LONG LIVE DAENNERYS.

                                          • Joshua Lizard
                                            Joshua Lizard  6 months back

                                            @Mappy McMap <3 Right on! The inhabitants of King's Landing had been one of my most despised villians for years... for allowing so much tyranny without a single strong rebellion. Tyranny is made possible by the people and not otherwise. This is a hard truth and a harsh justice. Daenerys delivered it with tears in her eyes. A society that lets injustice rule is culpable for denying the Law. Thus when tyranny is permitted to go unpunished, the imbalance will fall upon the masses that the pit may still be fed its due. Then a voracious, predatory, indiscriminate doom will be set loose upon an unsuspecting people in order to claim its rightful meal.

                                            Or, to rephrase the same basic principle in slightly different terms
                                            Every time a teardrop falls, a little flower grows, otherwise there could be no beauty in the world at all. But whenever injustice goes unpunished an innocent little flower will die, so that everyone has something worth crying about.

                                          • Mappy McMap
                                            Mappy McMap  6 months back

                                            Dany should have been given a chance to rule. Those idiots in King's Landing had plenty of opportunity to evacuate. Fog of war, man. Why should Dany trust those bells? I support her decision to burn it all, can't take any chances that Cersei has another trick up her sleeves. Jon was a bitch coward to murder her like that.

                                        • Loop Hole
                                          Loop Hole  6 months back

                                          I know exactly how you feel about spoilers. I went on youtube the morning of the day the show airs in the UK because I was looking for videos on tv calibration settings and the first thumbnail I saw was the one where Jon is holding Dani. This person was doing a review on the episode. I just don't get why they felt the need to show what happens in the review. I put in his comment section a similar reaction to yours.

                                          • Arsenio Moore
                                            Arsenio Moore  6 months back

                                            This review is all over the place. 🤦🏾‍♂️

                                            • kaiowas12
                                              kaiowas12  6 months back

                                              I don't agree that it is a fairytale ending for the Starks, the Stark pack has been broken up and they are separated from those they are close to, Arya has flip flopped from loner to family back to loner, fair enough. Sansa should have ended up with Tyrion as her hand or at least Brienne could have stuck by her. Jon of course killed the woman he loved, forced to leave behind everything else he loves and sure Tormund is a cool dude but he isn't Sam.

                                              • Original Songwriter
                                                Original Songwriter  6 months back

                                                First disagreement through 2 videos so far when you say this isnt the worst ending they could have went with. Its worse than I could ever imagine. Total waste of time.

                                                • Stickshift lover
                                                  Stickshift lover  6 months back

                                                  A great ending twist would had been Drogon carrying Dany's body somewhere and the other witch on GOT pulled the knife out and said some chat over Danys body. The Drogon begin to make a low growling sound then suddenly Dany gasped and opened her eyes. Reminiscing Jon Snow being stabbed to death and Mellisandre brought him back to life. Who knows. It might be on blueray shown after all of the credits finish rolling at the very end

                                                  • Ray Scott
                                                    Ray Scott  6 months back

                                                    Dorne wasn't never conquered by Aegon, any Aegon. Daeron I briefly conquered Dorne and Daeron II unified Dorne with the other kingdoms through marriage. Daeron II took a Martell princess for his wife and had his sister marry a Martell.

                                                    • Caps NZ
                                                      Caps NZ  6 months back

                                                      I can still hear the bells

                                                      • cookieaddictions
                                                        cookieaddictions   6 months back

                                                        “Well? Can’t you hear them chime? Can’t you hear my heartbeat keeping PERFECT TIME?”

                                                    • berk gündüz
                                                      berk gündüz  6 months back

                                                      I can't be the warden of the north.. I'm three eyed raven..
                                                      Oh.. the king of the kingdoms you say.. Why do you think I came all this way
                                                      I'm in !!

                                                      • i5m1thy
                                                        i5m1thy  6 months back

                                                        Dany's forces respawned like in Total War games xD

                                                        • salamander337
                                                          salamander337  6 months back

                                                          They could of had a better bitter sweet ending. This was more like bitter turd. Sansa was selfish. She betray Jon's trust and now he's banish and she's Queen in the North? Just Wow. Bran became King because he was the master mind all along. It seems like Bran was the evil one and the Night King was actually good.

                                                          • TheIdan2108
                                                            TheIdan2108  6 months back

                                                            Nםw our watch was ended :) Thanks Tzivi

                                                            • K2 JNR
                                                              K2 JNR  6 months back

                                                              The final series was weak a massive disappointment. The finale was very missable. Such a shame.

                                                              • Georgie Pineda
                                                                Georgie Pineda  6 months back

                                                                Excelent video, love your reaction. Subscribing for the "Fuck you" because i was part of the trolling team spoiling the ending.

                                                                P.S: Don't worry, my life is already disapointing, pointless and i'm on the verge of suicide.

                                                                • homunculus7
                                                                  homunculus7  6 months back

                                                                  We survived... But did we really? And was it worth it? At what cost?

                                                                  • burningknight7
                                                                    burningknight7  6 months back

                                                                    Yes i would certainly say the episode had high points and low points. I would like these conclusions more if we actually get a good not so rushed character development.

                                                                    • RetroCNY
                                                                      RetroCNY  6 months back

                                                                      I can't get over the similarities between Dany's arch, and Anakin from Episode 3 of the SW prequels. It's the same chosen one trope, where they fall into madness or evil and then their family/bestfriend/lover has to kill them in the end in an attempt to save the world from evil. Yikes. I think the books are going to end in a very similar way but the building blocks to get from point A to point B are going to be fleshed out so much more, with so much more detail and it's going to feel far more conclusive and logical than what we got from D&D who were too busy trying to get the show over with so they can get their big Disney pay-day, rather than actually doing it real justice.

                                                                      • Mick Mickymick
                                                                        Mick Mickymick  6 months back

                                                                        It was really fairy-tale and ridiculous the ending. I think this episode was worse than the previous one. GoT was all about intrigue and people trying to get power, but then it comes to choosing a king and Tyrion has this ridiculous reason 'he knows stories' and then everyone is just 'oh ok, seems like a good reason'. There would be such infighting and jostling for power, it's hard to imagine there not being a war. And that's ignoring all the other inconsistencies in character throughout the rest of the episode (Greyworm would've gone to war as soon as he heard Dany was dead). I'm not mad either but very disappointed in the last 4 seasons. Oh well, this is the only TV series I ever watched, I'll just go back to not watching TV series again.

                                                                        • Mick Mickymick
                                                                          Mick Mickymick  6 months back

                                                                          I, like you, didn't want to be spoiled, luckily I didn't see anything in the comments, but people posted videos with the spoiler in the title, can you believe these assholes? Then YouTube would recommend me the video so obviously I would see the spoiler. That said, I still didn't believe the spoiler as I didn't think it made any sense for Bran to be the king and even as bad as season 8 has been, I didn't think the writers would do this, but nope! they did it.

                                                                          • wheelmanstan
                                                                            wheelmanstan  6 months back

                                                                            Funny how they left Davos out of all that. Imagine his reaction to the burnt children and his reaction to Jon being locked was all so rushed

                                                                            • wheelmanstan
                                                                              wheelmanstan  6 months back

                                                                              I decided to scribble down my own GOT ending earlier today. Like it or no?

                                                                              -Jon confronts Dany at the iron throne about the atrocities she's committed for a silly chair. He tells her she might be suffering the illness her father suffered. He pleads with her to at least take some time to think things through with him, he brings up starting a family and rebuilding her families Red Keep. Drogon melts the throne. At seeing this, Dany agrees!

                                                                              -BOOM-time jump. Dany's giving birth. She makes Jon promise to keep their daughter safe and she dies with their baby in her arms. Turns out all Dany needed to keep her head straight was love and a little milk of the poppy!

                                                                              -Arya has now headed back to Gendry, done with killing after the KL roast and Hound speech. Tyrion visits Bronn and punches him in the face during a game of drink, then tells him a Lannister always pays his debts. They're friends again. Jon sends Tormund a raven.

                                                                              -Jon who is now fully supported by Grey Worm and company, disbands the troops, pays Yara and the Iron Born to take the Unsullied and Dothraki to wherever it is they want to settle while the rest can help rebuild.

                                                                              -Jon holds a meeting with the houses. Tyrion reminds them how Jon ended the burning of cities and has always been the defender of man, so they listen. It's agreed that Sansa will be warden of the North. She then asks if Tyrion will be her "hand" and he agrees. Jon takes a vote on who sits on the throne and puts in a good word for Arya who famously killed the NK and she becomes Queen while taking Gendry with her. Arya is hessitent but Jon asks for Bran, Brienn, Davos, Samwell to help her rebuild the realm. They agree. Arya asks Davos if anyone's ever been west and Bran gives her an anwer. They laugh.

                                                                              -Jon flies to the wall to see Tormund and his people. Knowing that he must keep his Targaryan child a secret to protect her, he entrusts Tormund and his family to raise her. They say their goodbyes. After some moments pass, Jon melts down that part of the wall and takes to the skies. Drogon screams, cue the music, The End.

                                                                              • Dakota Foote
                                                                                Dakota Foote  6 months back

                                                                                Wind of Winter will 100% happen. Even if GRRM passes away, whatever he's already written will be published. Dream of Spring however, might be just that.

                                                                                • Nick
                                                                                  Nick  6 months back

                                                                                  Do you have marfans syndrome?