FAA says pilot involved in helicopter crash was not allowed to fly in bad weather

  • Published: 11 June 2019
  • BNP Paribas USA CEO Jean-Yves Fillion on the deadly helicopter crash in New York City.

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Comments • 54

  • Frank Keller
    Frank Keller  5 months back

    Breaking news..helicoptor crashes into 33rd floor, . $33 trillion dollars have been wiped off the 33 servers and cannot be traced.. The 33 back up systems was also destroyed beyond repair.. The building is expected to come down in its own footprint in 33 days 33 minutes 33 seconds.

    • Ferotavish
      Ferotavish  5 months back

      It is always best to have training exercises immediately prior to any tragedy.

      • Sylvia Fashant
        Sylvia Fashant  5 months back

        Maybe they were...maybe this
        WAS THE TRAINING EXERCISE...mabe the
        exercise and the doing R now combined...im with you Patriot

      IMA RUSSIAN  5 months back

      who owned the helicopter?

      • Tuxedo Cat
        Tuxedo Cat  5 months back

        It was a Trump Derangement Syndrome suicide

        • Shan Thompson
          Shan Thompson  5 months back

          Would the headlines be different if he were a Muslim?...Let that sink in...

          • Chatla Suresh
            Chatla Suresh  5 months back

            Landed on finance tower.

            Take the route of helicopter front take off place to the crash landing building? This explains the manuevor of helicopter and explains the psycological conditions of the Pilot. It's a study which is part of investigation. Because heavy equipment won't fly without human intervention. And when having no license then how taken a route to a building where France Financial services operating. It doesn't look like a simple crash and a small accident!

            • NEWBEATS MUSIC.
              NEWBEATS MUSIC.  5 months back

              Canadian geese ...did it...

              • Yuky Noah&Zaidie
                Yuky Noah&Zaidie  5 months back


                • p71collector
                  p71collector  5 months back

                  Let the conspiracy theories begin!

                  • bigpardner
                    bigpardner  5 months back

                    As well they should, although I have no particular one at the moment.

                • lana lake
                  lana lake  5 months back

                  Well, bad weather isn't always predictable so maybe they shouldn't fly at all if they aren't qualified to fly in bad weather.

                  • Jonathan Sterling
                    Jonathan Sterling  5 months back

                    "pilot was not allowed to fly in bad weather"
                    Well, that solved itself...

                    • K W
                      K W  5 months back

                      Why is the building that the helicopter crashed into connected HILLARY CLINTON and Brock OBAMA? And the pilot is allowed to fly but not on rainy days... WTF Bla bla bla wow!

                      • Marc Baker
                        Marc Baker  5 months back

                        Take that ya frogs

                        • Black Nationalist X
                          Black Nationalist X  5 months back

                          terrorist attack?

                          • Official Colors
                            Official Colors  5 months back

                            Target: Trump Tower

                            • Electron Pusher
                              Electron Pusher  5 months back

                              VFR into IMC...

                            • philipbrit13
                              philipbrit13  5 months back

                              Oh thankful that the globalist banker flunkies were able to evacuate the building. If this happened at Trump tower I surmise we would hear “”My leg is tingling ( Chris Mathew’s) hoping that our beloved president or any family members were not able to evacuate the building “””. They could resurrect the image of president Trumps severed head being held by that ghastly excuse for a human being kathy griffin. Then a few hours later when we learn that the President and his family are well - we will be told to “” “”Lighten Up””.

                              • jimbo boogie
                                jimbo boogie  5 months back

                                means pilot had a vfr lic. looks more like hyd. failure

                                • r64g
                                  r64g  5 months back

                                  Not a surprise. Helicopter instrument rating is fairly rare (unlike the airplane instrument rating).

                                  • W TF?
                                    W TF?  5 months back

                                    The pilot, Tim McCormick had dirt on the Clinton's!

                                    • W TF?
                                      W TF?  5 months back

                                      @bigpardner ... The Clinton's are very good at covering their trails.
                                      There has been three others that have died in mysterious plane crashes as well.
                                      Big money handles bad situations and with the Clinton's, it's been going on for decades.

                                    • bigpardner
                                      bigpardner  5 months back

                                      Even if true, how would that cause him either to commit suicide or to fly where he apparently had no reason to be?

                                    • W TF?
                                      W TF?  5 months back

                                      @Bill P ... I know you are, but what am I ?

                                    • K W
                                      K W  5 months back

                                      5 pepole in the last week have either COMMITED suicide or was killed that were connected to the Clintons including her half brother!!

                                  • Fast Pace
                                    Fast Pace  5 months back

                                    The building also held Sidley Austin law firm connected to the Clinton's and also where Barry met Micheal

                                    • bigpardner
                                      bigpardner  5 months back

                                      Barry met Michael there? any links or references as to how that occurred?

                                    • Fait Accompli
                                      Fait Accompli  5 months back

                                      Ahh Barry met Michael there. Eww

                                  • J Lo
                                    J Lo  5 months back

                                    Lady it's called a 'helipad' and your paid actor guest should have done his research a bit better. Idiots.

                                    • bigpardner
                                      bigpardner  5 months back

                                      If you are calling the CEO of BNP Paribas an actor he has certainly been playing the role now for several years as other, older videos show.

                                  • Daina Hulme
                                    Daina Hulme  5 months back

                                    The ARK of the covenant will be found!

                                    • Daina Hulme
                                      Daina Hulme  5 months back

                                      It was said no landing pad on roof!?

                                      • Bryce Glasby
                                        Bryce Glasby  5 months back

                                        "Investors" looking into crash.... hmmmm...

                                        • Dominique Hardie
                                          Dominique Hardie  5 months back

                                          BNP Paribas bank execs plan. Screw the employees, just grab all the money. The very important money, the lovely money, the lovely lovely all mine money.

                                          • Raini Cascadia
                                            Raini Cascadia  5 months back

                                            Right. Like I'm gonna believe anything msm has to say. More to this story than meets the eye...

                                            • Ashes Morris
                                              Ashes Morris  5 months back

                                              Hmmmm i see where your coming from but people can and do make dealy mistakes. Not everything is done for a reason but i do like your keen eye 😉

                                          • Jared B
                                            Jared B  5 months back

                                            Maybe this will get the Democrats to do something.

                                          • Chas Jostin
                                            Chas Jostin  5 months back

                                            I am surprised that the building didn't fall strait down

                                            • Sylvia Fashant
                                              Sylvia Fashant  5 months back

                                              next time...the Fall to earth

                                            • Tony Arcieri
                                              Tony Arcieri  5 months back

                                              It should’ve. We have previous data which clearly shows that would be the result of such crash. Office fire should’ve brought the building to its footing.

                                          • frank frankerson
                                            frank frankerson  5 months back

                                            This all ties to Hillary. Look into it

                                            • K W
                                              K W  5 months back

                                              @Harvey Wallbanger follow the CLINTON red brick Road and you will find the bodies!

                                            • Harvey Wallbanger
                                              Harvey Wallbanger  5 months back

                                              frank frankerson All roads lead to Hillary

                                          • Laura Pa
                                            Laura Pa  5 months back

                                            Iniquities huh? And why are the “investors” looking for answers instead of “investigators”? 33rd floor 🤣

                                            • jon gibson
                                              jon gibson  5 months back

                                              He will do what ever he want 🖕🏻🖕🏻

                                              • Laura Pa
                                                Laura Pa  5 months back

                                                When is the SIDLEY AUSTIN interview?? Research it, folks.

                                                • Saint Michael
                                                  Saint Michael  5 months back

                                                  I’m confused. What exactly does SIDLEY AUSTIN have to do with this helicopter accident?

                                              • yehoutube
                                                yehoutube  5 months back

                                                2019 May, compare to 2018 May, China exports increase 7.7%, to EU increase 13%, to ASEAN increase 10.3%, to USA increase 2.1%. Import from USA decrease 21.9%.
                                                2019 Jan to May Sum, Trade Surplus with USA increase 11.9%.
                                                Happy tariffs.

                                                • Laura Pa
                                                  Laura Pa  5 months back

                                                  That is NOT a French accent. So many LIES in one video. “NEVER MISSED A SHOW”. The NYFD is telling you something. WHERE is the HELICOPTER?

                                                  • Brian
                                                    Brian  5 months back

                                                    33rd floor. Ok.

                                                    • Diane Brady
                                                      Diane Brady  5 months back

                                                      Like THAT don't say it all. Masons at it again.