Chat with Game Developer MLB Perfect Inning 2019


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  • Home_Run_Kid72
    Home_Run_Kid72  5 months back

    Jackie Redmond **Heart Eyes**

    • Attawog 09871
      Attawog 09871  5 months back

      Tell them to fix Perfect Inning

      • zaubnino77
        zaubnino77  5 months back

        Thess fellas!! Get the probability for the packs right, doesn't make sense to get the same sig or diamonds, esp when they are so hard to grind for

        • Cubs MLB Perfect Inning Gaming

          Tons of people have been banned for 1 week

          • Mega Mariner
            Mega Mariner  5 months back

            9 innings looks and plays like garbage

            • Marrkale Ward
              Marrkale Ward  5 months back

              Vivid looks, realistic speed, nice control, I'm in...

              • JoeDirtThe3rd
                JoeDirtThe3rd  5 months back

                Looks cool, would love to see a game like MVP Baseball 2005 again.

                • dhenizh
                  dhenizh  5 months back

                  I love MLB Perfect Inning..

                  • Man Cheetah Cards
                    Man Cheetah Cards  5 months back

                    use me as a baseball is the best sport button👍

                    • kingcrux31
                      kingcrux31  5 months back

                      Perfect Inning is my daily game!

                      • Mystique
                        Mystique  5 months back

                        🚫 *Stop scrolling* ✋

                        *You now have good luck for 7 days✨ łíké this comment lf u stopped scrolling*

                        (I make music btw. Tell me what u think 💯)

                        • Jimmy McJon
                          Jimmy McJon  5 months back