Safety is NOT a Priority - Safety Training Video - Preventing Workplace Accidents and Injuries


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  • Fatima Chevelle Middleton

    AM a clerk!

    • Danny Stutsman
      Danny Stutsman  1 months back

      I feel safer now

      • Shadow
        Shadow  2 months back

        CrazyRussianHacker: *triggered*

        • Marie-Joe Aurelus Bien-Aime

          Awesome Video 😊

          • On-Site Health and Safety

            Great video. Informative and entertaining for the most part. Need more of these on different subjects!

            • louis papadakis
              louis papadakis  1 years back

              some people get jobs with no clew how to lift objects safely there in a hurry for there weekly pay lol

              • I love Meghan
                I love Meghan  1 years back

                I subbed and turned on notifs

                • Brandon Iglesias
                  Brandon Iglesias  1 years back

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                  • Richard Cynic
                    Richard Cynic  1 years back


                    • Mariam Al Marzouqi
                      Mariam Al Marzouqi  2 years back

                      very nice video

                      • Mariam Al Marzouqi
                        Mariam Al Marzouqi  2 years back

                        all organization should think to do training for employees to learn about safety

                        • Brandon Iglesias
                          Brandon Iglesias  1 years back

                          We can help you with that

                      • Fabrizio Carbone
                        Fabrizio Carbone  2 years back

                        i love it

                        • Pramod Joseph
                          Pramod Joseph  2 years back

                          Really worth watching this video.. thanks.Safety is only a show business for big corporations ,flashy banners, slogan, gifts experience support the views expressed in this video.bitter experience..... list is too long

                          • Brandon Iglesias
                            Brandon Iglesias  1 years back

                            Make sure to practice it with for your people

                        • Zeina AlOmar
                          Zeina AlOmar  2 years back

                          My mom takes care of me so much that I am not allowed to use a plastic safety scissor!!
                          #Gotta Love My Mom

                          • Pamela B
                            Pamela B  2 years back

                            Awesome video. Thank you!

                            • Bo Guss
                              Bo Guss  2 years back

                              If not a priority, what is it? A CORE VALUE. Values don't change like priorities do - Steve at OSHAcademy.

                              • John Dunlap
                                John Dunlap  2 years back

                                Safety is A CORE VALUE not just a priority

                            • TheDelires 3D
                              TheDelires 3D  2 years back

                              i like dying

                              • Victor Rincon
                                Victor Rincon  3 years back


                                • aurfei76
                                  aurfei76  3 years back

                                  Very apt reminder. Can I re-use this video for my workplace briefing?

                                  • Brandon Iglesias
                                    Brandon Iglesias  1 years back

                                    We can help you with that at

                                • cod fan5762
                                  cod fan5762  3 years back

                                  I want to die how's that for safety

                                  • Madison Hill
                                    Madison Hill  3 years back

                                    This is great for teaching about safety in my Basic Agriculture Class. Do you have a video that covers each warning sign?

                                    • Brandon Iglesias
                                      Brandon Iglesias  1 years back

                                      We can help you with that, go to

                                  • Michael Papandony
                                    Michael Papandony  3 years back

                                    Safety is number 1 priority

                                    • Patrick Hogan
                                      Patrick Hogan  3 years back

                                      Really want to hire for safety and keep your workers safe? One firm lowered their incident rate by 59% using TalentClick Safety Quotient risk behavioral assessment tools.... check out the Driver Safety Quotient tool for vehicle operators.

                                      • Riaz Shareef
                                        Riaz Shareef  3 years back

                                        Excellent Clip ...... Great message, I am Oil Refinery Safety Professional & I found this as one of the best Clip. Thank you Sir

                                        • Brandon Iglesias
                                          Brandon Iglesias  1 years back

                                          Feel free to track and manage your content with

                                      • Saeed Pasha
                                        Saeed Pasha  3 years back

                                        Good reminder - safety is personal responsibility

                                        • LoseBellyFatFast
                                          LoseBellyFatFast  3 years back

                                          awesome video. Excellent work. learnt a lot from this clip.

                                          • Ramadhan Al Balushi
                                            Ramadhan Al Balushi  3 years back

                                            great work & well done

                                          • S&W Technologies
                                            S&W Technologies  3 years back

                                            Some great insights and ideas. Thanks for sharing

                                            • Douglas78230
                                              Douglas78230  3 years back

                                              (1:58) "The employer isn't your parent and you're not a child!"

                                              Yikes. What kind of workplace hires, or fails to screen out, employees who think they are a child? If your hiring process is that dysfunctional, you've got problems that no YouTube video is going to solve.

                                              • Minh Thang Phan
                                                Minh Thang Phan  4 years back

                                                hi, can i get this video for reference in my company?

                                                • Brandon Iglesias
                                                  Brandon Iglesias  1 years back

                                                  We can help you with that. Go to

                                              • mnava78
                                                mnava78  4 years back

                                                i need your help! i am a student trying to make a company training video using Adobe Flash for my final project. my theme is workplace safety. i have to add a video clip inside my movie and this video is perfect! if i could get your permission to use it and a copy of it somehow that would be awesome! i of course waited last minute to ask :( i need it by Tuesday. i would really appreciate your help, thank you so much in advance! :)

                                                • Danny Thompson
                                                  Danny Thompson  4 years back

                                                  Safety has gotten way out of hand. It's time to tone it down a bit.

                                                  • Larry Spiller
                                                    Larry Spiller  4 years back

                                                    +Nigel Gratious In your experiences at your job, what would you say safety wise has gotten out of hand? In my experiences it was to wear PPE that was not necessarily suited or even remotely valuable to the tasks being performed. Someone made a policy that looked like safety so therefore it was. I'm all in for real safety, not the made up kind. Peace.

                                                • Werner Voigt
                                                  Werner Voigt  4 years back

                                                  Great Video. How can I download to share with my team

                                                  • Pragati Domade
                                                    Pragati Domade  4 years back

                                                    i love this video & will teach my workers n employees whts the first priority..

                                                    • Safety Memos
                                                      Safety Memos   4 years back

                                                      +Pragati Domade Thank you for your comment!

                                                  • ML MOMENTS
                                                    ML MOMENTS  4 years back

                                                    i feel educated watching ur videoes

                                                    • Safety Memos
                                                      Safety Memos   4 years back

                                                      +Reymar Jacalan Thank you for your comment!

                                                  • Feats Tyrell
                                                    Feats Tyrell  4 years back

                                                    BEAUTIFUL. I am a CSA(craft safety ambassador for KIEWIT infrastructure Hawaii. And I find your video's IDEAL. Keep up the good informative work. ALOHA.

                                                    • Safety Memos
                                                      Safety Memos   4 years back

                                                      +Feats Tyrell Thank you for your comment!

                                                  • MrXispas
                                                    MrXispas  4 years back

                                                    Real life FAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                                    • Chris Aldama
                                                      Chris Aldama  4 years back

                                                      I love these videos. I hold a safety meeting every monday on different subjects. where can i find ALL of your videos? I have quite a few but don't know how many you have made. Great Job and keep it up. much appriciated!!

                                                      • Brandon Iglesias
                                                        Brandon Iglesias  1 years back

                                                        You can track and log training through

                                                      • Safety Memos
                                                        Safety Memos   4 years back

                                                        @Chris Aldama Thank you for your comment! We make these videos on a regular basis. All of them may be found on our Youtube channel:

                                                    • Ali Hassan
                                                      Ali Hassan  5 years back

                                                      SHARED.. THANKS ALOT 
                                                      SAFETY FIRST! 

                                                      • Safety Memos
                                                        Safety Memos   5 years back

                                                        @Ali Hassan Thank you for sharing our video!

                                                    • Dola luzingu
                                                      Dola luzingu  5 years back

                                                      if you think safety is expensive try  accident. thanks Sir

                                                      • Devendra Gaur
                                                        Devendra Gaur  5 years back

                                                        Excellent video for realizing safety is priority/ value? 

                                                      • the lord_of_ksa
                                                        the lord_of_ksa  5 years back

                                                        Very good video

                                                        • Jacob Fannin
                                                          Jacob Fannin  5 years back

                                                          Probably one of your best videos! I show your stuff in my safety meetings all the time! Keep up the good work! Thanks for what you do! Great stuff!!! 

                                                          • Jacob Fannin
                                                            Jacob Fannin  5 years back

                                                            @Safety Memos I appreciate the encouragement! I am the Risk Management Coordinator for the City of Troy Al. I host 14 meetings a quarter and countless citywide training days throughout the year. Needless to say I understand the struggle!

                                                          • Safety Memos
                                                            Safety Memos   5 years back

                                                            @NRA Beardsman Thanks for watching, and we appreciate your comments. Thanks for holding safety meetings - unfortunately, safety leaders like you never get to know how much good you do - it's a thankless job, but it saves countless lives, painful injuries and makes life better for us all! Good for you...