Isaiah Thomas analyzes why Giannis, Bucks have 3rd straight Loss vs Raptors; TOR leads 3-2

  • Published: 24 May 2019
  • Isaiah Thomas analyzes why Giannis, Bucks have 3rd straight Loss vs Raptors; TOR leads 3-2
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  • Daniel Trickey
    Daniel Trickey  6 months back

    The Raptors are not gonna win this. You know how I know? Charles Barkley said the Bucks will beat the Warrors in the Finals. And he's never wrong.

    • Kay Flip
      Kay Flip  6 months back

      Everyone wants Kawhi to stay, but we need Nick Nurse to stay too. He is the Phil Jackson of the new generation just like Kawhi is the new Jordan.

      • Alessandro Tartoni
        Alessandro Tartoni  6 months back

        tony brothers tried in every way to favor the bucks; he is a smooth criminal, it was soo sweet to see 3 bogus calls overturned by replay (not to mention a couple of double-standards-charge-calls at the start of the game that could have overturn it); raptors are 4-0 against Tony Brothers these playoffs..raptors swept his as

        • Grant Draper
          Grant Draper  6 months back

          This sucks. Doesn’t matter who wins ECF. Either team is getting swept or gentlemen swept in Finals. That genuinely hurts to say.

          • OutLawMula
            OutLawMula  1 months back

            You were saying?

          • Tactix88
            Tactix88  6 months back

            Why do you say that? Raptor have a real leader unlike Lebron who just gives up and goes out with a wimper in game 4

        • kirlwyn te
          kirlwyn te  6 months back

          this is not nick nurse, no glasses, different face with mouth open :d

          • Rev Marc Lanozo
            Rev Marc Lanozo  6 months back

            We have the same thought as Isiah said they dont need to win the nba finals but reaching alone the nba finals is a greatest achievement ever the Raptors franchise reach this season.

            • Wayne's World
              Wayne's World  6 months back

              Man does isiah ever age? Prettt sure grant looks the same too if he shaved his beard.

              • Vincent Brown
                Vincent Brown  6 months back

                One of the things wrong with sports today ( aside from player making $40 mill a year that you pay for ) is the talking heads ignore poor performance and only want to talk about the good. This will always obscure the truth and history .

                • Vincent Brown
                  Vincent Brown  6 months back

                  I wonder how greenberg got the job " cause he sure don't know anything about b ball " ?

                  • Vincent Brown
                    Vincent Brown  6 months back

                    In sports today they feel the need to make up a story like fans can't see for themselves . Skip the narrative they were as shocked that Toronto won as the Bucks were. They lost because Van Fleet came alive. Middleton disappeared as usual and they played great D on Kawhi who needs to be told to stop trying to force his way to the basket . Bucks are the better team and have a better shot of beating those pretty shooters from the place where men want to be pretty too .

                    • Cuisineinthe6ix
                      Cuisineinthe6ix  1 months back

                      The Bucks lost cause Raptors were the better team... Point, Blank, Period.

                  • Ray Perez
                    Ray Perez  6 months back

                    Giannis is not strong enough to penetrate Toronto defense he got blocked loss the ball and didn't look in control

                    • Shunte Walker
                      Shunte Walker  6 months back

                      yeah gents and gentresses witness the power of the Aztec kawhi leonard I don't hear no Greek freak shot now i told migeefiggeesthis baller was the truth dust they butts off bra Canada vs USA first time in the NBA or Second if I'm wrong

                      • Jerry Coleman
                        Jerry Coleman  6 months back

                        Sounds good but neither team in the east is going to beat the warriors. They r locked in.

                        • Jose Calderon
                          Jose Calderon  6 months back

                          Bet if they don't have kd I almost guarantee raps win in 6

                      • nope, don't think so
                        nope, don't think so  6 months back

                        Yo bucks coach, drake ain't your problem. Yo giannis, you lookin nervous down the stretch.

                        • Cashing In
                          Cashing In  6 months back

                          Especially at the freethrow line

                      • bert fromarketin
                        bert fromarketin  6 months back

                        Agreed with Zeek.. 💯💯💯💯

                        • SupaFlyBoyZz699
                          SupaFlyBoyZz699  6 months back

                          To be Honest the
                          BUCKS offense is so predictable, Giannis try to attack the rim cuz he cant shot
                          for shiet,,,all other bums just stand around and jack up 3. So boring and
                          pathetic...Skip Bayless u can hang urself now fking Raps hater cuz the team in Canada racist bastard FU..

                          • HALI100
                            HALI100  6 months back

                            Didnt Toronto blow out G-STATE this season without Leonard if they get there T.O definitely got a chance

                            • OutLawMula
                              OutLawMula  1 months back

                              @Badrulz OppoF1s this didn't age well 😂

                            • AlxFonso Gaming
                              AlxFonso Gaming  6 months back

                              Magic 2-0 the Lakers in 09. reg season really doesnt mean anything

                            • Badrulz OppoF1s
                              Badrulz OppoF1s  6 months back

                              This is playoff especially final, GSW is Champions team type calibre not regular season type team and never win a ring for a long time. You will see my point when one of this team go to final and face GSW..

                            • Andrew James
                              Andrew James  6 months back

                              @HALI100 Yep. The first time was without Curry, but KD had an amazing shooting game. The 20-point win at the Oracle was without Kawhi,and on the back to back after blowing out the Clippers the previous night. No-one says this, but Bucks and Raptors were the top two winning records in the league. Bucks had the best defence, which is why the Raptors are having a tough time getting sustained offence.

                            • HALI100
                              HALI100  6 months back

                              Beat them twice i believe

                          • Uncle B. • Official Page

                            Zeek, come on man, you know what it look like when a king is on the rise! (ala jordan rules)! Kawhi will be a problem for GSW. The 1st announcer that realizes that needs a raise.

                            • Uncle B. • Official Page
                              Uncle B. • Official Page  6 months back

                              @superxmen18 bro, siakim & Ibaka will frustrate Draymond. Kawhi can slow down steph and durant like he did giannis but he will stick durant whenever he returns. Powell can slow down Klay. We have defensive assassins in toronto. Pressure players. Who in GSW can stop kawhi tho? Who in California can stop Kawhi? -SuperKryptonite

                            • superxmen18
                              superxmen18  6 months back

                              you can combined the freak and klaw againts draymond all at the same time..dray will eat em alive brothaa LOL GS all the way .

                          • when2033comesyouaredone
                            when2033comesyouaredone  6 months back

                            When a human keeps shrinking and chocking for your team, trade him for a robot, they do not choke! :D


                            • Explosive Mayhem
                              Explosive Mayhem  6 months back

                              when2033comesyouaredone lol I’m just letting you know bro

                            • when2033comesyouaredone
                              when2033comesyouaredone  6 months back

                              @Explosive Mayhem i dont care how it sounds, kawhi is megatron, i was going to fit his name in regardless ... Mekawhitron aka Milkhawhikee

                            • Explosive Mayhem
                              Explosive Mayhem  6 months back

                              if you were wondering mekawhitron only sounds good in your head

                          • John Kruzel
                            John Kruzel  6 months back

                            Toronto's losing game 6 they want golden State to be a week with no games

                            • Samuel N
                              Samuel N  6 months back

                              Finals already set june 14

                            • kdh2 jones
                              kdh2 jones  6 months back

                              Stop kidding yourself

                          • GunterJPN
                            GunterJPN  6 months back

                            This is not Isaiah Thomas, who last "played" for the Nuggets. This is Hall of Famer ISIAH Thomas. Put some respect on his name.

                            • Chim Richalds
                              Chim Richalds  6 months back

                              I hope Kawhi joins lebron. They could take down the warriors

                              • Chim Richalds
                                Chim Richalds  6 months back

                                He doesn't need lebron and he probably won't leave. Just saying they could create their own superteam

                              • nope, don't think so
                                nope, don't think so  6 months back

                                kawhi doesn't need bron

                              • Faraazthegoat
                                Faraazthegoat  6 months back

                                Lol, Kawhi isn’t leaving

                            • Jared Thomas
                              Jared Thomas  6 months back

                              It's simple why tbh... It's because Giannis is so damn overrated... He feasted on an injured, garbage 8 seed in Detroit and the most overrated team in the NBA in Boston... He is now choking when facing actual competition... This is why I always had Harden as the B2B MVP... He had an MJ/Kobe like scoring tear this season, played in the WEST, and will end up being the toughest match-up for the GOAT team in GSW... At the VERY LEAST, he's better than LeWHINE James

                              • Honest Comment
                                Honest Comment  6 months back

                                @Ig The only team to beat Golden State during this run was an eastern team. Why can't anybody come out of the West atleast once if it's so mich better than the east ? Houston can't win anything , plus they're getting old.

                              • Jared Thomas
                                Jared Thomas  6 months back

                                @Ig LeBron, MJ, and Kobe had guys ALL OVER them, and they dealt with it good enough to become the 3 greatest players to ever play

                              • Jared Thomas
                                Jared Thomas  6 months back

                                @Honest Comment They haven't won anything BECAUSE OF Golden State... It's the MJ in the 90s or LeBron in the Esst effect... Nobody else CAN win because they're so damn DOMINANT... Giannis just isn't that good... NO ONE is in the EAST because they just feast on TRASH... NO competition and NOWHERE CLOSE to a GSW equivalent in the LEASTERN CONFERENCE

                              • Ig
                                Ig  6 months back

                                You put 3 to 4 guys on one guy and he is overrated, really.

                              • Marquis Taylor
                                Marquis Taylor  6 months back

                                Giannis playing three and four on one ball without an post moves tight handle abd great court vision just pure athleticism if he get thoses you can fuck off.

                            • RICH TV LIVE
                              RICH TV LIVE  6 months back

                              WE THE NORTH

                              • Dawei Zhao
                                Dawei Zhao  6 months back

                                HE THE NORTH, Kawhi Raptors, please name a suburb after this man

                            • Tony Ronaldo-Arcangelini
                              Tony Ronaldo-Arcangelini  6 months back

                              Raptors with the W even after the refs were playing against them

                              • David Nemi
                                David Nemi  6 months back

                                The bucks have taken 10 more free throws in the series

                              • 123abc
                                123abc  6 months back

                                Yup. The refs missed 3 offensive fouls that should've been given to the Bucks. Horrible officiating

                              • Uncle B. • Official Page
                                Uncle B. • Official Page  6 months back

                                Naw, the refs came out giving the home team the calls. Toronto stayed respectful & kept their heads down while allowing the coach to do the talking. Refs respect that. Hence, the calls turned toward Toronto favor.

                              • Nash Snyder
                                Nash Snyder  6 months back

                                @Sport School Refs in favor of Toronto? instead of Fear the Refs? hmmm thinking maybe it is our defense exposing your team because the bucks are nothing but a team that gets carried by the refs so shut the fuck up lmfao

                            • michael lee
                              michael lee  6 months back

                              Giannis is a very exciting player, however his lack of post up moves and shooting ability drastically limits effectiveness of the whole team. IF>> Giannis could catch the ball in the post and invite a double team to attack, split, shoot/score over the top or pass to clean open looks it would change everything. I`m not suggesting that Giannis can simply Skyhook over the double like Kareem did for 20 years, take the wind out of the opponents sails. Isiah Thomas knows plenty about Kareem. Bet Isiah would say Kareem, Jordan, Bird, Magic & John Stockton are the best players he ever played against.

                            • freelancedaddy
                              freelancedaddy  6 months back

                              Kawhi gift to Raports is championship and will become the best player in the world. The Jordan V2.1 before going to Los Angeles

                              • OutLawMula
                                OutLawMula  1 months back

                                Shit you were bang on

                              • Dawei Zhao
                                Dawei Zhao  6 months back

                                I agree with you as a Spurs fan but if he wins the chip, he stays at Toronto

                            • #Trust
                              #Trust  6 months back

                              This is coming down to giannis and kawhi and unfortunately kawhi is winning. Kills me to say that hate the raptors to the max

                            • iSprint4GEyes
                              iSprint4GEyes  6 months back

                              ‪Yep, I failed for the hype of giannis too. This is usually the part where a team makes a comeback after losing(warriors) but I have no faith that bucks will try to play their best Saturday‬

                              • Me3ks DaGOAT
                                Me3ks DaGOAT  6 months back

                                Im a Lakers fan im glad the Spurs got their karma but uhhhh i didn't see 1 win away from the FINALS for Kawhi /Raptors in one year lol thought it was the Bucks/Boston year. Im rooting for Kawhi vs Curry fareal.

                              • Kane B
                                Kane B  6 months back

                                People need to stop hyping players after 1 regular season performance. Also need to think for themselves. The media push the narative every season. Next year gone be all about zion

                            • BeachJedi101
                              BeachJedi101  6 months back

                              Anyone think the Raptors actually have a shot against the Warriors? Interesting how the Bucks would seemingly matchup against them better.

                              • karl nystedt
                                karl nystedt  6 months back

                                Bucks are pretty much where the Raptors were last year,Raps have taken the next step...they match up well with the Warriors in every more "W" ,and we'll have a potentially historic series unfolding in front of us.
                                1,2,3,4...go Raps!

                              • Heimpai
                                Heimpai  6 months back

                                Eric W weren’t the rockets 3-1 vs gsw? Doesn’t appear to have mattered

                              • Dawei Zhao
                                Dawei Zhao  6 months back

                                Before Zaza injure Kawhi (I'm a spurs fan), we were up by 20 against GSW. Kawhi is such a presence, I wouldn't be surprised especially if KD is gone

                              • Dorian Love
                                Dorian Love  6 months back

                                No one is beating the lights out Warriors, and Klay Thompson is going to be fired up from getting snubbed from the ALL NBA team..

                              • Mario Cruz
                                Mario Cruz  6 months back

                                @Going Grande payback time for the claw, remember gsw vs spurs on wcf before

                            • R P
                              R P  6 months back

                              Why is coach crying about the refs? Giannis travels so much on those drives, and he doesn't want to be on the line, he's missing FT.

                              • Ismail McDuffey
                                Ismail McDuffey  6 months back

                                Shiid maybe KD need to go to Toronto... Just saying .. kawhi should stay.. have them trade Lowry for injured John wall.. I'm just saying though..

                                • Jahvid Matthias
                                  Jahvid Matthias  6 months back


                                • Paul Rapos
                                  Paul Rapos  6 months back

                                  You're stupid. Watch Lowry closer

                                • michael kruger
                                  michael kruger  6 months back

                                  john wall wont be back next season he is out for another year. whats the point of that

                              • R M
                                R M  6 months back

                                GROUP HUG IN THE SHOWER