Game of Thrones 8.5 "The Bells" Immediate Post-Episode Reaction & Review


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  • Vztahovacna
    Vztahovacna  6 months back

    Gotta be honest: when you posted your pre-season 8 videos, I was kinda cynical. It seemed more likely to me that D&D would be able to once again hide behind cool battles and shock twists, and that the general audiences would keep putting up with insane levels of garbage, just like they did in seasons past.

    But boy oh boy, was I wrong. It never ocurred to me that D&D would be stupid enough to mess with the fan favourites. People forgave them for Dorne, the Tysha drop, Sansa's rape, the teleportations, the narrative dead ends of season 7, but now the fuckery's affecting Dany, Jon, and Tyrion, not to mention the outright abortion of the White Walker storyline. D&D got too cocky and are now reaping the whirlwind.

    Benioff unfettered. Hats off to you for calling it.

    • Edie &Andy
      Edie &Andy  3 months back

      Rhaenyra Reigns they gave the middle finger to fans who expected something significant for Nymeria? Wtf? The fans wanted something so the writers have to give it to them and if they don’t they’re giving the fans the middle finger? I’m a fan and I wanted Cersei to win. Did they give the little finger to me too because Cersei didn’t win? Satan in Hell 🤦‍♂️

    • Fishslap 33
      Fishslap 33  5 months back

      @@Alana Wrisley Yes, just like we didn't need to see the conversation where Jon tells his sisters who he really is. Let's just cut away from that trivial dialog we don't know how to write to bring you some bordello comedy! And straightening of chairs!

    • Alana Wrisley
      Alana Wrisley  5 months back

      You guys heard they filmed Nymeria and the wolf pack fighting Vicerion?!?! But they cut it out?!?! And they filmed night king fighting but cut it because they thought it was not important for fans to see him fight!!!

    • Fishslap 33
      Fishslap 33  5 months back

      @@ChelseaFcTheChamps It's been over-addressed. She did not marry Ramsay in the books, but is hiding out in the Vale with Littlefinger. It was Jayne Poole who married Ramsay as something of a ruse. Ramsay was supposed to marry Arya, who was missing, so Jayne basically posed as Arya. So since they ignored the Jayne Poole character and gave this bit to Sansa, then it would make sense that whatever happened to Jayne Poole (Not described in much detail in the book) would now happen to Sansa. It's basically like with Theon; doesn't have his penis amputated in the book, does on the show because shock and horror. It's all just D&D's fetishes I think.

      Personally my problem with the Sansa rape is that I suspect that the only reason they did it was specifically that they wanted a rape scene with a popular leading character. They tried it already with Cercei, but it didn't land. She'd been fucking Jaime for decades and was a horrible swine everyone hated. Who cares? Rape her again! So when they realized this audience dynamic they decided to double dip by repositioning the less insane and more sympathetic Sansa for a good rape instead, all off-book. Now the couch potatoes will be offended at last! BWAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!! And it's more shock, controversy and spectacle before story, as usual with D&D.

    • Fishslap 33
      Fishslap 33  5 months back

      @@MisterPlanetarian That may well be, but it needs to be written properly and in a believable way. This was not. Excusing it with the unpublished books is flimsy.

  • Star Trekker
    Star Trekker  1 weeks back

    Watching this after the Austin film festival and D&D getting booted off Star Wars, where TDD encourages sticking with it, makes me feel good

    • momo glo
      momo glo  2 weeks back

      I'm honestly amazed that the first few seasons of the show were as good as they were. It almost feels like it was done on purpose. How can you drop the ball this badly???
      Lots of fandoms (Star Wars, Star Trek, The Last Avatar and many more) have had their stories destroyed all in the name of agendas. GoT feels like this too.

      • Quincy Navarre
        Quincy Navarre  1 months back

        “a finger in the bum???” Is when i knew we were fucked.

        • Abhinaya Shankar
          Abhinaya Shankar  3 months back

          Even if they had shown the destruction of KL from Davos's POV that would have made sense. I thought (naively) that that was why he was even there. They probably forgot he's a POV character just like they forgot Samwell is a POV character

          • AnotherJenn42
            AnotherJenn42  5 months back

            I have no interest in a Star Wars trilogy helmed by D&D. I don’t think I’m alone after what they did to Game of Thrones.

            • Edie &Andy
              Edie &Andy  3 months back

              AnotherJenn100 Star Wars has sucked since 1977.

          • David Garcia
            David Garcia  5 months back

            You do good work.

            • Nimroc
              Nimroc  5 months back

              I was already annoyed with how they changed Littlefingers character from the books during season 1(went from being "everyones friend" to "no ones friend"), even more annoyed when they changed Jeyne Westerling to Talisa in season 2( the most interesting aspect of her character in the first place was her being from a family of Lannister loyalists which directly played a part in the red wedding).
              Absolutely horrified when they killed off Barristan, and just "nope, fuck this shit" when they killed the entire Dorne plotline.

              • Troy Mccauley
                Troy Mccauley  5 months back

                I think at the last minute David just switched Jon snows story's with Arya . they ruined the whole thing it is really sad

                • Oliver Rios
                  Oliver Rios  5 months back

                  Is it bad that I secretly wanted Jamie's character arch to end with him having to ring the bell with his gold hand

                  • Mare ZeSim
                    Mare ZeSim  5 months back

                    love listening to you...

                    • Shannon Reynolds
                      Shannon Reynolds  5 months back

                      I feel that Friedman (Dave) is using the cast and crew as some sort of shield against criticism such as "if you criticize me then you are being disrespectful to the cast and crew who worked so hard on this show." and I'm like "No, they did their jobs beautifully with grace and class in spite of you giving them a shit script to satisfy your perverted sense of yourself." Throughout the series, I thought that something brought up in an episode would be addressed in later ones and it never was. Time will not be kind ot Friedman and for all we know Dan is just one of his pawns to use to justify some of the shit that's happened in the series because it seems that there were scenes throughout the series that just didn't fit or were there for the sake of what Friedman wanted, like he was getting his jollies from it or something.

                      • Robert Zenni
                        Robert Zenni  6 months back

                        She kind of forgot about the Iron Fleet 🙄

                        • a Basketball enthousiast
                          a Basketball enthousiast  6 months back

                          This was honestly the first time I really felt sad about a tv show or movie....I have complained about stuff like this in the past but man, they butchered this show, and it was SOOOO good.... It left me wondering if they even watched it before airing it....clearly it doesn't make sense if you watch it and yet they released it. I guess it's all about the money, fuck the fans

                          • MonsterHuntressRoon
                            MonsterHuntressRoon  6 months back

                            Seriously...I've been thinking of this for awhile now. Make of this what you will but the only character in Game of Thrones who should have PTSD connected with Bells is Cersei. Remember her public shaming was accompanied by the ringing of a bell. As I was watching this episode it just struck me all the things Daenarys was doing fits Cersei much better. I betcha in the books whatever happens to King's Landing will be connected to Cersei.

                            • Edie &Andy
                              Edie &Andy  3 months back

                              MonsterHuntressRoon you’re bad and you should feel bad.

                          • HolyknightVader999
                            HolyknightVader999  6 months back

                            As I've already said before, I'd have it so that Littlefinger is the one man who stands behind Daenerys 100% as people express doubt and disdain for her. Sansa distrusts her, Varys starts thinking she's not the rightful queen anymore, and Tyrion keeps failing her and frees Jaime, after Missandei died. Have it so that the dragons landed on Dragonstone just fine, but the fleet gets ambushed by Euron, which leads to Missandei dying. Then Littlefinger will arrive by land outside the walls of King's Landing with a mighty host of 40,000 Vale soldiers offering his condolences to Dany and whispering in her ear, telling her that she is right, that if the people don't want to switch over to her side, then they're not worth saving, and that it'd be better off if their deaths were put to good use, just like how Tywin Lannister made use of the deaths of the Reynes.

                            At first, Dany is repulsed by the idea of emulating Tywin, especially since Tywin betrayed her father, but then Baelish points out the difference between the two: Tywin was respected, Aerys was feared. Baelish reasons that Westeros runs on a culture of fear, and unlike in Essos, where all Dany needed to do was to free the slaves to get them to love her, if Dany wants the callous and backstabbing lords of Westeros to respect her, Baelish reasons that she needs to make them afraid, planting that seed of an idea in Dany that mass slaughter is a viable option. Tywin's methods were successful, and if Dany wants to succeed, she'll have to mimic the ways of her father's betrayer. Baelish also tries to relate to Dany by speaking of their personal losses: Dany with Missandei, Jorah, and Drogo, and Baelish with Catelyn Stark. When Baelish tells Dany of his duel with Brandon Stark, Dany asks to see the wound Baelish got from it, and when Baelish shows it off, Dany touches it, and we see a very humanizing moment with the two of them sharing in their losses.

                            Also, I'd have it so that the Vale lords present in Winterfell are loyal to Littlefinger, and would NOT approve of Sansa killing him. Yohn Royce, who would be friendly with Sansa, would warn her that the rest of the Vale Knights have been bought and paid off by Littlefinger, and any moves against him will lead to war with the Vale, especially since Robin Arryn sees Baelish as a surrogate father. So of course, Sansa and the gang have no choice but to tolerate Baelish. But Baelish, seeing as how Sansa gave him blue balls and refused to marry him, instead goes over to Dany, and when the North gives the Dragon Queen the cold shoulder, Baelish starts warming up to her and treating her kindly, which leads to Daenerys treating him with respect.

                            And as Dany loses friends from Jorah to Missandei, Baelish moves in and fills up that vacuum, giving Dany enough advice so that she sees him as wise, but also putting more than a few thoughts into her mind, such as the idea that Varys has his own agenda, Tyrion is failing on purpose to protect his family, and Sansa will hate her no matter what. Then when Dany is all alone after Missandei's death, Baelish arrives, and gives Dany consolation while also agreeing with her that the people of the city aren't worth saving. Baelish doesn't give a damn about the people of the city, so why should he start now? Baelish would reason with Dany that the sacrifices of the cityfolk would be well worth it, because the better world that they can create afterwards will benefit the whole world. When Baelish brings 40,000 Vale troops to support Daenerys against the Golden Company, Dany hugs him and takes away Tyrion's Hand of the Queen badge, giving it to Baelish.

                            The siege then becomes a real battle with the Golden Company annihilating what's left of the Unsullied and Dothraki, and killing many Northerners. When Dany goes for the Red Keep, the Throne Room is empty, and the whole Red Keep is deserted. Nobody's there except for a wildfire trap, which Cersei sets off. The wildfire nearly kills Dany and Drogon, while Euron shoots down Rhaegal and kills him during the siege, and Cersei is hiding somewhere in the city. With all of these factors mixed in, Dany loses her shit, and in an attempt to wipe out the Golden Company AND snuff out Cersei, she starts blowtorching the city, to Tyrion's horror and Baelish's delight. The Vale Knights then press forward ahead of the other allied forces and start massacring Golden Company troops.

                            You can still have Cleganebowl, along with Euron and Cersei meeting with Jaime, only that with the latter, Cersei meets with Jaime and he succeeds in getting her to abandon the throne in exchange for leaving with their unborn child, only for Euron to crossbow her from the back for lying to him about the child's father. Then you'd have a real reason as to why Jaime and Euron would try to kill each other: Jaime because Euron killed his sister, and Euron, because Cersei lied to him about the father of the child, who is actually Jaime. When Jaime wins, he sees Cersei bleeding out on the floor, and to expedite her death, he strangles her, fulfilling the Valonqar prophecy.

                            Then, after the battle, to thank Baelish for his loyalty and support, Dany asks Littlefinger what he would want as a reward after she's burned the city. Baelish then offers his hand in marriage. Seeing this as the perfect way to keep Jon Snow from becoming king, and as a way to reward Baelish for his emotional, psychological, and military support, Daenerys marries Baelish and makes him king. Now he is King of the Ashes, exactly what Varys fears. Varys works with Tyrion, Arya, and later Jaime Lannister, to rally the remaining Northmen and Lannister forces, both of whom are horrified at Dany's actions and Baelish's ascent to power. This then sets the stage for the final battle, with Northern and Lannister men against Vale Knights, with Arya, Varys, Tyrion, and Jaime working together to kill King Baelish, while Jon Snow is trying to talk some sense into Queen Daenerys and telling her that "there is good in you, let go of your anger, let go of your hate!" THAT would be my version of the final battle for King's Landing, instead of the WTF ending we got in the end.

                            • Alvin S
                              Alvin S  6 months back

                              5:28 does anyone know what channel is he referring to here? Would love to check that out.

                            • debbie bailey
                              debbie bailey  6 months back

                              I'm SO Happy I found your Channel! I have felt alone for the last 2 seasons! This is such CRAP! The only episode that felt remotely like GOT was E2. The rest was utter nonsense, and I'm not a book reader! How could they make us wait 2 years for this!?! D&D have to be the biggest morons in TV history, and I hope you're right. Someday, someone will come along, and to this story justice.

                              • Lori Gallegos
                                Lori Gallegos  6 months back

                                Sophie Turner LOVES them and their favorites are Masie, Bronn and Grey worm actors that whole season made zero sense in fact S6-8 sucked and some of 5.

                                • Lori Gallegos
                                  Lori Gallegos  6 months back

                                  What about the fact that Masie went from super powers and basically disappeared like a “cat” to running like a normal person?!! WTF, and the STUPID documentary of the extras no one knows by doing this all over again, showing the “commoners” on the ground so everyone feels sorry for their hard work even though they all got paid and had years to make a great ending but they were so obsessed with out smarting the theories of the fans that figured out the ending.

                                  • bonfingertip
                                    bonfingertip  6 months back

                                    I have to disagree with you on two things here
                                    1) Episodes 1 and 2 were not good. There were indeed some scenes that had some nicely felt touch, but overall the episodes were just like everything else in these past two seasons - poor and mediocre. I can finally tell the exact feeling I had watching them: a checklist. It was like the authors had a plan to have these and those characters to interact, but didn't think through some coherent reason and structure for those interactions. None of the scenes feel finished, or to have some goal. And if you actually start thinking about them, so much stupidity comes out that you just go "bleh!" (take Preston Jacob's reviews you're linking to in one of your previous vids, he does a really good job dissecting the episodes).

                                    2) The fact alone that the writer also writes some feminist stuff in her blog *does not* make her a good writer. Nor is pushing some feminist agenda in the show. This should be clear enough by now, after all that's been going on in the film industry. they'd just make Dany a Rey... admiral Holdo... another MarySue and undermine important male characters. Like making Stannis a fool or Jon an action figure or Tirion an idiot is better (but this time it would be on purpose, not on a whim). The Star Wars fans will tell you exactly this; three words: the, last, jedi. In the end, DnD did not assassinate Dany's character because they're toxic MEN or bullshit like that - they're just incompetent, you know that better than any of us.

                                    • The Dragon Demands
                                      The Dragon Demands   6 months back

                                      well they were at least "presentable by the standards of TV only viewers"

                                  • Jerad Wood
                                    Jerad Wood  6 months back

                                    Godd Vid & Channel guys [The 'Dude' Subscribes;>]
                                    I have mixed feelings (lmao) about this episode, where episodes III, IV & V were logically painful & cringe inducing for the most part, there were (a few) aspects I actually enjoyed in the Finale:

                                    I. Tyrion had some decent Post-Jamie dialogue., Telling Danny to get Stuffed, though he had to (painfully) spell it out for Jon-boy (Yer Muh Queen!)

                                    II. Drogon The Dragon: sleeping/waking up from under his cozy blanket of SNOW* & upon Danny's perma-nap having a SNIT and burning (just*) the 'Mini' Throne (even though it was foreshadowed in Episode 2 that Drogon had his eye on Jon* during his make-out session w/ Danny, silently telling him that he better not 'Try Anything' Foul with his beloved Mother (of Dragons)

                                    III. And of course, the (subverted!) Good Boy Rub Rub of Ghostie near the "Ending".

                                    (In other words, not much 'Wet My Whistle')

                                    But....... there were more things that really annoyed me (Again With the Writing!):

                                    I. Jon being sent by (All Hail!) King Bran (a "Regular" Man's Man) to the Night's Watch for the sake of the Unsullied, who ARE NOW LEAVING KING'S LANDING FOR GOOD to vacation in The Isle of Naath (?) WTF are the Night's Watch going to do now anyway? Guard the Snow? (Maybe Bran should've sentenced Jon to REBUILD THE WALL instead, at least it would be more productive than protecting the 6 kingdoms from Grumpkins & Snarks!)

                                    II. The way Sansa pulls her little 'Rich Girl of Entitlement' move and tells HER BROTHER The King that we in the North are now an Independent State un-beholding to the Crown (While all the other lords at the gathering sit there and say NOTHING......there's NO apparent conflict of Interest there whatsoever? They just see Nepotism happening right in front of them & they're fine with it? BS)

                                    III. (This is the big one: The Huge CONTINUITY FAIL) Episode 5: Daneryes beats the Lanister Army, they surrender. And Instead of flying to the red keep & burning it -or- better yet just commanding her army to storm The Keep ~&~ DRAG OUT Cerci, she inexplicably starts STRAFING UP & DOWN THE STREETS OF KING'S LANDING BURNING FLEEING CIVILIANS (Including Kids & Babies) LIKE SHE'S MOWING A PARTICULARLY LARGE LAWN (Back & Forth, Back & Forth.....for 15 f*^king minutes)

                                    OK so I guess she's the 'Mad Queen' now

                                    (Episode 6) But NO! she walks out ALL SMILES, down the steps of her beautifully demolished new home of the Red Keep and proceeds to give a speech about BREAKING THE WHEEL! COME BREAK THE WHEEL WITH ME AND LET'S LIBERATE THE WHOLE BLOODY WORLD FOR THE SAKE OF THE PEOPLE!

                                    It makes absolutely NO SENSE! Is she Mad or Not! Make up your mind D&D.......Why is she acting (in the Throne room) like a school girl who just got her first Car? What happened to Consistency or Continuity in this show? It's gone the way of the Iron Throne............BURNED TO SLAG.

                                    ***** I can now see why George R. R. Martin started a Petition on Change.Org.............CAN EVERYONE GUESS WHAT IT IS?
                                    Check it out at:

                                    • Ster E
                                      Ster E  6 months back

                                      @The Dragon Demands. Thank you so much for this and your insight. I just, today, joined this refreshing channel. I for one didn't read the books on purpose in order to not spoil the show as I am a rather visual person. However I started to get concerned when Stormborn, who is my favorite character, met Jon. It was at that point that I realized, D&D are fucking things up horribly. Just horribly. Like, wtf are you doing D&D? So I stuck with it just to see my Queen use her dragons like I imagined a Targaryen would. Now I have the books and will start reading so I can forget about the atrocities of D&D. D&D should be put on trial for crimes against wonderful and beautiful stories.

                                      • Ster E
                                        Ster E  6 months back

                                        One of the first things I thought of was, who in the fuck told the people of Kings Landing to ring the bells in surrender? I will tell you. No fucking one. In season 2 we have Davos telling his optimistic son, "I've never known bells to mean surrender.", as their Baratheon fleet is approaching Kings Landing with the bells OF THE Red Keep ringing. That alone is a major failure. I liken Stormborn's turn to that of the prince in Frozen. Out of fucking nowhere the prince turns into this evil asshole for zero reasons. Not even foreshadowing reasons. It was like, wtf just happened? And to all those foreshadow peeps who say Stormborn was dropping hints everywhere, fuckoff. In every part y'all say she was evil, there are more points where she is empathetic and humane and caring. How more caring do you need someone to be when against her advantage she risks and ends up losing 1/2 her armies and loses 2 children (dragons) to help the assholes who undercut her (Sansa). Plain shitty writing by D&D. D&D lacked humility and were blinded by hubris.

                                        • Tong Sandoval
                                          Tong Sandoval  6 months back

                                          I just followed and subscribed to your channel, I haven't started reading the books but I did follow its storyline. I stopped watching GoT after Season 5 since Stannis was butchered by Dumbass and Dipshit (D and D). I was affected since Stannis is one of my favorite characters, along with Dany and Jon. Now, both Dany and Jon are butchered. Good, they are not involved in the prequels so I might gave it chance.

                                          • White Wolf
                                            White Wolf  6 months back

                                            Justice served ice cold: two soyboys pretending to be great writers and the real writer busy whining about Trump, watching football like a slave, and being real busy cashing in while he could, because his writings weren't all that great after a while anyway. I'm surprised the soyboys didn't fuck it up from the start (they tried), but they did have it all written out for them for at least a few seasons. Then, when the source material dried up, things fell apart (of course). Season 8: First two episodes nothing happens, episode 3 was a rotting corpse smelling fruitily in darkness, episode 4 and 5 I forgot about them, but I remember a holocaust and much drama that didn't do anything for me, and episode 6 I don't even know I want to waste any words on the garbage. I hope this failure of a TV show will produce great shows in the future, because this is a 101 on how not to do things. Too bad none of the cast showed any balls and walked out. Maybe there's a contract involved... Thou shalt allow us, Dumb and Dumber, to rape your character and make you look like a fool, but don't worry, you get paid royally.

                                            • guitarHero1885
                                              guitarHero1885  6 months back

                                              well said man - s8 was dog shit - that must have been why jon petted ghost at the end, to thank him for shitting out the season for the writers.

                                              • Amina
                                                Amina  6 months back

                                                What’s the Valyria leaks? 👀 That’s really the only spin-off I would watch at this point

                                                • The Dragon Demands
                                                  The Dragon Demands   6 months back

                                                  Amina watch my playlist for “Empire of Ash” - I leaked a thorough description of the Valyria prequel

                                              • Threesigma
                                                Threesigma  6 months back

                                                Thank you for this video. I was about to give up on the books but realized why let a fucking TV show ruin it for me. Thank you for your service.

                                                • fantasticmoose
                                                  fantasticmoose  6 months back

                                                  I feel like the best case scenario would be a lavishly drawn, highly produced and well casted animated adaptation of the books, really bring life to the splendor and grandeur of the world. Honestly it's what I think they should be doing with the Witcher (which I think would work real well with an anime art style). Thoughts on this? I feel like that way they could sidestep some of the budget constraint issues and other problems like the fact that Danaerys was turned into a white saviour (because they only hired local extras, which in and of itself is obviously not a bad thing, those are talented and hardworking people who deserve as much of a shot at being in a big TV show as anyone but in this specific instance it was poorly thought out and turned into this super racist symbolic moment). Animated shows have a precedent of quality, and I think people would already be willing to engage with a long, in-depth, slow burning animated show and in 10 years I think shows like that will already be commonplace.

                                                  • LH
                                                    LH  6 months back

                                                    These morons Benioff and Weiss were never the right guys for the job, right from the beginning.

                                                    • C
                                                      C  6 months back

                                                      I just started laughing when the bells happened, drogons fire became a bomb somehow? and Im not even gonna talk about the finale bc my god... did they repurpose the valonqar scene for dany and jon? I kinda left after that

                                                      • Man In A Pit
                                                        Man In A Pit  6 months back

                                                        #AbruptClimateChange means there will be NO re-attempt in 10 years +
                                                        Summer is Coming.

                                                        • samhallzero
                                                          samhallzero  6 months back

                                                          Bran should have been the one to whack The Night King, with his ability to see the future, he could have had a small cross bow hidden with a special arrow. He should also have warfed the dragon in the last episode, so that Jon coulf have had access to Denarys for an assassination attempt, and the dragon could have wiped out the Unsullied.

                                                          • zippygotsillyagain
                                                            zippygotsillyagain  6 months back

                                                            Anyone who hoped this season would redeem the show, after last season's debacle, did not have the wherewithal to unravel the mysteries that lay at the heart of these moronic writers.

                                                            • Viserion Targaryen
                                                              Viserion Targaryen  6 months back

                                                              Do you think you could make s what went wrong with Daenerys like you did with Stannis?

                                                              • Viserion Targaryen
                                                                Viserion Targaryen  6 months back

                                                                Valonqar means "stupid fucking rock" in High Valyrian.

                                                                • 200 subs with no video challenge

                                                                  Yes I fucking hate the habit of focusing on people's face and lack of dialogue. I hate it!!!!! Handmaid's Tale does it too.

                                                                  • Perturabo84
                                                                    Perturabo84  6 months back

                                                                    i have come to realize this is the star wars prequels all over again faces expressions acial expressions god story characters standing around doing nothing

                                                                    • Veritas Invicta
                                                                      Veritas Invicta  6 months back

                                                                      I like the books so much more yet I've invested years into this "Bizarro Westeros" that Dumb and Dumber have created. One more to go, get ready for King Bran.

                                                                      • Purity Central
                                                                        Purity Central  6 months back

                                                                        "She post a lot of feminist stuff on her blogs" We need a realistic show, not a power fantasy.

                                                                        • ga21351
                                                                          ga21351  6 months back

                                                                          Dragon is not Slave. Dany rule Westeros this is against nature of dragons because Dany is not love in Westeros, she cant rule there. So what to do then? 3 Eye Raven is key here. He need to sorted. He need to know everything. In episode 4 he still dont know everything so we have episode 5 disaster nobody meets their fate. But now Bran knows everything so now we have flashback and episode 5 is again. then we have correct ending then everybody meets their fate. Cersei die fighting game of throne , Arya - become faceless men , Dany pass power to Jon, Jon became Rules. Throne survive. - We dont have graveyard or ashes.

                                                                          • Nikkisheers
                                                                            Nikkisheers  6 months back

                                                                            Guys, it's bad, but what if it's not as bad as we think? Shit writing, but it may not be a complete a loss.

                                                                            What if it wasn't Mad Queen Dany. What if it was Bran?

                                                                            Theory: He warged the dragon in the past, similar to what he did with Hodor. I don't know if it was deliberate, or that he stayed too long and drown. Regardless, Bran will be King. And I'm pretty sure the Lord of Light is the big bad. It's the Lord of Light controlling Bran.

                                                                            • Isn't Anything
                                                                              Isn't Anything  6 months back

                                                                              Using the word "mansplaining" makes your video worthless.

                                                                              • Charles Foree
                                                                                Charles Foree  6 months back

                                                                                When you can't write good dialogue, I guess it makes sense to focus on the actors' facial expressions instead.

                                                                                • LoneWolf Ranger
                                                                                  LoneWolf Ranger  6 months back

                                                                                  Don’t watch the prequels. Don’t reward poor production with more $$$.

                                                                                  • tiamat
                                                                                    tiamat  6 months back

                                                                                    I will always watch everything related to Asoiaf because I love the books so much. I really hope for a remake of the show a few years after Dream of Spring was released. But even if we get a worthy remake I will hold the Seasons 1-4 in good memory forever and I will love all the costumes of seasons 1-8 because there was so much love put into making this show. It´s just sad that it has to end so badly. I was able to turn my brain off enough to still enjoy season 7 for the spectacle but that was impossible in season 8. The costumes and beautiful dragon CGI are what carry me through the episodes now.

                                                                                    I´ll rewatch season 1-4 after this mess is over to see better times and I´ll reread the books (currently I am reading Fire and Blood). Honestly, I am also kinda thankful that it got off the rail so badly- it really makes the chances of a better remake higher, you are right about that. Let´s pray and hope for better adaptations and the salvation of WoW in the future, for the night is dark and full of terrors.

                                                                                    • Mr Reign
                                                                                      Mr Reign  6 months back

                                                                                      It's not actor porn it's spectacle porn