ONLY Girl in an All BOYS School (Animated Story Time)


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  • Yt Cranks
    Yt Cranks  2 minutes back

    I am a big fan so I been sub to you for a 2years

    • TheChannel5656
      TheChannel5656  6 minutes back


      • Scxrlet Rxbbit
        Scxrlet Rxbbit  9 minutes back

        ................sooo watch Ouran highschool host club.

        • Skye Broughton
          Skye Broughton  26 minutes back

          I would not

          • Natalie Ramirez
            Natalie Ramirez  40 minutes back

            “U too enjoy enjoy sssniperowlfs transition screen”

            • Fire Fox-Chan UwU
              Fire Fox-Chan UwU  50 minutes back

              What's wrong with being gay.

              • 李欣然
                李欣然  54 minutes back

                Thought hector would say "I'm gay"

                • William Horvath
                  William Horvath  58 minutes back

                  So do I!!!!!! I didn’t know there was everyone else?!

                  • Tyree Williams
                    Tyree Williams  60 minutes back

                    10:00 you

                    • Ansley Splinter
                      Ansley Splinter  1 hours back

                      Who was annoyed she kept on pausing it!

                      • Becky McDaniel
                        Becky McDaniel  1 hours back

                        NO NO NO NO NO

                        • Libhongo Mashologu
                          Libhongo Mashologu  1 hours back

                          Oooh damn she's so think hahaha Sssinperwolf is so funny

                          • Becky McDaniel
                            Becky McDaniel  1 hours back


                            • Dorela Postoaca
                              Dorela Postoaca  2 hours back

                              Wireless Light în casă oaselor react

                              • Sarah Ho
                                Sarah Ho  2 hours back

                                Everyboy: Nice, ahhhh!

                                • Redbridge Kids
                                  Redbridge Kids  2 hours back

                                  I would kick the guys if they said that to me

                                  • Nandu Anandu
                                    Nandu Anandu  2 hours back

                                    Who r u guyses celebrity crush

                                    Mine is Taehyung of bts i luvv himmmm

                                    • mays k
                                      mays k  2 hours back

                                      1:35 is that a girl in the background or..?

                                      • Nandu Anandu
                                        Nandu Anandu  2 hours back

                                        I mean it's quite obvious that hector liked the pinkey cuz she is the only girl in the school duhh

                                        • Mi Kyeong Lee
                                          Mi Kyeong Lee  2 hours back

                                          I will not share a girl

                                          • Chandler Stine
                                            Chandler Stine  2 hours back

                                            My crush Paxton

                                            • Kawaii Gamer102
                                              Kawaii Gamer102  2 hours back

                                              Ssniper : Imagine a guy would whisper to you and say.. Who do you like?

                                              Also Ssniper : If that was I would say, Not you! Ihiiihiih, Baka.. eumm

                                              • Rex Galapin
                                                Rex Galapin  2 hours back

                                                I laugh from this episode hahahhah i wish u could give this comment a heart from 🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭

                                                • yasin musicprocustion
                                                  yasin musicprocustion  3 hours back

                                                  The girl in the animated story hair color is different from the ………… I forgot

                                                  • pi_ manuas
                                                    pi_ manuas  3 hours back

                                                    "WHATTT NANI!?"🤣

                                                    • pi_ manuas
                                                      pi_ manuas  3 hours back

                                                      Okay soo is every animated story character was based on anime character?😅

                                                      • Hey it’s LIANA
                                                        Hey it’s LIANA  3 hours back

                                                        Hell na

                                                        • Naruto Uzamaki
                                                          Naruto Uzamaki  3 hours back

                                                          10:05 is she saitama's girlfriend or somethin?

                                                          • Rainbow Nugget
                                                            Rainbow Nugget  3 hours back

                                                            THIS IS A LIE! I SAW ANOTHER GIRL TALKING TO A BOY!

                                                            • gxcha skye
                                                              gxcha skye  4 hours back

                                                              Lmao your in the add xD

                                                              • Selene Sam
                                                                Selene Sam  4 hours back

                                                                5:24 to 5:29 I love her laughhhhh 💝💝💝💝💝

                                                                • hit songs
                                                                  hit songs  4 hours back

                                                                  SSSNIPERWOLF YOU ARE THE BEST I AM YOUR NUMBER ONE FAN

                                                                  • Edonita Nita
                                                                    Edonita Nita  4 hours back

                                                                    SniperWolf has to talk more about anime .....because i feel like im the only weeb here .

                                                                    • Dzonix YT
                                                                      Dzonix YT  4 hours back

                                                                      No sasuke is going to orochimaru not to naruto

                                                                      • Yvette Mcenroe
                                                                        Yvette Mcenroe  5 hours back

                                                                        ex is my name fiscal

                                                                        • Adam Hakkani
                                                                          Adam Hakkani  5 hours back

                                                                          10:50 look at the girl in the pink shirt

                                                                          • Paperboy And Friends
                                                                            Paperboy And Friends  5 hours back

                                                                            Like I try and ask her out on a date and BOOM guess who’s right next to us JAYDEN LIKE UHHHHHH FRIG HIM

                                                                            • Paperboy And Friends
                                                                              Paperboy And Friends  5 hours back

                                                                              I hate my friend Jayden he try’s to steal my GIRLFRIEND LIKE UHHHHH

                                                                              • Rman Nayr
                                                                                Rman Nayr  5 hours back

                                                                                LOL WHAT ANIME IS THIS?!

                                                                                • Rman Nayr
                                                                                  Rman Nayr  5 hours back

                                                                                  WOW ONLY GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                                                                  • Shärky Lyzûēr
                                                                                    Shärky Lyzûēr  6 hours back

                                                                                    ever since i started finishing my comic book with dragon ball ive been seeing alot of dragon stuff

                                                                                    • Jenny Howard
                                                                                      Jenny Howard  6 hours back

                                                                                      David Attenborough

                                                                                      • Anais Alvarez
                                                                                        Anais Alvarez  6 hours back


                                                                                        • Pank & Dank
                                                                                          Pank & Dank  6 hours back

                                                                                          Imagine believing the story.

                                                                                          • Woodman Family
                                                                                            Woodman Family  6 hours back

                                                                                            I would be with Lewis I call him king Louie he’s in my class pls like I’m lonely 😔

                                                                                            • Alec Call 911 For Me Please

                                                                                              The pink haired girl looks like someone called Sakura 🤧

                                                                                              • Crystal Akhand
                                                                                                Crystal Akhand  6 hours back

                                                                                                I watch this already in this YouTube not this channel

                                                                                                • Rachelle Espartero
                                                                                                  Rachelle Espartero  7 hours back

                                                                                                  2020: I’m a girl in an all boys school
                                                                                                  2045: the earth is dead and I’m the only human in solar system