ZOMBIE (1979) and MANIAC (1980) 4k Restorations - Are they worth it?


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  • Endless Nameless
    Endless Nameless  5 months back

    Man, I already spent 15 bucks a pop on these as single discs. You know what? They already did a great job back then. I would for sure recommend you get a copy of these...but do you need 4k? I dunno! Blue Underground seems to have done it right the first time...two of my better discs.

    • phantomshTTer
      phantomshTTer  7 months back

      Apparently the term for the retarded phenomena of buying the same movie 10 times is "double dips". Yeah... it's for marketing whores. Upgrading format to Blu Ray I can understand for a visually beautiful film but as far as I'm concerned dvds are perfectly fine and blu ray picture quality is as good as it needs to get. This 2k/4k/6k/8k shit is nothing but a scheme to empty dummies wallets. I'm super happy about Blu Ray, I been growing my dvd collection faster than ever scooping up all you people's perfectly good dvds you're trading in! lol

      • Audi 666
        Audi 666  7 months back

        Your audio is to low or you need to speak up or I’m deaf as fuck but this whole video sounds like your whispering a review better luck next time

        • Mike Paul
          Mike Paul  7 months back

          The most overdone double dips are those damn Evil Dead movies. How many new releases do these movies need? Maniac was definitely worth it as the Anniversary edition was a huge let down video wise.

          • Steven Davies
            Steven Davies  9 months back

            the Arrow release of Zombie is good enough for me. maybe if i win the lottery haha

            • John Saunders
              John Saunders  10 months back

              4K video doesn't do Zombie any favors, the zombies look like they are caked in dried oatmeal; the make up was so flimsy and cheap. The more crisp the image the more you can see fine details. I can see glaring faults in the mud cake make up; the Worm Eyed Zombie looks incredibly bad in Blu Ray. You can see the shut eyelid of Ottaviano Dell'acqua under the dried mud. Some of the zombies look like they were dusted with cake flour. You can see the rubbery throat patch on Auretta Gay before the zombie bites.

              When I first saw Zombie it was from a washed out print formatted for VHS and all these faults were hidden by soft blur. Zombi 2 is a comedy in 4K

              • Twiki Robot
                Twiki Robot  10 months back

                Yeah, will be buying both of these movies for the 10th time LOL. The Maniac CD looks weird...it was a shaped disc in the old Anchor Bay tin-box set.

                • TheBombShhh
                  TheBombShhh  10 months back

                  i am new to blu rays, is this an actual 4k blu ray? or just a regular blu ray with a 4k scan?... do i need a 4k player for this?

                  • TheBombShhh
                    TheBombShhh  10 months back

                    @Adam Cesare awesome!!! i was considering buying a 4k player just for this movie, but decided to just stick with the dvd. but maybe i'll pick this up now!

                  • Adam Cesare
                    Adam Cesare   10 months back

                    The 4K Blus in the black cases require a special player, but these are just “regular” Blu-rays boasting 4K restorations. So you *can* play them!

                • John Saunders
                  John Saunders  11 months back

                  I have over 25,000 DVDs of obscure horror/foreign/sex/cult/death films, many more thousands on MP4s and exterior hard drives crammed with sleaze/Euro/outlawporn/etc...I have double dipped 4 times for Fulci's Zombi 2 including the original Wizard VHS.
                  The only other movie that I go out of my way for is the original 'Faces of Death'

                  • ajzetro1975
                    ajzetro1975  11 months back

                    I absolutely love Texas Chainsaw Massacre, but I think enough versions have been released at this point. We don't need anymore....

                    • BusinessOfFear
                      BusinessOfFear  11 months back

                      Really thinking about grabbing that Zombie release

                      • MLG HITLER
                        MLG HITLER  11 months back

                        I don't fuck with double dips if I own a film won't buy it again unless it's a dvd to blu ray upgrade which in that case I'll get rid of the dvd

                        • Tony Eckman
                          Tony Eckman  11 months back

                          I guess I'm oddman out. I prefer to not upgrade. I enjoy my VHS of Zombie on my VCR I found in a shopping cart by an apartment building (which works beautifully, by the way)
                          I also adore my VHS copy of Maniac on Media video. Killer Joe Spinell poster.

                          • Need Gore
                            Need Gore  11 months back

                            I need Maniac sumn fierce

                            • Eibon Press
                              Eibon Press  11 months back

                              Thanks for the plug!

                              • Jus Me
                                Jus Me  11 months back

                                Luv ur Zombie Comics hope they will continue

                            • Josh fulcifan101
                              Josh fulcifan101  11 months back

                              Received my 3 copies (for 3 lenticular covers) of Zombie about four days ago. I have pre-ordered Maniac for amazon.com 's release on the 11th. Very exciting releases.

                              • Author Fan
                                Author Fan  11 months back

                                Maniac. Madman. Better video quality, more supplements.

                                • Nick Cato
                                  Nick Cato  11 months back

                                  Great video! I don’t often double dip but that 40th Texas Chainsaw was too awesome to turn down. I definitely need this edition of MANIAC.

                                  • Adam Cesare
                                    Adam Cesare   11 months back

                                    It has “Nick” written all over it.

                                • Joe Denby
                                  Joe Denby  11 months back

                                  I think as long as I'm getting some extra content I'll upgrade but just a transfer I won't bother.

                                  • Joe Denby
                                    Joe Denby  11 months back

                                    The Thing, The Exorcist and Zombie Flesh Eaters & Hellraiser I have gone from video to dvd to Bluray on all of those

                                    • Steven Gibson
                                      Steven Gibson  11 months back

                                      "Super Episode Mr.Adam Cesare,i Have To Ask Myself Why Did I Hesitate To Buy These."I Will Take a Double Look At 4k Releases From Now On."Thanks."

                                    • Diane S
                                      Diane S  11 months back

                                      I have only double dipped on one movie and I am sort of embarrassed to say the title but I was in love with the movie so I have multiple copies and that movie is the first "Pirates of the Caribbean."

                                      • Yaksniffer
                                        Yaksniffer  11 months back

                                        Definitely gonna pick these up after watching this. They sound like great editions.

                                        • Adam Cesare
                                          Adam Cesare   11 months back

                                          I was pleasantly surprised on both!

                                      • Alexander Davis
                                        Alexander Davis  11 months back

                                        Got the new 4k editions of The Fog and Escape From New York. Both are amazing transfers and come with the soundtrack. Best double dip I've had.

                                        • Cameron Chaney
                                          Cameron Chaney  11 months back

                                          Awesome video! I got my copy of Zombie a week ago or so (splinter eye cover) and I’m still waiting on Maniac. I’ve streamed these films before but have never owned them physically. I’ve been waiting around because I knew 4K transfers would come around at some point. Glad I waited!

                                          • Zombie 0721
                                            Zombie 0721  11 months back

                                            I don’t mind a double dip if it adds a good amount of new content or if it’s an upgraded format. I can’t tell how many times I’ve rebought the Evil Dead series and just before watching this video I preordered Evil Dead 2 4K disc.

                                            • Adam Cesare
                                              Adam Cesare   11 months back

                                              Ha! Yeah. I don’t have any of those Ultra 4K discs (though I think my Xbox can play them). I’m sure I’ll eventually start future proofing my collection that way.

                                          • Jon Greenleaf
                                            Jon Greenleaf  11 months back


                                            • Carissa Quinn
                                              Carissa Quinn  11 months back

                                              Omg! I clicked on this thinking you were questioning whether it was worth watching Zombi 2/Zombie and I was like HOW IS THAT EVEN A QUESTION?!?!!? (sorry, one of my all time favorites) 🔪👀😂

                                              • Adam Cesare
                                                Adam Cesare   11 months back

                                                Nice to meet you, Carissa. And likewise: subbed.

                                              • Carissa Quinn
                                                Carissa Quinn  11 months back

                                                Yeah, fulci isn’t as stunning as Bava or Argento, but he’s got some gems like The Beyond and The Black Cat. He’s still a favorite of mine due to his love of slow suspense shots and his lack of fear of showing direct gore. (Also, I should have assumed you’d delved deeply into Italian horror. My bad. New subscriber.)

                                              • Carissa Quinn
                                                Carissa Quinn  11 months back

                                                Yeah, I realized immediately that it was my error, but it’s still a valuable video for me. Now I want both of them. I haven’t seen maniac in about a decade.

                                              • Adam Cesare
                                                Adam Cesare   11 months back

                                                Oh for sure, but I've never much thought of Fulci as a visual stylist (LIZARD IN A WOMAN'S SKIN is gorgeous, tho). Movie looks amazing in this new transfer.

                                              • Adam Cesare
                                                Adam Cesare   11 months back

                                                Ha! I made inadvertent click bait! I just meant the upgrade!

                                            • UziSuicide666
                                              UziSuicide666  11 months back

                                              Grindhouse Releasing's version of "The Beyond". Double dip the shit out of that, although the Anchor Bay DVD version is one of the best DVDs I own.

                                              • MLG HITLER
                                                MLG HITLER  11 months back

                                                @Adam Cesare I just got those two I recommend The Beyond especially

                                              • SAM NINALGA
                                                SAM NINALGA  11 months back

                                                The original HALLOWEEN has been double-dipped to death also.

                                              • Adam Cesare
                                                Adam Cesare   11 months back

                                                I really should get it! That and the Synapse SUSPIRIA I've been eyeing.