Game of Thrones' Season 8, Episode 5 Review: Why it Was An Unmitigated Disaster and a Massive Troll

  • Published: 13 May 2019
  • I take a shot at the second to last episode of Game of Thrones, explain why it sucked and how it ruined not only the season but the entire series.

    A review of the fifth episode for the 8th season of Game of Thrones. Based on the series A Song of Ice and Fire by George R. R. Martin.

    "The Thrones Effect" Available Now!
    Game Of Thrones Season 8 Episode 3 The Long Night SUCKED & I've Hated DB Weiss & David Benioff For Years...... Time To Let It Out

    The last episode of Game of Thrones shows how little the writers care about their fans. This whole episode felt that it was cheaply thrown together from footage that was leftover from previous episodes/seasons and that they put zero effort into it. This whole thing is a punch in the gut for everyone who watched this for the last 10 years.

    I take a shot at the second to last episode of Game of Thrones, explain why it sucked and how it ruined not only the season but the entire series.

    A review of the fifth episode for the 8th season of Game of Thrones. Based on the series A Song of Ice and Fire by George R. R. Martin.

    "The Thrones Effect" Available Now!
    Game Of Thrones Season 8 Episode 3 The Long Night SUCKED & I've Hated DB Weiss & David Benioff For Years...... Time To Let It Out

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Comments • 690

  • Tim Freerksen
    Tim Freerksen  2 months back

    At best this episode seemed to be full of moments but not scenes.

    • Rusty Kuntz
      Rusty Kuntz  4 months back

      I can't get enough of these GOT S8 fail videos, each one will always bring up another point or multiple points to show how shitty this last season (especially the last 2 episodes) was.

      • Virginia VMoore672 Moore
        Virginia VMoore672 Moore  5 months back


          FULANODETAL  6 months back

          we kinda forget than daenerys bring 100000 dothrakis to westeros

          • Haruhi
            Haruhi  6 months back

            20:10 No, end of Evangelion was not made as a fuck you to the fans.

            • The Artifact
              The Artifact  6 months back

              The scorpions were having a bad day I guess
              and Arya just might be invincible.

              • hoosieraussis1
                hoosieraussis1  6 months back

                We got a confrontation between Euron and Jamie, but not Daenerys and Cersei before her death? Also, I would have loved to have seen Dany's face as she's burning innocents. Is she grinning gleefully? Does she look angry? Does she look torn and unsure about her actions?

                Arya the Unburnt (I'm glad she made it though!)...

                • ES458
                  ES458  6 months back

                  Euron is supposed to have 1000 ships. The worst part is Dragonstone is on the other side of Blackwater Bay from King's Landing. How in the hell are people taking boats passed the Iron Fleet between King's Landing and Dragonstone? Why wasn't Dany expecting the Iron Fleet to be there on her way to Dragonstone in Episode 4? There is so much wrong with this season that it is incredible.

                  • La Police de la Pensée
                    La Police de la Pensée  6 months back

                    - Waiting 10 years for winter to come and ending up with the NK (and his army) getting killed in 1 episode, by a lil girl.
                    - Only 1 Giant, and he's killed by another lil girl...
                    - Tyrion was smart -> Now he's a dumbass...
                    - Sansa always tried to save her life -> Now she only wants Power...
                    - Daenerys was good with innocent people -> Now she's Evil...
                    - Bronn was a friend of Jaime -> Not anymore...
                    - One Night with Jaime is Better than a whole Life with Tormund (his love has never counted)...
                    - Jaime was getting away from Cersei -> Now he wants to save her, 1min after taking Brienne's virginity...
                    - Jaime means "I Love" in french, OK i got that. But does that means he must love a Monster ?
                    - Jaime once sacrificed his honor to save the people of King's Landing -> Now he doesn't give a sh...
                    - Varys saved Tyrion in season 4 -> Now Tyrion betrayed Varys and sends him to death....
                    - Varys the Spider who once knew everything -> Now he's getting caught so easily...
                    - The Hound was the most fearless fighter -> Now he's shitting his pants (NK battle)
                    - Jon came back from the Dead -> Only to take back the Iron Throne from Daenerys...
                    - Jon doesn't even gave a hug to Ghost... which is on the pommel of his Sword, by the way...
                    - Bran was a main character -> Now he just plays Tetris on his Gameboy.
                    - Arya was a Faceless sneaky assassin -> Now she's the most powerful hero of the show ?
                    - Episode 3 : The worst military strategy they could ever apply...
                    - Episode 3 : Hiding in a crypt full of dead to escape the undead ? Very good idea....
                    - Episode 3 : Unsullied Army & Dothrakis are all dead...
                    - Episode 4 : Half of them survived...
                    - Episode 4 : Dragons are so easy to kill...
                    - Episode 5 : Dragons are immortal...
                    - When Daenerys heard the "Bells" : in fact, she heard "Be Hell"...
                    - Wow "My Sunday" dies... OMG, who cares.... ?
                    - And WTF the White Horse was about ? Bran's playing Pokemon on his Gameboy ? I'm sure they didn't even think about it. 😂
                    - Etc..... etc......

                    THX D&D for SUBVERTING OUR EXPECTATIONS...

                    • pipo de clown
                      pipo de clown  6 months back

                      damnit, i just named my turtle Daenerys. what to do, what to do....

                      • Dreamworld Exposed
                        Dreamworld Exposed  6 months back

                        GoT started being shit about mid season 5. Season 8? It is just a ridiculous clusterfuck.

                        • k4yser
                          k4yser  6 months back

                          If they would have added some sort of explanation that whenever a targaryen approaches the throne, it causes them to lose their sanity, fine, but this was such a rush.

                          But this isn't even my biggest gripe. The whole Lovestory between Jon and her feels even more rushed. It came out of nowhere, felt so forced. For some reason they love each other more than anyone else they ever met. Ffs, Jon had a better reason to feel that WAy for a wildling and daeny for a barbarian. To me, if they would have setup the lovestory between them proper, there could be a good and satisfying conclusion to her madness. Like the final push over the cliff of sanity.

                          • Vykintas Glodenis
                            Vykintas Glodenis  6 months back

                            RATE this shitty episode on IMDB:
                            SIGN the petition to remake season 8:

                            • Stonebreakers
                              Stonebreakers  6 months back

                              All Kings landing needed to do is fire huge volleys of arrows at Drogon the Dragon and Dany. Even if it did not kill Drogon, it would wound him and it would easily kill unarmored Dany. The Golden company had 20,000
                              men. Imagine 20,000 arrows fired at Dany and Drogon, but not one volley of arrows was fired at the Dragon and Dany, only some poorly aimed ballistas that missed.

                              • ironmike
                                ironmike  6 months back

                                The thought process?  All they did was shake a Magic 8-Ball.

                                • NjK
                                  NjK  6 months back

                                  If Tyrion, Varys and maybe Davos all know about the tunnels under The Red Keep why not just send The Unsullied to take it from below in a Mereen/Casterly Rock style attack to begin with? If they moved quickly Jaimie would be left cut off with Bronn and Randall Tarly in The Reach.

                                  • anile000
                                    anile000  6 months back

                                    her previous actions foreshadow this, oh please, she is a queen, the moment she starts letting people disobeying her direct orders and openly disrespect her, she loses... it's the same reason Rob Stark killed the old guy who killed the Lannister boys. It was not because he killed the "poor little boys" but because he went against Rob's direct orders. John done the same. Even Ned and every other character in power would have done the same...
                                    Even Kathleen Stark followed her threat and sliced the throat of an innocent teenager for fucks sake but Dani had violent tenancies.

                                    Everyone in Westeros had violent tenancies but they didn't go from 2 to 10 because they heard some bells

                                    As Jamie put this to the Freys if I say that they will be consequences if you do this and I don't follow this up... my words do not mean anything
                                    Her reaction in this episode does not make any sense it was poorly executed but the sad thing is that is not even in the top 5 worst moments in this season

                                    Also one last point regarding Sansa finally "getting the game of thrones" bullshit. The game of thrones is not pissing off the person with the biggest army in Westeros is to be tactical and suspicious without showing making it obvious. This is what she learnt from Littlefinger?

                                    • Brad Champagne
                                      Brad Champagne  6 months back

                                      New to this channel. Super interested in hearing what “GRRM is a lot of things...” means to Argent. Any regulars here can explain? Just curious

                                      • kuhpunkt
                                        kuhpunkt  6 months back

                                        I agree with you about GoT, but EoE wasn't made out of spite.

                                        • DaSkarekrow
                                          DaSkarekrow  6 months back

                                          (btw good video and some great points!)
                                          Jamie said, "Nothing Else Matters???" WTF ... that's soap opera shit....
                                          Tyrion making more bullshit decision, betrays Varys who helped saved his life, and then again go against Dany, just another person to betray Dany AFTER Tyrion turned in someone for treason LOL
                                          Jon Snow still brooding and clueless
                                          Dany going mad was beautifully done, but her decision to attack thousands of innocent women/children, SO not like her, attack Cersei and her army or whatever
                                          Arya surviving and having so many death lol escape, I need to order that plot armor on Amazon
                                          Jamie fighting Euron, what the fk, another cliche' fight
                                          I thought the whole episode visually was sooooo awesome, so amazing, that Drogon kicking ass was great, but the storylines and reasonings for the characters to be portray the way they were was a travesty to 8 seasons of character developing...

                                          • Topixx Artist
                                            Topixx Artist  6 months back

                                            Cool version of The Rains of Castamere. The Lannister's send their regards!

                                            • Ben Bauman
                                              Ben Bauman  6 months back

                                              The first 13 sec of this video were my exact thoughts after watching this episode.

                                              • G10rG0
                                                G10rG0  6 months back

                                                GENDRY FOR KIIIIING!!!!

                                                • shadecinder666
                                                  shadecinder666  6 months back

                                                  Really? VAR-reez. So that's how you going to pronounce Varys name?

                                                  • tareq kadour
                                                    tareq kadour  6 months back


                                                    • Dapper Cat
                                                      Dapper Cat  6 months back

                                                      Dany's madness and her burning King's Landing would be more believable if Rhaegal had JUST died when the bells were rung....her basically winning with no contest then randomly burning everything makes 0 sense.

                                                      • Totally Legit
                                                        Totally Legit  6 months back

                                                        I Still Really Enjoyed The Episode, But This Season Was Over Anticipated We Expected Too Much Because We Waited Too Long IMO

                                                        • Karl B
                                                          Karl B  6 months back

                                                          There is plenty of build up for her to do what she did because it is what she always does when she conquers a city puts its rulers and resistors to the proverbial sword then she’ll preach about how she came to liberate Westeros or Meereen of false tyrant queens or kings or masters while asserting her laurels as the rule of the land absent guiding hands to the lordships of the kingdom which further proves she is a foreign power invading the country of Westeros with an interesting bloodline

                                                          • Jerad Wood
                                                            Jerad Wood  6 months back

                                                            The production, acting, cinematography & overall pure artistry that went into this episode is pretty remarkable. My hats off to all the people that made this possible. However......

                                                            The Fact is: In the Show, Danny 'The Dick' Targaryen ALWAYS did what she did, no matter how questionable, for the PEOPLE, the Downtrodden, the Vulnerable: the Men, Woman & Children caught beneath the ever-spinning 'Wheel' being Crushed by it's proverbial Oppression.
                                                            That was her character arch for 7+ seasons.

                                                            Now, because she has lost some people who were close (MeSundae, Jorah, Vyserion etc.) ~&~ been "Betrayed" (if you can call it that) by Jon / Sansa, Varyes & her little Kitchen Wench, she suddenly has a moment of "Clarity" and embraces the very thing that she has fought, struggled & suffered to bring about an end to: TYRANNY.

                                                            But WHY? She's lost people close to her before (Kal Drogo, her Dothraki Handmaiden etc.) and she hasn't strayed from the path of ultimately being Righteous & Moral.
                                                            She's been betrayed before, i.e. Jorah, Varyes, King Robert, The Witch (who turned Drogo into a Cabbage) and she has NOT ONCE been shown entertaining thoughts of turning on a dime & slaughtering innocents to get what she wants (The Iron Throne)

                                                            But now that the battle is Won: The Golden Co. is BBQ, the Scorpions are tinder & the entire remaining force of Lanister soldiers have, to a man, thrown down their arms: instead of JUST burning the 'Red Keep' -or- letting her Thousands of remaining soldiers storm the Keep & bring out Cerci as her prisoner(so she can end her tyrannic rule in grand spectacle w/ the whole city watching, that would be smart).......she proceeds to instead start NAPALMING the city streets & CITIZENS, as if she was "Cutting The Grass" (a Favorite colloquial saying of the IDF**)

                                                            Regardless of whether this was George R. R. Martin's intention for this character all along, there has been virtually No Indications given throughout the Seasons that Daneryes would casually burn thousands of innocents alive, for seemingly little to no advantage whatsoever (i.e. The Battle Was Already Won!)

                                                            So from a Story telling perspective, this makes Absolutely NO SENSE. Thus, it is an intellectual Dumpster Fire of an episode, regardless of Spectacle, CGI or Cinematography.
                                                            All these things fall Flat if you don't have a STRONG STORY LINE AT THE CORE.

                                                            (**The IDF are notorious for dropping 1500+ Degrees C 'PHOSPHORUS Bombs' on Palestinian Neighborhoods & Cities where there are high concentrations of Civilians.....remind you of anything you've seen lately?)
                                                            [Draw your own conclusions]

                                                            Seeing is believing:

                                                            • Jerad Wood
                                                              Jerad Wood  6 months back

                                                              BTW: "It Is Known" now that HBO fervently offered D&D (Dumb & Dumber*) a much larger BUDGET -&- the Slots for EXTRA EPISODES to complete Season 8 & thus the entire show, and...........................................
                                                              *****THEY REFUSED***** (Citing the reason as they could wrap it all up in just 6 Episodes)

                                                              What does that tell you about this 'Dynamic Duo'? (Have they earned their Internet NICK NAME?*)

                                                              • Hackerspawn
                                                                Hackerspawn  6 months back

                                                                S08E04 Misandei yells "Dracarys" everyone cheers! S08E05 Dany does Dracarys "insert baby crying sound".

                                                                • Rhiaanon
                                                                  Rhiaanon  6 months back

                                                                  Episode 5 completely nuked my giving a F about how it ends. Character assassinations all around. Cersei just standing stupidly on the balcony. The woman who blew up the sept. and got the throne. Dany flips her shit for no reason. Jon Snow just there. The scorpions were fierce last episode but this episode they used the ones bought from bugs bunny acme. Golden Company, why were they brought in to the story? BS episode.

                                                                  • Canem Cave
                                                                    Canem Cave  6 months back

                                                                    funny enough, even though GOT seemed to be going SJW, it might instead be that it carries an amazing anti feminist message or perhaps, prediction.

                                                                    if you look at it carefully, it is a perfect metaphor of a feminist society, where all power lays with empowered females, while all men are emasculated useless failures and bound by their given dis-empowered roles.

                                                                    Jon, is a useless emasculated leader, he fucked by chance and refuses to lead whenever possible. Men in the show are basically all physically castrated or handicapped - even the so called alpha males are.

                                                                    the supposed villains, are useless, they fall apart at the simple touch, just like the knight king.

                                                                    while the females are elevated to divine status. Dany, is a goddess and is a perfect metaphor for an all powerful woman wielding absolute power, Arya another figure reaching divinity or have mystical powers.

                                                                    In spite of all their divine powers or cunning all become little girls when it really matters. even the super villain Cersi needs protection from her white knight in shitty armor, Jamie, at the end and he obliges as a super puppy.

                                                                    If you look at it, the final message is that: the only hope left for humanity and freedom is for men to come to their senses, rebel and destroy the feminist dragon


                                                                    • Canem Cave
                                                                      Canem Cave  6 months back

                                                                      well it was previously established that military strategy and tactics make no sense whatsoever in game of thrones.

                                                                      • Canem Cave
                                                                        Canem Cave  6 months back

                                                                        ?? does the army keep the guns always loaded?

                                                                        no actually they don't

                                                                        why not?

                                                                        because loaded guns tend to go off

                                                                        so, no surprise the ballista were not loaded

                                                                        apparently, it doesn't take much time to load some ballista, therefore you normally would have the time to load then as soon as you see the enemy approaching

                                                                        • Iconfresh
                                                                          Iconfresh  6 months back

                                                                          Qyburn didn't get killed for no reason. He was an annoying twat.

                                                                          • Kevin C
                                                                            Kevin C  6 months back

                                                                            they did not betray her. she betrayed them

                                                                            • jeanfourcade
                                                                              jeanfourcade  6 months back

                                                                              I don't agree, it all makes sense: when you decide to puke on 7 seasons, you do it in style!
                                                                              Night King, the mythical all-powerful (man, he can resurrect at will millions of dead people, even dead dragons!) winter-nemesis of humanity gets snuffed out by a little girl with a knife. (wtf?). The main team "Good Guys" dudes (Jon, Tyrion, Vaerys) who placed their blind faith, trust and hopes in Daenerys suddenly turn coat and decide on a dime she's not the one best "suited" to rule anymore (wtf2 ?). The iron Fleet, after having annihilated Daeny's fleet and bull's-eyed one dragon out of the sky, suddenly falls asleep and none knows how to shoot a scorpion anymore. (wtf 3?) Jaime's imprisoned, but his bro can free him up (no guards?) and he STILL defeats Euron, while being utterly unable to hold a sword with his left hand, and having been stabbed to the hilt twice through the chest by a 15-inch dagger. (wtf 4,5 and 6)? Cersei, the towering leader of team "Bad guys", panics, cries, and finds no other end than crushed under a collapsing arch (wtf 7?). Last but not least: Daeny can annihilate the entire Lannister forces (troops, fleet, Golden clowns, scorpions, ramparts, Red keep, everything) in 10 minutes, so why not have taken KL ages ago, then incinerated the NK in, say, a few hours (many dead, you see), without bothering all those Unsullied, Dothrakis, Northmen and so forth (wtf 8?). All in all, they're all going out on a fart.

                                                                              • jeanfourcade
                                                                                jeanfourcade  6 months back

                                                                                @Rhiaanon Thanks, man. ;)

                                                                              • Rhiaanon
                                                                                Rhiaanon  6 months back

                                                                                jeanfourcade well said!!!

                                                                            • Alexander Dylan
                                                                              Alexander Dylan  6 months back

                                                                              What people didn't like ep 5?

                                                                              • tnc
                                                                                tnc  6 months back

                                                                                Did Varys really commit treason though? He was literally just spreading the truth........

                                                                                • JeemFeezy
                                                                                  JeemFeezy  6 months back

                                                                                  "I read it was bad after i saw it so I think it's bad." These brainlet opinions are laughable.

                                                                                  • Randomstuffs216
                                                                                    Randomstuffs216  6 months back

                                                                                    It's like Chris Chan wrote a Game of Thrones episode

                                                                                    • Horrormaster13
                                                                                      Horrormaster13  6 months back

                                                                                      I can't really decide whether the motto of this episode (or season for that matter) should be NONSENSE or ANTI-CLIMACTIC

                                                                                      • Lazovets
                                                                                        Lazovets  6 months back

                                                                                        If you start a timer on when the attack on KL started (Drogon fires at the first Euron's fleet ship) and stop it when the first Lannister army sword drops to the ground. its 7 minutes 40 seconds. SEVEN MINUTES FORTY SECONDS it took with one dragon.

                                                                                        • Lazovets
                                                                                          Lazovets  6 months back

                                                                                          Tyrion we all knew died seasons ago, just like everyone else, except for Dany, they murdered her character in literally 30 minutes of the last episode. I have no idea what Tyrion was doing in ep.5, he died in the crypt with sansa, he then got executed by Dany for freeing Jaime, because the next morning thats literally what Greyworm will tell Dany "Jaime escaped, Tyrion helped him", and apparently she's like "ok.. nvm, i told him i will kill him if he betrayes me once, but i will not kill him and pretend like nothing happened." FUCK THIS FUCKING CIRCUS.

                                                                                          • tansteel
                                                                                            tansteel  6 months back

                                                                                            How to fix S8E5: after the bells ring, one over zealous Lannister man fires a scorpion bolt which nearly misses Drogon, a nearby commonor crowd cheers, Dany goes through the same realisations of never being loved only feared and accepts it, destroys the scorpion and the burns the onlookers along with half of King's landing.

                                                                                            • dinitis
                                                                                              dinitis  6 months back

                                                                                              It went bat shit crazy in a very good way. I loved it.

                                                                                              • Oz Osgood
                                                                                                Oz Osgood  6 months back

                                                                                                So depressing to just want to be done with this dumpster fire at this point. Hard to believe that just three weeks ago this was my favorite show of all time. I hope Arya kills everyone on the show and then kills herself.