Azor Ahai Theory - Why are the White Walkers Back | Game of Thrones Season 8 Theory


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  • Living My Rhapsody
    Living My Rhapsody  2 years back

    Superb as always 🤗💚💛💙 it was so much fun collaborating on this on PATREON. ah, I wish more people would join to chat 😌🤓
    I was wondering about Mel being a slave. .. where is her tattoo? I don't remember seeing it on her young nor net old self. ..🤔

    • Stefan Oriold
      Stefan Oriold  8 months back

      Well my theory is it's all about the male baby. One that was not given to him as all others before that. Baby went south and night king followed.

    • justmejen84
      justmejen84  10 months back

      In the books, Thoros does have a face tattoo...

    • CorbCorbin
      CorbCorbin  1 years back

      That's what happens when a tv show runs out of the books it's story is based upon.

    • bridge4
      bridge4   1 years back

      Both. All red priests are sold to the temple. They are slaves

    • James H
      James H  2 years back

      Chris Steead no, I’m sure they are labeled so their master can know there profession without having to speak to them.

  • Ultron-5
    Ultron-5  2 months back

    I do agree that the white walkers aren’t that bad but let’s not act like they haven’t done anything wrong, they’ve been attacking wilding settlements for years and Hardhome was definitely morally wrong. I think what would be more accurate is to say that the white walkers support the greater good and do what’s necessary, kind of like Thanos from Infinity War. Thanos did do some evil acts like torture Nebula, kill his own daughter, and completely annihilate the dwarven race from
    Nidavelir except for the one left that Thor found when he went to get Stormbreaker. So as much as people want to argue that Thanos was all good, he really wasn’t. He did evil things just like the Night King & white walkers did but they were necessary evil to achieve what they believed was the greater good.

    • Ultron-5
      Ultron-5  2 months back

      If you read the books there’s a ton of evidence that hints that the gods are very much real except they’re very cruel and require death and suffering as sacrifices. The lord of light is definitely real since I’m the show Melisandre simply says prayers and things catch on fire.

      • Ultron-5
        Ultron-5  2 months back

        bridge4 yes it’s the island of Leng and the gods in lore are “The Old Ones.”

      • bridge4
        bridge4   2 months back

        @Ultron-5 ahhh leng, right!?

      • Ultron-5
        Ultron-5  2 months back

        bridge4 no it’s not the mazemakers it’s in eastern Essos past the bone mountains. I’ll try to look for the name of the island and add it to my comment once I do.

      • Ultron-5
        Ultron-5  2 months back

        bridge4 and also GRRM might’ve said that but so far in the books there’s plenty of evidence that points that there’s higher powers at play, perhaps they’re not gods like we picture them but supernatural beings of great magical power that demand sacrifices from humans in exchange for their help. One character that really supports the god’s existence is Patchface from the books, he was apparently te only survivor of a storm at sea and he remained drowned for several days and he acted very strange after that and only spoke in riddles. And most of those riddles often predicted future events and that all happened after he was drowned at sea, so to me that’s pretty solid evidence for there to be something greater at play with the whole Drowned God that the Iron islands people worship and also we’ve all seen what the priestesses of the lord of light are capable of. They could be just sorceresses or other forms of mages but so far it lines up with what they’ve been saying about the lord of light. I think more than likely this will be one of those things that GRRM will leave to the readers to decide if they believe in or not.

      • bridge4
        bridge4   2 months back

        I might not know the one you're referring to. Cause you're not referring to the mazemakers or whatever they were called from lorath, right?

    • madadh the wolf hound
      madadh the wolf hound  3 months back

      I think brienne is azor ahai and Jaime nisa nisa they both have swords that were made from ice and are valyrion steel

      • Jonathan J
        Jonathan J  4 months back

        Turns out the Night King only wanted to clap Bran's ass cheeks.

        • Anime Is dope
          Anime Is dope  4 months back

          That part with Melisandre and Ser Davos was powerful and nice except for the fact that the little girl died

          • I used to be liberal I`m sorry

            Wtf... this is so true. For 8000 years men have warred and killed each other by the millions while the white walkers lived north and didnt kill or hurt anyone but they're supposedly the evil ones?
            This is making me wish they won..

          • Fuzzy Dunlop
            Fuzzy Dunlop  5 months back

            "To her, everything is black and white. Good and bad. No Gray."
            *Meanwhile, in the books...*

            Melisandre: Are you a good man, Davos Seaworth?

            Davos: I am a man. I am kind to my wife, but I have known other women. I have tried to be a father to my sons, to help make them a place in this world. Aye, I've broken laws, but I never felt evil until tonight. I would say my parts are mixed, m'lady. Good and bad.

            Melisandre: A grey man. Neither white nor black, but partaking of both.

            • Fuzzy Dunlop
              Fuzzy Dunlop  5 months back

              @bridge4 It really is an addiction. I myself waste way too much time in these comments. >.<

            • bridge4
              bridge4   5 months back

              Darnit. By saying thanks, in admitting that I failed to not read any other comments today lol

            • Fuzzy Dunlop
              Fuzzy Dunlop  5 months back

              @bridge4 You too, dude.

            • bridge4
              bridge4   5 months back

              lmao, fuzzy, this is the first comment i've read this morning and you just made my day. you're friggen funny lol. im tempted to not read any other comments today, since it can only go downhill from here. have a good one!! =))

            • Fuzzy Dunlop
              Fuzzy Dunlop  5 months back

              @bridge4 Ooooooooooh, you got* me, dude. You're absolutely right. Damn. Now I guess I can queue up the ole' Curb your Enthusiasm for myself. How embarrassing. lol

          • Fuzzy Dunlop
            Fuzzy Dunlop  5 months back

            This is obvious anti-R'hollor propaganda. Probably funded in part or in whole by the Weirwood Network.

            • the Last Salient Rage
              the Last Salient Rage  5 months back

              Hadn't been warring? What the hell were they doing with the wildlings?

              • Omertus Delkata
                Omertus Delkata  6 months back

                As Cersei told Joffrey "anyone who isn't us is the enemy"

                • Cinch McCoy
                  Cinch McCoy  7 months back

                  He came back because the pact was broken. Men were not supposed to live north of the wall and the wildlings were taking it over.

                  • DocMc Stuffins
                    DocMc Stuffins  7 months back

                    So what are all those boys and men doing up there in the cold? Maybe they war but you don't know their historians.

                    • Timothy Berryhill
                      Timothy Berryhill  7 months back

                      "Melisandre is wrong, nothing is black and white, everything is gray."

                      That sounds like a black and white statement to me lol.

                      • bridge4
                        bridge4   7 months back

                        Hahha talk about the pot calling the kettle black. Caught red handed, well played, ser

                    • Jaypeezy coolbreezy
                      Jaypeezy coolbreezy  7 months back

                      You have the legend that says there must always be a Stark on winterfell. Meaningmthe bloodline of the ice king is Stark and they must always keep the North safe. You have the Targyens of the South and their dragons in a peace with the knights king. As long as a Stark rules the North they can have the South. Once Jon crosses the wall, it means a Stark is no longer in Winterfell and Targyens took the North. So he comes south to defeat them forever. He is our course defeated by a Stark that he didn't see coming, because her blood is his blood.

                      • Stor Bokki
                        Stor Bokki  7 months back

                        Season 8, episode 3 the Night King isn't really dead. The night king and walkers are human greenseers, they are not the ice avatars we've seen in the show. these powerful greenseers can animate the ice just like they animate the storm and the undead. You listed who or what they could raise as undead in this video, but you didn't point out that there are no Children among the Undead. The Night King is like Benjen in that the dragonglass makes him neither dead or alive. The dragonglass isn't what makes him the Night King, there is something more. Could the Children of the Forest used a type of magic or glamour that makes the Night King think that he is still fighting the Children from the War of the First Men? And if the Night King is animating ice, wouldn't that use a lot of his energy only allowing him to do it every thousands of years or so? He must be with his fellow greenseers beneath a weirwood in the far north.
                        The humans are safe for now, but Bran is still in danger in his visions? The Night King has proved that he can affect the visions or history when he marked Bran's arm in real life from within the shared visions. If Bran realizes the night king isn't really dead, might he convince Jon to go north to hunt him? Jon isn't interested in the throne or bending the knee again. He is more like the free folk or wildlings. Could he be convinced to take a shard of dragonglass to insure he will be able to hunt the Night King for thousands of years if necessary? What if Dany has already died? The season is short but it could end on him going north.
                        My theory is:
                        Team Dany goes to Kings Landing to negotiate a peace for the north. Cersei sets a trap, but it goes wrong and Jaime dies "in the arms of the woman he loved" foreshadowed by Jaime and Bronn talking in Dorne. Bronn might even be the one to do it, but I'd rather it be Euron. Euron escapes to Iron Islands and is killed by his sister establishing her rightful claim to the Island by killing the previous ruler.
                        The Golden Company turns on Cersei and backs Dany foreshadowed by Jaime's story in the hot tub with Breanna. He describes how the Lannister army tricked their way into King's Landing telling the mad king they were loyal, then sacked the city once inside. The Golden Company has a long history of working for the Targaryens.
                        Dany dies in childbirth giving Jon a bastard son.
                        Tyrion and Sansa rule Westeros raising the bastard son of Jon
                        Jon goes North to find the Night King greenseer. the end

                        • theuglykwan
                          theuglykwan  7 months back

                          No one was going to kill the white walkers even if they spread propaganda against them. So that pre-emptive strike is nonsense.

                          • Katharine W
                            Katharine W  7 months back

                            Is this a fake prophecy that was put in place by Bran/3ER to kickstart the resistance against the Walkers

                            • lasha usupashvili
                              lasha usupashvili  7 months back

                              I think that fire represents a life and cold represents a death. The war is between living and the dead and it doesn't necessarily mean that the war is between the good and the evil. That's main flaw of your argument. It equates only in human perspective for humans fire may burn but without it they will die (at least civilization will die) and even if night king has all reason to fight against fire (because its unpredictability and ability to be harmful) it also means death of human civilization. Actually you can expand this line of thought and speculate that fire represents human nature, cold is pure calculated, absolute rationality which concludes that humans should be killed (because their flowed nature). We know from R.R. Martin that his characters have ambiguous nature they have flaws but also they have good side. They are like fire beautiful and useful and at the same time dangerous and harmful.

                              • MrMdhaas
                                MrMdhaas  7 months back

                                effeminate dudes are always morally ambiguous.

                              • pratixa
                                pratixa  7 months back

                                y'll are going to hard on night king😪😪 he also needs some beach, sunshine and sime chicks around him 😂

                                • Nandita Chaturvedi
                                  Nandita Chaturvedi  7 months back

                                  But if the Lord of Light is not real how do the red priests give the kiss of life and what do Sandor etc see in the flames

                                  • Mars
                                    Mars  7 months back

                                    Quoting other videos you made... Ice preserves and fire destroys. But, what is the only thing fire created, and started the wars? The Iron Throne, the Wheel. I predict the Iron Throne has powerful magic behind it, and is important in the Night King's quest.
                                    Also, Dany wants to break the Wheel, but more and more she looks inclined to keep the crown... Maybe she'll end up with a different crown...

                                    • Azari Lite
                                      Azari Lite  7 months back

                                      What if the Night King wins? What if there is no living left? Wouldn't that be a shocker?

                                      • Liquid Asylum
                                        Liquid Asylum  7 months back

                                        I view the white walkers as these kick ass people that will do what they have to do by any means necessary to survive before being wiped out by modern humanity

                                        • Аlex Nelson
                                          Аlex Nelson  7 months back

                                          Someone get the night king a snickers! Quick!

                                          • Steven L
                                            Steven L  7 months back

                                            MY view is that the 3 dragons are the Starks...1.Arya 2. Sansa and 3. Bran....or John Snow.
                                            The white walker king was a Stark...he rise also to avenge the Stark massacre.

                                            • Joel Smith
                                              Joel Smith  7 months back

                                              You think someone like Ramsay or the Mountain is grey????

                                              • Lady snake84
                                                Lady snake84  7 months back

                                                I think everything is much clearer now.....
                                                Did humans in the game of thrones are black and white extremist who live on hypocrisy and war.
                                                Well the night King in the white walkers live on the shade of grey!
                                                I think I'm finally rooting for the night King in the white walkers now.

                                                • squizill
                                                  squizill  7 months back

                                                  The prince that is promised is not what you think. A child prince sacrifice was promised to the knight king. He has returned to claim his replacement, a prince who is promised!

                                                  • noConnect ifc
                                                    noConnect ifc  7 months back

                                                    Plausible, concidering G.R.R:s views on story telling, history and human logic and emotions.
                                                    Good & evil, black & white, all the people who have found the "true" god/gods and all the consequences it has.

                                                    I really belive, that when G.R.R decides to tell us a story, he really wants us to experience a "wake up" from thaughts we sought to be so clear to us.

                                                    • noConnect ifc
                                                      noConnect ifc  7 months back

                                                      @bridge4 Yes, and then there is all the... intepretations of "gods" that all the folks over the world has. In some chapters of the books you will hear about gods from different places that are basicly the same entities... or concepts.
                                                      G.R.R plays with the elements of human faiths and the questions every hard working, suffering low born struggles with.

                                                    • bridge4
                                                      bridge4   7 months back

                                                      100%. Torally with ya. Listen to the last 20 minutes of the grrm andmichelle fairly interview. He mentions how he doesn't know if any of the gods in his story are even real, but that they definitely haven't been on stage and he has no plans for them being on stage

                                                  • Aaron Hawley
                                                    Aaron Hawley  7 months back

                                                    Ancient aliens built the wall

                                                    • Gregory Scott
                                                      Gregory Scott  7 months back

                                                      You have a lovely 💕 voice. Perfect for pillow talk.

                                                      • Daynelis Hechavarria
                                                        Daynelis Hechavarria  7 months back

                                                        Well, the witches of the Lord of light change bodies to keep living. Why couldn't the night king just need a replacement to keep the magic going? He has had aplenty of opportunity to kill John but didn't, so maybe he wants to use him as his replacement body?

                                                        • Marc Orcutt
                                                          Marc Orcutt  7 months back

                                                          But have we missed the biggest goal for Martin in writing this? Everyone that is "good" or can be said to be "good" or "virtuous" or even just having minimal flaws like Shireen, Ned, Jon, and Catelyn have all died due to some form of betrayal. As in, someone that is willing to do dirty things; to cheat, to lie, to betray, and to steal steps on them and kills them. Aside from those few golden characters, everyone else is this gray, this bits and pieces of good but mostly horrible. And those golden characters have all died. I think the message that Martin wants to send with A Song of Ice and Fire (or at least one of the messages) is that it's ultimately too expensive to be good and that's why everyone does terrible things. We've seen how much it's costed Ned and Jon to be honorable, how much it's costed the Starks in general to want to do good, how much it's costed Shireen to trust, how much it's costed Cercei to love, how much it's costed Tyrion recently to believe, how much it's costed Danaerys to help, and how much it's costed Jaime to be honorable. No one can be good without a price because everyone else is bad, and that's shown when Jon says to his crew in the finale of Season 7 something along the lines of that he shouldn't lie if they are to work together, yet everyone else was willing and was encouraging lying because they know the cost of trust and the truth is too high. But it's obvious when looking at Jon or Sansa vice Euron or Cercei that an empire or leadership built on goodness is preferable and stronger than one built on warfare, greed, lust, or vice in general, but that the cost is much higher. Sure, Cercei lost her children and now the rest of her family, but she wasn't murdered by her closest friends for crimes she didn't commit, she wasn't called a bastard her whole life and constantly devalued and underestimated for it, and she hasn't been betrayed by a supposedly loyal house who took over and defiled her city. She's lost alot over the series, as she deserves due to character flaws and making enemies with terrible actions, but she hasn't paid the cost for trusting, being honorable, or telling the truth.

                                                          • Philippe Bouchard
                                                            Philippe Bouchard  7 months back

                                                            I've never watched your videos before but I just wanted to say, first of all, that it is really interesting, and that I really admire the effort you put into responding to most of the comments. You really look like you enjoy what you're doing.

                                                            Have a nice day!

                                                            • Jolo Kahiwat
                                                              Jolo Kahiwat  7 months back

                                                              Whos team night king for season 8? ✋

                                                              • Justin Time
                                                                Justin Time  7 months back

                                                                4:22...who is this? She looks like Rachel Weisz

                                                                • Brent Groen
                                                                  Brent Groen  7 months back

                                                                  Fire(heat) destroys and ice(cold) creats

                                                                  • George Sartiano
                                                                    George Sartiano  7 months back

                                                                    Go back and watch the interview Kyle and I did at the first Con of Thrones where Sam Coleman (young Hodor) says he is the only "good" character on the show, and Kerry Ingram, (Shireen) throws him some serious shade... Her commentary is pretty funny and 100% in line with what you said about her.

                                                                    • irene harnack
                                                                      irene harnack  7 months back

                                                                      Melisandre “brings death” where the Night King is bringing the dead back to a kind of life.

                                                                      • Rosie
                                                                        Rosie  7 months back

                                                                        THIS! I always found it curious that the White Walkers exist oftheir own, when Game of Thrones is a story of parallels, and if the white walkers represent ice, there has to be a force of fire. Even though it is only mentioned once, something "stirred in Asshai" around the same time the WW became active, maybe to ready themselves to fight that "force of fire".
                                                                        Looking into this there are many parallels between the heart of winter/the others and asshai. The white walkers are creatures of ice with white skin and pale blue eyes, living in lands of ice. Asshai is a rather hot place clouded in shadows, with it's inhabitants practicing dark arts. The asshai'i cover their faces if they go outside, as if to hide from something, there are no children and parts of the land are said to be dead and hostile. It's curious how Asshai is a "dead land" and the white walkers are able to revive the dead.
                                                                        Another interesting thing is, that in the East there are the Five Forts, a structure similar to the Wall but made of black stone. In the North, the Last Hero stopped the Long Night. In the East it was Azor Ahai. BUT there are no tales of the long night reaching the western parts of essos, which the Night King would have had to walk through to get to the Five Towers and where Azor Ahai presumably defeated him.
                                                                        What if there was another force that came from the East, a force of shadows. And the Shadow and the White Walkers were going to meet in the middle and battle each other. But Azor Ahai weakened the Shadow and it retreated. The Last Hero then was able to convince the Night King to march back North, forging a sort of alliance. There would always be Starks at the Wall and in Winterfell. The Nights King at the Wall would give their babies to the Other, to keep up the numbers of his army in case the Shadows ever came back. I noticed how in the beginning the Others weren't as aggressive as they could have been, attacking the ones who raised weapons against them, but they let Sam, who was just hiding, live. They seemed content with taking the babies and some of the wildlings. It was only after the events of the show advanced, that the White Walkers became more offensive. Actively attacking Hard Home and furthering their numbers, but sparing Jon Snow, only demonstrating to him what power he holds. Maybe he was hoping Jon would be so scared he would stand down and barricade in some castle.
                                                                        While the Others strengthened their numbers, Melissandre burned countless people to gain power for the Lord of Light and their faith grew stronger and spread further. Which might be the reason why the NK thought it necessary to move quicker.
                                                                        So yes, the White Walkers aren't the good guys but they aren't evil either. And a god, who wants to see people burned alive, can't be entirely good and worth following. These two beliefs and events around them seem to mirror each other, which makes me think they are connected. It is also the reason the Others weren't destroyed the first time, because they were needed in case the Shadows return.

                                                                        Maybe the big twist at the end will be, that it was never about the men. Yes sacrifices will be made, and at a cost the race of men will survive. But ultimately, the struggle of all these characters are like little ants, pawns on the playing field of gods, that manipulate the events of the world and make people fight their wars, mearly figures in a game of chess, discardable and replacable. And what are gods really? Beings of unrivaled power. Compared to unskilled and uneducated people, maybe even extremely powerful sorcerers can seem like gods, influencing the world in ways that the lesser people can only view as godlike

                                                                        • Dee Basra
                                                                          Dee Basra  7 months back

                                                                          But no one would have gone far north to hunt the white walkers down. They weren’t under threat because of the religion. The WW have instigated this particular war. Plus - where are the rest of them if there were meant to be 100 or so?

                                                                          • Jordan.D
                                                                            Jordan.D  7 months back

                                                                            The faith of the lord of light is very interesting and mimics real life religions very closely. Its beliefs are very similar to religions such as Islam and Christianity wherein there is only good, its devout followers, and evil, the non believers. And throught history with Christianity and today with islam you either succumb and "see the light" or you perish. Similar aswell to the practice of burning blasphemy at the stake in both religions aswell. ASOIAF and GoT in general has such rich and interesting lore.

                                                                            • rockmom h
                                                                              rockmom h  7 months back

                                                                              The children of the forest made th night king to kill man to survive their race...right? So why are they back, cant be the same reason. 🤔

                                                                              • Charlie Goins
                                                                                Charlie Goins  7 months back

                                                                                I figured he was coming now because Winter is coming and the Long Summer is over. Wasnt he building walkers from the kids given to him. I feel dumb

                                                                                • Games Played Badly
                                                                                  Games Played Badly  7 months back

                                                                                  I love how much people read in to the smallest details. The faith is Rh'llor is a pretty obvious analogy for Christianity...

                                                                                  • Michael Adams
                                                                                    Michael Adams  7 months back

                                                                                    I don't think the White Walkers are after the followers of Rh'llor. It doesn't make much sense. That religion is mostly based on Essos, and there hasn't been enough setup for them to be the main reason.
                                                                                    Overall though, good insights and a great video. Your analogy of out of control AI was far closer to the mark, in my opinion.