Niah Richardson Sweet 16 Waltz and Amazing Father & Daughter Surprise Dance


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  • Isaiah Gonzalez
    Isaiah Gonzalez  5 months back

    I love that

    • Nancy Paz
      Nancy Paz  6 months back

      The dama in 5:04 is The Quinceañera that had her white dress in the same venue. Anyone else noticed?

      • Art N Motion Photography
        Art N Motion Photography   6 months back

        Yup, you right. her name is Jada. we had the honor to do Photography & Video for her quinces :)

    • Vanessa G,
      Vanessa G,  8 months back

      I recognized jada from her 15 party video she’s so pretty

      • Barbie 1978
        Barbie 1978  9 months back

        Beautiful quinceanera 💖I love the dad and daughter song

        • emily muniz
          emily muniz  9 months back

          daaaa wasssss littt

          • angiexo
            angiexo  10 months back

            Does anyone know where this salon is located like what state and city pls ? If so pls comment

          • Sovalina Kai
            Sovalina Kai  10 months back

            This is to cute for me ❤️😭👫

            • Aleiga Caliguire
              Aleiga Caliguire  10 months back

              They are so happy. I loved her dress

              • Estefani Bautista
                Estefani Bautista  11 months back


                • ELITE SAVAGE
                  ELITE SAVAGE  11 months back

                  I recognize this girl from a birthday and that girl was that back please

                  • You Crusty
                    You Crusty  11 months back

                    Too trailer for me!

                  • Diamondkate Martinez’s
                    Diamondkate Martinez’s  11 months back

                    Jada was in here sweet 16

                  • Valeria Guzman-Ramirez
                    Valeria Guzman-Ramirez  11 months back

                    Where are the damas dresses from

                    • Reeham Aljahmi
                      Reeham Aljahmi  11 months back

                      That was the best,cutest,beautiful,prettiest, video/dance/dress/parents/boys/girls respect for all that beautiful work 🔥❤️😘

                      • Érica Guzman15
                        Érica Guzman15  1 years back

                        Where is this venue at ?

                      • Tatiana Herrera
                        Tatiana Herrera  1 years back

                        the mother daughter song made me cry😭but other than that I love how happy she was and how proud her mom was of her‼️and the video was cute and how they all were happy to he in it and for her 😭 but her dress her hair her smile her everything bro❤️😭😻!and how the guy was holding his dress for her ahh😭😻

                      • Ilian Garcia
                        Ilian Garcia  1 years back

                        Como se llama la canción del minuto 6:44

                      • Esmeralda Sanchez
                        Esmeralda Sanchez  1 years back

                        Bro I love love love her hair !!!! 😍😍😭😭👏🏻

                        • Katerine Lievano
                          Katerine Lievano  1 years back

                          The best part was that they were all into it

                          • Esmeralda
                            Esmeralda  1 years back

                            I loved the whole video!💛from the waltz to the mom and daughter dance to the end! It was soo cute 😍AND THAT DRESS IS SO PRETTY

                            • Esmeralda
                              Esmeralda  1 years back

                              Awww this was posted on my BIRTHDAY 🤗

                            • johannak86u
                              johannak86u  1 years back

                              where did they get those shirts for the surprise dance they are super cute

                              • Yesenia DeJesus
                                Yesenia DeJesus  2 years back

                                This is too cute😭❤️‼️‼️‼️‼️

                                • Alexa Carrasco
                                  Alexa Carrasco  2 years back

                                  Which was the song with her mom?

                                • Tay
                                  Tay  2 years back

                                  Awww he helped her hold her dress I can’t 😍😍😍😭😭

                                  • Andrea Medina
                                    Andrea Medina  2 years back

                                    The father daughter dance song is the one I choose

                                    • Yasmin Carlos
                                      Yasmin Carlos  2 years back

                                      that dress is pretty don't you think