Game of Thrones Stars Ask Each Other Burning Questions


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  • a gap in the clouds
    a gap in the clouds  6 months back

    Gwen is just so beautiful!

    • Jessi Dawn
      Jessi Dawn  6 months back


      • santosh kulkarni100
        santosh kulkarni100  6 months back

        Yep , catering is as thrash as the season 8 😂

        • Bia rio
          Bia rio  6 months back


          • Josie M
            Josie M  6 months back

            Sansa the worst sister ever

            • xaez ee
              xaez ee  6 months back

              I'm not knocking some protein bars, but man they must have had some crappy food around set if that was her best meal lol.

              • AI N
                AI N  6 months back

                Hahah true. When she said "no offense", that's when I knew she definitely meant offense and that the food must have been crappy...

            • Nayr The Slayer
              Nayr The Slayer  6 months back

              They should've questioned the writing choices for there characters lol

              • Bains Productions
                Bains Productions  6 months back

                My burning question for Danaerys: Why you burn city? ☹️

                • The Ferryman
                  The Ferryman  6 months back

                  Which character's storyline did you like the least?...............How about every single one of them in season 8....?

                  • The Ferryman
                    The Ferryman  6 months back

                    @Gerard _ you misspelled "decent"

                  • Gerard _
                    Gerard _  6 months back

                    Sansa, Theon, both Mormonts, they all have good story line in S8

                • Micah A.
                  Micah A.  6 months back

                  The actress who played Shireen also said the catering on GoT sucks lol

                  • taekwandokid89
                    taekwandokid89  6 months back

                    I see sophie Turner I click

                    • Alevermor
                      Alevermor  6 months back

                      Kit was actually next in line to answer Emilia’s question but his publicist pulled him away so he had to answer quickly - he said that it was one of Emilia’s meals.

                      • Brandon B
                        Brandon B  6 months back

                        Ramsey (Bolton) was doing the cooking then?

                        Gwen the shaaaade 😂

                        • Frenkablooddrop
                          Frenkablooddrop  6 months back

                          Im so scared to see any social media and yt comment right now because of the spoilers

                          • Din
                            Din  6 months back

                            How dare they not feed Brienne of Tarth proper meals?

                            • Peter Matthews
                              Peter Matthews  6 months back

                              @From a Bicycle seatQuite right. I'll stand corrected regarding the title.

                            • From a Bicycle seat
                              From a Bicycle seat  6 months back

                              Peter Matthews um it's actually Ser Brienne 😂

                            • Peter Matthews
                              Peter Matthews  6 months back

                              That's Sir Brienne of Tarth now. Compared to what Pod cooked when they were on The Kings Road looking for Sansa a protein bar might be alright.

                          • Candace Anderson
                            Candace Anderson  6 months back

                            The end. 😀😀😀😀💀

                            • Santan
                              Santan  6 months back

                              Sam Tarley went to my college lmao

                              • David Molyneux
                                David Molyneux  6 months back

                                Never watched it but the first blonde woman is gorgeous

                              • a h
                                a h  6 months back


                                • vineeth myneedi
                                  vineeth myneedi  6 months back

                                  A Man never wants show to be ended

                                  • christina leitz
                                    christina leitz  6 months back

                                    Euron, I love you!!! Although your fight with Jamie was dumb

                                    • Bryce Cheng
                                      Bryce Cheng  6 months back

                                      I just love how Game of Thrones has so many beautiful blond women and so many of them do naughty things in the show I just love the show for that that is the only reason I watch it for beautiful women.

                                      • Tabatha Moanalot
                                        Tabatha Moanalot  6 months back

                                        Protein bar? Catering has gone down hill at GOT

                                      • Jesus  Sanchez
                                        Jesus Sanchez  6 months back

                                        so sad it's ending :(