The Night King's Elaborate Plan to Pass the Wall (Game of Thrones)

  • Published: 03 December 2018
  • This is the complete version of "The Night King is the Lord of Light" video and a re-edit to the original one, "The Elaborate Plan" (which is currently private because it was not well-edited).

    The Night King laid a long plan/trap to lure Daenerys and her dragons in Essos, so he can ultimately acquire one and finally pass and destroy the wall.
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  • FiestaFox
    FiestaFox  2 months back

    All that jumping around of scenes about sent me into an epileptic seizure

    • CPS 56
      CPS 56  4 months back

      Kirkjufell, the most photographed mountain in Iceland - 2:31

      • L0wborn
        L0wborn  5 months back

        this is almost like a quick episode of game of thrones

        • ShadowWalker310
          ShadowWalker310  6 months back

          Too bad this series never got an ending

          • ChronosJG
            ChronosJG  5 months back

            It almost seemed like they couldn't think of an ending. Just to continue hyping us up for 8 years for nothing

        • Patrick Foster
          Patrick Foster  6 months back

          I always felt the moment that the Night King touched Brann he knew everything and gained the ability to bypass the magic holding him and his forces back. 3ER cave, the Wall and even Winterfells walls and crypts were no longer safe. When Brann and the NK made eye contact in the Tree Garden during the attack Brann was attempting to confuse the NK, 1st that Theon was his hero, and then Jon.. but NK knew Jon was not close yet, Arya succeeded in getting close because Brann hid her by focusing on the 1st two, Arya's yell gave her away, her skill however was new to LK and succeeded. My thoughts anyway You do these vids very well, hope you work with them as a career,

          • ALLAN ALIEN
            ALLAN ALIEN  6 months back

            thee dumbest mash up i have tried to watch.

            • D M
              D M  6 months back

              “Told y’all I saw the white walkers.”

              • Adam Greenwood
                Adam Greenwood  6 months back

                All this effort came to naught.

                • sam93931
                  sam93931  6 months back

                  well with the last episode, they made the night king look like a complete idiot.. Even robb stark was smarter than this in the show...... I would have never thought saying this, but the writing of this season sucks!! Its the classic Hollywood the bad guys are beyond stupid and predictable, shame for such a great series that lasted 10 years to end up like this.

                  • madyjules
                    madyjules  7 months back

                    Love your work (always have!)

                    Must ask you: the music that plays around 22:00 into the video it’s absolutely haunting; gave me goosebumps ... can you tell me where it comes from?
                    Thank you so much for these beautiful creations your videos are masterpieces in my opinion
                    I have loved every single one of them!!
                    Thank you😊!!!!!

                    • Boudewijn Mulder
                      Boudewijn Mulder  7 months back

                      Apologies. I meant to mention that I first saw Dany/Dothraki and Jon/Soldier Circle comparisons from a YouTube GOT Theory Video by YezenIRL.

                      • Boudewijn Mulder
                        Boudewijn Mulder  7 months back

                        Brilliant! Would love to see you do a video of all "spiral" and "circle" themes in GOF based on symbols created by COF.

                        Several are obvious: the round tower Bran falls from, Weirwood Spirals, Ice and Stone circles, cave paintings and poor little Ned Umber. Of less obvious, know of only 5. Do you know more??

                        1) Dany: Hundreds of Dothraki circle her when they first capture her

                        2 ) Dany in the middle of 1000s of freed slaves

                        3) Jon pops up from piles of dead bodies (Battle of Bastards) and is surrounded by soldiers packed into huge circle.

                        4) Jon, Tormund, Beric, Hound etc surrounded by circle of wights on frozen lake

                        5) Sam viewing circular Citadel Library for the first time

                        Do you know more?

                        • ShanghaiRooster
                          ShanghaiRooster  7 months back

                          The overhead shot of Drogo's funeral pyre (Dany)

                          If you look at the House of Undying, when Dany looks up at the roof of the throne room, the camera seems to pan round in a wheel (or is that just me?)

                          Other than the Sam in the Citadel you mention (which I'd have to watch again) those patterns are associated strongly with Dany and Jon, which has to mean something I suppose.

                      • DAJOKER808
                        DAJOKER808  7 months back

                        People there is only six episodes left and there is no time for any other plot to happen . Plus there is a huge battle at winterfell .

                        • DAJOKER808
                          DAJOKER808  7 months back

                          CONFIRMED ENDING. Dani will sacrifice herself and Drogon to king the night king , her brother REGAR Targaryen and johns father . Tyrian will jump in front of the Arron bron shoots at Jamie . Jamie finally cuts down bron . Tyrian will first witness sertsy he burnt by Drogon. You seen this in the trailer when Drogon breath fire at something in the dark. And “everything will turn into ash” . John lands his dragon and finds the night king on the ground and his he transforms back into REGAR and tells John how he loves him and to give him a hug, John huge him and when the camera zoom in John looks into the camera with blue eyes. The end

                        • DAJOKER808
                          DAJOKER808  7 months back

                          So I’ve come to hate sanza , the north , bran , and the regular Lannister non sense . I also hate al little of Tyrian , and John. The Dani made only one mistake . And that was burning Randall and dickon.

                          • Jose Ramos
                            Jose Ramos  7 months back

                            well this sam is the perfect character to be the perfect shit... kudos to a good actor...

                            • James Adams
                              James Adams  7 months back

                              If whites can't swim, how did they attach the chains to pull the dead dragon out of the frozen lake.? Curious...

                              • Saspuer26
                                Saspuer26  5 months back

                                Also ... where did they get those huge ass chains from?

                                They are in the middle of nowhere. It is cold. Iron shatters if the White Walkers touch it. They couldn't have forged it themselves. There are no blacksmiths around.
                                Where did the iron come from?
                                Where they just lying around?
                                Did the chains just magically appear?

                                Ah ... because lazy writing and fuck logic ... the plot required it ... no explanation given ... Thanks D&D -_-

                              • Paddy Devlin
                                Paddy Devlin  7 months back

                                They probably just sank down didn't care if they are coming back up they're dead anyhow

                            • James Adams
                              James Adams  7 months back

                              I love the way you share your thoughts with clips. No speaking. Yet I understand. Everything makes sense. Good job, keep up the good work.

                              • madyjules
                                madyjules  7 months back

                                I agree he is so talented ....

                                This kind of work takes the eye & mind of an artist
                                no question.

                            • liz stewart
                              liz stewart  7 months back


                              • I love puppies puppy
                                I love puppies puppy  8 months back

                                Sacrificing draeyners and jons baby to the night king will bring the dawn. The baby is the prince who was promised.

                                • rob fogg
                                  rob fogg  9 months back

                                  Watching this smoothly blended mixed up montage is confusing, its like someone threw the box set in a washing machine. Yet somehow I like it.

                                  • Christopher Tracy
                                    Christopher Tracy  9 months back

                                    What made the Night King mobilize his army and head 2 the Wall? Was it the birth of Dany's Dragons? In the book Fire and Blood, the Dragons don't ever cross the Wall. Now GOT fanservice dictated S7. They've killed Viserion and they don't like daylight.

                                    • Y2kSd4
                                      Y2kSd4  9 months back

                                      FUCK YOUUUUUU AND YOUR little mashup cocksuckers fagsss Vidssss!!#

                                      • Miranda 0022
                                        Miranda 0022  10 months back

                                        Why didn't they just go to the nights watch and see if there are any recent fresh corpses instead of going north of the wall and getting one of their men killed and losing danys dragon.

                                        • Michael Bradley
                                          Michael Bradley  10 months back


                                          • Faffy Waffle
                                            Faffy Waffle  10 months back

                                            What if the Night King makes it to the dragon pit........

                                            • sam93931
                                              sam93931  6 months back

                                              welp, he died like an idiot in winterfell.. such a disappointment.

                                            • Trill Gates
                                              Trill Gates  7 months back

                                              Take it easy, man.

                                          • Nick Coburn
                                            Nick Coburn  10 months back

                                            The problem with this theory is that the White Walkers were coming back long before Dani woke the dragons, the White walkers were back in season 1 episode one, the dragons were not born until season 1 episode 10. I just think it was opportunity that made the Night King kill and resurrect the dragon, good video though

                                            • Andrew Reil
                                              Andrew Reil  8 months back

                                              Exactly. The Night King knew dragons WOULD be born and set in motion a plan to goad the nights watch into an expedition, evidence by his letting that ranger escape and when that didn't work he went so far as to send a wight to castle black.

                                          • Dr Nate
                                            Dr Nate  11 months back

                                            Excellent supercut! Very good story telling with your editing as well. Awesome job mate.

                                            • madyjules
                                              madyjules  11 months back

                                              Emma Peel and others good questions all this is how I see what happened: Wights can enter water but they cannot “survive” in episode when they have the meeting at KL Euron asks if they can swim and The answer is no. the NK would sacrifice several hundred wights in a second to get The chains around Viserion as that Dragon will do far more damage for the NK then thousands of wights could.
                                              I agree the capture the wight episode was screwy in so many ways but the NK is a green seer and he set this entire thing up why else were a small party of wights traveling with one WW...and just by chance the one they nabbed hadn’t been turned by that WW. NK set the ENTIRE plan up... that’s what makes him so formidable, he is able to get inside people’s heads and make them do his bidding. Just as the Three Eyed Raven did with Jojen Bran Hodor and Meera.... many theories online revolve around this disturbing fact. People are doing NK’s bidding when they think they are having thoughts they think they came up with on their own....

                                              • gamerman360
                                                gamerman360  11 months back

                                                What elaborate plan? He literally burned a huge hole in the wall with his ice dragon

                                                • dhouse609
                                                  dhouse609  11 months back

                                                  You chopped it up too much

                                                  • Squeezycakes 17
                                                    Squeezycakes 17  11 months back

                                                    pretty good this

                                                    • Ralph G. Matley
                                                      Ralph G. Matley  11 months back

                                                      Thank you for the hours and hours you've invested in the making of your videos. You are among the best, if not the best, at offering explanations to this epic story. I thoroughly enjoy all of your work.

                                                      • Stop Hodoring
                                                        Stop Hodoring   11 months back

                                                        Thanks for the kind words. Truly appreciate it.

                                                    • Eric Winston
                                                      Eric Winston  11 months back

                                                      Excellent Video, Thank You!

                                                      • GregsEggsLegs
                                                        GregsEggsLegs  11 months back

                                                        Bruh hes also passed

                                                        • deidra mines
                                                          deidra mines  11 months back

                                                          His the same CICRLE with a line going thru it as in the first scene when Will saw the people in arranged the same arrangement as when Ned executed him?

                                                          • אלון כהן
                                                            אלון כהן  11 months back

                                                            BEAUTIFUL VIDEO. THANK YOU. INTERESTING PERSPECTIVE.

                                                            • Zambambo 92
                                                              Zambambo 92  11 months back

                                                              NK is greenseer, Bran is greenseer, NK knows the magical barrier wont let ice or fire pass, (see Fire and Blood and the fact that it confirmed that dragons can't cross the wall). NK marks Bran in his vision, Bran crosses the wall, breaks the magic. Daenerys has no idea about any of it, crosses with her dragon like the NK planned for all along. He killed Viserion because with Drogon already being bonded to Daenerys he wouldn't have been able to white control him. Now that ice and fire are joined in the form of Viserion he is able to destroy the wall and let his army pass.

                                                              • ByGuardian ZX
                                                                ByGuardian ZX  11 months back

                                                                I still can't understand why didn't the night king just speared Drogon. I mean, he wasn't even flying

                                                                • Emma Peel
                                                                  Emma Peel  11 months back

                                                                  Or why couldn’t he just freeze the waters around Eastwatch and walk around? The only way he got Viserion out of the lake with those chains was through the wights at the bottom of the lake which debunks the fact that they can’t enter water.........except at Hardhome they couldnt🤷🏽‍♀️

                                                                • ShanghaiRooster
                                                                  ShanghaiRooster  11 months back

                                                                  In that scenario, NK could be a passenger on undead Drogon?

                                                                  Personally, I think he chose Viserion deliberately; perhaps because that dragon had some important role to play that the 'good guys' weren't yet aware of, but the NK was. So he was taking Viserion away from his enemies.

                                                                • Zambambo 92
                                                                  Zambambo 92  11 months back

                                                                  Dragons bond to one rider for the rest of that riders life, I'm assuming with NK being a greenseer he saw that if she still lived, even as a white, Drogon wouldn't be able to bond/be controlled by the NK.

                                                                • Michael S
                                                                  Michael S  11 months back

                                                                  was wondering the same thing

                                                              • Kev Hay
                                                                Kev Hay  11 months back

                                                                Wow, glad I read the comments before I wrote anything.

                                                                • Henrik Jakobsson
                                                                  Henrik Jakobsson  11 months back

                                                                  Beutifully clipped video <3 You make everything come together. Still dont understand "The Night King´s elaborate plan to pass the walll". Was a long video, but surely there was room for comments. Was a nice video to watch tho. Good job :)

                                                                  • magicsufi
                                                                    magicsufi  11 months back

                                                                    XLNT FOOTAGE GOOD EDITING GREAT STORYTELLING.....GOOD JOB

                                                                    • Free living
                                                                      Free living  11 months back

                                                                      What do you mean, his plan was kill a dragon (because he brought 3 huge chains with him) and melt the wall like he did. Btw that episode was horribly written. So many plot holes IMO. Why did the white bear attack without the horde, why did all the walkers die after Jon killed the white (besides the one they were gonna capture, Gendry can run SUPER FAST, why did Danny risk herself and her dragons for Jon snow when she didn’t even have proof of his claims ,why didn’t the NK just kill Drogon (who had Danny n all the group together on him) why didn’t Jon Snow just get on the dragon instead of walk away from it, why did benjin just die for no reason when he easily could’ve gotten on the horse, how didn’t jon die for hyperthermia. The fuck is wrong with all this. Plus the NK is psychic to even bring the chains (which where the hell did they forge those huge chains at????)

                                                                      • Emma Peel
                                                                        Emma Peel  11 months back

                                                                        I don’t question Daenerys going beyond the Wall because how the hell could wights take down a dragon when the living can barely do that. I mean that ice spear throw was outrageous.He hurled an ice spear stronger than the scorpion. It was also a situation where the dragons could rampage and burn the fuck outta everything in sight, unlike at the Loot Train Battle where she only took Drogon.

                                                                      • ShanghaiRooster
                                                                        ShanghaiRooster  11 months back

                                                                        As for the chains, this battle occurred somewhere south of Hardhome, which is, or was, a fishing village. Maybe the chains came from a whaling vessel originally.

                                                                      • ShanghaiRooster
                                                                        ShanghaiRooster  11 months back

                                                                        Tinfoil theory time. As stated in my post at top, I believe the Night King warged all Craster's sons. This has been going on for a long time - Craster had something like 99 sons! So, when the walker was killed by Jon, the Night King flipped out of it and into the least rotted of the wights, which is why that one didn't die. If there's any water in that idea, he might have been observing events in King's Landing right up until Jon killed the wight with the dragonglass.

                                                                      • thedifferent14
                                                                        thedifferent14  11 months back

                                                                        Some people theorize that Jon may have some resistance to the cold. Apparently, in the books, Ned would walk around completely naked during winter in his room with Catelyn and be fine. As for Dany, Jon wasn't the only one in trouble. Jorah was there too, and he's a dear friend to Dany. If she didn't go and something happened to him, not only would she feel guilty, but she's already lost 3 allies sitting on Dragonstone. She wasn't going to keep sitting and lose more if she could do something about it. Speaking of the bear, wights have attacked on their own without White Walkers like when Bran was attacked outside the 3-eyed Raven's cave and when Jon killed the wight in Commander Mormont's room. As for why some of wights died when the White Walker was killed, these creatures appear to operate through a hive connection. The Night King would be the most powerful and have the ability to make White walkers but his "children" can only raise wights since they're on a lower level than him (kind of like how God is the ultimate creator but humans are only subcreators in Christian theology). So simply be being his children, they could share this ability. That's all I've got :)

                                                                    • Liven on a Prayer
                                                                      Liven on a Prayer  11 months back

                                                                      As always, great work, well put together. Love the way you put it all together. Keep the videos coming please. Can’t wait to stop by and watch the next video.

                                                                      • Cristina Muniz
                                                                        Cristina Muniz  11 months back

                                                                        You're very talented, keep them coming 👌

                                                                        • al9wjt
                                                                          al9wjt  11 months back

                                                                          Guys its finals weeks and im so lazy and i cant concentrate more and haven't even started yet plus im bored bored as hell all i want to do is to be an actress or model or influencer and i wanna go abroad i'm depressing over stupid things wow.

                                                                          • Kkkk Bbbb
                                                                            Kkkk Bbbb  7 months back

                                                                            Nobody cares, there's millions of you.. hollow, selfish, vapid, ignorant, shallow and narcissistic.

                                                                        • ShanghaiRooster
                                                                          ShanghaiRooster  11 months back

                                                                          Watching this I suddenly had an epiphany. When Bran had his vision of the army of the dead, he was actually inside the weirwood net, and all those soldiers are the souls of the dead who've passed into the trees over thousands of years - the first men, and the children of the forest. I've been saying for ages that the Night King is a greenseer and skinchanger, just like the three eyed raven, and somehow he has found a way to bring those souls out of the net and into the reanimated corpses. He has warged Craster's sons to extend his control (when John killed the walker at Hardhome, we see the Night King blink several times as if suffering discomfort - and he is, because he's been forced out of that walker. He felt the pain of its dying. Book readers will remember the agonies suffered by Varamyr Sixskins when Melisandre burned the eagle he was inhabiting during the battle at the Wall). I also believe he has warged Viserion because of how he touched him to turn the dragon, rather than just raising his arms as at Hardhome.

                                                                          I don't know whether you've read the books (do, if you haven't. there's so much more in there than in the show), but wargs can detect each other's presence, even when inhabiting an animal or whatever. In 'A Dance With Dragons' before Bran reaches the cave of the three eyed crow, Summer goes off hunting and comes together with three regular wolves which had been warged by the now dead wildling called Varamyr Sixskins. His mind is still inside one of the beasts and both the wolf and Summer recognise the presence of the other warg when they fight to claim a kill. This is how the Night King recognises Bran's presence in the net before grabbing his arm.

                                                                          The key to defeating the Night King is probably going to be to beating him inside the net rather than outside in the world. It's possible that this will involve Arya somehow, as the faceless men practice a form of reverse warging. By putting on the face of someone who's died, they are in effect bringing that person back into the world - walking in their shoes, speaking in their voice, as Arya puts it. It's far far more than just sticking a mask on. The Hall of Faces in the Temple of Black & White is like the inside of a mini weirwood net, and all the thousands of faces therein are the souls inside it.

                                                                          • Maldito Alcaraz
                                                                            Maldito Alcaraz  3 months back

                                                                            lol how sad... fucking pathetic show writers and im still new to this

                                                                          • Damien Eisenhower
                                                                            Damien Eisenhower  5 months back

                                                                            Jesus that was accurate

                                                                          • Garox
                                                                            Garox  6 months back

                                                                            @ShanghaiRooster it'll certainly spark something in dany

                                                                          • ShanghaiRooster
                                                                            ShanghaiRooster  6 months back

                                                                            On the subject of book lore, nothing done by Arya prevents Jon being Azor Ahai. In fact, his gift of needle is what set Arya on her course (forging her, if you like). Dany has been Nissa Nissa, in the poetic sense that hers is a sacrifice to save the world from darkness, freely given for love. Before going to Winterfell, Dany had the most powerful army in Westeros. She went north for the love of Jon, and lost almost everything, including the man who had been her rock since the beginning, Ser Jorah. The ramifications of his death will be great, I fear.

                                                                          • Garox
                                                                            Garox  6 months back

                                                                            @ShanghaiRooster i now see it clearly thank you

                                                                        • Meadows
                                                                          Meadows  11 months back

                                                                          Another excellent edit, thank you for these.