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  • Andrew Benfield
    Andrew Benfield  5 hours back

    Shit company. I’ve had problems with them. Lazy bastards. I told them there a bunch of wankers and I reported them.

    • Paul Johnson
      Paul Johnson  19 hours back

      It's about time MOTABILITY told Kwik Fit where to go, they use them for fitting new tyres, balancing and puncture repairs, had new tyres fitted had a wobble at speed fitted and balanced at Galashiels branch then rebalanced twice at Otley branch, eventually stating there was a suspension problem which was not there before new tyres fitted, took it to my local garage for service tyre balance was way out perfect, come on Motability drop kick fit

      • C Finlay
        C Finlay  1 days back

        So how are they allowed to get away with fraud? Who owns Kwik Fit? And why isn't government stamping out this fraud, and bringing these crooks to court? The banks were forced to pay out compensation for miselling PPI policies!

        • Bob Vale
          Bob Vale  2 days back

          My next door neighbour asked me to check her car before MOT..amongst a few minor things wipers etc the front discs and pads needed changing which I did for her...she took it to them next day for MOT they told her front brake pads were worn out and needed replacing.. which they apparantly noticed after taking wheels off...not sure how they managed that as I had forgotten to put alloy wheel security key back in car oops!!
          When this was highlighted to suddenly was ok and got a new MOT ????

          • skipstalforce
            skipstalforce  2 days back

            I f i go some where for an oil change and they start looking at the breaks its over , drop it off lift gimme the keys , were done.

            • Niall Carr
              Niall Carr  2 days back

              Their car insurance is also a rip-off. So good to see them get their come uppance. Fraudsters.

              • Colin Rounsley
                Colin Rounsley  2 days back

                My daughter bought a Honda which had its service book and MOT certificates signed and stamped for 5 years by kwikfit.
                On examination, all of the fluids were on the lower limit, and the oil filter was totally clogged, so the services had not been done.
                The Mot’s had failed for the same split cv boot for 3 years, with replacement bills for £100 each time.
                The boot was still split when she bought the car.
                If I could have proven all of this I would have followed it up but kwikfit know that this is very difficult and continue to rip off their customers.

                • Thomas Gledhill
                  Thomas Gledhill  3 days back

                  I would not trust any of those types of garages. I asked for and was charged for reinforced tyres for an estate I had but just had the normal tyres fitted, but as I am not an expert did not know until it went in for a service.

                  • touraneindanke
                    touraneindanke  3 days back

                    No surprise!
                    Listening on the reception desk, the communication with a costumer made me run away!
                    And that saved me!

                    • Mark Hawthorne
                      Mark Hawthorne  4 days back

                      You can’t get shitter than a quick fit fitter. Every time I have used them in the past they have been a joke . I would not touch them with a shitty stick .

                      • Michael Britton
                        Michael Britton  4 days back

                        All they want is your money as well as getting your details for car insurance.

                        • Brian graham
                          Brian graham  5 days back

                          They tried telling me my steering rack was knackered it passed its MOT not very long afterwards everybody that came in the garage they were bouncing up and down on the cars telling them their shock absorbers needed replacing

                          • rod turner
                            rod turner  5 days back

                            Went to qwik-fit to have 2 front tyres replaced,whilst doing the work they came and said the brake pads need replacing as well. Would you like us to do it now as we have the wheels off and the price would be slightly cheaper. I said no as I thought this sounded a bit fishy. I took my car to my local village garage a couple of days later and asked him to replace the pads. He phoned me later that morning to say there is need to replace them as they are only 20% worn.

                            • Mr Westie
                              Mr Westie  6 days back

                              least arthur daly was obvious------wasnt he???

                              • Rob Abbott
                                Rob Abbott  6 days back

                                As usual with these companies they will not accept liability nor will they tell you they ripping you off all those say it is I will put in more effort to training will have a look more training more training that's about it really that's all you ever get from these companies

                                • Davey Valentino Venables

                                  I took my company car to KF Reading on Tuesday for Tyres.. you have to make an appointment now.. The staff where rude and unhelpful,, Jokes, I will never use them again.. !!

                                  • Mervin Palmer
                                    Mervin Palmer  6 days back

                                    Keep away from these places go to a local reputable garage, my old aunt got conned into having winter tyres when she had service, she doesn't drive if weather bad anyway. I asked where her tyres wher she had took off which wher fairly new and they didn't know what happened to them. 1000 bill

                                    • Pete Littler
                                      Pete Littler  1 weeks back

                                      Kwik Fit fitters couldn't fit their arse to a toilet seat!

                                      • ALAN HINDMARCH
                                        ALAN HINDMARCH  1 weeks back

                                        A couple of years ago, I phoned Kwikfit for a quote for 4 tyres (£300.00), I agreed, I went to my local branch left the car. When I went back for my car. I was given the bill for £450, and was told that my car need the front and rear pads and discs replacing at an extra cost of £450. I informed the manager? I had been quoted £300 for the tyres and that the brakes had all been replaced during the cars service only two weeks previous. In front of others customers he accused me of lying about the brakes and demanded I pay the £450 for the tyres, I refused and after almost an hour after giving £300 in cash agreed to give me my car keys. I wrote Kwikfits head office and I am still awaiting a reply two years later!

                                        • stu
                                          stu  1 weeks back

                                          I took my car to have a couple of tyres change at kwick fit in Kedall, Went back, paid my money and as I'm driving out what do I see, my spare tyre (and alloy wheel leaning against the car lift with the old tyre still on. Needless to say heated argument with the manager, a full refund and a lifetime ban from quickfit. Like I would use them again. Have found national tyres to be good but bought a new car last year with Yokohammas and I can't get them cheaper than the main dealer (not that I will need any 'co I do less than 6,000 miles a year) before I trade it in for a new one in two years time

                                          • The Bearded Critic's
                                            The Bearded Critic's  1 weeks back

                                            Slow Fit

                                            • Colin Whiston
                                              Colin Whiston  1 weeks back

                                              told me new tyre 90 pound garage 5 nins away repered 3 dabs

                                              • shams kamalkhel
                                                shams kamalkhel  2 weeks back

                                                They are killer

                                                • african bum cleaner
                                                  african bum cleaner  2 weeks back

                                                  day r cowbooz

                                                  • MrClassiccarenthusia
                                                    MrClassiccarenthusia  2 weeks back

                                                    You can't get thicker than a quick fit fitter, they're the ones you trust..

                                                    • Russell Mabbley
                                                      Russell Mabbley  2 weeks back

                                                      If the people wern't getting ripped off it would not be the UK .

                                                      • caroline0199 sky
                                                        caroline0199 sky  3 weeks back

                                                        I had a similar situation and avoided paying hundreds of £'s by getting a second opinion.

                                                        • Sinky
                                                          Sinky  3 weeks back

                                                          I've not been in one of their garages for about 20 years. I always found it a bit suspicious that about three weeks after going in for a tyre change my exhaust would start blowing and need a part replaced.

                                                          • Chris Eustace
                                                            Chris Eustace  4 weeks back

                                                            3:57 the boss of the karens. You dare not fuck with her.

                                                            • Faz
                                                              Faz  4 weeks back

                                                              Your basically a idiot if you ever been to a Kwik fit garage

                                                              • bloody alboz
                                                                bloody alboz  1 months back

                                                                fuuuck kiwk fit i once took my vw for service in crewe just of west street change the oil they never even change the fucking oil and to make matters wors the kiwtfit staff wos on a joy ride picking up his bits for other people fuuuuck kiwt fit fuuuck the crewe kwit fit

                                                                • Adam Snow
                                                                  Adam Snow  1 months back

                                                                  Was there no follow up to this? because it's still going on

                                                                  • Tijinder Singh
                                                                    Tijinder Singh  1 months back

                                                                    A friend of mine worked for Kwik Fit in London. He told me he saw one of his employees doing an MOT on a car. The car passed its MOT. The mechanic wanted to find a fault so he can make money. He told me the mechanic took a screwdriver and rammed it into the cars radiator. Put a new radiator on and charged his customer for a new car radiator.

                                                                    • Steve Ford
                                                                      Steve Ford  1 months back

                                                                      i had my car one day, a mercedes S500, drove it them from purchasing 300 miles away to check as i used the coventry branch often, never drove the car again, they drop my suspension then hotwire it to get it back, blew up the ecu unit, as i now live overseas cannot put in court. car scrapped

                                                                      • Jamie Mansell
                                                                        Jamie Mansell  2 months back

                                                                        The top mounts on the KA is a difficult one. If you don't know that they are designed to have alot of movement it's an easy mistake to make thinking they're excessively worn.

                                                                        • flipper
                                                                          flipper  2 months back

                                                                          It's not "a matter of opinion" if something needs replacing, it either does or it doesn't.

                                                                          • Melanie Bell
                                                                            Melanie Bell  2 months back

                                                                            They would spray wd40 on shock obsorvers and show the customer it was leaking

                                                                            • Melanie Bell
                                                                              Melanie Bell  2 months back

                                                                              I worked their please do not go to them , they would steal the sugar from your coffee and come back for the milk!

                                                                              • Ken chi
                                                                                Ken chi  2 months back

                                                                                lol. surely it doesnt take rogue trader for you to know kwik fit is shit.

                                                                                • Jez Tickles
                                                                                  Jez Tickles  2 months back

                                                                                  Dom slap head is an ex con - burglaries!!!

                                                                                  • Kevin Greenacre
                                                                                    Kevin Greenacre  2 months back


                                                                                    • Scott Hanks
                                                                                      Scott Hanks  3 months back

                                                                                      I see this happens, but if you go to the main dealer to get a second opinion, would you just be better off getting the dealer to give the first opinion, and completely cut out Kwik Fit. I worked in an independent garage and would like a pound for everyone who came into us to get a second opinion.

                                                                                      • Jd 04techreviews
                                                                                        Jd 04techreviews  3 months back

                                                                                        I recommend Discount Tyres and exhausts in Hemel Hempstead, they are good and honest

                                                                                        • Chris Anderson
                                                                                          Chris Anderson  3 months back

                                                                                          Welcome to UK!!!!

                                                                                          • MARK HAWTHORNE
                                                                                            MARK HAWTHORNE  3 months back

                                                                                            Oh I remember the old tv advert. ‘ You can’t get thicker , than a Kwikfit fitter ‘

                                                                                            • MARK HAWTHORNE
                                                                                              MARK HAWTHORNE  3 months back

                                                                                              Back in the 1980’s I took my rather special fiesta XR2 , to the Kidderminster U.K. Kwikfit...... yes name and shame. My XR2 was rather special and really stood out from the crowd. They were special cars in those days. I arranged to take it in for an oil change , air filter etc... Just a minor service. Booked in at 8.30am, first one there . Left it with them, after they said be an hour or so. 11am I went back, it was still where I parked it and other customers cars in the shop. Lots of joking and fooling around going on. I saw guy t reception who apologised and said they had a rush on..... even though there was no one there but me at that time. He promised it would be next in the shop and if I return 2 hours later it will be done.
                                                                                              2 hours 15 mins later I returned. As I was walking up to the garage I heard this loud revving, wheel spinning and erratic driving.
                                                                                              Yep you guessed it. It was my XR2
                                                                                              The lads did not notice me, as they were laughing too much as I walked straight into the shop.
                                                                                              I went behind the counter straight into the office. Manager was as thick as shit
                                                                                              Me “ manager do your staff treat all the customers cars like that?’
                                                                                              Manager ‘ no, no , they are just moving the cars around’, he heard it but did not even get up to look what was happening.
                                                                                              I lost it with him, I am livid and he just looked at the damn floor.
                                                                                              I took his name, and walked out. By now my car was in the shop. The kid getting out of the driving seat I grabbed him and threw him across the shop floor. I wanted to kill him.
                                                                                              I was not violent as I cannot be for my job as I cannot have a criminal record
                                                                                              I got in my car and drove off.
                                                                                              I rang Kwikfit head office. They gave me an address to write to. No internet in those days. I wrote many letters. Not one reply
                                                                                              IT IS WORRYING THAT THEY STILL OPERATE AND NOW OFFER EVEN MORE SERVICES FOR THE MOTORISTS.
                                                                                              SAVE YOURSELF THE HEADACHE AND GO ELSEWHERE. ........ RANT OVER .....

                                                                                              • Andy Ward
                                                                                                Andy Ward  3 months back

                                                                                                My Dad was screwed over by them. Went in for new tyres, but they insisted that his cars brake boots were damaged. My Dad refused and went to an independent garage, who suspected that both had been intentionally neen slashed. Avoid Kwik Fit like the plague!!!!!!!

                                                                                                • Daniel O'Sullivan
                                                                                                  Daniel O'Sullivan  3 months back

                                                                                                  Be warned people, never, and I repeat never use kwik fit!!!!!!!