🔹 3 Things You Didn't Know about Jaime Lannister's Push of Bran Stark | Game of Thrones Season 8


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  • Living My Rhapsody
    Living My Rhapsody  2 years back

    So powerful. Clever ending :P
    We cannot choose who we love; the only choice we have is if we act on it. All things happen for a reason. Also, I think i said it in your Westworld video, we need pain to grow (tempered glass is stronger)

    • Living My Rhapsody
      Living My Rhapsody  2 years back

      I know that I am capable of some powerful stuff when it comes to protecting my family. I show no fear in those situations and i noticed that when my children saw that, it gave them strength (they see that all things are possible in the name of love)

  • Michelle Shuart
    Michelle Shuart  4 weeks back

    I know this is a serious video, but I had to pause it for 10 minutes when I saw George Martin's head photoshopped onto the mountain because I was laughing so hard.

    • bridge4
      bridge4   4 weeks back

      @Michelle Shuart around that serial r*per...yes. guard it all. Get a fast horse or two and go go go!! Tywins butcher is an animal

    • Michelle Shuart
      Michelle Shuart  4 weeks back

      @bridge4got it, gotta protect my head, and my . . . Everything else.

    • bridge4
      bridge4   4 weeks back

      @Michelle Shuart id recommmend wearing a valyrian steel helm and visor

    • Michelle Shuart
      Michelle Shuart  4 weeks back

      @bridge4 I'm doomed. Aren't I?

    • bridge4
      bridge4   4 weeks back

      It didnt fair so well for the last person who laughed at george r.r. mountain :-p

  • MegaSteven011
    MegaSteven011  5 months back

    Damn bro you totally called the bran and Jamie reunion

    • bridge4
      bridge4   5 months back

      Since it ended s1e1, we had to get that :))

  • Kim Cao
    Kim Cao  7 months back

    Wow, you predicted Jaime and Bran's reunion! That is what Bran says, there is nothing to apologize for.

    • Jirae Foster
      Jirae Foster  7 months back

      Fast forward to 8:3!! This exact conversation was had between Bran and Jaime 👐
      *Spot on*

      • Darren Pangan
        Darren Pangan  7 months back

        wow you called that bran-jaime scene

        • Mariana Juliani
          Mariana Juliani  7 months back

          he called brienne being a knight too, this guy's awesome

        • bridge4
          bridge4   7 months back

          Oh whoops i had read this as brienne and jaime scene. Not the bran one. My bad

        • bridge4
          bridge4   7 months back

          tons of clues in the books, i just ran out of time to turn that outline to a video unfortunately :(

      • Jena Minton
        Jena Minton  7 months back

        It's possible that Robert knew what was going on between Cersei and Jaime and just let it go. He had two bastards that we know of that he had regular contact with. There was Edric Storm who lived with his brother and a girl that Ned remembers Robert dragging him to go see every once in a while. I don't know about you, but after two kids with dark hair and then suddenly having three kids with blonde hair that would seem a little fishy especially since they looked like a Lannister and not one looked like him. Robert isn't an idiot. I think that it why he secretly had Stannis help Jon Arryn. He wanted to see what he suspected was true, and if it was he wanted to keep it a secret. All he had to do was find one kid with a different color hair then he could say well that doesn't make a difference except he didn't. Jon Arryn died, but it didn't take long for Ned to figure it out. I'm guessing that if Robert had survived that boar hunt rather than say I'm going to kill you he would have told Ned that he knew and that well it was the only way he was going to have an heir.

        • Tygerr Recchia
          Tygerr Recchia  7 months back

          8 seasons later and I still have not and will never forgive Sansa for Lady's death!!!!! Makes so sad every time I see it. People say all the time it wasn't her fault and ever GRRRM doesn't blame her for LAdy's death. That is BULL SHIT!!!! It is hers and only her FAULT that LADY is dead and I cannot wait for SANSA to DIE!!!!!!! Nothing to do with Jaime, I loved what you did here Kev, even though I do not like him either. His character has had a great redemption arc but sadly, the Kingslayer and I will never come to terms. I really do hope he and Bran have a moment, maybe that will change my mind.

          • Jen H
            Jen H  8 months back

            Of course it was wrong. If Jaime really loved Cersei he never would have put her life in danger by sleeping with her in the first place. They were just being selfish when they pushed Bran out the window.

            • tanksalot S
              tanksalot S  8 months back

              Great video! But I disagree. Jamie is a Lannister. Ok, I'll give him Aryes, but I don't think he was thinking about the 250000 people... self preservation was part of that thought process. Also that scene is told from Jamie's point of view. He was a sworn member of the King's guard. So once he killed the king, he was still sworn to protect "King" Rhaegar, and after his death, Aegon. In his fevre dream, that's exactly what the other members of the king's guard and Rhaegar confronted him about. Jamie has lied to himself about the rightness of that day so many times that it has become truth to him. His sword's light went out. There was a lie in there some where, and until he figures that out, I don't trust him. That dream was his turning point. However in the book, Roose Bolton told Robb "Jamie Lannister sends his regards." (after the dream)So Jamie's help in wiping out the Starks may have ended the war for him and saved countless lives, but he essentially left the north unprotected, possibly wiping out the entire realm. If he had succeeded in killing Bran, the whole world would be lost. I hope you're right. But...

              • jat3916
                jat3916  9 months back

                I totally agree with you that Bran will not blame Jamie for the push. But I also believe that he never tells anyone either. The people who actually know, those who still live, won’t out him either. I think that on his way North, Bronn will join him. He won’t want to stay in Kings Landing with a Queen who believes him to be a traitor. They might travel to Riverrun to gather any Lannister soldiers still there, and tell Edmure Tully what’s happening in the North. I think Edmure will join him with his own men. They’ll gather any Lannister soldiers who are roaming the Riverlands they come across as well. Jamie will tell Jon what Cersei is planning but that Jamie kept his word to fight with the North because he understands the consequences if the North loses the war will the Night King, whereas Cersei does not. She believes the Golden Company would be able to defeat whoever comes for her not understanding that most of the dead North would rise and be added to the Night King’s army. As he travels South he could also raise the dead from the war of the Five Kings. If Cersei sends the Golden Company North to join the Northern Army it will be to betray them if they win the battle against the Night King. But the Golden Company was founded by a Targaryen bastard and comprised of men who were exiled and what they want most is to come home to Westeros. If it becomes known who Jon really is, I believe they will change sides, mirroring what happened in the books with “Faegon”. Nothing Cersei has ever planned has worked as she envisioned and ended up biting her in the ass. This will be no different.

                • Garner Day
                  Garner Day  9 months back

                  Your wrong on this one, only slightly. Was it wrong for Jamie to save the life of his lover by killing a kid? Debatable, but I recognize your point about it being 1 life versus another. The problem is the context. This wasn't a battle, or a mugging. He was having sex with someone he wasn't suppose to, at a very inopportune moment. He chose to risk his lovers and his children's life, not Bran. He chose to kill a child to save himself and his family.

                  • bridge4
                    bridge4   9 months back

                    I think they are weird for sleeping together, but not wrong. The rules are wrong and the king lives above the law

                • Kelly Hord
                  Kelly Hord  9 months back

                  Incest won’t get you killed in most places these days, but we do still jail people over it. So here, even if they do change their judicial system, we’re still talking about the queen and her kingsguard brother being sent to some sort of prison, maybe even having to take the black. And the children... they’d likely be orphans, which is nearly death in that time period.

                  They didn’t have to man up and own their misdeeds, but they could have run away like Ned was asking her to do. Plus, he didn’t just push Bran. They also hired someone to finish the job. So... 1. Jamie and Cersi could have run away, and 2. This wasn’t just a hastily made decision.

                  Totally agree with your idea that Bran likely believes there’s nothing to forgive but don’t at all agree that this was a “life for a life”. Oh, and I never thought Jamie was evil for doing it. The “loathing” (I think) still comes across in his delivery of the line in the show. He plays it a little more cavalier, but I never got the sense that he enjoyed it. At all.

                  • bridge4
                    bridge4   9 months back

                    They didn't hire the catspaw. Joffrey did in the books. Littlefinger in the show.

                • Reginald Amoah
                  Reginald Amoah  9 months back

                  No no no sorry that's a stirling defence of Jamie but 1 he was doing his sister in his host's home and then he tries to kill his hosts son. Then later on he threatened to kill Edmure's kid. I appreciate Jamie is on a redemption arc from hanging out with Brienne but you can't excuse all that stuff he's done. I mean he was celebrating with Walder Frey at the end of season 6. You can't get much lower than that.

                  • Reginald Amoah
                    Reginald Amoah  8 months back

                    @bridge4 I'll accept he's undergone a change after since losing his hand but without becoming one of the cripples, bastards and broken things he would never have gained empathy. Anyway the videos are great and the analysis and themes and parallels. It would be great to get something about the moral lessons. It's a shame the TV is unable to provide as much nuance as the books. But they've done a pretty good job none the less. Seven blessings mate.

                  • bridge4
                    bridge4   9 months back

                    His edmure thing was a bluff, but I can see how it looks different in the show since we don't get train of thought in the show

                    And iirc, he was condescending to Frey. I don't think Jaime was very happy with the red wedding, despite his claim to brownie at riverrun

                • Derka
                  Derka  10 months back

                  The theon story is the least talked about i think. He probably had the worst time out of everyone as well.

                  • Derka
                    Derka  10 months back

                    Nice dude! U did a jamie video. Thanks man. Hope to see something about theons situation

                    • bridge4
                      bridge4   10 months back

                      I had prepped about a dozen in December 20017. This ended up being one of the 2 or 3thar I've finished so far. More finally coming tho... I just kept pushing off the videos since Jaime becane my favorite at that time,and I want to do the main Jaime videos as best I can :))

                  • ygdrana
                    ygdrana  10 months back

                    Putting all the blame on judicial system is seeing things in black and white. It's not like they're the common folk who don't have any agency.

                    Preventing a greater evil by committing a smaller one can be condoned in some cases, don't get me wrong. But, come on, you have to look at the circumstances, guys.

                    "People think it's wrong because they don't like Cersei and Jaime". Nah man, they think it's wrong because they tried to kill an innocent kid to cover up a mistake of their own making. Even if the consequences, which never happened anyway, maybe sad what Jaime did was still wrong. Sympathetic sure. Justifiable? No.

                    • Bern Labansky
                      Bern Labansky  10 months back

                      Rob and Cathryn knows.....

                      • julio garcia
                        julio garcia  10 months back

                        Maybe the king knew those kids weren’t his and didn’t care

                        • stormtheorange
                          stormtheorange  10 months back

                          Well Grey Worm has killed a kid... all a part of Unsullied training. It’s quite sad.

                          • bridge4
                            bridge4   10 months back

                            That's a great point!

                            And very sad :*(

                        • Crystal Onix
                          Crystal Onix  11 months back

                          Was Jamie wrong for pushing Bran? Absolutely. Theres Is no other answer. It is wrong period. Which is why Jamie spends the rest of the book series in the road to redemption. If it's not wrong then there is no redemption for Jamie. You're playing his journey as meaningless if you don't acknowledge he was wrong.

                          • Lucas Morales
                            Lucas Morales  11 months back

                            This is a small councern to bran now. I don't think that he will care about it, cause he Said himself that he is not bran anymore, he is the three eye Raven. Are least in the books, but in the show they might put some drama on this. But i have my doubts.

                            • Sultan Selim Han The Grim
                              Sultan Selim Han The Grim  11 months back

                              Arya will find out what Jaime did and when she does Jaime will be Needled

                              • Terell Chapman
                                Terell Chapman  1 years back

                                Like you said bran isn’t a wolf. had Ned killed the butchers boy for Arya/ Sansa I would be mad either way.

                                • Daniel McKewen
                                  Daniel McKewen  1 years back

                                  That would be awsome! I'd love that conversation between Jaime and Bran.

                                • Forest lass
                                  Forest lass  1 years back

                                  Fucking love Cersei!

                                  • Jon A
                                    Jon A  1 years back

                                    Jamie will live, I think he’s one of the few besides Jon snow who will survive

                                    • The Bahamut
                                      The Bahamut  1 years back

                                      See this is all subjective, about Cersei. Killing a child in any sense is objectively wrong. It isnt like cruise and Jaime were in that tower discussing how to use their wealth for the betterment of the world either; they both knew what they were doing from the start. Say if I go rob a bank with a friend, and someone pulls my friends mask off. Does killing the one who unmasked him thus protecting my friend make it right? Jaime and Cersei both knew the consequences for that relationship, and it certainly isn't like he was having relations with her to save anyone.

                                      • Ravendarke 777
                                        Ravendarke 777  1 years back

                                        I'm interested in what's going to happen when Arya finds out, if Arya finds out, I wouldn't give a squirt of piss to be in Jamie's shoes.

                                      • Bright Trials
                                        Bright Trials  1 years back

                                        Honestly if I was King Robert and I found out I would have let Jamie and Cersei live, annulled the marriage, stripped them of their titles and banished them and the children King's Landing. Imagine the humiliation that would be for Tywin and House Lannister. That would be a fate worse than death for Cersei, that would the real "fuck you".

                                        • Now What
                                          Now What  1 years back

                                          I want to see Arya slit his and his sister's throats !!!

                                          • Jo Fox
                                            Jo Fox  1 years back

                                            I think the true criminal, in the Bran push and the death of Lady, was Cersei.

                                            • Patrick Haines
                                              Patrick Haines  1 years back

                                              Ummm obviously the a humans life is worth more than a wolf.... Just not a direwolf or dragon 😉

                                              • Ben Ladik
                                                Ben Ladik  1 years back

                                                Buddy, I am usually right with you. However, you can't justify killing a child by saying that it is the fault of the judicial system. By extension you could make an argument that Jaime and Cersei can blame the mores of their culture for finding incest abhorrent, and further more you can make an argument that their religion is oppressive because it requires monogamy in marriage. The sliding scale of moral relativism is a slippery slope. Using it as a tool, a person can justify any behavior and reject any socially held construct. I think this action is what added depth to the conversion/evolution of Jaime's character. This act has to be despicable in order for Jaime to be redeemed. And with moral relativism redemption isn't possible, since it isn't necessary.

                                                • Rigel Kent
                                                  Rigel Kent  1 years back

                                                  Let me make two points. One, if it was between the woman I love and some kid I didn't know, yup he's goin' out the window. It's full on defenestration time.

                                                  Two, it's still wrong. Just because you have good reason to commit an evil act doesn't make the act not evil. You've still murdered (or in this case attempted to murder) an innocent child. If your morality only applies when things are easy, then you have no morality.

                                                  • Darth Noòx
                                                    Darth Noòx  1 years back

                                                    While I still don’t like the fact that he pushed Bran, I do see your point

                                                    • Jack Lloyd
                                                      Jack Lloyd  1 years back

                                                      When he said a Human life was more important than a Wolf I was like wait what?! 😄

                                                      • Johanne E.
                                                        Johanne E.  1 years back

                                                        Subscribed because of the wonderful analysis...and how soothing your voice is lok

                                                        • bridge4
                                                          bridge4   1 years back

                                                          thanks, Johanne. look forward to chatting with ya =))

                                                      • Emily Guerrero
                                                        Emily Guerrero  1 years back

                                                        The problem is, in medieval society, adultery in this situation is treason, a capitol crime, precisely because it puts children of a man other than the king on the throne. So, it makes Jaime even more right in a way, but the fact is, he and Cersei are knowingly committing TREASON, which is always punishable by death.

                                                        • bridge4
                                                          bridge4   1 years back

                                                          I hear ya. I totally get that that's the way it wss. But Jaime knows it. So like you said , it explains why he would take the action he did

                                                          Bc the choice was already made. Through love and passion. At thhat point, he had to make a decision. And he made the one I wish I'd make, as my head,and my loved ones head were moment's away from getting cut off (since I doubt I'd do what he did)

                                                      • kissedbyfire
                                                        kissedbyfire  1 years back

                                                        Even from the beginning I knew there was something about Jaime I liked.

                                                      • Steve Andrews
                                                        Steve Andrews  1 years back

                                                        I think given how expedient the show is...and that this isn’t worth too much screen time...I’m guessing Bran will simply paint Cersei as the evil one. He will exonerate Jaimie in front of the Northern Lords. For what it’s worth I also think Dany will do that too. In the books Jaimie still needs forgiveness/understanding for Arys. I think Dany will give that to him at Winterfell in the show.

                                                        • mastaskep
                                                          mastaskep  1 years back

                                                          Ah I hate you. You actually got me to side with Jaime lmao

                                                          • bridge4
                                                            bridge4   1 years back

                                                            Thanks :))

                                                          • mastaskep
                                                            mastaskep  1 years back

                                                            Lol great videos btw. I just started watching them today and still going.

                                                          • bridge4
                                                            bridge4   1 years back

                                                            Lol. I started with beric. Then changed to Davos for years, but I did a ton of prep for Jaime videos last December (still haven't made them tho, I'm pretty far behind lol) and on back of that research, he became my favorite character

                                                            #teamjaimetargaryen :-P

                                                        • Sam Beverly
                                                          Sam Beverly  1 years back

                                                          Not to mention the security of the relm was at stake. No adultery shouldn't be punishable by death, but a queen who bares another man's child is considered treasonous. She is, in essence, placing someone other than the King's children on the throne and acting against the King's interest. (A real life parallel of this would be Anne Boleyn and Hendry the 8th. She accused of incest with her brother, and rumored that Elizabeth wasn't the King's own daughter. Anne was put to death.)

                                                          If they faced the music and confessed, not only would they be executed but the entire country would likely war with the Lannisters. Lets be honest. Hardly anyone in the seven kingdoms likes the Lannisters. A Lannisters is responible for killing the last king. Lannister men are responsible for Ellia and her children. Lannisters are responsible for sacking King's Landing. Jamie and Cersei coming forward would have given justification to everyone's hate of their family. King's Landing, The Stormlands, and Dorne alone would have jumps at the opportunity to go to war. And I don't think many others would refuse the call if Robert called the relm to war. Even Kevan Lannister made a disgusted comment about Jaime and Cersei being together. It's possible some Lannisters might turn on the main family.

                                                          The country would go to war, Little finger would still play his games, Bealon Greyjoy, would likely still seize this chance to retake his old crown, and omething similar to war of five kings would happen anyway. (Not that the caharcter would know about that part. Im just speculatint)

                                                          Jamie had to know this. (Expect that last bit) one child's life vs the country going to war. Possibly even House Lannister disappearing forever. Bran or his House.

                                                          • Christopher Shane
                                                            Christopher Shane  1 years back

                                                            Jamie fucking Cersei is not only adultery and incest. That's not what the crime is against the king. It's deceit. It's the game of fucking thrones. Making full blood Lannisters behind the king's back and passing them off as heirs to that throne. omegalul Of course the'r heads should roll. All of them.

                                                            • Jeffery Claborn
                                                              Jeffery Claborn  1 years back

                                                              I love your videos, but this video is filled with moral relativism. Wrong is wrong. Murder is murder.

                                                              • Indigoba
                                                                Indigoba  1 years back

                                                                The danger for Jaime would be if Arya found out I don't think she'd be so forgiving

                                                                • Indigoba
                                                                  Indigoba  1 years back

                                                                  The danger for Jaime would be if Arya found out I don't think she'd be so forgiving

                                                                  • Kylee
                                                                    Kylee  1 years back

                                                                    Bran will not forgive him because Bran died in the cave. The 3 eyed raven would not care either way and likely would not even acknowledge it happened.