Game of Thrones Season 8 Leaks: Things we'll PROBABLY See

  • Published: 19 September 2018
  • Let's talk about Game of Thrones season 8 leaks and what it means for things we'll probably see in the final season!

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Comments • 166

  • 55bueller
    55bueller  9 months back

    I think we can all agree the actor is not hot enough to be Rhaegar! He's supposed to be sexy as Fuck!

    • imminent82
      imminent82  10 months back

      Bad casting for Reahgar

      • Manny The tool Gadget
        Manny The tool Gadget  10 months back

        put their head on spikes Dracula style

        • books from Windblown
          books from Windblown  1 years back

          These violent delights have violent ends...
          William Shakespeare quote.

          • James Greene
            James Greene  1 years back

            Packs of ice spiders as big as hounds... VERSUS DIREWOLVES.

            • ryan livingstone
              ryan livingstone  1 years back

              Sweet robin..........I’d pay to kick that orphan out the moon door straight up Sparta style!

              • Andrew May
                Andrew May  1 years back

                Arya is the waif.. she lost the fight in the dark.. this whole time we think we are watching arya. But it's been the waif the whole time. Sorry for my spelling errors.

                • Vinny Paskal
                  Vinny Paskal  1 years back

                  Kings landing will burn

                  • Ryalou Ros
                    Ryalou Ros  1 years back

                    I think you look extra beautiful in this video Rawrist

                    • Deda Rossi
                      Deda Rossi  1 years back

                      it would be cool if Jon Snow and Melissandre fuck and make Shadow Baby who then kills the Night King and thats the end of story :D

                      • Poxous
                        Poxous  1 years back

                        You're the best :)

                        • Tal
                          Tal  1 years back

                          I think Cersei will do another long walk naked but it will be her as a whight coming to seduce Jamie.

                          • Razzy1312
                            Razzy1312  1 years back

                            Hot Pie presents the Night King a snowflake shaped loaf of sweet bread and melts his frozen heart. The Night King weeps as he and along all of the other white walkers turn back into humans and all of the wight zombie creatures die off.

                            • tulkas 42o
                              tulkas 42o  1 years back

                              I'd love to bang you no...I love your bangs I mean, how silly of me ;)

                              • tulkas 42o
                                tulkas 42o  1 years back

                                What of cersei current pregnancy? With the whole time jump, she would have the child for a while before euron gets back. If cersei allows euron to claim his prize, euron would have the upper hand demonstrating his advantage over her by undermining her . He'd probably kill her and the child, or claim the baby as his own, possibly cersei would hide the birth and keep her child secret and hidden because she'd have to name a father and she won't name jaime for various reasons. Leaving her to plot with euron naming him father and king or queens consort. Euron kills her anyway but how to get through the mountain and jaimes response though he's on his way to the wall. Then there's theon and yara, how's that gonna affect eurons plot with the golden company. Six episodes with the longest episode is rumored to be 1 hr 20 mins. Average episodes to come just under the hour at 58 mins. We'll be upset at the end not because of who dies but because this is shaping up to be the worst season ever. There simply is not enough time to tie this all together. D&D lied, guessed and kissed George's ass to get his blessing. I will never believe they read the books. They have a team like trump does that gives them the cliffs notes. Were they really fans of the novels they wouldn't have been desperate to move on after season 3. In the next 10 years we'll get to find out the real Mccoy, god willing

                                • erinç varol
                                  erinç varol  1 years back

                                  Anyways you are hot as fire breathing dragon

                                  • David Marion
                                    David Marion  1 years back

                                    I think sansa will die

                                    • Amelia C.
                                      Amelia C.  1 years back

                                      Perhaps they painted the Keep white to make the editing of CGI snow against the castle easier? I suspect that even after all is said and done, it will still be winter.

                                      • Shaneconnington 27
                                        Shaneconnington 27  1 years back

                                        The controlled explosions around Belfast, with or without Lannister flags should go unnoticed. Like when the Aliens attack detroit in the Scary Movie franchise.

                                        • No One
                                          No One  1 years back

                                          sadly the scene u described with Euron struggling Cercei during sex, is not the darkest scene I could picture with those two having sex...

                                          • Ser Bonifer Hasty -
                                            Ser Bonifer Hasty -  1 years back

                                            So Euron is the valonqar? It doesn't quite have the same ring to it.

                                            • Ser Bonifer Hasty -
                                              Ser Bonifer Hasty -  1 years back

                                              Save Sweet Robin! Justice for Sweet Robin! 🦅

                                              • Jamie Douglas
                                                Jamie Douglas  1 years back

                                                If Euron kills Cersei and replaces her as the villain, I am done with the show. I think she will sleep with him but she will never marry him, I think the mountain will kill Euron.

                                                • Max Covfefe
                                                  Max Covfefe  1 years back

                                                  CONFIRMED: John is gonna be too freaked out to deal with Dany once he finds out she's his aunt. Dany and Tyrion will hook up instead. Bran will kill Cerci to bring back HODOR, and the Red Woman will find romance with Sansa. Jamie and Arya will wait until the Hound kills the Mountain, and then they'll kill the winner, steal Dany's dragons and ride off away from Winter.

                                                  • April Zoe G
                                                    April Zoe G  1 years back

                                                    Let's hope Rhaegar has a better wig this final season.🙄😏

                                                    • Josh Schade
                                                      Josh Schade  1 years back

                                                      God damn you are Gorgeous!!!! I’m not a fan of red heads but You are the second red head I think is the most beautiful on the planet!! I love your Chanel your personality and the way you present all info in your videos! I can’t wait for season 8! And thank you for bringing all this info to us. Keep up the awesome work you beautiful mf!!!

                                                      • Cole Vasquez
                                                        Cole Vasquez  1 years back


                                                        • Vanessa Whitehead
                                                          Vanessa Whitehead  1 years back

                                                          Got a giant box of KFC for Sandor after he kicks Gregor's ass! Lololol!

                                                          • Otha Bojangles
                                                            Otha Bojangles  1 years back

                                                            You look amazing with the new hair

                                                            • Sid Tovey
                                                              Sid Tovey  1 years back

                                                              That's actually just Dothraki practicing road safety

                                                              • Don Meatley
                                                                Don Meatley  1 years back

                                                                U is a sexy motherfucker

                                                                • Edward Agora Feenman
                                                                  Edward Agora Feenman  1 years back

                                                                  Literally "fucking nuts"
                                                                  Nothing better than some good old sociopath on sociopath, knock down, drag out, sado-sadochist, angry, Bat shit, one flew over the cuckoo's breast fucking..
                                                                  To bad they already killed off Ramsay Bolton, that would be some top notch 3 way debauchery ...

                                                                  • Jon Haymaker
                                                                    Jon Haymaker  1 years back

                                                                    As long as Cersei dies and we don't get a shitty final episode like Lost I will be happy.

                                                                    • Darth Star Killer
                                                                      Darth Star Killer  1 years back

                                                                      Mhmmmmm game of thrones boobies...

                                                                      • Andrew Grimm
                                                                        Andrew Grimm  1 years back

                                                                        Where is the nude Tyrion double?

                                                                        I mean sexism and debauchery is what we expect of Tyrion, how is he meant to betray Daenaerys without sleeping with a dragon?

                                                                        • Simon Beige
                                                                          Simon Beige  1 years back

                                                                          I hope Cersei gives birth to a dwarf

                                                                          • Hank J. Wimbleton
                                                                            Hank J. Wimbleton  1 years back

                                                                            Something I really, really want (but probably wont get) is a flashback to the battle at the trident. Its too big and involved for a short flashback, especially in such a short and packed season, but damn itd be cool

                                                                            • Jake B
                                                                              Jake B  1 years back

                                                                              #500 !!!!!!! whoooooooooo

                                                                              • aqueen04
                                                                                aqueen04  1 years back

                                                                                1. Cleganebowl. Get hype. Get hype right fucking now.
                                                                                2. Cersei's going to get offed. Perhaps Euron will try, but fail when the undead Mountain intervenes. Then we have Cleganebowl happening, and the unMountain's distracted when the NK comes in and makes Cersei the NQ, with her baby being Night Prince/Princess. Though I'm kind of eh on that. I still want wight baby in the womb bursting out of her like some insane horror movie.

                                                                                • Muin Downie
                                                                                  Muin Downie  1 years back

                                                                                  Clegane Bowl ...i don't question you.
                                                                                  I do wonder if we should refer to them as "Mounthound" or "Houndtain" collectively.

                                                                                  • Muin Downie
                                                                                    Muin Downie  1 years back

                                                                                    Dark days ahead, indeed.

                                                                                    • Charles Croley
                                                                                      Charles Croley  1 years back

                                                                                      I really wish bran would have a vision of the battle at the trident as unlikely as that is, it would still be pretty damn sweet to see. You are very pretty btw.

                                                                                      • Jamal McCann
                                                                                        Jamal McCann  1 years back

                                                                                        The Wolf and The Hound vs. The Mountain

                                                                                        • Ierofei
                                                                                          Ierofei  1 years back

                                                                                          Sweet Robin takes the Iron Throne confirmed.

                                                                                          • colton meisier
                                                                                            colton meisier  1 years back

                                                                                            the actor who plays rhaegar looks nothing like him and I know it's just a book but still

                                                                                            • BiteThis
                                                                                              BiteThis  1 years back

                                                                                              The only thing i know thats definitely gonna happen this season is a whole lotta book fans are going to be disappointed.

                                                                                              • Perhaps Tom?
                                                                                                Perhaps Tom?  1 years back

                                                                                                I hope the white paint means that the whit wolf took Kings landing...Jon Snow forever KING OF WESTEROS

                                                                                                • 333wheeler
                                                                                                  333wheeler  1 years back

                                                                                                  My prediction is Cersie gives birth to a dwarf with crooked eyes... that should freak her out.!