Fire & Blood by George R R Martin 📖| BOOK REVIEW

  • Published: 16 June 2019

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Comments • 24

  • fdllicks
    fdllicks  3 weeks back

    dont buy it. Trust me. I paid 70$ for audiobook and it stinks

    • Jack Carney
      Jack Carney  3 months back

      Aegon wasn’t the first Targaryen to come from Valyria, easy mistake! Aenar Targaryen fled with his family several years before the Doom of Valyria and set up House Targaryen on Dragonstone, a few generations passed before Aegon was born. Aegon conquered Westeros from Dragonstone :)

      • smunchnU
        smunchnU  4 months back

        I didn't like what I was reading for the first couple dozen pages, then got so gripped I finished it in 3 days lol. Also what happened to Aerea and Balereon was so enthralling and made me want to go down a crazy rabbit hole

        • Spellcaster86
          Spellcaster86  4 months back

          I'm reading the first eight books before I watch the show.

          • FRANK FUENTES
            FRANK FUENTES  3 weeks back

            Prepare to be disappointed. The series was good through the first 6 seasons. The last two plunge in quality & plot. Also Stannis Baratheon is changed in the series.

          • Gavrilo Princip
            Gavrilo Princip  3 months back

            Don't watch the show

        • Tiffy E
          Tiffy E  4 months back

          I just finished this late last night I liked it, very different I liked the different names of the dragons as well.

          • Ben
            Ben  4 months back

            So many crazy people in the comments, this is the most boring book I've ever attempted to read. To compare, I read The Silmarillion 4 times. The perspective is zoomed out, so you never get a chance to connect to any of the characters. But it's also zoomed in enough to prevent a nice overview from forming. It's literally like going into a library in Westeros and reading a boring history book. It's completely ridiculous that George wrote this instead of finishing GoT. But I don't think he's capable of finishing it in a satisfying way. The first few books were great, I read them back in the day when they were released. Out of the many books I read then, GoT stuck with me, I always wanted the story to move on. But he overcomplicated the story in the last couple books and now I think he just doesn't have the talent to make it happen. D&D did a terrible job with seasons 7 and 8, but I bet part of the fault lies with George and the outline he gave them. He should've just deepened and continued the story of the characters he brought to life in the first few books. After this travesty of a book, truly one of the most poorly conceived ideas for a book I've ever seen, I just don't care. I'm deciding to finish the story the way I want and forget about the loose ends. The Night King beats everyone's ass to show that the game of thrones is a tiny thing, inflated with it's own sense of purpose but ultimately nothing much. But just when his domination seems absolute, he's freed of the original curse, an offshoot of the fear of the Children. At this point, I'd throw in a happy ending because that would be the way to subvert modern expectations. We expect irony, a twist of some kind. The twist would be a satisfying ending where the evil is gone, personal redemptions abound, and the land and people heal for a time.

            • Starzy Rose
              Starzy Rose  5 months back

              I bought this book a couple of days ago. It's just so beautiful. <3.<3

              • Jashana C
                Jashana C  5 months back

                I loooooooved this book! Such a history/fantasy nerd bit of JOY! :D

                • Jackie's Literary Corner
                  Jackie's Literary Corner  5 months back

                  I bought it and read the first chapter, but that's it. I do want to read it, but I maybe I need to just take a month or two to focus mostly on that book. My theory about the show is they rushed the last season and didn't develop it properly.

                  • FeathersandFaith
                    FeathersandFaith  5 months back

                    I’m actually half way through it currently and I started reading it for the exact same reason lol. I actually really love it too, plus it’s helped me understand a lot more about how things work in Essos and Westeros while rewatching Game of Thrones. It’s a massive book but it’s so worth the read and I can’t wait to finish it and do my own review. From what I can tell, this is probably the first half of two volumes so there should be another one coming out where the rest are explained, along with Daenerys’ parents, Aerys the 2nd and Rhaella. I want to know so much more about this world so I’m so keen for it

                    • Piera Forde
                      Piera Forde   5 months back

                      OOOOH I didn't know that! That's exciting!

                  • Autumn Rose
                    Autumn Rose  5 months back

                    I love the lip stick you're wearing. It looks so good on you.

                    • Alex Vanegas
                      Alex Vanegas  5 months back

                      Can we read fire and blood before a song of ice and fire?

                      • Books Rebound
                        Books Rebound  5 months back

                        I mean you could but I don't think that's a great idea. You'd be reading an encyclopedia, not a novel with a narrative to it, you know? So it might be very boring for you reading about a world you have no investment in and also reading a book full of information that you don't NEED in order to read Game of Thrones. So yeah I'd start with GoT for sure

                      • Piera Forde
                        Piera Forde   5 months back


                    • Sarah Kenchington
                      Sarah Kenchington  5 months back

                      'Song of Ice and Fire', not Fire and Ice man ;) But yeah MOOD about 'GoT was incredibly disappointing' so so many of us have like RUN back to the Westeros books after that shitshow LMAO (and yes. this book is dope. Targaryen history is SO DAMN COOL)

                      • vida entre páginas
                        vida entre páginas  5 months back

                        “show!got was incredibly disappointing” intellectuals CAN RELATE💓 the theory about dany’s eggs is true,,, maybe not said by grrm himself but you know.

                        about the bond with the dragons... I think the targs had emotional bond with their dragons. bookdaenerys has emotional bond with his dragons. but if a westerosi would talk about her and her dragons, this persona would say that she rode drogon and burned slavers. when the truth is that her relationship with them is very strong and emotional.

                        • Gary Watters
                          Gary Watters  5 months back

                          The next book in the ASOIAF is being released in 2020.

                          • Sarah Kenchington
                            Sarah Kenchington  5 months back

                            Yessss George said if it isn't done by then we have permission to lock him up in a cabin until it's done hahaha

                        • Tamar 1211
                          Tamar 1211  5 months back

                          In real history there were many incest marriage, especially in the royalty to keep the blood line.

                          • Demon King
                            Demon King  2 weeks back

                            Tamar 1211 and now we have people spreading diseases to their offspring by breeding indiscriminately, making fun of incest in royal families. Lol we are soooooo fucked..

                        • shannen recio
                          shannen recio  5 months back

                          I'm so early ahh 🥺