Ubisoft Announces Uplay+ Subscription Service for PC - E3 2019


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  • LockeNL
    LockeNL  5 months back

    Wha haha this is terrible.

    • ghbutler
      ghbutler  5 months back

      Uplay, more like upay.

      • MissionHills
        MissionHills  5 months back

        i bought From Dust for pc and i cant even play it anymore... da faaqq ubisoft

        • GETSUZUGA7ZX
          GETSUZUGA7ZX  5 months back


          • sefter454
            sefter454  5 months back

            So many bs subscriptions

            • Oancia Radu
              Oancia Radu  5 months back

              Whats so bad about it...? U still have the standard edition and if a guy like me who wanta to play 1 game for 1 month like say... The division so i can see the story its just fine... I like these subscription models and i hope more join them... U can still buy the game remember that

              • Luis Medina
                Luis Medina  5 months back

                Rayman 4

                • Tulepeeker
                  Tulepeeker  5 months back

                  Oh no, another subscription service.

                  • Adil Rafee
                    Adil Rafee  5 months back

                    wow, extreme

                    • Kodie Russell
                      Kodie Russell  5 months back

                      almost 200 bucks a year? that's a hard yikes

                      • A little bit of a weeb
                        A little bit of a weeb  3 months back

                        @APasz 180$ is way less than what I'd actually spend on Ubisoft games just think of it this way. Buying Assassin's Creed Odyssey, Syndicate, and origin will cost you 150$ without any DLCs, if you were to subscribe to Uplay+, you can complete those games, and when you're done with them unsubscribe and let's say you keep them for 3 months, you only spent 45$.

                      • APasz
                        APasz  5 months back

                        @Speedgamer- سبيد For those casual players who don't spend up to $150 per year on games, yeah it doesn't make much sense. Obviously. Not the target audience.
                        If however you fall into the core player base [which on average spends ~$500+ per year] suddenly 180 bucks isn't so bad for what you get.

                      • Speedgamer- سبيد
                        Speedgamer- سبيد  5 months back

                        @APasz for some yes

                      • APasz
                        APasz  5 months back

                        Is 180 bucks really that bad?

                    • Fikri Muhammad
                      Fikri Muhammad  5 months back


                      • Mario2099beyond 3
                        Mario2099beyond 3  5 months back

                        Thought it sayed upay

                      • Lubble-1397
                        Lubble-1397  5 months back