S8E6 Confirmed Deaths ! | Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 6


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  • Deborah Kogan
    Deborah Kogan  5 months back

    Most of what you predicted came true. Thank you for your videos. Much appreciated.

    • AIM Investor Journal
      AIM Investor Journal  6 months back

      I think season 7 was also a let down, the build up and plot driven arc beyond the wall was just ridiculous. Nobody in their right mind would lead an expedition beyond the wall to capture one of the undead. Jon most of all knew what would almost certainly happen as he was at Hardhome. It was a fools errand! But it set the plot in motion and Dany came to the rescue. That should not have happened either. The dragon should not have been killed and then resurrected (never mind where the dead found all those chains)...

      In my mind Season 7 should have continued to focus on the politics which it did to some extent but in poor taste with Little Finger behaving out of character leading to his poorly constructed demise. I would have split the focus with Jon unable to convince Dany to face off against the army of the dead. How useful were those dragonglass weapons anyway? Instead we should have seen him rallying an army to defend against the threat beyond the wall, Sansa rallying an army in the Vale and possibly in the Riverlands. Most of all no forced love affair between Dany and Jon.

      The first six seasons were epic because of the people and the choices they made. Yes we could have had the Season 7 finale at the wall, but with a depleted Northern army (minus Dany, Unsullied and Dragons) facing off against the army of the dead. Cue endless waves climbing the wall like ants. In the books there is a mythical horn that some believe has the power to shatter the wall. I'd like to have seen it, with one of the undead giants blow on the horn shattering the dead nearby and itself but also creating a breach that sends parts of the wall crashing down. Not a ridiculous sequence of an undead dragon.

      There follows a desperate defence led by Thoros, Berrick, the Hound, Jon, the Nights Watch and the northern army as thousands of dead scale the walls. Ultimately the dead break through the lines and begin to trickle into the countryside (no swamping like in the Battle of Winterfell), so our heroes call a retreat to the Last Hearth.

      Season 7 had much more potential with regards Dany's arc facing down the Lannister threat. I'd like to have seen more interaction with other houses, more intrigue, plots, the dragons better utilised etc. Bronn was great alongside Jaime Lannister but completely absent in season 8. The scene where he is reunited with both of the Lannister brothers was completely out of character and spoiled what had been 6 seasons of character development.

      Season 8 I like to imagine differently too beginning with Jon leading mounted Nights Watch and knights on hit and run raids against bands of marauding dead as they attempt to protect the retreat from the Wall. The defence of the wall hadn't been an utter failure and perhaps half the dead had been destroyed for good.

      Perhaps Mormont and Sam could have had more to do after Sam cured him and it's revealed they both know Jorah's father. I'd like to think Sam could convince Jorah of the threat beyond the wall and it's Jorah who convinces Dany to abandon her plans to take Kings Landing now and instead help defeat the army of the dead. Sam would return with Jorah and become a close aid to Dany, providing counsel and sharing his knowledge of Jon.

      Cercei on the brink of defeat is therefore able to consolidate her forces and bring across the Golden Company (& elephants). We could have seen an isolated Dorne facing off against the Queen's army and felt like they at least went down with a fight. In the latter books it's hinted at that Dorne will play a bigger role in the last war. I'd love to have seen a siege of a dessert city, reminiscent of the Crusades.

      The Battle of Winterfell would have happened but the strategy employed would have been more intelligent, everyone behind the walls. Dany arrives with her Dragons and there is a showdown with the White Walkers and Night King. I liked Arya's role in the episode except the ending and wish it had been Jon. It would have still been satisfying to see Arya take down multiple White Walkers. We could have killed off some major characters including Thoros and Berrick, Theon, Edd and Gendry.

      With the NK defeated and Jon hero but also grateful for Dany's aid. He declares his army will ally with hers to end the Lannister threat. No need for Dany to go mad. Just a mutual respect for one another, especially when her dragons take a liking to Jon. Bran reveals Jon's identity. Varys isn't burnt alive. All the dragons are still around. The final siege of Kings Landing isn't a walk in the park. I'd like to have seen a dragon shot out of the sky. Dany can still torch the Red Keep, just not every living soul in the city! I'd like to have seen desperate fighting in the streets. Cersei's forces using wildfire, traps and clever tactics to face down the Unsullied and Jon's army. Elephants rampaging around. Arya battling her way through the streets, like in the Assassin Creed games would have been fun. I think Jaime strangling Cersei would have been a better end to his arc. Hound vs Mountain was epic. Would have loved to have seen Theon's sister kill Euron Greyjoy. Did Sansa need to become Queen of the North? I would have preferred Jon. Dany could have granted him the north for his service and on finding out he's related. Bran doesn't become king. I think Sansa could have played the wise sister roll better rather than scheming to undermine Jon's alliance with Dany. Perhaps Jon in the end would give control of the north to Sansa and come rule beside Dany as her Commander and loyal counsel.

      Thanks for reading!

      • Irfan baig
        Irfan baig  6 months back

        Gendry will be the true hier

        • Chaz Fatur
          Chaz Fatur  6 months back

          Nope, you're wrong! Jon will not kill Dany, as himself. Because he still loves her, even though she did wrong. I feel he was resurrected to stop her, so he'll sacrifice himself to the Many Faced God. Arya will on Jon's face & kill Dany. See, so he won't directly do it, just his face. Arya's been training for this moment. I really thought she would do this to kill Cercei. But that was a disappointing ending of her life. Easy way out. But remember a few other factors in order to kill Dany. Her unsullied army, the Darthrakki, and her dragon. So it will have to be stealthy, which Jon is not. But Arya is. But I was naturally disappointed with Arya's character surviving Dragon's fire, when no one around her did. How TF did she do that? Every one and everything around her was charred, but she wasn't! Terrible! I really thought her riding off on the white horse was to symbolize her passing on. Until I saw the damn trailer for Ep 6. There she was! Unless her spirit is just watching on? Ya think? Stay tuned...

          • Chaz Fatur
            Chaz Fatur  6 months back

            Okay everybody keeps correlating the vision Dany had of being in the Throne Room with snow on the ground. It is SNOW, not ashes! It was a symbolization of Jon Snow is the rightful heir to the Throne. It's why has sword was added to it... She didn't know Jon back then when she has the vision. So let's squash this once and for all!

        • A. D. Clarke
          A. D. Clarke  6 months back

          I've heard Bran will be king. He has ZERO claim on the throne, given the rules of inheritance in GOT. Gendry has more of a claim. If he marries a pregnant Arya, he and she could rule together and it would unite the North and South too as the heir to the throne would be half-Stark.

          • colliric
            colliric  6 months back


            LEAKS CONFIRMED!

            Shitstorm incoming!

            • Maryjane Shelby
              Maryjane Shelby  6 months back

              Everyone can make their predictions, but D & D have done the complete opposite of what everyone predicts. I'll just wait for Sunday & be shocked as usual.

              • Vandeleon To
                Vandeleon To  6 months back

                Alright listen up, those peasant are not innocent people, they all CERSI hostage , using then as bait. Even Jamie doesn't care for his people's so why should Dani gives a fuck about them . BURN THEM ALLLLLLL .

                • WielkiElektron
                  WielkiElektron  6 months back

                  Confirmed death - this channel

                  • WielkiElektron
                    WielkiElektron  6 months back

                    Canibal dragon will die

                    • NWO Abteilung Cthulhu-Anbetung

                      your voice sucks

                      • Albert Mahaffey
                        Albert Mahaffey  6 months back

                        Thank about it, if Dany would have walk thru the street Cersei would have detonated the wild fire killing her and her army remember Tyrion told her kings landing is a giant bomb.

                        • Irina Irinka
                          Irina Irinka  6 months back

                          Maybe i am taking this too literal,but a name as A dream of spring,is somehow tied to a pregnancy or birth to me. Maybe it refers to (Jon) Snow thowing with him exepting his fire? It is a bit late for pregnancy anouncement.I always thought that Jon would kill Dany,even if the city blowing up didnt happen because she cant take competition. Or that Jon would sacrifice him self and marry her for peace. Late for that.IDK if Tyrion will die,maybe Jon will try to spare him because he wanted the people saved and although he freed his brother he might see that he would have to make a sacrifice for the Stark girls if needed.Jon will sit the throne,wanted or not,Ned didnt eitner and yet when faced with evil wanted to take it. Maybe Dany will try to burn him,but either the Dragon wont burn him,or he will not burn,but will trigger in him a reaction that leaves her dead.

                          • Anita B.
                            Anita B.  6 months back

                            she only burnt a few streets. She proved to Cersi that she could not use her spirit of mercy against her. Dany is having a temporary moment...They killed 2 of her children, morman, her best friend and the iron throne is now beyond her reach. SNAP, CRACKLE AND POP!

                            • Angel ofIron
                              Angel ofIron  6 months back

                              That's what happens when you kill Ms. Sunday!

                              • Lady R
                                Lady R  6 months back

                                Great video as usual

                                • Arab Irish
                                  Arab Irish  6 months back

                                  She was all the time a hero but now at the end she is the villain what is this going on?

                                  • Raymond Wirth
                                    Raymond Wirth  6 months back

                                    Everyone that signed that thing is an asshole

                                    • grumblesNgrumbles
                                      grumblesNgrumbles  6 months back

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                                      • Donald Jordan
                                        Donald Jordan  6 months back

                                        Interesting. ‘A petition is coming:’ ‘Game of Thrones’ fans beg HBO to remake Season 8" Do you agree or disagree?

                                        • Bodaciously U
                                          Bodaciously U  6 months back

                                          If they kill Dany I hope Drogon burns E V E R Y B O D Y, I mean c'mon Dany is the only one who eh follows, the Unsullied and Dothraki are loyal to her. She is the Misa and the Queen that mounts the stallion.

                                          • Sasha Kononovich
                                            Sasha Kononovich  6 months back

                                            Danny I'd and has always ruled by fear. Come on people. We know John is the true king now. Except it.

                                            • Sasha Kononovich
                                              Sasha Kononovich  6 months back

                                              There was build up for this, if it wasn't for Tyrion she would have burnt the city down ten times over, he mange red her.

                                              • Claude Lindsay
                                                Claude Lindsay  6 months back

                                                Will Howland Reed confirm Jon's linage?

                                                • Terry Sipes
                                                  Terry Sipes  6 months back

                                                  I guess the HBO episodes are going to end different, than GRRM books do. He said years ago that Danny, John, Tyrion, Bran and Areya would not die. WTF

                                                  • Dustin Cordell
                                                    Dustin Cordell  6 months back

                                                    lol buran is not going to get his debt owed lanisters dont always pay their debts:)

                                                    • Amanda Redeagle
                                                      Amanda Redeagle  6 months back

                                                      I blame all of you fucking youtubers analyzing the shit out these seasons via leaks and over analzyed trailers. Take your blame fuckers, you fucking played out every GOTdamn scenario, the writers just said fuck it. GOTdamnet mfs.

                                                      • john b.
                                                        john b.  6 months back

                                                        How were there so many (or any) Dothraki left...

                                                        • krm24seven
                                                          krm24seven  6 months back

                                                          Brand ward into the dragon and burnt the city down. Dany was headed for the red keep to kill Cersei. Bran took control. The only two people who seen that vision was band and dany. The writer kept our minds off bran on purpose to misdirect us. Blood raven said he will never walk again but he will fly

                                                          • LemonGecko
                                                            LemonGecko  6 months back

                                                            The show has displayed Dany being a bit off here and there. Very Subtle but its there if you closely pay attention to it.

                                                            • evan bell
                                                              evan bell  6 months back

                                                              These aren’t your predictions these are the play by play of the plot points leaked on Reddit weeks ago

                                                              • ricmar209
                                                                ricmar209  6 months back

                                                                Just God Awful Danny breaker of chains? Horrible writing, what fuckin lazy cheats!

                                                                • Alisha Britt
                                                                  Alisha Britt  6 months back

                                                                  Jon won’t go back to the wall because the wall isn’t needed anymore!

                                                                  • Gabe S
                                                                    Gabe S  6 months back

                                                                    At least Anakin Skywalker's turn to the Dark was better written than Season 8 Episodes 4 & 5! At least this season will soon be over.

                                                                    • krm24seven
                                                                      krm24seven  6 months back

                                                                      Brand ward into the dragon and burnt the city down. Dany was headed for the red keep to kill Cersei. Bran took control. The only two people who seen that vision was band and dany. The writer kept our minds off bran on purpose to misdirect us. Blood raven said he will never walk again but he will fly

                                                                      • Rebecca Ferrara
                                                                        Rebecca Ferrara  6 months back

                                                                        Grey Worm? He has to be there somewhere.

                                                                        • master boss
                                                                          master boss  6 months back

                                                                          honestly i never liked dany

                                                                          • Murtaza Delsoz
                                                                            Murtaza Delsoz  6 months back

                                                                            what she did is god now, no one will dare using civilians as a shield and i think she did it because she wanna spread fear after finding out johns truth

                                                                            • jack humphreys
                                                                              jack humphreys  6 months back

                                                                              Jon will kill dany and then go north with Tormund and ghost 🤷🏻‍♂️☝🏻

                                                                              • Mahant Diaries
                                                                                Mahant Diaries  6 months back

                                                                                When bell is ringing then they all surrender but she refuse it
                                                                                Ten of thousands people died she is murder and hence she will die in the next episode that the end of got

                                                                                • Thomas Wonderwood
                                                                                  Thomas Wonderwood  6 months back

                                                                                  You could see it coming remember how she had her brother killed what about the executions of people who did not agree with her. She is a ruthless mad queen. John is the rightful heir and the his faceless sister who killed the Night King needs to be his hand....

                                                                                  • Paul Singh
                                                                                    Paul Singh  6 months back

                                                                                    The most annoying voice

                                                                                    • HS1867
                                                                                      HS1867  6 months back

                                                                                      I am still trying to wrap my head around this episode!!! Really this whole season!!! After next week, my head may stop spinning, if it all ends up making sense, because as of right now, it doesn’t!!

                                                                                      • Aya Gabica
                                                                                        Aya Gabica  6 months back

                                                                                        So whose going to be the king if John abdicate the throne? Gendry?

                                                                                        • Ruben Padron
                                                                                          Ruben Padron  6 months back


                                                                                          • Marlon Abreu
                                                                                            Marlon Abreu  6 months back

                                                                                            People saying that they converted Dani in a single episode. I don't now what tv show they watched during 9 years. You know nothing.....

                                                                                            • Marlon Abreu
                                                                                              Marlon Abreu  6 months back

                                                                                              She said...let it be fear then. She complied....fear and violence, the others kingdoms will surrender and obey without a fight. Ask to the people of Nagasaki, Hiroshima, Cartage or Troy if this is not effective. She did it just because she had no connection with the people of that city. Collateral Damage for a greater good the future generations, the perfect excuse of a perfect tyrant.

                                                                                              • Rhonda stephens
                                                                                                Rhonda stephens  6 months back

                                                                                                Yeah I hope she does die to be with Khal Drogo because I think Jon is shit he had a choice but he chose to proceed Dany and she has lost so much more than Jon he doesn’t deserve this and I wish I had never even watched this . I kills me every one talks Jon this and this he is weak and doesn’t a women like Dany especially if he ends up killing her after what she has sacrificed.....