Who's on the Tal'Dorei Council? - Critical Role (C2E85)


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  • Moko Arc
    Moko Arc  3 days back

    I feel like Allura Dropped the ball on revealing the Mighty Nein's affilation with the Dynasty and they could use that as Leverage to see who is on the Council.

    • Ashen Wuss
      Ashen Wuss  5 days back

      You're so awesome, Alanna. Can't wait for more

    • Sinan
      Sinan  7 days back

      0:50 That's Unfjordunate

      • Logan Kenoras
        Logan Kenoras  2 weeks back

        I summon a magical hobo who gives out wishes.

        • Jack Dog
          Jack Dog  1 months back

          Tal is the only one who never asked.

          • GammaAlanna
            GammaAlanna   1 months back

            Tal said on a recent Talks that he had something prepared and was just waiting for the right time, should be good haha

        • Indigo Ward
          Indigo Ward  1 months back

          1:56 top left corner, Fjord says "FJUCK"

          • chibimidget
            chibimidget  1 months back

            i just love how they've made this a thing, just asking everyone if they know who is on the Tal'Dorei Council.

            • TheSilverPhoenix100
              TheSilverPhoenix100  1 months back

              They do realize Beau works for the Cobalt Soul and is actually a pretty high ranking member...like 10 minutes of research could net her the answers

            • Mike MacDee
              Mike MacDee  1 months back

              always remember to assist the dialogue in your clips by inserting LOUD, UNNECESSARY MUSIC TO DROWN IT OUT.

              • SomeKindaSpy
                SomeKindaSpy  1 months back

                I believe you meant to say "That's unfjortunate".

              • Hawkwinter01
                Hawkwinter01  1 months back

                This needs to be updated to include Ashley/Yasha. 😉😂

                • GammaAlanna
                  GammaAlanna   1 months back

                  Waiting to see if there's more for a part 2 :)

              • Rez Instance
                Rez Instance  1 months back

                This video kinda of makes me want a brady bunch kind of intro with the menbers of critical role + Brian, with Mercer in the middle.

                • P0LARFANG
                  P0LARFANG  1 months back

                  Gotta add Ashley’s now, someone pls

                • LkShairo
                  LkShairo  2 months back


                  • Kien Kicho
                    Kien Kicho  2 months back

                    You'd think by now Matt would learn that the very moment he gives tiny easter eggs to his players, they go at it like vultures.

                    • Poopkins
                      Poopkins  2 months back

                      I wonder if anyone has submitted a question to the talksmachina asking who is on the Tal"Dorei Council

                      • José jr
                        José jr  2 months back

                        I dont watch critical role and i dont even know why they want to know who is in the council but god damn this is a great internal joke

                        • Shelby Beeimus
                          Shelby Beeimus  2 months back

                          “Remind us of our past! We love it!!!”

                          • GreenbloodLady
                            GreenbloodLady  2 months back

                            I’m gonna cry laughing, the editing on this was perfect.

                            • Hannah Mayr
                              Hannah Mayr  2 months back

                              (Softly) "... Or other information that might be more pressing." that was so cute I'd DIE for Nott

                              Anyway this is hilarious

                              • Toffeehammer
                                Toffeehammer  2 months back

                                Matt is going to kill them someday.

                                • Mayra Zamora
                                  Mayra Zamora  2 months back

                                  At the live show Q&A, we asked and he told us the name of ONE member other than Allura!

                                  • TheChosenBeast DoesGames
                                    TheChosenBeast DoesGames  2 months back

                                    Wait, is this still a mystery?

                                    • Lucas Maciel
                                      Lucas Maciel  2 months back

                                      I like how they repeat "that's unfjortunate"

                                      • Gabi Rodrigues
                                        Gabi Rodrigues  2 months back

                                        The editing on this is BEAUTIFUL!! I'm cryinnng

                                        • no no
                                          no no  2 months back

                                          Really catchy song

                                          • GammaAlanna
                                            GammaAlanna   2 months back

                                            I thought it perfectly captured their sillyness

                                        • Jacob Halifax
                                          Jacob Halifax  2 months back

                                          When Matt said that she teleported away there were a bunch of people in chat going "COUNTERSPELL"

                                          • Justin Coonradt
                                            Justin Coonradt  2 months back

                                            My head canon is that scanlan is totally on the council and does nothing but gloat about his daughter to the other members and not pay attention durring meetings. Much to the dislike of Percy and Keyleth.

                                            • Schnieder6
                                              Schnieder6  2 months back

                                              S2 E86

                                              I'm kinda hoping that when everything has calmed down, they ask Yasha.

                                              Nott:"Hey, Yasha. While you were with Obann, did he ever happen to mention any members of the Tal'Dorei Council?"

                                              • Isaac Michaelsen
                                                Isaac Michaelsen  2 months back

                                                Is this a Campaign One thing?

                                                • RandomAlpaca
                                                  RandomAlpaca  2 months back

                                                  Isaac Michaelsen Yeah, they’re pretty much trying to get Matt to say that Vox Machina is on the Council

                                              • Itz_Aleci_Gacha
                                                Itz_Aleci_Gacha  2 months back

                                                "MERCERRRRR!!!" God, I love Talesin. Your editing style is glorious.

                                                Other favourites: "That's unfortunate", "Fjuck", the slow zoom on Travis, Nott/Sam flying across the screen casually.

                                                • kayleylynn
                                                  kayleylynn  2 months back

                                                  This is really awesome! I love the little bubbles! It reminds me of the Brady Bunch

                                                • liefy_greens
                                                  liefy_greens  2 months back

                                                  This is the perfect video

                                                  • MathiTV
                                                    MathiTV  2 months back

                                                    Maybe the real council is the friends we made along the way

                                                    but seriously that's some god tier editing right there and made the entire thing even funnier

                                                    • Princesslilfire LG
                                                      Princesslilfire LG  2 months back

                                                      The music and edits on this are just *chefs kiss*

                                                      • Bikini Bro
                                                        Bikini Bro  2 months back

                                                        The editing on this was beautiful

                                                        • Brabzilla
                                                          Brabzilla  2 months back

                                                          YAY A new CR edits channel! Cant wait to see what else you make for us, this one was fantastic!

                                                          • Alphtheo R.
                                                            Alphtheo R.  2 months back

                                                            "The assassin can travel through stone and come up out of the ground." Gentlemen's respnse "you're fucked"

                                                            • CampaignerSC
                                                              CampaignerSC  2 months back

                                                              They're kinda breaking character because their new characters literally have no reason to care. Good on Matt for denying them.

                                                              • StarFish!
                                                                StarFish!  2 months back

                                                                But they're also having fun, which is the more important thing

                                                            • madkryme
                                                              madkryme  2 months back

                                                              Well I found out one person that’s on the council yesterday...

                                                              • Mayra Zamora
                                                                Mayra Zamora  2 months back

                                                                I was there and was equally excited!

                                                              • madkryme
                                                                madkryme  2 months back

                                                                Chasroth spoiler alert
                                                                Matt confirmed Vex is on the council and Laura stood up and celebrated! She was so stoked!!

                                                              • Chasroth
                                                                Chasroth  2 months back

                                                                Who? I couldn't go to the q+a

                                                            • Berzerker Zero
                                                              Berzerker Zero  2 months back

                                                              Who is on the council? And what do they know about a chair?

                                                              • Brocolisss
                                                                Brocolisss  2 months back

                                                                this is the best joke

                                                                • Elvin Villamor
                                                                  Elvin Villamor  2 months back

                                                                  Vox mechina!!!!counsil vox mechina!!!!!

                                                                  • InsanityScythe Productions

                                                                    Sam just flying around made this so much funnier

                                                                    • Cool Dude
                                                                      Cool Dude  2 months back

                                                                      I imagine myself strangling Mercer’s throat wailing him around screaming WHOS ON THE COUNCIL, WHO...IS ON...THE DAMN...COOOOOUNCCCCCIIIIIL

                                                                      • Ilona Sh.
                                                                        Ilona Sh.  2 months back

                                                                        I saw it on tumblr but came to appreciate it there because this is a masterpiece

                                                                        • Tee McWeirdy Person
                                                                          Tee McWeirdy Person  2 months back

                                                                          This is the new chair, for sure

                                                                          • Dr. M Hyde
                                                                            Dr. M Hyde  2 months back

                                                                            Music is a little loud, but still a funny video.