Emma Chamberlain and Ethan Dolan's Cutest Moments


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  • Narai Esparza
    Narai Esparza  3 days back


    • Cherise Viljoen
      Cherise Viljoen  4 days back

      I still ship #ETHMA and that's not changing anytime soon.
      Fight me all you want

      • Mayokun Mayonnaise
        Mayokun Mayonnaise  4 weeks back


        • Danielle Croy
          Danielle Croy  4 weeks back

          This is so sad to watch sense they most likely broke up 🥺😭

          The three of them (Emma, grayson and ethan) are taking a break from their friendship because of the breakup

        • Bognar Evelin
          Bognar Evelin  1 months back

          U a savage for putting this vid out after their breakup lol

          • Delia Enya
            Delia Enya  1 months back

            well it s pretty obvious they were dating and split

            • Alexisgama 101
              Alexisgama 101  1 months back

              I'm glad you still have hope for them ️❤️

              • It's Jeezyren
                It's Jeezyren  1 months back

                Ethma stuff gotta go, y'all know damn well they're not dating at all

                • Jenna Saylor
                  Jenna Saylor  1 months back

                  if you want to go on a sister squad marathon⤵️

                  • Jenna Saylor
                    Jenna Saylor  1 months back

                    I'm not crying, you are😰

                    • toxic
                      toxic  1 months back

                      The only one that freaks me out is “My House. Now” like dude what is that?

                      • Isabelle Boisvert
                        Isabelle Boisvert  1 months back

                        I think they are still together, just getting so good hiding it. Emma has a little lock charm necklace, Im sure its from him and she still wears it in every video. Also, he was in Paris at the same time last week, probably going with her. Dont be fooled by what they want you to believe. They just want to keep this very private.

                        • Shivani Priya
                          Shivani Priya  1 months back

                          I wonder how they feel when they look at videos like these lol

                          • Dennise Espiritu
                            Dennise Espiritu  1 months back

                            Now we are just barely getting crumbs. They most likely aren't tgt anymore

                            • Dennise Espiritu
                              Dennise Espiritu  1 months back

                              I miss them

                              • Shawn Mendes my life mendes

                                Now people are saying they broke up

                                • Mariam Fahmy
                                  Mariam Fahmy  1 months back

                                  2:24 pause it, Emmas eyes are SOOOO blue

                                  • moonchild
                                    moonchild  1 months back

                                    The stretch luv madness luv

                                    • aoi k
                                      aoi k  1 months back

                                      ok maybe im crying

                                      • Malaya Canchela
                                        Malaya Canchela  1 months back

                                        2:11 There laughs tho, lmaooo

                                        • Gloria Bombi Ebengo
                                          Gloria Bombi Ebengo  2 months back

                                          well, what is certain is that they are not dating anymore.

                                          • Dolstan x
                                            Dolstan x  2 months back

                                            Its over now tho😂😬😕

                                            • Tatiana Franco
                                              Tatiana Franco  1 months back

                                              B have you not seen all the proof

                                            • pie is for guys
                                              pie is for guys  1 months back

                                              why? what happened

                                            • Dolstan x
                                              Dolstan x  2 months back

                                              well i think it was pretty obvious

                                            • B
                                              B  2 months back

                                              were they ever even confirmed to be dating?

                                          • fanta davyvann
                                            fanta davyvann  2 months back

                                            I JUST MISS THEM OK

                                            • Grethan478
                                              Grethan478  2 months back

                                              How do we even know if they’re dating still😢

                                              • Abby Ross
                                                Abby Ross  1 months back

                                                they arent... if u look on emmas vouge with Louis Viton interview they ask her hows the single life because she is single now

                                            • BTS Manager
                                              BTS Manager  2 months back

                                              Teaaaaa at this point idk

                                              • BRATANNIE__7
                                                BRATANNIE__7  2 months back