'Madam Secretary' Ending in the Fall With Abbreviated 10-Episode Final Season | THR News


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  • Clemence Maluwa
    Clemence Maluwa  2 months back

    There probably going to make a spin off called madam president

    • Nadia G
      Nadia G  2 months back

      The reason why ratings went down was because of cbs putting it at a late timeslot making time for their beloved nfl football! This is a great show that should have been explored further...tea leonis character was so real...happy at least we get to see her as president. Bet ratings will go up for last ten episodes.

      • Kimmo Miettinen
        Kimmo Miettinen  4 months back

        Thank You Thea, Thank You and this drama writer, this can really happen. Thea, You are really belieavble, maybe be ware what you hope.
        Anyway this tv-serie is great. The words you said announcing your candidatit, were great, hopefully the world could be that some day, with greetings: tv finland yle pension stage manager

        • Balz Sac
          Balz Sac  4 months back

          I watch this show in the UK,and haven’t missed a single one,loved all of them,now I want to see Madam president ,please make it happen 😁

          • k scott
            k scott  5 months back

            Great Show !1!

            • Dirtysignlover
              Dirtysignlover  5 months back

              Good, it's become a load of woke bullshit.

              • Ashley M
                Ashley M  5 months back

                Such b.s.!!!!! This is the best show on tv on my opinion!

                • Juicetin
                  Juicetin  5 months back

                  6 seasons is really good and when she becomes president she won’t really be madam secretary any more