Player-controlled free agency is a mess Adam Silver can’t fix — Whitlock | NBA | SPEAK FOR YOURSELF


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  • Speak For Yourself
    Speak For Yourself   4 months back

    Is player control helping or hurting the NBA?

    • Lsaac Navarro
      Lsaac Navarro  4 months back

      Regardless, it's not lasting . Owners WILL change this. Mark my words.

    • EternalE13 C
      EternalE13 C  4 months back

      @Iambriangregory r you really serious, I understand very well. Owners usually put a portion of there tabs on the cities such as stadiums, isn't the one of the reason Seattle no longer have a team, I understand the money of the franchises isn't nothing if no players were there, it's not about good business, and I'm not saying all teams, I'm making a point that white America can't feel or refuse to feel, it's about the power structure. When you have the Steelers who owner or GM or president says y'all kids follow big Ben, you make him absentee of any wrong doing, how they following dude being investigated for whatever reason, you talking to grown men, you can't take on part of what I said, everyone wants to educate, but most people wanna see other aspects

    • Iambriangregory
      Iambriangregory  4 months back

      @Bruce Flash when you said you were SORRY you were correct. You're also a glutton for punishment you're also been dead for $700 I'm going to charge you every time YOU-ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

    • Bruce Flash
      Bruce Flash  4 months back

      @Iambriangregory Yep, sorry. Still don't understand what you're saying 😂

  • GregZ123
    GregZ123  1 months back

    Whitlocks fat spit crackling when he talks is so awful. How is allowed on TV?

    • Genius Report
      Genius Report  3 months back

      Players have too much control. They get paid for a service. The second they dont live up to it, on or off the floor. The people paying them are gonna look to move u and get the value they paid out back. Do your job. Trades are part of it

      • Omar Kbiri
        Omar Kbiri  4 months back

        Free agency ain't a mess. The first time players where as dominate in a free agency period as this and we got one of the most competitive seasons coming up. Players generally want to be challenged, team owners generally want to make money and are therefor more open to superteam scenario's. NBA season 19/20 gonna be one of the most interesting seasons ever...just watch the increase on ratings. The players elevated the league thx to free agency

        • Michael Hillary
          Michael Hillary  4 months back

          Definitely helping. The problem is owners wanting control over everything. Did we forget old just traded Russ. Also Celtic didn’t resign Ale Horford

          • Greg Belcher
            Greg Belcher  4 months back

            Since when is there a competition between NFL and NBA? As a viewer, I have never found myself in a position where I had to choose between a basketball or a football game.

            Very rarely do you find a player choosing between playing pro basketball or football. This is a complete nonissue. Slow news day?

            • MalikEmmanuel
              MalikEmmanuel  4 months back

              Jason is not accounting for the fact that NBA players are not simple employees like fry cooks at a fast food restaurant, but they are both the talent that produces/invents the product (content) but also the product itself.

              That makes them not just employees, but also partners with the league.

              • bdwilson32
                bdwilson32  4 months back

                I like Marcellus, but sometimes you hear a lot of words coming out of his mouth and he isn't saying much.

                • Ricky Montanez
                  Ricky Montanez  4 months back

                  Whitlock so out of touch its not even funny. sitting up there on his comfy chair smoozing with owners taking their side until he is blue in the face even with valid stories being brought up he just dismisses the point since it contradicts his opinion. You would think he is a owner not a former player

                  • Galant Koh
                    Galant Koh  4 months back

                    I agree with Whitlock but I don't think he expressed the key point. The player's job is to stay in shape and play basketball. The owner's job is to build a team. The owner cannot do his job as well if the central players brought in can just leave unpredictably. It can bring down years of planning and building. Valuable assets can be traded away to acquire better players for a determined time (per contract) and that can be ruined and the build destroyed by those players not honouring the contract or their word.

                    Sure, players can be traded, but that's part of the nba life and a side effect of the owner's job and cap. Teams can't keep all assets or else they would. So there is always the chance you could be traded if the team isn't working out or someone better is available. That's why moves are made.
                    The problems here are caused by unwritten expectations. Players without a no trade cause expecting never to be traded. Or players wanting to be with a certain teammate, or players just having different desires and then that being allowed to hold sway. It's no way to operate. Business should always be done under clear terms laid down in contracts. Everyone, players and owners, need to know where they stand and be able to count on that.

                    What's the solution? I think the contracts are the answer. They need to be strengthened and perhaps more details and specifics need to be considered. More player friendly options need to be investigated, maybe even incentives created to allow players freedoms or perks that they can earn in various ways perhaps via longevity or performance but whatever the case it is essential that everything is done clearly and under contract. No unwritten expectations.

                    • vinnythewebsurfer
                      vinnythewebsurfer  4 months back

                      I don’t think it’s good for parity because there’s no NBA players that wanna go to no fly over state. If every player had a Choice where to go, do you think California or anywhere on the east coast wouldn’t be their first and second choice?

                      • Willie Gordon
                        Willie Gordon  4 months back

                        8 billion dollars is nothing to sneeze at.

                        • Eric Lee
                          Eric Lee  4 months back

                          Now that the big 3 era is over teams like the 04 Pistons will rise again.

                          • Now What
                            Now What  4 months back

                            Somebody call Willie D and Charlemagne. Butter biscuit man caping for Mr. Chalee again !!!

                            • aundre3051
                              aundre3051  4 months back

                              Fat man with a fedora

                              • Harold Kirkendoll-Bey
                                Harold Kirkendoll-Bey  4 months back

                                The business of professional sports treats it’s athletes like slaves. At the end of the day the owners look the best at the bank!

                                • Merg
                                  Merg  4 months back

                                  not sure if Whitlock or Viscera from WWF days

                                  • Robert Jones
                                    Robert Jones  4 months back

                                    Is Whitlock saying to end free agency. players shouldn't be able to choose where they go when they enter FREE agency. Whitlock is a clown

                                    • Michelangelo Markus
                                      Michelangelo Markus  4 months back

                                      Yeah, the thing they leave out is that if I work as a lawyer and I don't like my firm, I can QUIT and GO TO A NEW FIRM.

                                      You can't do that in the NBA. You can't just quit a team and sign with a different one.

                                      So if players can't quit, they should at least have the right to handle their free agency as they see fit when they are finally out of contract.

                                      As far as trades go, they can request a trade, but they can't make the owners trade them. So that's not the same either.

                                      Like imagine you quit your job, and then suddenly no other place is allowed to hire you, you have to pick a new industry or leave the entire country.

                                      That's insane. No one would tolerate that in any other career besides sports.

                                      • Think On These Things...
                                        Think On These Things...  4 months back

                                        Adam Silver sold players, not teams to networks for money. Now they've paid the guys and gave them the right to earn Free Agency. Players can't be bribed into staying on teams. Freedom to choose doesn't equal money. Some players can't be bought off. Team owners are making billions to players millions. Then there are bird rights. The owners haven't lost control. They just don't like player movement. The players are still drafted and have inexpensive contracts for 5-7 years. Adam Silver has to keep stars for sale to keep money coming in. It really is a sophisticated plantation system. I dislike the idea of selling stars and Superstars to the networks for money. Wait until he starts exporting American NBA players to China, Europe and Africa. He'll attach the big contracts to overseas placement. Those contracts won't be easy to break. Living in another country won't be simple either. Fewer laws and protections. We won't be able to watch the games without significant cost either. All this is done and the League is 70-85% African American but team ownership is not. We argue over these dollars and a bit of freedom while others own the teams, bird rights and make billions. No wonder Adam Silver and ownership think the guys can be bribed by large amounts of money. Hard to forget when the Clippers franchise became available and Black ppl wanted to purchase it that didn't get done. Diversity is more than a look and ppl shouldn't settle or be fooled by the NBA or NFL. Neither has diversity in franchise ownership.

                                        • C Squared
                                          C Squared  4 months back

                                          Whitlock reminds me of a socialist. Let the free market work itself out. If a player doesn't want to be traded, then negotiate a no-trade clause. So easy. Otherwise an owner must have the ability to dump salary via a trade. Not agreeing to that it is like taking out a mortgage on a house and being told that you can't sell it until it's paid off.....ludicrous. You have to be able to run your business. If a player doesn't want to work work you anymore, work on trading him. Who wants a player that doesn't want to be there. Be professional, talk with the player and agree that both sides will put their best foot forward while searching for trade partners.

                                          • ICU361
                                            ICU361  4 months back

                                            Eating at too many buffets is a mess also. I’m just saying.

                                            • That Guy234
                                              That Guy234  4 months back

                                              Jason Whitlock is a idiot. I hate his opinions and he’s such a bigot. Hates on players, he hates player success.
                                              Don’t forget that these great players earn those contracts and they bring in revenue to these cities and teams. That is their power. It’s not like all NBA players have these options.

                                              • 4 Fake
                                                4 Fake  4 months back

                                                I agree with Whit

                                                • Georgios Ntavakis
                                                  Georgios Ntavakis  4 months back

                                                  FREEEEEEE AGENCYYYYYYY IS THE LANDDDDD OF THE NBAAAAAAAAAAAA.........and how we can have it EVERYYYYYYYYYYY YEARRRRRRRRRRRRRR,,??????????????........'''''''''WHEN YOU HAVE A CONTRACT OVER 10 MILLIONS YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO PLAY FOR THIS CITY OVER A YEAR''''''''.............SO IF YOU ARE LEBRON YOU MUST GO IN EVERY AMERICA CITY.......SO????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!...WE HAVE FREE AGENCYYYYYYYYY EVERYYYYYYYYYYY YEARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.............................and we the EUROPEAN GUYS ADOREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE NBAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA....not american football....hahahahaahhaaha

                                                  • Dick Winters-Black
                                                    Dick Winters-Black  4 months back

                                                    Whitlock's internalized inferiority complex is kicking up a fuss. The power of the player, or an athlete's having a say in their career or destiny is such a foreign concept to him, that he is doing his best to undermine anyone who rocks the owner/player boat. He is Sam Jackson's character in Django.

                                                    • Black General
                                                      Black General  4 months back

                                                      Football players are treated like slaves and can’t voice an opinion. NBA players can demand trades and het guaranteed money.but Jason Whitlock wants them all as slaves.

                                                      • Trenesha Clark
                                                        Trenesha Clark  4 months back

                                                        With all this generating billions, NFL players dont get paid as much. I'm sure those NFL players would like to trade contracts lol

                                                        • mark jag
                                                          mark jag  4 months back

                                                          They have good conversations on this show

                                                          • eqsharp
                                                            eqsharp  4 months back

                                                            NFL generates 2x the revenue as the NBA? If NFL players don’t like their money and contracts its their own fault.

                                                            • mattlarocca16
                                                              mattlarocca16  4 months back

                                                              The league is waaaaaaaaaaay more balanced this next season than its been in 4 years. CANT WAIT!

                                                              • Rasheed Davis
                                                                Rasheed Davis  4 months back

                                                                Im honestly starting to think whitlock is jealous of black athletes bc he makes noo sense

                                                                • Rasheed Davis
                                                                  Rasheed Davis  4 months back

                                                                  Tell me a corporation where ur not allowed to decide where u work if ur the best at ur job??

                                                                  • Ryan Miller
                                                                    Ryan Miller  4 months back

                                                                    From a player side the NBA has the better deal- But Its not even close from a money standpoint. NFL is and will always be the king of sports in the US.

                                                                    • Steve Bell
                                                                      Steve Bell  4 months back

                                                                      About time Players get to pick where they fit best 🏀🏀🏀 especially Veterans 💯💯💯

                                                                      • Charles Washington
                                                                        Charles Washington  4 months back

                                                                        People are saying players should be able to control their future by dictating where they go and saying owners trade players all the time did you ever think if players would actually live up to their contracts and play well they wouldn't get traded LeBron james don't get traded because he lives up to his contract and performs every game the reason why certain players like Chris paul gets traded all the time is because they don't show up every game and produce wins on a nightly basis and helps the team advance

                                                                        • al mil
                                                                          al mil  4 months back

                                                                          Of course Whitlock would be against a player having control of his career.

                                                                          • mike marcus
                                                                            mike marcus  4 months back

                                                                            Whitlock: I’m happy for them
                                                                            Me : hmmmm🤔🤔🤔🤔 that’s a lie

                                                                            • Poor Boi
                                                                              Poor Boi  4 months back

                                                                              Nba players are way way more famous all around the world, I can’t even name u one current nfl player lol

                                                                              • Epic Reign Gaming
                                                                                Epic Reign Gaming  4 months back

                                                                                Do people really believe that the players are employees? Lol if they were employees, they wouldn't be signing a contract that includes guaranteed money and clauses that allow them to get out of the contract at a discount.

                                                                                Players are CONTRACTED, not hired by organizations.

                                                                                When you pay a company to build your house, they don't become your employee. They become contracted by you to perform a job. They can walk away whenever they want, there are just usually penalties to pay.

                                                                                • Tracey Joyner
                                                                                  Tracey Joyner  4 months back

                                                                                  Whitlock mention how much money the players are making the owners.

                                                                                  • Leon Reid
                                                                                    Leon Reid  4 months back

                                                                                    Jason whitlock 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️😩😫😞

                                                                                    • Sam Frends
                                                                                      Sam Frends  4 months back

                                                                                      THE PLAYERS WORK FOR THE TEAM. Enough of this bs.

                                                                                      • Jeremy Maynard
                                                                                        Jeremy Maynard  4 months back


                                                                                        • barkerm9
                                                                                          barkerm9  4 months back

                                                                                          The problem is that the teams are now terrified of turning down a trade request, because if you do, you will not be able to get another star player to sign with your franchise. If you do allow the trade, then you have one less superstar, and you can’t recruit another star player to replace the one you just traded.

                                                                                          I believe the owners will be looking for concessions on the next cba, because if you are a franchise that isn’t on the southwest coast, or in the northeast, in this new NBA, you will never be able to sustain success. Teams in those markets will probably demand a bigger cut of TV revenue to make up for the fact that this new pattern of player movement will diminish the value of those franchises if they don’t.

                                                                                          • BOONIQUE
                                                                                            BOONIQUE  4 months back

                                                                                            Basketball is a global sport. Football is a national sport.

                                                                                            • B. Chandler
                                                                                              B. Chandler  4 months back

                                                                                              5:35 Whitlock get chopped. Stuttering and stammering. Marcellus was sipping that cup. 🤣

                                                                                              • Art Dimapilis
                                                                                                Art Dimapilis  4 months back

                                                                                                Fatguy, NBA is now a players' league, thanks to Lebron.