Underrated Makeup Products That DESERVE MORE HYPE!

  • Published: 28 June 2018
  • Hello Loves! Today, I'm discussing a few of my favourite products that I think are underrated in the Online Beauty Community! I love these kinds of chatty beauty topics so please leave suggestions below for what kinds of chatty beauty videos you want to see from me! Much love, Arna xx

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    Cover FX PowerPlay VS Natural Finish Double Review:
    Products I Discovered WITHOUT a Beauty Guru Influence: office-2016.info/video/5x18a65OW_4/video.html

    ○ P R O D U C T S

    + Too Faced Born This Way Concealer - Fairest
    US: rstyle.me/~aqKSe or rstyle.me/~aqKSS
    UK: rstyle.me/~aqKSr
    AU: shopstyle.it/l/GuWh

    + Zoeva Graphic Eyes Pencil
    Global: rstyle.me/~a3FtT

    + ChiChi Eye Brightener Duo
    AU: bit.ly/2Mi8izL

    + BH Cosmetics Studio Pro HD Brow Pencil - Blonde
    Global: rstyle.me/~afWDd

    + Cover Fx Natural Finish Foundation - N0
    US: rstyle.me/n/c56v2ycbm5x
    UK: rstyle.me/n/c56v5fcbm5x
    AU: rstyle.me/n/c56v3vcbm5x

    + Jordana Sculpt & Go Creamy Contour Stick
    Global: rstyle.me/~acZmO

    + Bare Minerals Invisible Bronze - Fair to Light
    US & UK: rstyle.me/~ar27i or rstyle.me/~arJON
    AU: shopstyle.it/l/H3U5

    + Bare Minerals Invisible Glow Powder - Fair to Light
    US & UK: rstyle.me/~9Xrlg
    AU: shopstyle.it/l/L8aC

    + ELF Mineral Pearls - Natural
    US: rstyle.me/~acZmS
    Global: goo.gl/YGzwVN

    + Too Faced Love Light Prismatic Highlighter - Blinded by the Light
    US: rstyle.me/~atEOb
    UK: rstyle.me/~abyMz
    AU: shopstyle.it/l/Kpq9

    + MAC Extra Dimension Highlighter - Double Gleam
    US: rstyle.me/~aadGO or rstyle.me/~aadGU
    UK: rstyle.me/n/c6b6v6cbm5x
    AU: rstyle.me/n/ct3yj2cbm5x

    + Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipsticks
    US: rstyle.me/~a3Fuz
    UK: rstyle.me/~axf5I
    AU: shopstyle.it/l/I0BG

    ○ M I S C E L L A N E O U S

    + Makeup I'm Wearing: office-2016.info/video/UYw5b_v6XJo/video.html
    + Top I'm Wearing: rstyle.me/n/c6b6yecbm5x
    + General Camera: Canon 700D with 18-55mm Lens
    + Vlog Camera: Canon G7x Mark ii

    ○ D I S C L A I M E R

    Thanks for watching! This is NOT a sponsored video. If you want to purchase any of the products mentioned, feel free to use the links above which gives me a small commission that helps to support this channel. You don't pay anything extra to use these links, but if you feel uncomfortable with the idea of affiliation links, feel free to search for the product yourself xx

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Comments • 180

  • TopSecretMakeup
    TopSecretMakeup  8 months back

    Great reviews but would be even better with quick swatches.

    • queen rosegold
      queen rosegold  1 years back


      • Svenja M.
        Svenja M.  1 years back

        Dear Arna, after having seen your video I bought both bare minerals products, the bronzer as well as the highlighter. They are both really gorgeous , I also have pale skin and the bronzer is so light, no fear to take too much colour , great. Thanks for this great recommendation. Greeting from germany, Svenja :D

        • Arna Alayne
          Arna Alayne   1 years back

          It’s a pleasure! So pleased I could help x

      • Lemonade Stand
        Lemonade Stand  1 years back

        The bare minerals highlighter was the very first highlighter i ever bought. I wasnt sure about highlighters at the time and just wanted to dip my toes into them and didnt want anything super blinding. Now i like the more blinding highlighters and dont wear it that much but it is a very good highlighter. It makes beautifal natural and subtle highlight on the skin.

        Ill have to take a look at the bronzers again. I think i looked at them before and they looked too dark.

        • Verisca Bezuidenhout
          Verisca Bezuidenhout  1 years back

          A lot of those brands not available here. Could you maybe show how the products apply? It makes it easier to know if a product is worth trying to find..

          • Verisca Bezuidenhout
            Verisca Bezuidenhout  1 years back

            Arna Alayne okay I am still watching previous videos as I only recently discovered your channel. Will look out for them

          • Arna Alayne
            Arna Alayne   1 years back

            I’ve demo’d these products lots in other videos :)

        • Sheila Jones
          Sheila Jones  1 years back

          I adore your look 💜💜💜, fantastic video as always 😍😍😍😍 xxxx

          • Hannah Andersen
            Hannah Andersen  1 years back

            The two faced concealer is my fav too!!
            buuuut I do have monster discolouration and darkness under my eyes, so sometimes the medium coverage just isnt enough for me.. I would love to see you review the new concealer that they are coming out with when it arrives in Australia!!

            • FEkatten
              FEkatten  1 years back

              Where do I get the ChiChi Eye Brightener Duo in Europe? I always wanted a good white eyeliner that actually stays in the waterline for more than a minute! I'm buying the Zoeva Graphic Eyes Pencil right now.

              • FEkatten
                FEkatten  1 years back

                Thank you! I'll look into that. :)

              • Arna Alayne
                Arna Alayne   1 years back

                It’s only sold in Australia, but I suggest the Essence Extreme Lasting Eye Pencil in Silky Nude :) very similar, affordable, and available in Europe.

            • Tarsila Sartori Nascimento

              The background makes it look like you're a news anchor that gives make up headlines :D

            • Vanja Anderson
              Vanja Anderson  1 years back

              Hello! I absolutely love you pale skin look! It's very 40s. I don't know how I missed your channel before. I have a few questions. I don't have eye lashes or brows because of trichotillomania and have them tattooed instead. Would your looks look weird with just foundation and lip stick? Also how old are you? I think I might be older then you which is why when I was trying on my foundation and dark lipstick it looked more creased. Thanks!

              • Vanja Anderson
                Vanja Anderson  1 years back

                Thank you! I'm 32. I'm going to be going through more of your videos in the coming weeks and bothering you with more questions. lol I think we're skin twins! I live in Southern California and it's always sunny here so I have sun damage. Have you ever used giorgio armani foundation? That's what I've currently been using.

              • Arna Alayne
                Arna Alayne   1 years back

                I’m 27! No I think bringing out your lips would look gorgeous x

            • Paige K
              Paige K  1 years back

              Loved the background in this video and I have a lot of these products on my wishlist, and will be purchasing them soon on your recommendation x

            • Andrea_Petroski
              Andrea_Petroski  1 years back

              I need to give that Jordana cream contour a go, I’ve got the benefit hoola one but I don’t really like it... I also want to try the bare minerals bronzer, it looks so beautiful

              • Susan Mueller
                Susan Mueller  1 years back

                Hi Arna! How does the Hourglass bronzer compare to the Bare Minerals bronzer in regards to a natural glow? Thanks! :)

                • Arna Alayne
                  Arna Alayne   1 years back

                  They’re very similar!! I would suggest Bare Minerals as it’s more affordable :)

              • Tanika Jaun
                Tanika Jaun  1 years back

                I love those two highlights too! The Mac one definitely doesn't get enough hype, it's amazing. I really want to try the stila lipsticks from your recommendations xx

                • Becky Barnes
                  Becky Barnes  1 years back

                  Totally agree about the Too Faced highlighter, it's so perfect and natural for everyday and it suits my very fair skin

                  • Katie Harris
                    Katie Harris  1 years back

                    I love that you offer something different to the Youtube beauty world. Your channel comes across with such sincerity, it's quite different to what else is out there ^_^ x

                  • Denise Herud
                    Denise Herud  1 years back

                    I only follow a handful of beauty channels bc it seems everybody reviews the same stuff at the same time and it's monotonous...I like that ur honest whether u like or dislike stuff and review things that aren't currently in the top 10 trending. Those lippies r gorgeous and I'm seriously wanting them, but it's a toss up between Pony lippies and these...the consistency of both seem nice and the colors are so gorge for fair skin💕 Love ur new background btw...its blurred and reminds me of filming in NY...nobody could tell where u are just that there's buildings... but they're *kool* buildings👍🏻😂💗

                  • Cecelia Morrisson
                    Cecelia Morrisson  1 years back

                    I love bareMinerals

                    • Gen R.
                      Gen R.  1 years back

                      i just love your eyelook !

                      • Katie Guidroz
                        Katie Guidroz  1 years back

                        I absolutely love the stila stay all day liquid lips! The only one I have is perrla however I feel it pulls a little blue toned on me. I'm trying to choose a more pinky nude shade. Maybe caro? It's been a while since I've looked but if you have a suggestion I'd love it!

                        • Arna Alayne
                          Arna Alayne   1 years back

                          I don’t have a pinky nude from them (Caramello is quite tan) but I love Patina for a nice pinky mauve!

                      • Kelleigh Bean
                        Kelleigh Bean  1 years back

                        Thank you Arna! Love these types of videos. Now I have some great new products I want to try!

                        • Kelli
                          Kelli  1 years back

                          Definitely love the background; looks really cool. You got me hooked on the Jordana cream contour. I've totally given up on every other contour product I've collected.

                          • Carla Gaulton
                            Carla Gaulton  1 years back

                            You are stunning!!!!

                            • Jill Van Den Berg
                              Jill Van Den Berg  1 years back

                              I love bareminerals but I live in the Netherlands and I can’t buy it here and I also can’t order it anywhere =(

                              • Jill Van Den Berg
                                Jill Van Den Berg  1 years back

                                lovemyrainydays Thank you for the tip!=)

                              • lovemyrainydays
                                lovemyrainydays  1 years back

                                Hi Jill - Have you tried Amazon? They'll ship internationally. Also there's online stores like Escentual & Debenhams (UK) that ship internationally too - I've not bought from them yet, but they're in my list of places to try when I'm looking for stuff we can't get here in Oz.

                              • Arna Alayne
                                Arna Alayne   1 years back


                            • Amy Plays With Colour
                              Amy Plays With Colour  1 years back

                              I love the BH cosmetics brow pencils, I have both types, the micro one with the spoolie on the other end, and the double ended ones, both in several shades as I forever change my hair colour but my natural brows are blond.

                              I bought the Jordana contour stick based on your recommendation and love it.

                              I love the Stila liquid lipsticks. I usually buy the sets of minis when they go on sale after Christmas.

                              I really want to try both the Mac Double Gleam and the Too Faced Love Lights - Blinded by the Lights.

                              • KaysieDaniels
                                KaysieDaniels  1 years back

                                Thanks lovely! Much appreciated!!!! These are very loved and enjoyable

                                • Laurie Gold
                                  Laurie Gold  1 years back

                                  When I got ready today, I used the Jordana contour. I bought it after you first mentioned it and it’s been my go-to ever since!

                                • krystledawne
                                  krystledawne  1 years back

                                  I bought the Jordan’s stick on a whim too! I find the bast application for me is to swipe it onto my beauty sponge and press it onto my cheek. Instantly blended look!

                                • Dawn Penner
                                  Dawn Penner  1 years back

                                  Arna, I LOVE your channel, and I have been inspired and happy with your recommendations! I'm a fellow pale gal, and Your looks are always so classy and inspired. You're a real talent!

                                • pinkpop37
                                  pinkpop37  1 years back

                                  Would love it if you could do a video on the new too faced multi use concealer 💞

                                  • Arna Alayne
                                    Arna Alayne   1 years back

                                    It’s coming :) it’s still in the post x

                                • Samantha March
                                  Samantha March  1 years back

                                  I love the background! And I still haven't tried the Stila lipsticks eek!

                                  • Arna Alayne
                                    Arna Alayne   1 years back

                                    Thanks Samantha!! But girl you need to try them since you love liquid lippies!!! Grab a mini set during the holidays as they’re great value and help you try out a few colours :)

                                • Katherine Borski
                                  Katherine Borski  1 years back

                                  Bronzer always look muddy or dark on me but thanks to you I found the ELF pearls and they have been a game changer! They add just enough warmth to the face and I love them!

                                • Seunghyun
                                  Seunghyun  1 years back

                                  I went into the mac Store to check out double gleam but the sales assistant was so snooty! I told her I need a highlighter for super fair skin but she chose such a dark colour for me. 😒😒😒 arna, please let me know if mac double gleam will show up on my skin and if it's worth the splurge? Because even becca moonstone doesn't show up that well on me.

                                  • Arna Alayne
                                    Arna Alayne   1 years back

                                    Ugh I hate snooty sales assistants. It definitely will. It’s description on MAC describes it as a Nude that flashes silver or something like that haha so it has a stronger cool glossy effect on the skin but without the heavy base pigment. Therefore, when you’re facing the front, you won’t see it, but as you shift your head, it’ll shine like a diamond 🤗

                                • Shelby Hall
                                  Shelby Hall  1 years back

                                  I got the Jordana contour stick a few weeks ago. I wanted the Fenty but didn't want to spend the money:)

                                  • Arna Alayne
                                    Arna Alayne   1 years back

                                    You made a smart decision and aren’t missing out xx

                                • Victoria Hemingway
                                  Victoria Hemingway  1 years back

                                  I love that too faced highlighter too. It’s beautiful on fair skin. I bought it before seeing any reviews and I’m glad I did.

                                  There is definitely and idea now that if one big influencer hates a product then it must not be worth buying. I’m learning now that makeup reacts differently and looks different on different skin and my most flattering product may look terrible on others. For me the biggest differences I find are in foundations and powders. There are many raved about products that melt off my face or look terrible right off or within two hours and some hated ones that I love.

                                  • Arna Alayne
                                    Arna Alayne   1 years back

                                    That’s why companies make so many different products :)

                                • SaucerJess
                                  SaucerJess  1 years back

                                  Loved this video! 💜

                                  • emmaholo
                                    emmaholo  1 years back

                                    I really like the background 💕👍😁

                                    • Katie Horn
                                      Katie Horn  1 years back

                                      Love the new background & lighting in this video! Xx

                                      • Peta Innes
                                        Peta Innes  1 years back

                                        I use the bh cosmetics brow pencil & haven’t used anything since, it’s a great brow pencil. I usually order 4 at a time lol

                                        • Arna Alayne
                                          Arna Alayne   1 years back

                                          Haha yes!! I ordered a bunch last time :)

                                      • Lauren Kerr
                                        Lauren Kerr  1 years back

                                        Love double gleam and the stila liquid lips! Thanks for the video as now I have a list of products to buy/check out xoxox

                                      • Diane Reiser
                                        Diane Reiser  1 years back

                                        Yes to the Bare Minerals, very good products.

                                      • _ tlwood
                                        _ tlwood  1 years back

                                        Completely agree that Stilla doesn’t get the attention deserved. I love their products!

                                        • Diane Reiser
                                          Diane Reiser  1 years back

                                          Too Faced concealer is oil free, it’s not going to be hydrating, stop misleading your viewers.

                                          • Arna Alayne
                                            Arna Alayne   1 years back

                                            Others have already defended my explanation, so thanks for sharing the science peeps :) but I also just want to let you know Diane that I was a bit taken aback by your comment. It felt a bit accusatory and actually a bit out of character for my subbies’ normal comments. Are you a regular viewer of mine? If not, I suggest watching a few more of my videos because I really pride myself on my authenticity and realness. I never ever want to mislead my viewers xx

                                          • thank u nxt
                                            thank u nxt  1 years back

                                            There is a difference between hydration and moisture:
                                            *Hydration= Water* (Lack of hydration in skin can & will cause a tight and sunken appearance in skin. Re-hydrating the skin with ingredients such as Hyaluronic acid will cause water to be drawn into the skin therefore hydrating it and making it appear more supple and plump)
                                            *Moisture= Oil* (Lack of moisture in the skin can & will cause dry and flaky skin. It can also cause the skin to be red and raw if the moisture barrier is damaged as well. Re-moisturising the skin with occlusive ingredients such as oils will cause the skin to soften and may help in repairing the moisture barrier therefore potentially helping to normalise the skin after trauma such as over-exfoliation, laser treatments & chemical peels)

                                            The Too Faced concealer would therefore be categorised as hydrating as I'm 99% sure it contains Hyaluronic Acid & coconut water which would potentially help with temporarily plumping up the undereyes and making tired eyes look less tired. Pleases note that skincare ingredients (INCLUDING SPF) in makeup are *NOT* a replacement for a adequate skincare routine.

                                          • Jenni Griesmer
                                            Jenni Griesmer  1 years back

                                            Diane Reiser oil is not the only form of hydration in cosmetic products. This concealer contains coconut water, which is also known for hydration. Lots of other brands include it in their hydrating products. As well as other ingredients that are also hydrating like aloe, hyaluronic acid, etc. She is not being misleading at all. “Oil free” makeup does not mean there are no other hydrating ingredients, just no oil as oils don’t work for everyone and are often too heavy and comedogenic.

                                          • AussyAngelx
                                            AussyAngelx  1 years back

                                            Diane Reiser products don’t require oil to be hydrating tho?

                                        • Maddy Collins
                                          Maddy Collins  1 years back

                                          I like the blinds open it kinda creates a cool geometric background ☺️ This bit is optional but I think also pointing the camera upward a tinsy bit more or raising the tripod height.. Just because the very top of your head is out frame, doing so would make you more centred in the frame.. 🙂

                                          • NightRainDream
                                            NightRainDream  1 years back

                                            I was surprised that the BareMinerals highlighter suited me (and my fair olive/cool yellow undertones). I'm pretty sure the pink toned blends in with my blush, leaving the shimmer (?) visible.
                                            Personally, I think Eye of Horus is a pretty underrated brand!

                                            • lovemyrainydays
                                              lovemyrainydays  1 years back

                                              Hell yes to Eye of Horus - I love their stuff. Holy grail pencils, brow products & mascara.

                                            • Arna Alayne
                                              Arna Alayne   1 years back

                                              Yes yes I agree!! I use to own their liners and they were great! That’s awesome you suit the Bare Minerals highlight :) it appears a little more like a soft cream sheen on the skin!

                                          • Margot Kercz
                                            Margot Kercz  1 years back

                                            Love the video! I have already purchased a ton of make up products you recommended and it was never a disappointment :) Mac double gleam and too faced blinded by the light became my absolute favourite highlighters (and I have a lot of highlighters) I just ordered a set of mini Stilla lipsticks and the Cover FX Natural Finish foundation as well so am looking forward to trying them out! And I get the feeling it won't end there! I truly love the way you talk about products (both the good and the bad) as you not only provide a lot of information but also give your views, which is great! I am definitely waiting for more!

                                            • Arna Alayne
                                              Arna Alayne   1 years back

                                              Thank you!! I’m so pleased to hear you love my recommendations x

                                          • Tammy St. Jean
                                            Tammy St. Jean  1 years back

                                            There are too many great brands out there that get like zero love and I'm not talking just indie brands major brands Milani, Pixi and Buxom to name a few not to mention "local" brands only sold in your perspective country. Here in Canada we have brands like Annabelle and Marcelle that are great and yet people don't talk about them even Canadian youtubers.

                                            • Arna Alayne
                                              Arna Alayne   1 years back

                                              Yes I agree! I’ve NEVER seen any of the major Canadian YTers mention those brands!! I’m keen to do a full face of Canadian makeup since I can use those Annabelle makeup goodies you sent me and MAC & Cover FX makeup haha do you know any other Canadian brands I can get access to?

                                          • hannah roebem
                                            hannah roebem  1 years back

                                            I agree with you, if one yt bashes a brand there are a lot if yt that follow without reading instructions well or having product knowledge. Charlotte tilbury eyeshadow fe they are so so beautiful but you have to use them in the manner as she explains in a lot of her video 's and they are worth every penny, i own 4 of them, some of the yt go in with a brush on the glitter shade and bash it for not working, that eyeshadow is made to use with your finger... oh people...

                                            • Arna Alayne
                                              Arna Alayne   1 years back

                                              Yes yes yes!! Research people haha