Kim Fields On Her “Facts of Life” Co-Stars’ Cameos In Her Lifetime Christmas Movie


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  • MarCor
    MarCor  5 days back

    KIM!!!! 🙌🏿

    • Debra Sloan
      Debra Sloan  6 days back

      I would like very much if people would STOP saying Christmas is about family . Well there are so many people that don’t have family , so I guess they can’t celebrate Christmas , Christmas is about Jesus we celebrate God’s gift to the World that a Savior is born to save us as we except Jesus into our life and live as true Christians . So stop telling people that Christmas is all about family there’s too many suicides around that time because people are lonely and have no family 😪

      • Golden Yonis
        Golden Yonis  6 days back

        Last time she was here on the show she was pregnant... Good to see you again.

        • Nina
          Nina  6 days back

          Cameo's???? I thought they were all starring in it??

          • David Richardson
            David Richardson  6 days back

            Kim Fields has not aged not one minute. And she stay getting them checks though!! She's come such a long way. Two or three generations have grown up watching her on television. From the OGs watching _Facts of Life_ as Tootie and on _Good Times_ when she played Penny's best friend to _Living Single_ for the Gen X and the millennials as Regine to _RHOA_ and _DWTS_ during her resurgence. Three generations.

            • Grace Turner
              Grace Turner  6 days back

              Awww all they needed was Mrs. Garrett 🙏🏼🙏🏼

            • MsTJL1
              MsTJL1  7 days back

              Okay, I know my hopes are too high for this... but it'd be great if the same could happen with cast of Living Single (but that's not the target market of viewers for Hallmark already reflected in the few leads of color they have in the first place 🤷🏾‍♀️...wishful thinking). Another time and space maybe.

              • Belinda Nobles
                Belinda Nobles  7 days back

                Hey Ladies..Love you all.

                • Chrissy Got The Coils
                  Chrissy Got The Coils  7 days back

                  Miss her!!💜💜💜💜

                  • Tameka Anderson
                    Tameka Anderson  7 days back

                    is the shaving the sides of yo head a women in 50's trend..... if so please let it die

                    • Michelle Gil
                      Michelle Gil  6 days back

                      Tameka Anderson 😂😂😂😂😂

                  • NDS Sum
                    NDS Sum  7 days back

                    Why did the guest in the audience have to be with Eva Marcille's mom who opened the gift for everyone🙄

                    • Johnte Lee
                      Johnte Lee  7 days back

                      "As being the star and leading lady" lmao

                      • AL WHIN
                        AL WHIN  7 days back

                        Kim Fields? I known you from the realhouse wives and look 20 years younger more happier and happy for you. :)

                        • Katie L
                          Katie L  7 days back

                          I’ll never like her after she sided with the abusive man on RHOA just because she didn’t like Kenya

                          • beautyfool
                            beautyfool  7 days back

                            🖕🏽Kenya. Kim was too good for that show.

                          • MsRose00
                            MsRose00  7 days back

                            Maybe that was wrong, but in her defense the only perception she had on Kenya was of a jealous bully who pulled out her chair.

                        • Nisha Pee
                          Nisha Pee  7 days back

                          Her and Janet Jackson confused me growing up

                          • D Tellafone
                            D Tellafone  6 days back

                            Janet and Kim look a lot alike! They are both short Taurus women with cute faces.

                          • David Richardson
                            David Richardson  7 days back

                            They look great to be 50+ I wonder if they are still friends.

                          • Mac Lucasta
                            Mac Lucasta  7 days back

                            They do favor each other!

                          • Ness
                            Ness  7 days back

                            Nisha Pee right! i was half expecting kim to say “gimme a beat!” when i was a kid 😂

                        • Shay91
                          Shay91  7 days back

                          Kim looks great. She's aging well for a lightskin woman.

                          • Shay91
                            Shay91  7 days back

                            Most of them age terrible.

                          • Nisha Pee
                            Nisha Pee  7 days back

                            Shay91 lightskin women don’t age well?

                        • Bexley I.
                          Bexley I.  7 days back

                          Kim looks good...they need to bring her back for an episode on RHOA.

                          • Vershalle R
                            Vershalle R  7 days back

                            I was thoroughly disappointed in the L train segment. To laugh, post a video where someone was killed was inhuman and honestly disgusting. Shame on the show and shame on the ladies!!

                            • Myronn Coleman
                              Myronn Coleman  7 days back

                              Vershalle R they didn’t post a video of someone being killed... they said “ on a serious note , someone actually lost their life due to this “ don’t you dare make up false stories like that... they would never show a video of someone getting killed

                          • Emoretta Robinson
                            Emoretta Robinson  7 days back

                            I like Kim Fields! I've always been a fan. I remember when she had blonde dreds. I think it'd be cool if Netflix had Living Single available

                            • Pen of the Beloved
                              Pen of the Beloved  6 days back

                              I’ve been rewatching Living Single and the show is just as amazing as I remember! 💕🥰

                            • MsRose00
                              MsRose00  7 days back

                              Marie 2020 I watch it all the time as my go to.

                            • Marie 2020
                              Marie 2020  7 days back

                              @Emoretta Robinson You're welcome 😊

                            • Emoretta Robinson
                              Emoretta Robinson  7 days back

                              @Marie 2020 really? I didn't know that. I might get Hulo just for that. Thanks for letting me know 🙂

                            • Marie 2020
                              Marie 2020  7 days back

                              All 5 seasons are currently on Hulu. It's been on there for quit some time!

                          • emz
                            emz  7 days back

                            she still sounds the same.

                            • Jool Suleiman
                              Jool Suleiman  7 days back

                              Hi I love you so much

                              • Ann Vaughn
                                Ann Vaughn  7 days back

                                Love Kim fields and her family

                                • O Overlyloved
                                  O Overlyloved  7 days back


                                  • Nesha
                                    Nesha  7 days back

                                    Man she doesn't age 😍

                                    • Julie Casey
                                      Julie Casey  6 days back

                                      Kim needs to tell the truth she knows Hollywood has sex with children in the business and in Epstein's circle still ALIVE

                                    • Glen CoCo
                                      Glen CoCo  7 days back

                                      Yes she does

                                    • Ann Vaughn
                                      Ann Vaughn  7 days back

                                      Like her mom chip fields

                                  • blessed and favorite
                                    blessed and favorite  7 days back

                                    Go on Kim

                                    • arshama arshama
                                      arshama arshama  7 days back

                                      I’m not happy that she’s coming back to RHOA season 12

                                      • arshama arshama
                                        arshama arshama  6 days back

                                        Myronn Coleman She announces it on her instagram story today

                                      • Myronn Coleman
                                        Myronn Coleman  7 days back

                                        arshama arshama when did u hear that ?

                                      • Bexley I.
                                        Bexley I.  7 days back

                                        At least 1 episode...5 min in 1 episode.

                                      • Q Howard
                                        Q Howard  7 days back

                                        Oh she is... I hope not

                                    • allison tamouzian
                                      allison tamouzian  7 days back

                                      That contour though

                                      • Brittany Mercedes
                                        Brittany Mercedes  7 days back

                                        She's beautiful. Wow.

                                        • DaniEatzTV
                                          DaniEatzTV  7 days back

                                          That is so awesome 🤩🤩 shoutout to everyone who brings their family UP!

                                          • Kendall Dickerson
                                            Kendall Dickerson  7 days back

                                            FIRST VIEW AND COMMENT. YAS