Tour of very luxurious German motorhome : Niesmann Bischoff Arto 82E


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  • Doris Parkinson
    Doris Parkinson  2 weeks back

    I think those small bins that are in most of new vans kitchen drawers are food compost bins ??? What do you think 🤔

    • Lynne Lynne
      Lynne Lynne  2 weeks back

      Hey Alan,,, You know I am not a fan (putting it mildly) of Anything made by Hymer,, but I am surprised that for such a lengthy Motor-home,, there is very little living space,, it's all in the garage..
      Cab seats appear uncomfortable with there ram-rod straight back killers .
      Sleeping quarters have head-bonking low lockers.
      Black should not be a color chosen for RV interior's since it enhances the feeling of closeness & heat,,, although the added Burberry designed pillows and cab headrests adds an up-beat touch and helps break up an otherwise drab interior design.

      • fredrik bergquist
        fredrik bergquist  2 weeks back

        The luxury is not only in the way it is designed but also in details like the floor storage lids that are made with such precision that you can hardly see them when closed!

        • Glen Choitz
          Glen Choitz  2 weeks back

          I have a question on the lengths you quote of each that exterior bumper to bumper or interior space, like from back of front seats or dash or? Enjoying all of your reviews...thanks!

          • Christopher Beale
            Christopher Beale  2 weeks back

            This layout must clearly be for people who like to eat out a lot as that kitchen is very small for 8.2 meters, with a lot of space taken up in the bathroom for an extra full size wardrobe (3 total wardrobes!). Also, with the lithium batteries the big key feature is the 240v 3000w inverter meaning you could feasibly run appliances like a microwave when off grid.

            • Colin Phillipson
              Colin Phillipson  2 weeks back

              Hi Alan, your requested reminder for Stuttgart to checkout scooter carrying in or on the rear of a MH.or in a van conversion. Cheers Colin.

              • jeforceone
                jeforceone  2 weeks back

                Thank you Alan For showing me all these beautiful Rv I can’t get here in America have you seen a Winnebago a shoebox on wheels

                • graeme roberts
                  graeme roberts  2 weeks back

                  Nice van......though not so different from some vans hugely cheaper......excepting of course the lithium component!

                  • Ahal bisiklet Gezgin
                    Ahal bisiklet Gezgin  2 weeks back


                    • Valerie Ann
                      Valerie Ann  2 weeks back

                      @Alan Heath, how tall are you? All the white ones are gorgeous on the outside, but that plaid upholstery on the 1 interior you showed us, not as gorgeous. Thanks, Alan!

                      • Roy Eirik Andreassen
                        Roy Eirik Andreassen  2 weeks back

                        Very nice cars, it shows the price too, executed style, great colors that are matched with each other, liked the cars a lot, you see from a distance that this is luxury, something extra. For the moment a dream, see what the future gives.

                        • Zoltan Szabatin
                          Zoltan Szabatin  2 weeks back

                          This is not a van👍✌️🚐

                          • Jamie Pickles
                            Jamie Pickles  2 weeks back

                            My favourite Luxury Motohome Brand

                            • Azeddine Najib
                              Azeddine Najib  2 weeks back

                              Too expensive 👎