Surfaces - Kid Kingdoms (Acoustic) [Official Audio]


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  • Surfaces Music
    Surfaces Music   10 months back

    Track 3 from our Surf Acoustic Sessions EP. Check our playlists to stream the whole EP :)

    • i need bts to complete my life


      • Myah Fields
        Myah Fields  3 weeks back

        This is so beautiful 💓🗣

        • Sidetracked
          Sidetracked  4 weeks back

          Probably my favorite song y'all have made so far.

          • private fantasize
            private fantasize  1 months back

            fucking taste! officially subscribe rn

            • Aliya Lackey
              Aliya Lackey  3 months back

              You guys are so underrated. You deserve so much more🌊💛

              • sunflower
                sunflower  3 months back

                I listened to all of your songs it made my day thanks<3 you're my fav singer now!!

                • Rica Poole
                  Rica Poole  4 months back

                  Surfaces music brings me to my dream living in Bondi beach. So beautifull and Gorgeous, anyone else have the same thoughts ?

                  • minecraft spider
                    minecraft spider  5 months back

                    why are there no ukulele tutorials for this i need to learn it

                    • Azpect
                      Azpect  6 months back

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                      • Luan Kyi
                        Luan Kyi  6 months back

                        [Verse 1: Forrest & Alexa]
                        Back when the year had a one in front
                        Back to pretend and lost kingdoms
                        Standing tall as some tree stumps, we'd just begun
                        Nowhere to hide, nowhere to run
                        Those pots and pans felt like our drums
                        We'd get lost under the sun
                        We'd just begun
                        Sometimes i sure do miss those days
                        Roam outside and go and play
                        Big wheels and birthday cakes
                        It was all okay
                        Live and learned from our mistakes
                        Some will fade and some will stay
                        Broke away from yesterday
                        And it's all okay
                        And it's all okay

                        [Verse 2: Forrest & Alexa]
                        Never woke up before noon
                        Cereal and old cartoons
                        Lazy days and pajama blues, nothing to lose
                        Every old place felt brand new
                        Never wondered who was who
                        Just some kids with sticks and glue, nothing to lose
                        Nowadays it's all replay
                        Youth still in our dna
                        Find a spot to go sit and lay
                        And we'll wash away
                        Never trade these summer days
                        Same kids as yesterday
                        Sand castles on the bay
                        And we'll wash away
                        And we'll wash away

                        • Jada Mendibles
                          Jada Mendibles  6 months back

                          C G Am F
                          On a ukulele❤️

                        • Introverted Weeb
                          Introverted Weeb  8 months back

                          This is beautiful

                          • Introverted Weeb
                            Introverted Weeb  8 months back

                            Hi I'm gonna cry

                            • Maizie Jeskewich
                              Maizie Jeskewich  8 months back

                              This is so good!! I actually have chills right now

                              • Sophia Norton
                                Sophia Norton  8 months back

                                ʟᴏᴠᴇʟʏ 💗

                                • Olivia Rush
                                  Olivia Rush  9 months back

                                  i want to play this for the rest of my life

                                  • Olivia Rush
                                    Olivia Rush  9 months back

                                    im gonna cry this is so beautiful