Blood Hunger: The Films of José Larraz - Arrow Video Review + Fangoria and Kolobos


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  • Martin Del Carpio
    Martin Del Carpio  4 months back

    Robert Altman

    • David Shiffer
      David Shiffer  5 months back


      • Poverty Chef
        Poverty Chef  6 months back

        How would I sponsor you to do an episode on my new novel?

        • T M
          T M  6 months back

          Hey man, I'm a big fan of Brian panowichs bull mountain and like lions and I plowed my way through lonesome dove but I'm ready for a change up in genre so I've been eyeing up horror. Ive decided i am going to buy one of your books off amazon as a start, as I enjoy you're videos so why not. 2 books that stand out to me are "Zero lives remaining" and "the tribesmen" but do you have any recommendations?

          • T M
            T M  6 months back

            @Adam Cesare Zero lives remain and video night both look like they'll be fun to read, I'll get them. I will definitely let you know what I think dude. Thanks for replying and keep up the good work.

          • Adam Cesare
            Adam Cesare   6 months back

            Thanks so much! Really appreciate it. Depends what you’re into. Out of those two, I’d suggest ZLR. But those are both novellas/short novels. If you want something with a little more meat on it, I’d suggest one of my longer books: Video Night (80s alien invasion stuff) or The Summer Job (modern folk horror/thriller). Whatever you pick up, please let me know what you think.

        • Samantha Stavropoulos
          Samantha Stavropoulos  6 months back

          Adam, I have a couple questions!! What makes a classic horror flick a classic? Would Johnny Depps Sweeney Todd be considered one? Would a newer Jack the Ripper movie be in the same classic duristriction of a movie made in 1979 of the same story? I am asking because I am reorganizing and though I own a few black and whites, I have oddball ones.

          • solid snake 323
            solid snake 323  6 months back

            My most binge watchable director is definitely Michael Mann but I’m also a fan of binging Hitchcock, Fulci, Raimi, De Palma, John Milius, Kenji Fukasaku, and Sam Fuller

            • Ellington Lassiter
              Ellington Lassiter  7 months back

              Ben Wheatley, Edgar Wright, The Coen Brothers, Jeremy Saulnier, and Gareth Evans, just to name a few. They're all filmmakers that are inherently metatextual and explore certain themes multiple times from different angles but don't repeat themselves. Also, if you have never read a comic called Gideon Falls by Jeff Lemire and Andrea Sorrentino, I think it would be very up your alley.

              • RedShoes
                RedShoes  7 months back

                Hey it's been literally years since the last horror movie that I've seen , they just stopped scaring me after 10 y old . Would you recommend something (movies, tv shows, books, audiobooks, whatever ..) that could scare the shit out of me ? It's not fun if I can't get scared. Please save me .

                • Bali Ocelot
                  Bali Ocelot  7 months back

                  Fantastic video Adam! Have you ever thought about writing a novel or novella that pays homage to the Zombie genre? Totally think you’d nail a book like that. I be first in line to buy it.

                  • Martin Roberts
                    Martin Roberts  7 months back

                    I know it’s a popular choice but Carpenter is the first director I got into, regardless of genre.

                    • Rob Renstrom
                      Rob Renstrom  7 months back

                      Most recently I can see myself doing marathons of S. Craig Zahler and Yorgos Lanthimos. They're my two favorite directors working at the moment and I trust them implicitly every time they release a new film.

                      • Rob Renstrom
                        Rob Renstrom  7 months back

                        Just watched it last week! I wouldn't quite put it up there with his first 2, but I still thoroughly enjoyed the ride. I think he's surpassed Tarantino when it comes to that type of genre film.

                      • Adam Cesare
                        Adam Cesare   7 months back

                        Same. They’re great. Have you seen DRAGGED yet?

                    • Celluloid Therapy
                      Celluloid Therapy  7 months back

                      Sorry, I just didn’t get “Us,” on ANY level whatsoever....ill timed humor, confusing plot, a complete mess. “Get Out” was a pretty good movie, but I feel more like we are witnessing the birth of a new M. Night Shyamalan....and people calling Peele “The new Hitchcock?” Are you serious?

                      • theRIDDLEofSTEEL
                        theRIDDLEofSTEEL  7 months back

                        Definitely Tarantino. Once I start, I just can't get enough of his unique style.

                        • Diane S
                          Diane S  7 months back

                          I think it would be nice to hear about any new material you are currently working on in your videos because I like getting sneek peeks. LOL!

                        • Diane S
                          Diane S  7 months back

                          Easiest question I think you've ever asked LOL. Fincher is my all time favorite along with John Carpenter for horror binges LOL.

                          • MANOR
                            MANOR  7 months back

                            So many to list... The latest one was Hitchcock. From silent films to melodrama to comedies to murder to espionage to horror and so on through a 50+ year filmography was fascinating.

                            • UziSuicide666
                              UziSuicide666  7 months back

                              Kinji Fukasaku

                              • Regina's Haunted Library
                                Regina's Haunted Library  7 months back

                                I binge on Clive Barker films—the ones he directed. 'Whirlpool' looks great. I love the cover. I recall seeing 'Vampyres' on an old VHS rental many years ago. These all look pretty cool!

                                • pottoco
                                  pottoco  7 months back

                                  David Lynch, but I recently just did this with Jack Hill. DePalma and Sergio Leone too.

                                  • Amy C.
                                    Amy C.  7 months back

                                    John Carpenter, Steven Spielberg, Ridley Scott

                                    • Michael Macaulay
                                      Michael Macaulay  7 months back

                                      Tough call but probably Mario Bava. This is a fantastic video - Jose Larraz made some crazy movies and like you've said there are some troubling themes. the House That vanished and Symptoms are both very sleazy as well although the latter has a fantastic perfromance too. Great to see him having recognition. Vampyres really is a classic.

                                      • Kevin Crain
                                        Kevin Crain  7 months back

                                        Love Carpenters movies. great video like your channel

                                        • Jose Rodriguez
                                          Jose Rodriguez  7 months back

                                          Wes Craven

                                          • gp365y
                                            gp365y  7 months back

                                            Wes Craven. #1 Would you recommend the blu ray set if you already have the blu underground release of vampyres?

                                            • Adam Cesare
                                              Adam Cesare   7 months back

                                              DVD or Blu? Depends how into features you are, I guess? A lot of these interviews are new. And I *loved* WHIRLPOOL, so also factor that in, if a skeevy little psychodrama sweetens the deal.

                                          • Stevie Psycho
                                            Stevie Psycho  7 months back

                                            David Fincher (yes, this includes Alien 3 because I love it so shut up!), though, I'll most likely skip Panic Room and Benjamin Button.

                                            • Adam Cesare
                                              Adam Cesare   7 months back

                                              I like Alien 3 *and* Panic Room!

                                          • August Willman
                                            August Willman  7 months back

                                            Wes Craven for sure, his movies are extremely watchable. Also, Raimi!

                                            • escaped vivesectionist
                                              escaped vivesectionist  7 months back


                                              • Adam Cesare
                                                Adam Cesare   7 months back

                                                I actually gave him as my example! But I cut that part out for time/because I was rambling!

                                            • Steven Gibson
                                              Steven Gibson  7 months back

                                              Super Episode Adam,and I Enjoy Roger Corman and Sam Raimi.

                                              • Adam Cesare
                                                Adam Cesare   7 months back

                                                Thanks, Steven. Huge Corman fan, here!

                                            • Gamer Geek244
                                              Gamer Geek244  7 months back

                                              My fave director is Wes Craven. Love him. I also love Carpenter, Romero and Fulci.

                                              • Jesse Diaz
                                                Jesse Diaz  7 months back

                                                Frank Hennelotter.

                                                He only made 6 films as director.
                                                Basketcase trilogy.
                                                Brain Damage.
                                                Bad Biology.

                                                But I love all of them + easiest director spotlight for a movie marathon.👍

                                                Great review on the Larraz films i really want to get that set but moneys tight man 😭.

                                                Also check out some of the Hennelotter's commentaries, espeacially some of the AFGA title that are being released. Always excited and knowledgeable on the films hes covering

                                                • Jesse Diaz
                                                  Jesse Diaz  7 months back

                                                  @Adam Cesare i got to check out what he has to say on Orgy Of The Dead. Thanks👍

                                                • Adam Cesare
                                                  Adam Cesare   7 months back

                                                  Excellent answer, Jesse. And you're right, I love his films, but his commentary track on Vinegar Syndrome's ORGY OF THE DEAD disc is next-level funny.

                                              • Controller Cramps
                                                Controller Cramps  7 months back

                                                Milos Foreman. John Carpenter.