Oscar Nominations 2020

  • Published: 13 January 2020
  • Watch live as the 2020 Academy Awards nominations are announced
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Comments • 27

  • Chip
    Chip  6 days back

    since when international films can b nominated for best picture?

    • The Eveileb
      The Eveileb  6 days back

      Adam Driver // Kylo Ren voice from Russia for you

      • fabclaw
        fabclaw  6 days back

        Curious... Who is the lead in BEAUTIFUL DAY IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD? I thought it was Tom Hanks. Wondering why he was nominated for best supporting actor vs best actor? Does anyone know?

        • Ben W
          Ben W  6 days back

          Tom hanks, Tom fu**ing hanks and not Willem Defoe for best supporting actor. Truly unbelievable

          • Nick Salazar
            Nick Salazar  6 days back

            Uncut Gems got snubbed big time!

            • Lucifer
              Lucifer  6 days back

              Obviously race 3 win best motion picture

              • Jorg 1206
                Jorg 1206  6 days back

                JOKERRRRR...Go swipe the floor on Oscar Day, well deserved!!

                • Lucifer
                  Lucifer  6 days back

                  Watch first parasite

              • jonty van den hoff
                jonty van den hoff  6 days back


                • MAXI PAZ
                  MAXI PAZ  6 days back

                  Thomas Newman must win Best Score after 14 nominations PLEASE

                  • MAXI PAZ
                    MAXI PAZ  6 days back

                    No nomination for a Awkwafina WTH?

                    • MAXI PAZ
                      MAXI PAZ  6 days back

                      De Niro no nomination and Kathy bates got in for supporting actress.....

                      • Ray Palmer
                        Ray Palmer  6 days back

                        Joker 11 nominations!!!!

                        • Ilya Honarvar
                          Ilya Honarvar  6 days back


                          • Aaron Carnes
                            Aaron Carnes  6 days back

                            John Cho is so goddamn likable

                            • Gwydion Rhys
                              Gwydion Rhys  6 days back

                              GRETA GERWIG WAS ROBBED FOR BEST DIRECTOR!

                              • Princess Tvisha
                                Princess Tvisha  6 days back

                                joker is gonna win

                                • eeehmm what
                                  eeehmm what  6 days back

                                  My short List:
                                  Best Actor: Joaquin Phoenix
                                  Best Supporting Actor: Al Pacino
                                  Best Score: Hildur Gudnadottir
                                  Best Cinematography: The Lighthouse
                                  Best Director: Scorsese or Tarantino
                                  Best Picture: 1917 or Once upon a time

                                  • eeehmm what
                                    eeehmm what  6 days back

                                    RottenHopper oh yeah, forgot it. I didn‘t see it yet

                                  • RottenHopper
                                    RottenHopper  6 days back

                                    I would put 1917 in cinematography

                                • Rudmila Sharker
                                  Rudmila Sharker  6 days back

                                  Parasite 6 nomination 😱😍

                                  • Ben W
                                    Ben W  6 days back

                                    am I literally the only one who thinks it’s way overhyped? I mean it was good but not 6 Oscar noms good

                                • Adam Hope
                                  Adam Hope  6 days back

                                  The Irishman

                                  • Miguel Yin
                                    Miguel Yin  6 days back

                                    Man... I wished I was being payed just for clapping...

                                    • Andrew Kulubi
                                      Andrew Kulubi  6 days back

                                      Scarlett Johanson nominated twice

                                      • MagicalKid
                                        MagicalKid  6 days back

                                        For acting as Asian characters

                                      • RottenHopper
                                        RottenHopper  6 days back

                                        Didn't even know she had more than 1 movie this year