🧙 House Strong: The Lost Starks of the Riverlands | Fire and Blood theory


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  • ShakespeareofThrones
    ShakespeareofThrones  8 months back

    Amazing video, Matt! Truly enjoyed all of it. The last statement is particularly resounding--yes, House Strong has sown its seeds, and the roots are spreading. 

    I think it's natural to want to conclude that Dunk is a Strong descendent. I kinda hope this isn't confirmed, though, because I prefer the unknown aspect of his parentage. It's nice to at least have the interpretation one of the greatest heroes in Westeros wasn't special because of lineage.

    • Joe Magician
      Joe Magician   8 months back

      True! And I think it's more important that he is raised to be among the common people than actually being one of them. It's a very hopeful message, and one you get with Egg too, that there's humanity in everyone if they get to know other people and those outside their classes. Even if he is descended of an ancient, powerful house who may have been kings once, he's still just Dunk of Flea Bottom. Like how Jon is a Targaryen with another name, but in his heart he'll always be Jon, son of Ned Stark. In the next fire and blood, that's definitely on my wish list. I also want to know where the Strong home is before Harrenhal, literally no mention of where it is. Meaning either George is saving it for something juicy or hasn't decided yet.

      That happens to him all the time, like the TWOIAF came about because Elio and Linda asked him about the history. Jane Goldman must be in contact and asking him for the real story, and he got inspired and wrote it down in his own way :)

    • ShakespeareofThrones
      ShakespeareofThrones  8 months back

      @Joe Magician oh totally! I think there's a way to have cake and eat it, too. grrm doesn't have to confirm the lineage in text, but with all these clues he can make it pretty clear. In any case, Dunk's nobody status is preserved at least in-world; i.e. I doubt he's going to have a "you're a wizard, Harry!" moment in the novellas. Most likely there will be a little a-ha line in the next F&B about some Strong baby hidden away and forgotten about in Flea Bottom. Good point about the spin-off potentially inspiring the focus on ancient bloodlines and connections.

    • Joe Magician
      Joe Magician   8 months back

      That is the one downside, it turns out George is still doing the magical blood thing and I agree, I want Dunk to be nobody. But.....I don't think that's what George wants. He wants the ancient bloodlines and connections with heroes of the Age of Heroes.

      TBH given the timing, I think he may have been inspired by the Long Night spin off to show how their society worked.

  • erbol bekmuratov
    erbol bekmuratov  4 days back

    Thank God for DNA testing

    • Nordic Journeys
      Nordic Journeys  1 months back

      Stark means strong in danish Norwegian swedish and old english also! For example I do strong man competitions in sweden called “starkeviking”

      • Joe Magician
        Joe Magician   1 months back

        I think we can rename those "DuncaStrongs"

    • Satanic Levyemaster
      Satanic Levyemaster  1 months back

      But whydoes Harrenhal have so many First Men connections? It was built by Ironborn in an Andal land

      • Joe Magician
        Joe Magician   1 months back

        It's the god's eye and isle of faces that provides the connections. Long before harren or the Andals showed up, seems to be a holy place for old god worshippers.

    • Mark Welschmeyer
      Mark Welschmeyer  2 months back

      the first men were not primitive. that is lie from the maesters. they had steel before the Andals came

      • Zakaria Ali
        Zakaria Ali  2 months back

        What if this is how House Stark had been playing the Game of Thrones? By placing one of their own in the south to start their own family and slowly but surely take everything. Notice how similar Strong features are to 'the wolfsblood'? A thirst for battle, strong sexual desire, decisions dictated by impulses, rashness, strength in battle etc. They are basically one and the same.
        Baratheons all have Strong heritage, which is Stark heritage. This way, it is a Stark leading the Stormlands, even if they don't know they are Starks. The Strong's have been repeatedly in control of King's Landing. The Strongs once conquered the Riverlands, the *only neighbouring region connected by land to House Stark's domain* . There are Strong in the Golden Company, giving the Starks access to the strongest mercenary company in Essos. Not to mention the Company of the Rose, which is almost entirely made of Northmen who refused to bend the knee. In such a way, House Stark has kept an eye on and influenced the events of the Seven Kingdoms without anyone knowing, *a wolf in sheep's clothing, so to speak.*

        • Exquisite Elephant
          Exquisite Elephant  2 months back

          Zakaria Ali I like this theory. Most starks army like Ned they are players of the game more like manderly in ADWD and Roose Bolton just with more honor:

      • millibillionth
        millibillionth  2 months back

        I wonder if the split lineage of Starks and Strongs and the Trident symbolism are connected. If so, is there a third lineage?

        • Joe Magician
          Joe Magician   2 months back

          Great question! If we follow the rivers, maybe there's a branch in the South of the Riverlands.

      • collin
        collin  4 months back

        Only one man wrote this backstory. Insane

        • No I don't
          No I don't  4 months back

          15:18 That's a mirror of Florys the Fox, one of the daughters of Garth. x'D She also kept 3 husbands, each ignorant of the other. lel

          • Grant Wilson
            Grant Wilson  5 months back

            5:50 "Seaworth" a pure example of someone who isn't listening.

            • CABRALFAN27
              CABRALFAN27  6 months back

              20:14 VIE-serys threw me for a loop there. :P

              • James Taylor
                James Taylor  6 months back

                Id like a video on the oakenfist

                • James Taylor
                  James Taylor  6 months back

                  Bonded by blood..grrm.is.an awsome writer

                  • James Taylor
                    James Taylor  6 months back

                    We do know the blackwoods fled the wolfs wood when the starks chased them off

                    • James Taylor
                      James Taylor  6 months back

                      Id love a prequel of tristifer mudds hundred battles..

                      • James Taylor
                        James Taylor  6 months back

                        Oh no please dont tell.me larys the clubfoot.was a strong stark..oh my days mind blown

                        • Shiva S
                          Shiva S  6 months back

                          People realise prima nocta wasn't a thing yes?

                          • Shiva S
                            Shiva S  6 months back

                            @Joe Magician I can see how he might be inspired by it, but referring it to as that is what I find ingenuine. But your theories are always awesome

                          • Joe Magician
                            Joe Magician   6 months back

                            Yeah, George decided to make it real in his world for.....reasons.

                        • hashim bokhamseen
                          hashim bokhamseen  7 months back

                          it all makes sense now.

                          great video

                          • Strachan Stoats
                            Strachan Stoats  7 months back

                            "House Ghostrider" is perhaps the unexpectedly best laugh I've had about anything ASOIAF-related for some time.

                            • Joe Magician
                              Joe Magician   7 months back

                              It's even better if you imagine it as Nick Cage

                          • SunnyMcleod
                            SunnyMcleod  7 months back

                            Just FYI I lost it when I read Sara Snow since my irl name is Sara Friesen (yes freezin) and I'm also a woods witch

                            • taleb tb
                              taleb tb  8 months back

                              3:36 I recognize Robert's voice from In DeepGeek. Check him out everyone! one of the best GOT and ASOIAF content makers on youtube:

                              • elweasel2010
                                elweasel2010  8 months back

                                Sara Snow, in front of the old gods. Kinky.

                                • Erik Anderson
                                  Erik Anderson  8 months back

                                  Its "eating your cake and having it too" thats the real trick. Anyone can have a slice of cake and eat it.

                                  • Mojo Riot
                                    Mojo Riot  8 months back

                                    Great deep dive! Loved the ending too!

                                    • Justice Dunham
                                      Justice Dunham  8 months back

                                      Bad analogy, rivers don’t diverge. They converge

                                    • shadowstdog
                                      shadowstdog  8 months back


                                      • Jack James
                                        Jack James  8 months back

                                        Really enjoyed this video, super interesting

                                        • Anton Bolid
                                          Anton Bolid  8 months back

                                          "The Seed is Strong"...

                                          • siSharp ciplusplus
                                            siSharp ciplusplus  8 months back

                                            holy shit right! it all makes sense ! maybe Craster was a Strong

                                        • enclave315
                                          enclave315  8 months back

                                          This is a really cool video about the Strong's but I really don't see how they're Starks just first men

                                          • unstoppableExodia
                                            unstoppableExodia  8 months back

                                            I loved this video it was like I learnt something from the books that isn't touched on in the show without needing to actually read a book. That makes me very happy

                                          • Devon Kildare
                                            Devon Kildare  8 months back

                                            This content creator is a *Mutant League Football* Star!

                                            • Devon Kildare
                                              Devon Kildare  8 months back

                                              The greatest video game ever made, @Joe Magician !

                                            • Joe Magician
                                              Joe Magician   8 months back

                                              Oh no I've been found out!

                                          • Mikê'e Stark
                                            Mikê'e Stark  8 months back


                                            • Tom Kinsella
                                              Tom Kinsella  8 months back

                                              Stark is strong in Swedish too! North men!

                                            • EggTV
                                              EggTV  8 months back

                                              AGOT is actually ck2 game and player just liked their name, So they were granted important position.

                                              • EggTV
                                                EggTV  8 months back

                                                @Joe Magician Aerys the mad was actually the result of Player cheesing his way into Alchemist guild by intentionally get captured by Cruel Darklyn.

                                              • Joe Magician
                                                Joe Magician   8 months back

                                                It all makes sense now, it's always the ck2 players

                                            • Terri Becker
                                              Terri Becker  8 months back

                                              Do you think Little Finger is trying to test out the Strong theory with Sansa? I think Harry the heir might be a Strong and Little Finger is trying to set her up to seduce him.

                                              • William Hadley
                                                William Hadley  8 months back

                                                He's an Arryn on his mother's side, or something along those lines. If he becomes the House leader he'll either begin a brand new house. He'll be known as Harry Riverarryn, or he'll just forgo his father's blood and be call himself a true Arryn, to better maintain stability between him and the Lords he'll rule over

                                            • Jon Snow
                                              Jon Snow  8 months back

                                              I have worked a similar theory but without the Starks but the Kettleblacks and always associated Alys with Blackwood blood

                                              • Terri Becker
                                                Terri Becker  8 months back

                                                Jon Snow I always thought that Kettleblacks were names that way because they are accusers. You know, like the pot calling the kettle black. But I like your theory. I think when they are talking about Black Blood beyond the wall they are talking about Blackwood blood. 😀

                                            • govic55
                                              govic55  8 months back

                                              Great video.

                                              • Kane Jones
                                                Kane Jones  8 months back

                                                Indeep Geek should read for the audiobooks, if Winds and a Dream of Spring ever comes out

                                                • liquidsword29
                                                  liquidsword29  8 months back

                                                  where are these chapters from?

                                                • Josie M
                                                  Josie M  8 months back

                                                  First time I listened to one of videos it’s outstanding 💕

                                                • Jim Pansey
                                                  Jim Pansey  8 months back

                                                  this video is extra

                                                  • trotz75
                                                    trotz75  8 months back

                                                    Was septon useless related to ser useless? (Dunk an egg)

                                                    • trotz75
                                                      trotz75  8 months back

                                                      If we didn't know better we would assume house seaworth was an ancient house, doesn't get more basic than an onion painted on ya shield

                                                      • angel Ward
                                                        angel Ward  8 months back

                                                        Just found on another video a face of the children of the forest in the left ear of the dire wolf mother in the tv show close up. Let me know what you think about this. Maybe I’m seeing things. Ps love your videos.

                                                        • Adam Warlock
                                                          Adam Warlock  8 months back

                                                          i broke this theory years ago in preston jacob's comments. glad to see you've caught up :P

                                                          • T. The Eeveelutionist West
                                                            T. The Eeveelutionist West  8 months back

                                                            Ya it was such a important comment thread I'm shocked everyone hasn't heard of your theory =/

                                                        • SpartanZombieXD
                                                          SpartanZombieXD  8 months back

                                                          The woman suggesting seaworth cracks me up.

                                                          • daddyleon
                                                            daddyleon  8 months back

                                                            For a split second for me too, then I'm deeply annoyed..wtaf is she there then??

                                                        • Gyges3d.com
                                                          Gyges3d.com  8 months back

                                                          Just some advice for the author. The audio could use a little more gain. Minor issue but audio quality is important when making content. If you are going to continue to make these videos master your audio production skills. Great video

                                                          • KavorkaCurse
                                                            KavorkaCurse  8 months back

                                                            Good job. Snob approval