Draining the "Swamp"

  • Published: 05 November 2019
  • Winter is coming. Moving the fish out of the yard pond.
    Cleaning the fish filtering system.
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Comments • 229

  • ptfdchief
    ptfdchief  16 hours back


    • Mountain View Turning
      Mountain View Turning  2 days back

      Very cool video

      • Hayden Taylor
        Hayden Taylor  5 days back

        Get a tank heater for the pond

        • Max Mustermann
          Max Mustermann  5 days back

          Great to see your Love for all animals ! cheers from Germany

          • Simon Caron
            Simon Caron  5 days back

            It seems like 8 far left individuals thought that Bob would go on a rant against Trump :) Keep up the great work Bob!

            • Fry
              Fry  6 days back

              You have a very beautiful back yard

              • Robert Welker
                Robert Welker   5 days back

                Thank you.. We seem to have such short green season this helps lengthen it and relaxing when very warm

            • Geoff Hirsh
              Geoff Hirsh  6 days back

              So Bob - how many years of wheat did you sell this fall? Know you had this year and last year stockpiled.

              • Geoff Hirsh
                Geoff Hirsh  5 days back


              • Robert Welker
                Robert Welker   5 days back

                All is in bins

              • Geoff Hirsh
                Geoff Hirsh  5 days back

                So what’s left is in storage tanks/grain bins and is somewhat safe for future sales?

              • Robert Welker
                Robert Welker   5 days back

                Sold about 70 %+ of total. We had about 25% of last year's left

            • Geoff Hirsh
              Geoff Hirsh  6 days back

              Do you need a heater for the tank?
              Here in Cincinnati, I have a 6’ x 3’ x 40” fish pond dug out of a old stone water trough.
              Use an aeration and a pond heater for the winter months. 2 koi are at least 8-10” long.
              Enjoy your channel.

              • Robert Welker
                Robert Welker   6 days back

                They are in our heated shop which is kept around 50 to 60 'F. Those koi are nice fish when they reach that size.

            • Great Northwest
              Great Northwest  1 weeks back

              I don't know if you know this or not and I am definitely not trying to make you feel bad but you should really avoid having metals in any type of closed system with fish in it. Even if it's galvanized or aluminum really the only 2 safe metals for fish are titanium and food grade stainless steel. Again this is only on closed systems where the iron content or chemicals used in will build up in the water.

              • Toxic Green biohazard
                Toxic Green biohazard  1 weeks back

                I wasn't expecting to find your channel I mostly watch Nick but please do more

                • BigJim57
                  BigJim57  1 weeks back

                  ha! here i thought i was gonna see how to actually drain the swamp in D.C. the fish was nice oh. lol so do u go to Florida in the winter now?

                  • Robert Welker
                    Robert Welker   1 weeks back

                    Use to go hiking to the southwest for 3 weeks Jan Feb but with the growth of the channels don't have much extra time for that.

                • Michael Cook
                  Michael Cook  1 weeks back

                  Have you thought about expanding and increased depth so you wouldn't need to remove the fishes? Then, you can filter the pond water.

                  • Michael Cook
                    Michael Cook  1 weeks back

                    @Robert Welker That would be true...doo and slime lasts a lifetime.

                  • Robert Welker
                    Robert Welker   1 weeks back

                    The bottom gets very trashy and mucky. So easier to take them out for the winter and start over next year with a clean pond

                • cindy weishan
                  cindy weishan  1 weeks back

                  Beautiful pond, got to love a man who is a animal lover...you are truly blessed, great family!

                  • Dave Kimbler
                    Dave Kimbler  1 weeks back

                    A few QUESTIONS-> 1st - do you feed them alfalfa pellets ? 2nd - Aren’t you afraid of Arm/Legs eating them ? 3rd - are chick peas the same as garbanzo beans ? That’s a really nice looking pond you have !

                    • Robert Welker
                      Robert Welker   1 weeks back

                      Flake and pelleted fish food. We try and keep legarms fed, more to get the volume of work done. And yes chick and garbs are the same.

                  • Dustin D
                    Dustin D  1 weeks back

                    Birds are saying hurry head to the beach bob!! Love the backyard oasis you did a great job

                    • Clint Hochrein
                      Clint Hochrein  1 weeks back

                      Love hearing an watching Blue jays.

                      • John Gorman
                        John Gorman  1 weeks back

                        Great video as always Bob

                        • Matthew Crossman
                          Matthew Crossman  1 weeks back

                          1st time here.great and enjoyable video.didnt know you had your own channel..... many blessings to you and your family

                        • Rain Coast
                          Rain Coast  1 weeks back

                          Bob - Some farm stats: Chapter 12 farm bankruptcies for 2019 to end of September sit at 562. This is a rise of over +24% year over year. Much tougher times are coming. Just a heads up. Good luck.

                          • Rob Woods
                            Rob Woods  1 weeks back

                            New subscriber from Ontario Canada

                            • Robert Welker
                              Robert Welker   1 weeks back

                              Welcome 👍 glad to have you with us blessing 👍

                          • logpile 13
                            logpile 13  1 weeks back

                            Too bad we couldn't filter Nancy Pelosi and chuck Schumer out of the swamp that way.

                            • Rockbottom Farming
                              Rockbottom Farming  1 weeks back

                              Hi Bob, what kind of dog is Coby?

                              • Robert Welker
                                Robert Welker   1 weeks back

                                He's a border collie and Australian shepherd

                            • Robert Long
                              Robert Long  1 weeks back

                              Nice presentation but the question is in such a dry climate what do you use for a water source? If it's a drilled deep well I can only guess at the depth except to say that's it's probably a long way down.

                              • Robert Welker
                                Robert Welker   1 weeks back

                                We get our water from a line connected to the city, which gets its water from aquafers below a river. There is no ground water beneath us

                            • shop shop
                              shop shop  1 weeks back

                              Love the title of this episode, just wish it was happening. Does the filter run full time? No barn yard cats to hassle your fish?

                              • Robert Welker
                                Robert Welker   1 weeks back

                                Yes the pump runs all the time, which aereates the water. No cats don't bother the fish as they aren't water cats 😁

                            • James Moon
                              James Moon  1 weeks back

                              You should grow some hydroponic lettuce in the fish tank to use up the ammonia.

                              • Robert Welker
                                Robert Welker   1 weeks back

                                Just look up lettuce hydroponics. You got my mind wheel spinning 👍

                            • Mike Youngblood
                              Mike Youngblood  1 weeks back

                              Going to be a BAD Winter, Best come down here To Florida.

                              • Mike Youngblood
                                Mike Youngblood  1 weeks back

                                Down Here in Fort Pierce we have the Road Runner travel resort, Really clean and quiet.Orlando is plagued by the Disney Insanity.

                              • Robert Welker
                                Robert Welker   1 weeks back

                                The way this fall or should I say early winter looks that way. That would be fun to be in the sunshine state. My first time in Florida was last March in Orlando.

                            • Blake Barfield
                              Blake Barfield  1 weeks back

                              Raise some cat fish and tilapia

                              • Blake Barfield
                                Blake Barfield  1 weeks back

                                You should it would be fun to watch

                              • Robert Welker
                                Robert Welker   1 weeks back

                                I should try some potato hydroponics with tilapia. Fresh fish and Chips

                            • Jamie Shields
                              Jamie Shields  1 weeks back

                              I know what you mean by drought, we going through another year of drought and this year water restrictions my grass has die. But we have gold fish inside but only one he lasted 8 years now. How far south do you have travel to get way from cold weather?

                              • Robert Welker
                                Robert Welker   1 weeks back

                                During Jan or Feb we figure you need to be south of Cedar City Utah. That's when you drop down into the high desert of the southwest. Sorry about your drought, as it's tough to go through one but continuing dry conditions are very taxing.

                            • Warren Beers
                              Warren Beers  1 weeks back

                              Just found your channel...was recommended...really enjoyed the video...funny ending...I subscribed and rang the bell...

                              • Robert Welker
                                Robert Welker   1 weeks back

                                Thanks Warren, Glad to have you aboard! Blessings 👍

                            • Jon Kreiser
                              Jon Kreiser  1 weeks back

                              I enjoyed the ending but maybe the song "Baby Shark" would have suited better??

                              • Jon Kreiser
                                Jon Kreiser  1 weeks back

                                @Robert Welker Ah that's too funny! Keep it up with the good stuff!

                              • Robert Welker
                                Robert Welker   1 weeks back

                                I actually thought about that song. If the grandkids were older I'd have them do it.

                            • Russ Se
                              Russ Se  1 weeks back

                              At the end, my first thought was that the fish were a bit on the gassy side when the music started playing. What do you feed them during the winter?
                              God Bless from Phoenix.

                              • Robert Welker
                                Robert Welker   1 weeks back

                                They get a mixture of regular flaked goldfish food and Koi pellets.

                            • Wayout West
                              Wayout West  1 weeks back

                              I was taken a back. A man in charge of a really large agri-business, that enjoys ornamental fish for a hobby. Seems you have applied sound engineering principals in making the fish habitat easy to maintain.

                              • Robert Welker
                                Robert Welker   1 weeks back

                                Having fish swimming in the yard really has me "hooked" 👍

                            • northstar2007
                              northstar2007  1 weeks back

                              that Jay is quite anger that you are taking his pond away. he says something fishy here

                            • Gerrit Stok
                              Gerrit Stok  1 weeks back

                              Hi Bob, nice to see your little paradise there. We did have a pond with turtles for a long time. In winter we put them in a box with sawdust and straw where they slept for a few months. Kids and grandkids always did like them. But did"nt touch them. They could bite very mean :( Thanks for the video. Always fun. Blessings.

                              • RiverbendBicycles
                                RiverbendBicycles  1 weeks back

                                Throw some whole, unsalted peanuts in a bowl outside on a table and the blue jay will probably stay until spring. Your climate is similar to ours here in Wyoming. We've had a blue jay show up for six years now in late September and stay until around April when the red wing black birds and grackles show up. This year a second one showed up and stayed. They can sure eat a lot of peanuts in a day.

                                • Robert Welker
                                  Robert Welker   1 weeks back

                                  Those grackles are smart but problematic to other birds. Try to keep them away.

                              • jan Frankena
                                jan Frankena  1 weeks back

                                boy thanks to your flog i remember that i need to drain the water tap for the winter outside! hahaha

                                • harry potter
                                  harry potter  1 weeks back

                                  Nice for the fish to have a "Winter" holiday home. Good to see the dogs being so "helpful" !!

                                  • Bob Paterson
                                    Bob Paterson  1 weeks back

                                    Sign of a true country boy looking after all types of living creatures 👍👍 very enjoyable video thank you 👍👍

                                    • Ol 'Nam Grunt
                                      Ol 'Nam Grunt  1 weeks back

                                      You've got a oasis in middle of the wide open looks great

                                      • Kim Alejandro
                                        Kim Alejandro  1 weeks back

                                        Great job. Good video.

                                        • Mike Nicholson
                                          Mike Nicholson  1 weeks back

                                          What model is the pond filter have been looking for one for my pond. Thanks great video 👍

                                          • Robert Welker
                                            Robert Welker   1 weeks back

                                            Model # is Oase gmbh but I see the BioSmart 18000 is similar.

                                        • Lee Steele
                                          Lee Steele  1 weeks back

                                          Interesting , amazing what us old farts can find to fiddle with that the young ones can find entertaining ,grand kids will never forget grandpas fish . Those koi can get really big and live a long time with care like you are giving them ! Some of the best parts of farming don't have a thing to do with crops or livestock it's the Independence to do this kind of stuff that makes it worth it !! Thanks for the video !

                                          • Robert Welker
                                            Robert Welker   1 weeks back

                                            Thanks Lee. Now when the grandkids go outside they want to go and feed the fish in the shop. Love their joy!

                                        • Stephen Brown
                                          Stephen Brown  1 weeks back

                                          Those dodge trucks. Would be good candidate’s to doll up. Like the international.

                                          • Robert Welker
                                            Robert Welker   1 weeks back

                                            Yes, they would be a great pair to restore.

                                        • Floyd Ferguson
                                          Floyd Ferguson  1 weeks back

                                          Great video!

                                          • sherlock
                                            sherlock  1 weeks back

                                            Gday bob how’s your eye going? Hope it’s getting better now. Before I left home I checked the tracking on the books I’ve sent you and your boys they should be there soon . They had cleared customs so shouldn’t be to long now.

                                            • sherlock
                                              sherlock  1 weeks back

                                              No problems mate . Hope they arrive soon.

                                            • Robert Welker
                                              Robert Welker   1 weeks back

                                              Thanks Sherlock! I'll be watching for them. Blessings

                                          • Fred Deere
                                            Fred Deere  1 weeks back

                                            Interesting :)

                                            • Stefan Enered
                                              Stefan Enered  1 weeks back

                                              WOW. You are a rich man with so much Gold (Fish) He He. Say hello to your 3 four-legged friends and thanks for an entertaining movie. Mvh Cougar ....

                                              • Robert Welker
                                                Robert Welker   1 weeks back

                                                Thanks Stefan. I told the friends hello and they gave you a wag, haven't able to train them to do a thumbs up yet.

                                            • Henrik Aaskov
                                              Henrik Aaskov  1 weeks back

                                              Great ending!!!:-D