Colorado 4x4 Rescue and Recovery - Stump Hill TJ

  • Published: 14 July 2019
  • Way back in January 2019, a TJ ventured a bit too far and framed out in about 4 feet of snow. A team was assembled and the operation was ultimately called off due to the distance needed to travel, the depth of the snow, and the extreme cold setting in for that weekend (zero degree temps).

    Fast forward to March, we tried again and snowshoe'd in ( but spring snowfall had kept the snow so deep and multi-layered that there was no way to get anything more than a snowmobile in (or go in on foot). So there was no way to get this thing turned around and out.

    Well we had such a wacky spring here that it was cold clear up through the 1st day of summer. Spring runoff FINALLY wrapped up a few days ago and the USFS gave their blessing to travel beyond the locked gate all the way up to the TJ and get it out.

    I was fully expecting rodents to have ate the wiring of the TJ, and we'd be dead towing it out. But alas, after a quick inspection, the owner decided to try to start it up. We had everything with us to work on the vehicle. New battery, heet, fresh gas, tools to pull plugs etc...but the ol TJ fired right up!!

    If this isn't an Optima commercial I don't know what is. That battery held charge through -20 temps, sat for 7 months, and still provided about 10 volts and enough amps to start that engine!

    we traveled down to the bottom and up to our staging area, and discovered a nicked brake line, so we proceeded to help get it loaded on a trailer and rolling down the mountain.

    Since this wasn't an epic winch fest recovery, I video'd the entire drive up the road since we were behind the winter gate, and traveling on an admin route not open to the public.


    If you want to skip the drive up and go right to being on-scene, jump to 30 minutes into the video. The drive up we were just chit chatting about wheeling, life, colorado, etc.

    ENJOY! See you on the next one!
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Comments • 326

  • AirsickCashew
    AirsickCashew  23 minutes back

    It's cute how all you guys have the same car

    • Terry Kohn
      Terry Kohn  12 hours back

      Wonder if the tire chain nicked the brake line before when he was snow wheeling ?

    • Jonny D
      Jonny D  22 hours back

      how did you guys have to combo for the forest service gate?

      • Justin King
        Justin King   21 hours back

        @Jonny D they wanted that out of there sooner, but the snow was four and five foot deep headed up there and it was nearly impossible. and then the spring runoff began and they didn't want anybody up there so we had to wait clear into the summer.

      • Jonny D
        Jonny D  21 hours back

        @Justin King Thanks for the reply. That is very cool of them. I guess it is in their interest that you guys got the jeep asap. Just subscribed . Cheers!

      • Justin King
        Justin King   21 hours back

        It's a key, usfs met up with us and gave it to us for the day

    • Scott Brown
      Scott Brown  3 days back

      How come you guys down air down your tires?

      • Justin King
        Justin King   2 days back

        Airing down increases the tire footprint to ground, and increases traction. Also helps minimize rock punctures, so I usually go down to 10-15.

    • Freight Train
      Freight Train  3 days back

      32:15 GOD I jumped.

      That sounded SO much like a gunshot when you got out.

      • AFowkingPanda
        AFowkingPanda  3 days back

        My uncle has one of those little army trailers, they are pretty cool!

        • Jobo Wobo
          Jobo Wobo  3 days back

          Sucks about your shitty Colorado off-road laws. Here in Oregon the law is as long as you don't damage the environment you go where you want.

          • Justin Dozier
            Justin Dozier  3 days back

            what camera set up are you using?

          • Trikie Dik
            Trikie Dik  3 days back

            51:08 - You ever get so tense when your concentrating that a fart slips out? This dude knows exactly how you feel. haha happens to the best of us man :P

            • Trikie Dik
              Trikie Dik  3 days back

              ​@Justin King hahahah thanks for the reply Justin!! Honesty, i did not think it was but the joker in me could not help but throw it out there :P Awesome video, im a dirt bike rider and would LOVE to tear up that back half but you would not catch me DEAD taking my $40k jeep JK down trails like that... i just baby it too much but you sir have some balls! Will sub and keep an eye out on your content for sure - keep itup!

            • Justin King
              Justin King   3 days back

              LOL!! I don't know what that noise was but i assure you it wasn't a fart. you'd have known if it was haha!

          • ralliart10006
            ralliart10006  2 weeks back

            Great video

            • TeddyJak Eddy
              TeddyJak Eddy  2 weeks back

              Why are there so many dead trees and trees already down?

              • Justin King
                Justin King   2 weeks back

                rocky mountain pine beetle pandemic, and tree huggers not allowing controlled forest thinning.

            • Beef Supreme
              Beef Supreme  2 weeks back

              GREAT VIDEO GUYS ! 🍻

              • Done Whiskey
                Done Whiskey  3 weeks back

                35:17 That fairlead has seen better days

                • SandCruzer6
                  SandCruzer6  3 weeks back

                  What type of camera mount do you use in the Jeep? Great video, you guy's are good.....

                  • Justin King
                    Justin King   3 weeks back

                    it's just a gopro hero 5 on a sticky mount to the windshield. it does surprisingly well.

                • Bryan Morse
                  Bryan Morse  3 weeks back

                  What kind of trailer are you pulling ?

                  • Justin King
                    Justin King   3 weeks back

                    i brought my m416 along for this one.

                • Juha Aaltonen
                  Juha Aaltonen  4 weeks back

                  Guy drinks and stump empty bottle on nature... unbelievable.

                  • Rodney Howell
                    Rodney Howell  1 months back

                    Wow I was on the edge .my butt puckered a few times.this brings back a lot of rescues I had in the navy with jeeps

                    • Aaron Huff
                      Aaron Huff  3 months back

                      Luckt i didnt come across it ida stripped it or drove it home

                      • Justin King
                        Justin King   3 months back

                        Both of which are felonies in Colorado

                    • Eugene Orr
                      Eugene Orr  3 months back

                      are you all amateur radio operators

                    • Bill Bowles
                      Bill Bowles  3 months back

                      Looks more like giving a Buddy a ride to his jeep than a rescue.

                      • Justin King
                        Justin King   3 months back

                        Yeah this one wasn't too spectacular. But we had to let the snow melt first by usfs order.

                    • Brandon Sanford
                      Brandon Sanford  3 months back

                      That is one nice TJ. Props to the owner. Any chance to get him to do a walk around of all the mods?

                      • FGOverland
                        FGOverland  3 months back

                        That right there is why you buy a yellow top.

                        • Haswanth Thetraingod
                          Haswanth Thetraingod  3 months back

                          27:49 "Ah I bought it to wheel it, not fricking look at it" absolute mood. 🇺🇸

                          • jedironin380
                            jedironin380  3 months back

                            Hey Justin, On Facebook recently I've seen two different, serious accidents with Wranglers on Imogene Pass (450-foot drop) and Black Bear Pass (rollover) shared by San Miguel County Sheriff's Dep't. Was wondering if you heard of those, and if your group will be attempting recovery of either Jeep?

                            • Justin King
                              Justin King   3 months back

                              I have heard but we are not handling the operations as of now.

                          • AL S Jr
                            AL S Jr  3 months back

                            If set parking brake why do you have any pressure on your transmission ?

                            • muffed up
                              muffed up  3 months back

                              Pretty clean for sitting in the mountains for 7 months.

                              • Justin King
                                Justin King   3 months back

                                4 feet of snow melting cleans it up pretty good

                            • Alex King
                              Alex King  3 months back

                              I like the guy driven, the passenger just talked about all the stuff he had for 30 min

                              • Scott_S30
                                Scott_S30  3 months back

                                Let me know where I can apply for the $30 hr job.

                                • Mc Earl
                                  Mc Earl  3 months back

                                  Yea same. And that’s if you don’t know shit. I know some shit so I’m thinking I want like 45-50 to start.
                                  It’s not impossible certainly but around my area anyway it’s going to be close to it unless you want to travel and rarely see your family.

                              • jackie hunt
                                jackie hunt  3 months back

                                I must have missed y it was abandoned so y was it lol ?

                                • jackie hunt
                                  jackie hunt  3 months back

                                  @Justin King o ok thank you

                                • Justin King
                                  Justin King   3 months back

                                  4 feet of snow earlier in year. Went too far and got stuck.

                              • Mike Stavely
                                Mike Stavely  3 months back

                                If you want to see what happens, skip 32 minutes in and then they get to the TJ

                                • Bushwookie NW
                                  Bushwookie NW  3 months back

                                  That elevation change is real!

                                  • Bushwookie NW
                                    Bushwookie NW  3 months back

                                    7:30 I heard the ebrake....what the hell did it roll back onto the tranny like that? “There’s some torque on the tranny.” 😂

                                    • John Smith
                                      John Smith  3 months back

                                      Very Cool Justin. You're teaching me what NOT to do! :)

                                      • mc griddle
                                        mc griddle  3 months back

                                        looks like decent suspension setup on that tj

                                        • Andrew Johnson
                                          Andrew Johnson  3 months back

                                          Nice drive enjoyed the conversation...

                                          • Doug Decuir
                                            Doug Decuir  3 months back

                                            can't get a good job when you are smoking dope... that's why they are taking your shit rather than working for their own...

                                            • Terrell Chapman
                                              Terrell Chapman  3 months back

                                              Optima battery for the win!

                                              • Gregory Gulley
                                                Gregory Gulley  3 months back

                                                Good thing you got all the extra help. LoL they just wanted some trail time.

                                                • studdaman420
                                                  studdaman420  3 months back

                                                  You guys grab those tire chains?

                                                  • Justin King
                                                    Justin King   3 months back

                                                    oh yeah they went home with the owner.

                                                • rogue5022
                                                  rogue5022  3 months back

                                                  Awesome video 👍. Man I love that area, I was on roads 517 and 171 two days ago. Gods country ❤️

                                                  • N Trent
                                                    N Trent  3 months back

                                                    What year is that TJ?

                                                    • SurviventheOnslaught
                                                      SurviventheOnslaught  3 months back

                                                      i knew a guy that left his jeep broke down and came back the next windows steering wheel ripped out tires gone, every panel was dented, seats ripped

                                                      • Jarrett Collins
                                                        Jarrett Collins  4 months back

                                                        Got to love those Batteries man...

                                                        • Jordan Scheurer
                                                          Jordan Scheurer  4 months back

                                                          It's a 4.0L they always start. Even with 3 rods hanging out of the block

                                                          • Jordan Scheurer
                                                            Jordan Scheurer  3 months back

                                                            @P Kuudsk depending on the engine might have made it home lol

                                                          • P Kuudsk
                                                            P Kuudsk  3 months back

                                                            You will love this story then ! I was working as a mechanic back in the late 80's and a 20 year old girl drove into the shop because she heard a funny noise. it was fall but shop doors open and we all heard it coming in ,we had a open bay and guided her right in. A rod had gone threw the oil pan block and welded to the crank . We told her the motor was junk,she asked to use the phone and called her father who told her we trying to rip her off and she drove away . 0 oil I always wonder how far she made it?

                                                          • dirtshower250
                                                            dirtshower250  3 months back

                                                            I drove mine with a missing piston skirt for a week.

                                                        • Carson Ritchie
                                                          Carson Ritchie  4 months back

                                                          That wasn’t terribly eventful but still interesting to watch. I’m glad he got his Jeep back with relatively no damage. I had a similar thing happen last fall when my wife sank my side by side in high water. I winched out of the water but the battery was dead by then and we had to walk out and leave it overnight so that I could get a friend to come back the next day to help me get it out and back to the trailer.

                                                          • mkckf4l
                                                            mkckf4l  4 months back

                                                            @ 32:00 they pull up to the jeep they recover.

                                                            • Douglas Guardado JR
                                                              Douglas Guardado JR  4 months back

                                                              That’s a good feeling

                                                              • AutumnAspens
                                                                AutumnAspens  4 months back

                                                                NICE WORK!

                                                                Want another person in CO to help?

                                                                • Justin King
                                                                  Justin King   4 months back

                                                                  check out the team at (i'm just a member - but it's fun!)