Why this black hole photo is such a big deal

  • Published: 10 April 2019
  • What it took to collect these 54-million-year-old photons from a supermassive black hole.

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    This is an updated version of a video we published in 2016 about the Event Horizon Telescope, an international collaboration to image a black hole for the first time in human history.

    On April 10, 2019, the team announced their results: They had successfully imaged the supermassive black hole in the center of the galaxy m87, which is nearly 54 million light-years away from us. They were able to achieve unprecedented resolution using very long baseline interferometry, which combines the observations of multiple radio telescopes across the globe.

    The team wanted to find out whether Einstein's Theory of General Relativity holds up in the extreme environment of black holes, and the results do, in fact, seem to be consistent with the predictions. In the future, we may see more and shaper images of black holes as the team targets smaller wavelengths of light and recruits more telescopes. Eventually, they may include an orbiting space telescope.

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  • Vox
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    • Kushman 420 TV
      Kushman 420 TV  2 weeks back

      Black holes a wrips and fabric and time so basically there is a reconstruction and end point a destination so basically they are gate ways to new universe's a advanced civilization collapses star's galaxy's for methods of interstellar transportation simple Area 51 skunkworks study

    • Devin Collins
      Devin Collins  2 months back

      But can they use that technology to get images of Joss Fong’s feet?

    • Tom Long
      Tom Long  3 months back

      Nope. I'd rather your company withered away, to be honest.

    • level 5000 commander
      level 5000 commander  4 months back

      1000th like

    • Andy Martinez
      Andy Martinez  5 months back

      Gif was more disappointing than this YouTube channel.

  • Live Bright
    Live Bright  2 days back

    So we pretty much took a picture of a black hole 54 million years ago, and we are looking at what it was 54 million years ago. It makes me wonder if there are pictures of us somewhere far away, where there are pictures of our past/future..

      QUIO NARIO  4 days back

      just like the hole that took my grandmother spirit away only that it was green light in ring shape after which it evaporate my grandmother passed away smiling.

      • Gabriela Yeet
        Gabriela Yeet  2 weeks back

        Why is it so important?

        Me: cause its a meme

        • Gonorrhea Breath
          Gonorrhea Breath  2 weeks back

          Can you guys and gals please use your geniuses to map the sea floor? I get tired of hearing "We've only mapped 5% of our oceans". How about using those highly damaging trowelers and charge them with the mission of maping the oceans. 🤔🗺️🌏🌍📏📐

          • threegon
            threegon  2 weeks back

            Gonorrhea Breath mapping the seafloor makes cetacians stressed sadly 😔 we have to keep looking upwards

        • Kushman 420 TV
          Kushman 420 TV  2 weeks back

          Black holes are nothing any of you primordial Neanderthals can comprehend they are the a public form of interstellar transportation from galaxy to galaxy they are when advanced civilizations collapse a star destroy va galaxy to open a method of transportation to distant galaxy's they are wrips in space and time so that means they continue a reconstruction point and a end point a destination this is Known as the Kushman theory or The Michael Jackson theory

          • Remy D
            Remy D  3 weeks back

            What about Thanos?

            • e w
              e w  2 weeks back

              Remy D yes

          • buster buster
            buster buster  3 weeks back

            How do you take a photo of something that eats light headass.

            • Decomposed Corpse
              Decomposed Corpse  3 weeks back

              They took a picture of the plasma orbiting around it.

          • Chanchala Kumari
            Chanchala Kumari  3 weeks back

            What if our universe is inside in a black hole?

            • Naga Naga
              Naga Naga  4 weeks back

              Just WOW! Keep it up

              • Ruben Amaro
                Ruben Amaro  4 weeks back

                Nah the black holes are creating a map in fortnite.

                • Incog
                  Incog  4 weeks back

                  seems familiar, I was studying one for 48hrs+ if you look close enough, numbers start appearing

                  • CMatY29
                    CMatY29  1 months back

                    Why are you saying CENTURIES ?
                    Are you guys trying to manipulate your viewers ?
                    Did the Ancient Greeks discover black holes or something ?
                    The actual time period is not even A CENTURY

                    • Mercy On the Track
                      Mercy On the Track  1 months back

                      “Nothing moves faster than light”
                      We don’t know ANYTHING compared to the existence of this universe. For all we know, there is a speed that goes 10-100 times the speed of light. And we just can’t see it. The fact that our lovely earth is spinning at a casual 1,000 miles per hour or 460 meters per second and we don’t even feel it makes me think. What if our entire universe is flying at a speed unknown in our multiverse. There are many unknown things to discover

                      • MassLLamaSnipeZ
                        MassLLamaSnipeZ  1 months back

                        technically shadows are faster than the speed of light because if you shine a light on a wall and you make a shadow with your finger your finger is moveing a couple cm a second so if your shadow is big enough your shadow is going faster than the speed of light, so if the universe is darkness then maby your right we could going amazingly fast, for instance we could be going at the speed of light * 10 to the power of infinity

                    • Laraphil1990 Lara
                      Laraphil1990 Lara  1 months back

                      Knowing the real image of black hole is very disappointing! It's very far from the movies.

                      • Augustine Lopez
                        Augustine Lopez  1 months back

                        Totally cool guys. 😚 Keep up the great works. And thus our great history of mankind. 😎

                        • Matthew Renaud
                          Matthew Renaud  1 months back

                          Can’t they adjust the focus to make it less blurry?

                          • Caleb Meredith
                            Caleb Meredith  1 months back

                            First of all, no. This is actually a very small part of a very clear picture they took of all the stuff around the black hole. Second of all, they are taking a picture of a blob of superheated gasses, which are also thousands of miles across, making them fairly uniform. It's not like it can get much clearer.

                        • Zicakle
                          Zicakle  1 months back

                          Who say there nothing beyond speed of light? The next is Speed of speed

                          • Mik Mirt
                            Mik Mirt  2 months back

                            Is no one going to talk about the fact that at 1:30 everything is black and white, but Einstein’s suit is shown as blue?

                            • BakedBeans
                              BakedBeans  1 months back

                              yeah, einstein was actually black and white, you should know that

                          • AZPatriot
                            AZPatriot  2 months back

                            Go to Detroit you will see a lot of them!!! And can take all the pictures you want!

                            • Ansh kumar
                              Ansh kumar  2 months back

                              Just the fact that it is 'blurry', makes it all the more beautiful......

                              • Mev Cilbox
                                Mev Cilbox  2 months back

                                “Nothing goes faster than light”

                                Well let’s start with the list

                                Wait I can’t think of anything

                                Well played vox... well played (-_-)

                              • Mr. Blue Sky
                                Mr. Blue Sky  2 months back

                                It’s also like 57 million years in the past

                                • Mark Jackson
                                  Mark Jackson  2 months back

                                  Privileged group of telescopes. What?

                                  • derkaiser420
                                    derkaiser420  2 months back

                                    I like how you used the example of a CD on the moon. Most kids now watching this have to google what a CD is. Good video though.

                                    • Dillon Britt
                                      Dillon Britt  2 months back

                                      The first photo of it's kind are usually blurry. The very first photos of the planets like Jupiter and Saturn, in the 1800's, are extremely blurry and nothing to the Hubble images we have now. But they were a huge mile stone. The same goes with black hole imaging. They will probably find ways to get better photos in the following years and decades.

                                      • Caleb Meredith
                                        Caleb Meredith  1 months back

                                        The issue is that this black hole is 600 billion times farther away from earth than jupiter is, and the picture was already taken with a camera essentially as big as the earth.

                                    • AceOculus
                                      AceOculus  2 months back

                                      **correct me if i am wrong**
                                      Can capture a picture of a black hole

                                      Cannot communicate to a lunar lander

                                    • The Unboxing Experience
                                      The Unboxing Experience  2 months back

                                      Religion, your move next.

                                      • Devin Collins
                                        Devin Collins  2 months back

                                        Telescope privilege

                                        • m0 tZz
                                          m0 tZz  2 months back


                                          sonic from the new movie:hold my beer

                                          • Shiny Shoe
                                            Shiny Shoe  2 months back

                                            If we can colonize mars, could we sync our data from earth with a data from mars and see image that we couldn't see before?

                                            • Caleb Meredith
                                              Caleb Meredith  1 months back

                                              that is true, and would help

                                            • Shiny Shoe
                                              Shiny Shoe  1 months back

                                              But less atmosphere

                                            • Caleb Meredith
                                              Caleb Meredith  1 months back

                                              Mars is barely any closer to the black hole than the earth is. It would make very little difference

                                            • Dev Upadhyay
                                              Dev Upadhyay  2 months back

                                              For sure. We can even sync data with moon. 3 celestial bodies pointing towards a single celestial body will surely lead to something fascinating and unexpected.
                                              We just need to wait for like 30-40 years maybe.

                                          • Suwin Khamchaiwong
                                            Suwin Khamchaiwong  2 months back


                                            • I pee in my sink I'm afraid to come out my room

                                              So a black hole is a FORCE with (matter or without matter ? ,so now you have to say 4 things ( exist ) without matter ?

                                              • Dev Upadhyay
                                                Dev Upadhyay  2 months back

                                                Nope..its *dark matter*
                                                Matter because it has its own shape and mass.
                                                Dark because its so dense that its gravity does not allow even light to pass through.

                                            • SGTSayz
                                              SGTSayz  2 months back

                                              So in the end, scientists ended up seeing exactly what they wanted to see? 👀

                                              • pepperoni
                                                pepperoni  2 months back

                                                bruh they couldve just taken a picture of the sky, they wouldve gotten like a million more

                                                • Harold Hart
                                                  Harold Hart  2 months back


                                                  • Sniper 2000
                                                    Sniper 2000  2 months back

                                                    1.3 mm isn't that low frequency and high wavelength ?

                                                    • awaisis
                                                      awaisis  2 months back

                                                      i understand scientists want for tools and means. but hundreds of million dollars worth of equipment positioned all across the globe at the hope of capturing an image of a dark hole in far away space seems like something some other very rich ppl want. otherwise no way this much money invested just to keep scientist happy! especially with no immediate benefit to mankind. maybe in a 100 years or so. but still, such a unified effort backed by billions of dollars. i dont see money as soo happy and chirpy running into scientists pockets with glee saying use me up with no immediate financial return yaaaay!

                                                      whats really going on here?

                                                      • awaisis
                                                        awaisis  1 months back

                                                        @Caleb Meredith Billions are spent on development, equipment, property, multiple projects, staff, funds, etc every month.
                                                        scientists not gleeful about money? they get paid big and everyone goes all chirpy when money is coming in. not all but many.
                                                        also concentrated efforts to efficiently combat mans most immediate concerns will also be just as revelatory as space searches.
                                                        im not against all exploration and discovery, but money is not a unlimited resource.
                                                        and yeah why can't i be against this and against military spending. actually most of nasa and space research projects are funded, sponsored, or in some form contracted by the military because they are the most immediate practical beneficiaries.

                                                      • Caleb Meredith
                                                        Caleb Meredith  1 months back

                                                        The project was about 55 million dollars. America spends 12,600 times as much per year on its military. Governments fund science because while there may not be any immediate use for the results, that doesn't mean there is no use for them. Understanding black holes helps scientists understand the way fundamental laws of the universe work, which help them to create things like nuclear fusion. Also, in general science, which has an incredible economic benefit to society, is criminally underfunded.

                                                    • freddie patterson
                                                      freddie patterson  2 months back

                                                      She said that black holes were first conceived "centuries" ago but it was first theoretical conceived in 1917 ans only properly in 1956 so this is wrong

                                                      • Paulius St
                                                        Paulius St  2 months back

                                                        Anyone could help me find picture from 3:08?

                                                        • Paulius St
                                                          Paulius St  2 months back

                                                          Spent 20 minutes googling, reverse image searching. Anyone have any idea for at least what the place is?

                                                      • Nana Afia B-A
                                                        Nana Afia B-A  2 months back

                                                        Is anyone else terrified by this?

                                                        • badbadfull
                                                          badbadfull  3 months back

                                                          5:20 Look at the black hole and blink once every second.

                                                        • JVONROCK
                                                          JVONROCK  3 months back

                                                          Vox is fantasy, the illusion is what people want to believe. They deliver.

                                                          • V3yk
                                                            V3yk  2 months back

                                                            .. Vox didn't get that image... who tf are you

                                                          • IWC wrestling
                                                            IWC wrestling  2 months back


                                                        • Adam Armstrong
                                                          Adam Armstrong  3 months back

                                                          if the math proved black holes are real then shouldn't the math also say that the speed of light can be broken? if it cant then that would mean a black hole couldn't stop light from escaping right?

                                                          • Francisco Hernandez
                                                            Francisco Hernandez  3 months back

                                                            Its a miracle that we can see the sun, stars, galaxy's and black-holes when the space is full of junk metal.

                                                          • ScrotNimation
                                                            ScrotNimation  3 months back

                                                            If light can’t escape black hole that means light is not the fastest it’s actually a hole that is unstable

                                                            • Eric Rogers
                                                              Eric Rogers  3 months back

                                                              Trumps brain? Good video

                                                              • Lup Domnitor
                                                                Lup Domnitor  3 months back

                                                                I see a black hole every time my husband gets naked in the shower.