Matthew Berry's top fantasy picks to replace Antonio Brown | The Fantasy Show


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  • Phillin Myself
    Phillin Myself  4 months back

    Fuck that! Keep Antonio!!! Him and Brady are going off

    • Irvin Gamarro
      Irvin Gamarro  4 months back

      Landry or Waller as my flex for week 1? Pleaseeee help 🙏🏼

      • Kelly Conroy
        Kelly Conroy  4 months back

        Berry should be replaced by...well, anyone would be better.

        • Kenton Duncan
          Kenton Duncan  4 months back

          Update: Brown will play week 1.

          • John Nichols
            John Nichols  4 months back

            @Kenton Duncan Great pick up for the Pats. I'm an Eagles fan and I'm looking towards a possible grudge match Super Bowl between the two franchises. They both look poised to get there.

          • Kenton Duncan
            Kenton Duncan  4 months back

            John Nichols who saw that coming? Lol. I'm a Pats fan and I have Tyrell Williams in one of my teams. Win win

          • John Nichols
            John Nichols  4 months back

            For the Patriots?

        • Julio Vasquez
          Julio Vasquez  4 months back

          I picked up Pettis over Williams in a ppr league.

          • Manuel Beltran
            Manuel Beltran  4 months back

            Way over the top , trying to win an oscar on an espn vid come on guy
            He comes out in avengers 2 and he thinks hes leo now.

            • William Miller
              William Miller  4 months back

              I think I would just cut him if I were the Raiders. I know he is talented, but sometimes it's better to just move on for the sake of the team!
              To me, he acts like a 'spoiled brat' :-)

              • William Miller
                William Miller  4 months back

                Guess I was on the same page with the Raiders.
                One thing I do know he won't pull these shenanigans on Belichick, he knows better :-)
                So I'm thinking he won't last with the Pats 'long term', but maybe a big boost this year.
                He represents everything 'wrong' with football: A man that has been given so much, and he takes it all for granted!

            • ultimatewarriorz1
              ultimatewarriorz1  4 months back

              picked up d waller te cause AB is a tool

              • ON_yyX
                ON_yyX  4 months back

                Dez 2.0

                • toorop111
                  toorop111  4 months back

                  Antonio clown 🤡 the diva 💁‍♀️pre-planned this! Roll the 🎲 for spin attempts to see where he lands after spinning the 🌎 !

                  • Josue Aguilar
                    Josue Aguilar  4 months back

                    ESPN Fantasy is trash because of these guys. Yahoo is so much better.

                    • Luke Stakelbeck
                      Luke Stakelbeck  4 months back

                      Berry do have any suggestions to fix Matt nagys play calling & decision to roll with Mike Davis over David Montgomery? Trubisky didnt play well but nags gameplan sucked ass. There was only one play that nagy called that wasnt in shotgun. Earth to nagy: trubisky needs a solid run game to play well. If hes throwing the ball close to 40 times a game you can bet the bears lose every time.

                      • metalhead476
                        metalhead476  4 months back

                        Fuck, ESPN is terrible, but it's owned by Disney so it's never going away.

                        • metalhead476
                          metalhead476  4 months back

                          Raiders fan here. If you're rostering anyone past Tyrell Williams, you better be in an AFC-West-only league.

                          • Brandon Myers
                            Brandon Myers  4 months back

                            I assume you're only talking about wide receivers

                        • Snipe Rider
                          Snipe Rider  4 months back

                          The forced comedy is bad. Just deliver us the fantasy stats/research and less with the comedy

                          • John Nichols
                            John Nichols  4 months back

                            Exactly. Berry's naturally funny. They don't need to force it

                        • raiders fan916
                          raiders fan916  4 months back

                          A.B.=T.O. 2.0

                        • UsirRaMaroon
                          UsirRaMaroon  4 months back

                          Good god it is terribly apparent ESPN stripped down their payroll of talent 2 years ago, and this is all we are left with.

                          • UsirRaMaroon
                            UsirRaMaroon  4 months back

                            @AyoJayArr wrote "football guru". 🤪🤣 Yeah, like Miss Cleo was a psychic guru.

                          • AyoJayArr
                            AyoJayArr  4 months back

                            Wait what? Lmao this is Matthew Berry, he's been the fantasy football guru for like 8 years

                        • Onion Man
                          Onion Man  4 months back

                          Snagged Westbrook in the 13th round, was gonna be my flex but I guess he’s now my WR2...

                          • XCHOZENX
                            XCHOZENX  4 months back

                            Onion Man he’s a WR2 with upside I’m expecting him to have a over 100 Rec this year

                        • Manav Ramprasad
                          Manav Ramprasad  4 months back

                          i traded AB and mccoy for Edelman and Penny cuz I got scared

                          • PJohnson
                            PJohnson  4 months back

                            zac cooper now it is 🤣 seriously though. Penny could be a RB1 mid season. Edelman going to be well.. Edelman.

                          • zac cooper
                            zac cooper  4 months back

                            PJohnson baddddddddddd trade

                          • PJohnson
                            PJohnson  4 months back

                            Manav Ramprasad not bad of a trade.

                        • X Stolen Film's
                          X Stolen Film's  4 months back

                          I'm so close to 25 subscribers 🔥🤪🤯

                          • X Stolen Film's
                            X Stolen Film's  4 months back

                            @John Nichols thanks broo I appreciate it 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🤖

                          • John Nichols
                            John Nichols  4 months back

                            I got you bro

                        • emersoneee2008
                          emersoneee2008  4 months back

                          I was rooting for AB but I’m starting to think he really is a problem

                        • Mike Jay
                          Mike Jay  4 months back

                          AB is dead weight now period?

                          • AT Tatara
                            AT Tatara  4 months back

                            gonna be a rough season for raiders

                            • Justin Ryan
                              Justin Ryan  4 months back

                              when is it not? raider fan here, we can't fucking catch any breaks. ever.

                          • TONEakaSHOW
                            TONEakaSHOW  4 months back

                            Antonio Clown

                            • LeeTravius Mckay
                              LeeTravius Mckay  4 months back

                              ab with all this drama is starting to slip out of the top 5 WRs

                            • Kevin Chatten
                              Kevin Chatten  4 months back

                              Should I play Tyrell Williams, Sterling Shepard, or Christian Kirk?

                              • xxinsanexzombie
                                xxinsanexzombie  4 months back

                                Tyrell Williams or Sterling Shepard

                              • WTPWDSMG
                                WTPWDSMG  4 months back

                                Tyrell or Sterling. Start the one going up against a weak defense

                              • B2C BROS
                                B2C BROS  4 months back

                                Bruin tyrell

                              • McCHEDAHH 44
                                McCHEDAHH 44  4 months back

                                Bruin Shepard for sure

                            • SteelersGoingFor 7
                              SteelersGoingFor 7  4 months back

                              Andrew Luck owes AB a big THANK YOU!