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  • Move_I_Got_This
    Move_I_Got_This  5 months back

    Never knew this movie was out, I've never heard anyone talking about it, this is the first time seeing anything about it.

      KAROL MONGOR  5 months back

      I really imagined Ben like more cute

      • sand bach
        sand bach  8 months back

        Let me guess, she did it.....and her brother took the rap....

        • Dino Sabalić
          Dino Sabalić  3 years back

          Looks like N.Hoult is the bad guy, i hope i'm wrong.

          • Simon Frederiksen
            Simon Frederiksen  3 years back

            Ugh - no thanks.

            • bd geek
              bd geek  3 years back

              the only dark place is in the asshole ;p

              • Novacane
                Novacane  3 years back

                i feel like i just saw the whole movie gg

                • leave this empty
                  leave this empty  3 years back

                  Anything to make Charlize Theron not look 70.

                  • my name
                    my name  3 years back

                    the movie didn't do the book justice

                    • GoldiRock Records
                      GoldiRock Records  3 years back

                      shame they named it 'Dark Places' as this is the name of a few other films. :-(

                      • URANUS Ggg
                        URANUS Ggg  3 years back

                        Wait isn't that Tyson fury

                        • pixstix
                          pixstix  3 years back

                          One of Charlize's very rare missteps in terms of producing. Usually she's fantastic at assembling the right talent needed for a project, but this one feels like it was in desperate need of more support financially and surprisingly, a different cast. The cast is hugely talented, no question about that, but in all the wrong ways for this one. In fact, this story isn't contained enough to feel like it should be a movie at all. It would have been far better as a tv series. A shame, because we desperately need more female leads in stories like this in film.

                          • pixstix
                            pixstix  3 years back

                            +lingo lango Lol "sexist comment". Please. A hugely disproportionate amount of leading characters in film are men. THAT is what's sexist. You can have a quality movie, but characters matter, and when they are mostly men, yeah, that matters too.

                          • lingo lango
                            lingo lango  3 years back

                            More female leads, what a sexist comment. I think we need more quality movies.

                          • pixstix
                            pixstix  3 years back

                            @Titus Orelius Why do you think a female director equals more leading female characters? Directors don't make any choices regarding casting or character or stories, they decide how to film the movie and direct the performances of the cast that is already there.
                            And if you are a male screenwriter and you are writing an overwhelming amount of male characters, then you are not a good screenwriter. At all. If are literally only capable of writing people like you, then you are bad at your job.
                            Funny how the few female directors and screenwriters that there are never seem to struggle with male lead characters for example.

                            And this movie did have a female screenwriter. It had a female screenwriter, producer, and lead actor. Which is what I was saying - we need more of that, just with better funding behind it.

                          • Titus Orelius
                            Titus Orelius  3 years back

                            There would obviously be more quality and diverse roles for women when there are more women in the directors chair and writing the stories from a woman's perspective.  Does this really need to be spelled out for you?

                          • pixstix
                            pixstix  3 years back

                            @Titus Orelius What the heck are you talking about? Did you just start a totally unrelated conversation with some invisible person?
                            I said there needs to be more roles like this for women in film, complex and messy leading characters. You come back at me with a load of unrelated nonsense about directors and screenwriters and you thinking sexism in the industry isn't a thing... and STEM jobs for some reason?
                            Theron is an executive producer and has been since she was 25. She's also an Academy Award winner (two time nominee). She's ridiculously skilled and experienced and she's who I was talking about in particular.

                        • I am Hello
                          I am Hello  3 years back

                          Charlize Theron, one of the worst actresses of all time.
                          Chloe Grace Mortez, a spoiled rotten overly hyped actress.
                          And two people who are actually really good.

                          • pixstix
                            pixstix  3 years back

                            @I am Hello By "hype train" did you mean two time Oscar nominee and Best Actress Oscar winner. Someone who redefined the iconic female action hero for the 21st Century? That = "worst" to you? Dude.

                          • pixstix
                            pixstix  3 years back

                            @Kitty Grimm You know he hasn't.

                          • Kitty Grimm
                            Kitty Grimm  3 years back

                            Charlize Theron? Did you even *see* Monster?

                          • I am Hello
                            I am Hello  3 years back

                            @pixiestix No, and I'm not someone who falls for hype trains.

                          • pixstix
                            pixstix  3 years back

                            Are you fucking kidding me?

                        • Avery Trimble
                          Avery Trimble  3 years back

                          I don't know how to explain this but this seems more like tv cinematography/acting than movie cinematography/acting

                          • slantyrock
                            slantyrock  3 years back

                            So the kid likes some Misfits eh.

                            • MassDynamic
                              MassDynamic  4 years back

                              the doctor from The Strain

                              • The Incandescent One
                                The Incandescent One  4 years back

                                *finds weed in the drawer*
                                Dank Places

                                • Ashlynne Renae
                                  Ashlynne Renae  3 years back

                                  😂😂😂 damn I can't take this movie seriously now lmao

                              • Chris Benson
                                Chris Benson  4 years back

                                You almost have to stop watching the trailers nowadays in order not to see everything.

                                • Jfknoscope
                                  Jfknoscope  4 years back

                                  need the ost

                                • adamu salisu
                                  adamu salisu  4 years back

                                  is ok

                                  • Lan Fang
                                    Lan Fang  4 years back

                                    I like "gone girl", but I don't get the moral behind it.

                                    • Lan Fang
                                      Lan Fang  4 years back

                                      the media!? I thought this movie is about love and marriage

                                    • queef mccunt
                                      queef mccunt  4 years back

                                      +Lan Fang Don't trust everything the media tells you, no matter how certain it seems, unless you were there you'll never really know the truth. at least that's what i gathered.

                                  • Kimtothekizzo
                                    Kimtothekizzo  4 years back

                                    I'm guessing she did it.

                                    • MilaJ16
                                      MilaJ16  4 years back

                                      Love her!!!

                                      • Avocado
                                        Avocado  4 years back

                                        Tell me she's not the killer...

                                        • Iron Lungs
                                          Iron Lungs  3 years back

                                          people like you shouldn't watch movies, always intent on spoiling the ending. true or not.

                                      • Robert Vaughn
                                        Robert Vaughn  4 years back

                                        Darkness isn't the opposite of light, it's the absence of light...

                                        • Rafael Morales
                                          Rafael Morales  4 years back

                                          +John Bryan Gozum Light is the absence of darkness

                                        • S1712625 JBG
                                          S1712625 JBG  4 years back

                                          so what's the opposite of light? hahaha

                                      • Joroc
                                        Joroc  4 years back

                                        plot: she was the killer T_T

                                        • jo
                                          jo  4 years back


                                      • powderpink
                                        powderpink  4 years back

                                        poor casting

                                        • vbgggfff
                                          vbgggfff  4 years back

                                          THIS WARBOY WANTS ME DEAD

                                        • Katherine Alexandra
                                          Katherine Alexandra  4 years back

                                          Emma Brown (SuckerPunch)
                                          would've been more correct choice of Libby.

                                          • Saqer Al-Saeed
                                            Saqer Al-Saeed  4 years back

                                            Yay t

                                          • Saqer Al-Saeed
                                            Saqer Al-Saeed  4 years back

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                                            • Callie S
                                              Callie S  4 years back

                                              Apparently Tony Stonem is now an expert in crimes after committing so many himself.

                                              • hehehe hahaha
                                                hehehe hahaha  4 years back

                                                Charlie big booby

                                                • Amanda Adams
                                                  Amanda Adams  4 years back

                                                  Terrible casting for Libby- makes me not even want to see the movie! She's supposed to be short and chubby, with big boobs and hair growing out at the roots.

                                                  • pixstix
                                                    pixstix  3 years back

                                                    All movie adaptations make changes from the books and character appearances are always different. Emily Blunt looks different from the lead in Girl on a Train, Rosamond Pike looks a lot different from the wife in Gone Girl, I feel like it notices here more because the director doesn't set a tone substantial enough that the changes add anything meaningful.

                                                  • DH
                                                    DH  4 years back

                                                    +Amanda Adams Maybe Christina Ricci should've played this character

                                                • sherwinbrivera
                                                  sherwinbrivera  4 years back

                                                  Can't wait to watch my man Runner!

                                                  • kickboxer
                                                    kickboxer  4 years back

                                                    Really good movie. Highly recommend

                                                    • Not Cthulhu
                                                      Not Cthulhu  4 years back

                                                      im offensive and i find this satanist

                                                      • Young Pup X
                                                        Young Pup X  4 years back

                                                        It has like the EXACT same voiceover as Gone Girl.

                                                        • Jan Leitner
                                                          Jan Leitner  4 years back

                                                          It looks. I Love It. different useful What do you think?

                                                          • Mustafa Haider
                                                            Mustafa Haider  4 years back

                                                            good movie

                                                            • Watch Movies
                                                              Watch Movies  4 years back

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                                                              • firebird_SPLEEN
                                                                firebird_SPLEEN  4 years back

                                                                in my home town. I remember when they were filming for it 3 years ago

                                                                • Allie Nicole
                                                                  Allie Nicole  4 years back

                                                                  SO EXCITED TO SEE THIS TOMORROW

                                                                  • Moesive oone
                                                                    Moesive oone  4 years back

                                                                    Looks alright, the book was pretty good.

                                                                    • isabella swan
                                                                      isabella swan  4 years back

                                                                      I loved gone girl so I started reading dark  but I just could not get into it. maybe I didn't make it to the point where it really picks up.I got as far as when she went to the kill club first night then got offended when they started to question what she said happned then I stopped i remember the mom was broke worrid about losing the farm and the son died his red hair black and everyone made a big deal does it get much better after that or if I was not hocked by that point should I give up? coz the movie looks real good

                                                                      • gretisma2
                                                                        gretisma2  4 years back

                                                                        Chloe Grace Moretz is probably the only actress that fits the role. Charlize is very talented, but has nothing to do with Libby Day. The book was incredible, the film adaptation is not up to that standard

                                                                        • Серёга Полхутенко

                                                                          Chelsea Wolfe - Carrion Flowers

                                                                          • iwatchmike
                                                                            iwatchmike  4 years back

                                                                            this looks really good.