Game of Thrones " The Iron Throne" - Review


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  • Robin Banks
    Robin Banks  1 months back

    Bran was literally one of the fucking worst choices possible for king.

    • Robin Banks
      Robin Banks  1 months back

      The egotistical retarded fucking faggots who try to claim people are upset because they didn’t get what they wanted can go fuck themselves in their leaking assholes!

      • Chelbasaur
        Chelbasaur  2 months back

        exCUSE ME-
        I consider BSG to be the best show of all time. I love that story so much, I'm sad you didn't like it :( but I also love LOST. I haven't heard anyone else really speak of that other than "THEY WERE DEAD THE WHOLE TIME. IT WAS ALL BULLSHIT" so I don't really take their opinions seriously because that is definitely not what happened.

        But, I did hate the end of Game of Thrones. The entirety of this season was absolute trash. Knowing the books in and out and the other side stories in that universe and knowing how much of a disservice D&D have done to these characters and this story is just sad. I love storytelling. Tyrion was right, there isn't much more powerful than a good story and when you mess it up, it's a biggggg problem.

        • Chelbasaur
          Chelbasaur  2 months back

          @Please Rewind it just came across as something you don't look back and think "damn. That was a really good story" is all. I just find myself thinking about BSG (exponentially more than Lost) and being incredibly moved and touched by the whole thing. Bear McCreary is prodigious and his music touches my soul. The acting is so unbelievably real and much like George does; Ronald D. Moore's characters are *real* people with flaws and strengths and have done terrible things that they regret and it's shaped them as people so it allows you to understand *why* they are the way they are. I thought Lost was a good story, but nothing mind blowing or life changing, as BSG did. Except the episode "Black Market". We can forget that ever happened.

          Wow, sorry for the novel. I appreciate your video because it's nice to hear opinions you may have not thought about. I could go on for another thousand words on how disappointing this dumpster fire of a show turned out to be. I am wholly invested into good stories. There are Star Wars novels I read a decade ago that I still think about constantly. I've read ASOIF twice through and countless random rereads of random chapters.

          As you commented on, your cadence in this video is a darn good representation of the feeling a lot of people are left with.

        • Please Rewind
          Please Rewind   2 months back

          I hope it doesn't come across as me disliking those shows. For the most part, I fucking love BSG and Lost. I just don't like the way both stories wrap up.

          The first season of BSG is perfection.

      • FE Rebekah
        FE Rebekah  2 months back

        Maybe Bran was warging Drogon when he burned the Iron Throne. He’s got a new rolly one ready to go after all..

        • nelson Samuels
          nelson Samuels  4 months back

          When Tyrion said bran the broken it goes back to the episode" cripples, bastards and broken things"

          • nelson Samuels
            nelson Samuels  4 months back

            Bran said"I'm not crippled"so he knows he's broken

        • Susan Chapman-Jones
          Susan Chapman-Jones  4 months back

          Speaking as a professional actor; a film, TV show, or stage play only succeeds if the audience becomes immersed in the story, and that can only happen if the actors believe in the world of the story and "become" the characters they are playing. However, the actors are only as good as the material they're given. It's all about a performance being "honest," and I can see that the actors in the final season of GOT lost their honesty because they couldn't believe in the material they were given. They were not "being"; they were "acting."

          • Derma Asthetique
            Derma Asthetique  4 months back

            It’s got nothing to do with it not being the ending we wanted or theories come true it was because so many story arcs were left unfinished and completely lacking in any common sense

            • Derma Asthetique
              Derma Asthetique  4 months back

              Arya : I know a killer when I see one

              No shit , wtf were D&D high when they wrote this ?

              Ser Davos : make your own house (to grey worm) 😂

              You can’t make this shit up it actually happened !!!

              • Derma Asthetique
                Derma Asthetique  4 months back

                75% of this episode was basically wasted with stares and walking around . The whole time I kept looking at my clock and watching how much time there’s left because all they did was waste time on nonsense no dialogue scenes . Tyrion fixing the chairs ??? Wtf the king wheels in and asks where’s drogon and then leaves so that the comedic small council can make a few jokes

                • Tuliocsmed
                  Tuliocsmed  5 months back

                  I felt nothimg... looked like it wasnt even the caracters I love...

                  • Tuliocsmed
                    Tuliocsmed  5 months back

                    @Gia E. so sad, expectations were so high.. well, I guess thats life :/

                  • Gia E.
                    Gia E.  5 months back

                    Tuliocsmed Exactly. Who were they?

                • branislav667
                  branislav667  5 months back

                  The only reason I watched this show is to see dragons burn shit. So I wanted Dany to become queen and burn more cities. And I never liked Jon, he's to nice. Dany should have feed him to the dragons.

                  • Dracarys Dracarys
                    Dracarys Dracarys  5 months back

                    sezon 8 is 🤮💩 D&D killed GOT . Let's thank them hating their next projects ....

                    • karakenio
                      karakenio  5 months back

                      kudos +1 sub

                      • Chris MCMLXXXII
                        Chris MCMLXXXII  5 months back

                        This finale wasn't about conversation at all. Someone on YouTube played it back and over 70% has no dialogue, at all. It's silence.

                      • Libertarirynn Videos
                        Libertarirynn Videos  5 months back

                        I really do not understand the logic of it being too expensive to film Jon petting Ghost. Like you had the budget for all these fucking dragon scenes and you can’t do a two second shot of him petting the wolf? Hell you could’ve just gotten a regular white husky and had Kit Harington pet that and then go back and digitally change the eyes and make the image a little bigger. I can think of like a million low-cost ways to get that shot.

                      • Andrew Alex
                        Andrew Alex  5 months back

                        F**k you very much for a great review.
                        F**king great.

                        • Scott Sparling
                          Scott Sparling  5 months back

                          It was ruined, and GRRM will NEVER finish the books. He got tied into knots.

                          • Jon Snowpenhauer
                            Jon Snowpenhauer  5 months back

                            Hard to say if it was added after the fact as apparently the reason Jon had his season 4 hair is because they recycled the wolf footage from S4.

                            • Brady William
                              Brady William  5 months back

                              So, why was Jon Snow brought back? We've only seen 2 people in the entirety of Game of Thrones that were resurrected (as their former, human self), so it felt like this power was supposed to have meaningful & fairly large implications. Was it just to kill Dany? Because if so, I don't buy it *AT ALL* since we have Ultra-Super Assassin Arya running around. I felt that the show did Jon dirty this season. *MuH QuEeNNN*

                              • Zach Scheel
                                Zach Scheel  5 months back

                                Brady W lord of light doesn’t give a shit about who controls the 7 kingdoms. His whole purpose was to fight against army of the dead, so yeah. Bringing back Jon was absolutely pointless

                            • Joshua Terry
                              Joshua Terry  5 months back

                              Season 8 is so out of place. Honestly im not interested in anything D&D work on again. It's so poorly put together on so many levels. Sign the petition. Then sign the one to remove D&D from Star Wars.

                              To be clear I'm not upset about the resolutions, I'm disappointed in how they got there and the way it was presented.

                              • I am no one neither R you

                                Robb grabbed a handful of greywinds fur in season 2 why couldn't Jon pet ghost I think your right the people at HBO lied to us

                                • I am no one neither R you

                                  I thought when Jon and the free folk were walking through the woods we would see a wight Walker watching them we hear ominous music and then fade to Black

                                  • 200 subs with no video challenge

                                    I agree they took on too much, but I can’t help but be angry that they didn’t pass it on.

                                    • 200 subs with no video challenge

                                      It’s not cool to hate the show, it just became shit and the backlash is huge because the fan base is.

                                      • Zachary Ramirez-Icaza
                                        Zachary Ramirez-Icaza  5 months back

                                        Overall, I’d say the ending was simply disappointing

                                        • Persephone Asher
                                          Persephone Asher  5 months back

                                          drogon was the smartest and most believable character in the end...but that's not saying much. the ending STUNK royally.

                                          • ga21351
                                            ga21351  5 months back

                                            A comprehensive explanation of the entire story of the eighth season.

                                            It starts from the moment when Bran in the 2nd episode announces that NK knows where he is because Bran is marked by the touch of his hand. The goal of NK is to kill everyone alive but mainly he must kill the 3 Eye Raven. It's very interesting. If so, if there is no wall at all, but Bran was staying in this cave north of the wall, NK would also be there, north of the wall. So, it would not be a great war anyway. I went back to the 6th season. episodes 4 and 5. Bran told the previous Eye Raven that he does not want to have same live in that cave, he wants to be among the people, then Bran goes outside the cave and can be touched by NK. I have watched the scene again and this touch is not just accidental but intentional. Bran wants to be marked, he has to run away from the caves now and he goes to Winterfell. If Bran escapes to Winterfell brings NK's armies with him. The Bran attribute also allows the NK army to pass through the wall just like through the Three Crows' caves. So there is no meaning if NK has a dragon or not. When Bran arrives at Winterfell, only one of his companions survived the journey and notices Bran's complete lack of empathy for the victims of those who helped him escape from the north, it is also a clue from the show.

                                            Next we have news from Jon Snow is Targarian. For Jon, nothing good came from this news, but we also find out that Jon and Denerys are in love with each other. This is the key information. News causes Jon is no longer in love with Denerys but Denerys is still in with him and how woman in love with Jon ends, shows the story of Ygritte, she dies. Of course, Ygritte had only an arch that she could not make excessive destruction. In Dena's case, it's different.

                                            Bran does not show anyone any feelings for enyone except for Winterfell's greeting scene with Mother of Dragons. Anger Bran is being blamed her for the destruction of the wall by her undead dragon. In this situation, Mother of Dragons did not come north to save and earn sympathies with the people of the north. She's coming to fix what she herself crush, so she does not do anything good. So she is guilty of everything. Her mission to earn sympathy in the north is doomed to failure. It is not her fault. It was played by Bran. Since there was once a Bran the Builder who built a wall, it is now to be Bran the Broken which destroyed the wall. However the task of the wall is not the protection of the living but the separation of the two worlds. The living should not live north of the wall. But some want to live as free people, live not where they should and accidentally are victims of NK. So, the Three Eyed Raven can be in cave in the north or directly be King of all kingdoms, meaning Bran is on his way to power in the 8th season. So this is the game of thrones. Deni must destroy Cersei, Jon must destroy Deni, Jon can live because he does not want power. This is a plan to gain power for Bran.

                                            And the goal of the Winterfell war is not to protect the living from the dead. NK does not matter. Therefore, it is not important who killed NK. The purpose of this war is to get rid NK army and kill Jorah which is last person dies on this battle.

                                            When we have Jon - Targarian. The only purpose of this news was to break love Jon - Deanerys and then kill her with Jon's hands. Ygritte dies, Dany need die too. Denerys warns Jon that this news will be use to destroy her but Jon does not believe it and thinks that he will reunidet her with his family, Denerys begs Jon not to speak. Jon, however, says his sister at the presence of Bran. When Sansa's conspiracy comes to light it turns out Denerys was right and Jon was wrong, but Denerys still wants to build their mutual relationship. Jon's resistance at this point makes no sense. If he no longer in love with her he still could do it for power. He was the dominant figure in their relationship and Denerys was blindly in love with him, so he would be the one who rule. Denerys loves Jon like dragons loves their mother. However, Jon does not want to rule also and dont think she should be in romantic relation with her. The person who could be bridge between Jon and Dany was Jorah, he could make Jon change his desision and be with Deny, City would not be burn then and they will be ruling together. But Jorah was last to kill during great war. Then - You know nothing Jon Snow.

                                            The city had to be burned. It results from the concept of a dragon mother figure. Dragons do something just for the mother. At Essos, she freed slaves which wanted to be liberated. It made her slaves and dragons happy, there is more power and more love. There same it does not work on Westoros. The Great War does not win support for her, nobody loves her, the process does not work. This is hapens because of Bran. Denerys fights for support and love but loses. In this situation, the city's occupation is contrary to the nature of the dragons. There must be a catastrophe.

                                            Of course Bran could go back in time to fix the burning of the whole city is a serious situation. Finally, information about the origin of Jon also come from the past. He could fix this by doing this again back in time but he does not want to.

                                            The final scene of choosing a new King. Tyrion has a chat with Bran in the 2nd episode. Bran has a "long story" for him. At the moment Bran is elected, Tyrion suggest someone for rule with "the best story". Tyrion was in a conspiracy. On the 3rd episode one an old nanny, tells a fairy tale, but Bran only likes "scary stories".

                                            In the final scene Bran - Jon. Jon you were always then you need to be. Dude, I played you to the very end. You job was to break Denerys heart and kill her. You did the job very well. Super-reward, take yourself north. End.

                                            • Gia E.
                                              Gia E.  5 months back

                                              When Dany died, it seemed like a bad soap opera. I didn’t know how to feel because it looked so fake.

                                              • Dr. Bloodmoney
                                                Dr. Bloodmoney  6 months back

                                                The ending was as dumb as I expected. So I guess you could say it was satisfying.

                                                (What is Trash May Never Die)

                                                • Raymond Davis
                                                  Raymond Davis  6 months back

                                                  If you harbor resentments about the Game Of Thrones debacle caused by the show runners trashing all the good work George RR Martin and the cast and crew did on thier way rushing out the door to do the Star Wars film after Rise of the Skywalker..If you think your fan loyalty isn't worth these guys showing loyalty to the fans then rush to see this. If on the other hand you think we deserve better , be busy when it comes out.

                                                  • Ginette Mayas
                                                    Ginette Mayas  6 months back

                                                    By the way your intro "So, it's finally over..." the tone laced with fatigue and exasperation was brilliant. It perfectly sets up your review. Loved it.

                                                    • Ginette Mayas
                                                      Ginette Mayas  6 months back

                                                      Very generous and equanimous analysis. Loved your review. It is spot on. You said everything I have been thinking and you did it succinctly without being negative or disrespectful. You didn't go overboard with hyperbole. Well done. You're right. This is the end of an era.

                                                      I absolutely agree with you that the showrunners were insecure and overwhelmed. Yes, they should have recruited help and gotten more writers and other professionals to help them plot and narrate. Why didn't they? That's what I don't understand. I think Episode 6 reveals a lot about the state of mind of the show runners: the weird humor, the weird plot devices. Drogon burning the throne was hilarious. Was it supposed to be funny? It certainly echoed how I felt about the whole enterprise by the end: burn everything.

                                                      GoT was a massive undertaking to construct and desconstruct. I think in years to come film schools will use GoT as a case study.

                                                      • Stealth
                                                        Stealth  6 months back

                                                        If we'd just had a mediocre final season most people would've given it a pass because the first 4 seasons were excellent and the next 2 were good. But you just can't get around the garbage we were given in 7&8. It destroys the rewatch value. Not even sure I can watch my favorite episodes anymore because they ended up ruining most of the characters in the last 2 seasons.

                                                        • Anjelica Snorcket
                                                          Anjelica Snorcket  6 months back

                                                          Stealth I petty much checked out after S4. I like to pretend S5-8 never happened. ;-)

                                                      • Jim Hawkins
                                                        Jim Hawkins  6 months back

                                                        Never in the history of TV has so much been pissed against the wall by so few! (Dumb-ass and Dumb- fuck!)

                                                        • Lou
                                                          Lou  6 months back

                                                          They were given double the amount of years to write the fewest episodes of any season. Two writers. So why was it rushed?

                                                          • tonytg909
                                                            tonytg909  6 months back

                                                            The show was more broken than Bran.

                                                            • Luvva J ProFRESHA
                                                              Luvva J ProFRESHA  6 months back

                                                              I LOVE please rewind! Voice! Attitude! The slack jawed cartoon! BRAVOOOOOSI!!!

                                                              • Brady William
                                                                Brady William  6 months back

                                                                I love how D & D went from "Dipshit & Dumbass" in your S8E3 review to just "meh, they're whatever, I don't hate them" in this one. Lol

                                                                • christmastiger
                                                                  christmastiger  6 months back

                                                                  The homeless Sonic employee makes some very good points, especially about the meta aspects. D&D for all their cockiness I think partially wanted to get this show over with because they were floundering with the material and didn't know where to go, apparently they're better at writing OC material than having to write new material with adapted characters so maybe that means their Star Wars trilogy will be better but I'm not gonna watch to find out until I see the reviews. Thanks for the video and not being overly "FUUUUUU-" like every other person has been.

                                                                  • brian milligan
                                                                    brian milligan  6 months back

                                                                    You are a little eunuch bitch.

                                                                    • Jimi the Schmuck
                                                                      Jimi the Schmuck  6 months back

                                                                      Dan has the most punchable face on planet earth. I'd pay good money to see it.

                                                                      • Tatyana Melnikoff
                                                                        Tatyana Melnikoff  6 months back

                                                                        george r.r. martin is the real and true writer of game of thrones.
                                                                        dumb and dumber bought his work to try and promote themselves (scum) and can't steal talent.
                                                                        gotta be born with it, d&d. why are you anywhere nnnnneeeeaaar this business? leave!

                                                                        • jeyton
                                                                          jeyton  6 months back

                                                                          After all the criticism, D&D are on suicide watch ...

                                                                          • Diesel Johnson
                                                                            Diesel Johnson  6 months back

                                                                            Well said, i agree with you on pretty much everything, you do the best most honest and thoughtful reviews. I also agree it was a lot like Lost.

                                                                            • Chris Mak
                                                                              Chris Mak  6 months back

                                                                              Remake S8. D&D pay for it -


                                                                              • Machukistrukis Machuca
                                                                                Machukistrukis Machuca  6 months back

                                                                                I lost the interest in the show when they killed littlefinger that chapter was so bad written that for me ruined the show.

                                                                                • KaliBhakta
                                                                                  KaliBhakta  6 months back

                                                                                  Two people and three things I want to put in a room together
                                                                                  Emilia Clarke
                                                                                  Nikolaj Coster-Waldau
                                                                                  An expired non-dispargement contract
                                                                                  A bottle of a mutually agreed-upon alcoholic beverage
                                                                                  A video camera

                                                                                  • cp1925
                                                                                    cp1925  6 months back

                                                                                    I feel it was empty.