Best POV Of Silage Wagons Filling a Silo


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  • PotHolePilot
    PotHolePilot  1 days back

    Almost to 30,000 subscribers :)

  • Ps4-Bot
    Ps4-Bot  2 days back

    Can you give me a back story about your farm

    • Ps4-Bot
      Ps4-Bot  2 days back

      @Boehm Farm oh ok

    • Boehm Farm
      Boehm Farm   2 days back

      In one sentence, I'm second generation on a farm bought in foreclosure in the 1980s and I'm only farming because I found my own land to rent.

  • Ryan Janzen
    Ryan Janzen  3 days back

    Love the video man!

  • Steve Avila
    Steve Avila  3 days back

    What yr are your ford tractors?

    • Boehm Farm
      Boehm Farm   2 days back

      The three Fords are mid 80s, the TC30 was made in 2004.

  • Llion Owen
    Llion Owen  4 days back

    My dad has a Leland 272 synchro and we’re in the middle of rebuilding it.

    • Boehm Farm
      Boehm Farm   2 days back

      If you're in America, who has parts for that?

  • Mike Berg
    Mike Berg  4 days back

    8 loads don’t sound a lot?,really?.you don’t pay a lot to no hired men.U have no payment on new fancy gear.Small is efficient,$$$$$ per acre boy👍🇳🇿🇳🇿🇳🇿🇳🇿

    • Mike Berg
      Mike Berg  4 days back

      Wieght the front of that Ford!,no suitcase weights?,a 55 gal full of concrete fixed w wire.

      • The Sqad
        The Sqad  5 days back

        Could you make more hauling videos?Nice job great video

        • The Sqad
          The Sqad  1 days back

          @Boehm Farm ok

        • Boehm Farm
          Boehm Farm   2 days back

          This will have to happen next silage season.

      • mcd5082
        mcd5082  5 days back


        • Antique Tractor Time
          Antique Tractor Time  5 days back

          What model Ford is that?

          • Antique Tractor Time
            Antique Tractor Time  5 days back

            I was also gonna make a channel about fixing old tractors and was going to buy the 850 off of the guy.

          • Antique Tractor Time
            Antique Tractor Time  5 days back

            @Boehm Farm Oh yeah I worked on an 850 for a guy I had to replace the air filter assembly fixed a flat tire and both brakes.

          • Boehm Farm
            Boehm Farm   5 days back

            There's many little Ford's out there and guys have made a business of stocking parts and fixing them.

          • Antique Tractor Time
            Antique Tractor Time  5 days back

            @Boehm Farm Thanks. I have been looking for a small tractor to start with on my family's farm.

          • Boehm Farm
            Boehm Farm   5 days back

            It's a 2810.

        • mnfirefighter813
          mnfirefighter813  5 days back

          What kind of silo unloader do you have? Thanks for the video, I always enjoyed chopping corn.

          • Boehm Farm
            Boehm Farm   5 days back

            Some will freeze to the wall. But we don't stay cold long enough for it to be an issue.

          • mnfirefighter813
            mnfirefighter813  5 days back

            Do you have much trouble with it freezing in the winter?

          • Boehm Farm
            Boehm Farm   5 days back

            There's a Patz 98c hanging in the top. But we fork it all by hand. Unloader needs the defacing chain and the wiring ran.

        • Al Bethke
          Al Bethke  5 days back

          If only every field was that close to home.

        • Kyle Sheppard
          Kyle Sheppard  5 days back

          New piece of tillage equipment next to the picker at 1:08 mark?

          • Boehm Farm
            Boehm Farm   5 days back

            Yep, I wanted to use it for wheat this fall but ended up using the rotaspike. No video because it all happened after dark.

        • Russell Petrie
          Russell Petrie  5 days back

          I don't understand nearly all the farms isee have augers but you have a blower it seems easier having a blower

          • Boehm Farm
            Boehm Farm   5 days back

            This is for chopped corn plants. Augers are for moving grain.

        • Omyastic
          Omyastic  5 days back

          Whats that blue thing...

          • Gregory Thompson
            Gregory Thompson  5 days back

            Love chopping and hauling vids. Thanks

            • Sam Weissmann
              Sam Weissmann  5 days back

              What’s your favorite tractor

              • Eli Dotson
                Eli Dotson  5 days back

                could you email me about the two tr70's, my email is in my channel info. Thanks!

                • Boehm Farm
                  Boehm Farm   4 days back

                  I looked and looked to no avail.
                  The diesel TR70 had a new head gasket two years ago. Recent rotor bearings, bubble up auger and gear box, clutch and slave cylinder, lower traction belt, mirrors. Lights pretty well work and it has rice tires. 3000 hours ish.
                  The gas TR70 hour meter stopped at 500, and I question if it ever got over 1000. It needs the yearly old gas engine ignition system fiddling. I had the carb professionally rebuild, the kind of fixing that includes filling pores in the casting. It needs a lift cylinder repacked. It has more standard tires. Might know a place to find a diesel for it. It has the extra wires for wheat. These are a package deal with two corn heads, and three grain tables. They only sell separate if the gas sells first.

              • Sid Jones
                Sid Jones  5 days back

                Think there’s going to be a video titled “POV video me getting wrapped round a pto shaft” your farm safety is ridiculous it only takes one second for everything to go wrong and you being that close to an unguarded pto is just suicidal

                • Trevin Unvert
                  Trevin Unvert  6 days back

                  Sorry the grain truck

                  • Trevin Unvert
                    Trevin Unvert  6 days back

                    Why not yous that grain truck

                    • Boehm Farm
                      Boehm Farm   4 days back

                      We'll, we haven't harvested any grain yet.

                  • Military Museum
                    Military Museum  6 days back

                    Have you made a equipment tour? I’m IHC all the way!

                    • Boehm Farm
                      Boehm Farm   5 days back

                      No equipment tour yet. I should make one for 30,000 subs.

                  • Todd Hoskins
                    Todd Hoskins  6 days back

                    You are a BRAVE man walking away from 2 tractors with PTO running. No hate just sayin.

                    • Boehm Farm
                      Boehm Farm   5 days back

                      It's not like they could cause the silo to fall over.

                  • David Watt
                    David Watt  6 days back

                    Jacob , Please don’t look down vertically from the top of the Silo ,you’ve given my I PAD
                    VERTIGO 😀😀

                    • Steve Slade
                      Steve Slade  6 days back

                      Have you ever had such a dry silage that you needed to add water? If so, at the tub or run a hose to top of silo?
                      Good video.
                      An extra hand would've been a help now that you're chopping 3 rows.

                      • Carson Houser
                        Carson Houser  6 days back

                        Those silage wagons can be a badger if they want to 😂

                        • Jan Kotze
                          Jan Kotze  6 days back

                          Awesome, it seems if you work most of the time with the 2910, where is your 3910

                          • Jeff Everhart
                            Jeff Everhart  6 days back

                            Glad to see your new chopper head working good thanks for the.videos

                            • Chris G.
                              Chris G.  6 days back

                              We run 3 - Badger 950's and an MF 116 with a 1070 Case on a NH 790 2 row and there are years we can't keep up with 1 guy unloading and 1 guy pulling from field to bagger on a pull like you're doing.  Looks like the Twp owes you a new field approach.

                              • Boehm Farm
                                Boehm Farm   6 days back

                                They put this little speed hole the whole length of road frontage. The neighbor filled in some spots along his field edge. it's one thing to clean a ditch that has water standing frequently. These catch absolutely no water.

                            • Jennifer White
                              Jennifer White  6 days back

                              wow badger 1250 or 1416 silage wagon we just have taken the last of what we had to scrap yard had no call much for used parts for this 5 year we did not sell any parts from it when to the scrap land

                              • Bilal Tayfur
                                Bilal Tayfur  6 days back

                                Low manual

                                • Charlie Barger
                                  Charlie Barger  6 days back

                                  Love the video. And sure wish we could smell it. Also, love your sweatshirt. Lol very nice.

                                  • Mike
                                    Mike  6 days back

                                    I think I was never brave enough to open the Whirl-A-Feed trap door because I thought it would cause silage to spew in my face.

                                    • Savannah Brock
                                      Savannah Brock  6 days back

                                      its called the turn table

                                      • Euan Magee08
                                        Euan Magee08  6 days back

                                        Why don't you use the big case on the wagons

                                        • baggd65
                                          baggd65  6 days back

                                          Hey, you got your ears lowered.

                                          • Michael Garcia
                                            Michael Garcia  6 days back

                                            Great video! I really enjoyed it!

                                            • fran koch
                                              fran koch  6 days back

                                              farming with everyone's cast-off outdated equipment

                                              • rangin robert
                                                rangin robert  5 days back

                                                fran koch use what you can afford. Nothing wrong with that. It’s smarter than pulling loans on everything

                                              • David Tanner
                                                David Tanner  5 days back

                                                I wouldn’t have it any other way!

                                            • dertrommler2112
                                              dertrommler2112  6 days back

                                              You know what would really look good towing those wagons? A Farmall 450 or 560! Wishing you a safe harvest season.

                                              • michael
                                                michael  6 days back

                                                I guess I’m on a Boehm farm marathon so I can catch up, you got some really good shots from the silo but stay safe and thanks for the good entertainment!

                                                • Conor timm
                                                  Conor timm  6 days back

                                                  Love watching the trailers unload, like watching corn husking, just satisfying

                                                  • That FARMING guy
                                                    That FARMING guy  6 days back

                                                    Whats up with the 2+2

                                                  • Hunt Gaming/Productions

                                                    8:13 am i the only one who thought itd be a great idea to jump into tht silage pile... yea? ok sorry

                                                    • riitaalin
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                                                      • Devan Dulin
                                                        Devan Dulin  6 days back

                                                        Are you gonna sell your other 2 combines now?

                                                      • Kyle H
                                                        Kyle H  6 days back

                                                        Would be nice to get some Video of you running the chopper!

                                                        • Mr Nate
                                                          Mr Nate  6 days back

                                                          I don’t know what it is but it seems like you’re stepping up your game. Things look good man.

                                                          • Boehm Farm
                                                            Boehm Farm   6 days back

                                                            We're trying, but it's a slow process.

                                                        • Dylan Kruse
                                                          Dylan Kruse  6 days back

                                                          Great job on the video