Samsung Galaxy Note 10: But Why Tho?


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  • Marques Brownlee
    Marques Brownlee   3 months back

    Alternate title: But why doe? But Y doe? butt Y doe?

    Fact check: You can actually still do AR doodle without the depth sensors, just like there's still live focus photos and videos.

    • CooCoo
      CooCoo  1 days back

      Yes. I have the note 10 (not plus) and I can do AR doodle, and there is still live focus photos and video, but the note 10 plus is better on all that stuff I assume because of that depth sensor.

    • Red_Queen_of_Shadow-Hunters And_Crows
      Red_Queen_of_Shadow-Hunters And_Crows  1 weeks back why was the depth sensor even there in the first place

    • TheMiningTeam
      TheMiningTeam  2 weeks back

      You are the Jarvis Johnson of tech...

      Uhhh... huh, Jarvis did tech for a while...

      Anyway: Black*, insightful commentary, and very soothing to listen too.

      *I know Jarvis is more tan, but as someone who is very much white my used-to-seeing-other-very-white-people-brain characterized Jarvis as black soooooo... rest in pepperonis me.

    • Endrit Zejnullahu
      Endrit Zejnullahu  2 weeks back

      why 1080.. i have s8 and i can have 720 1080 or 1440 .. thats sucks for note10

    • Vangjel Stefanidhi
      Vangjel Stefanidhi  3 weeks back

      Still live my note 8. Has more options than note 10 :)

  • Kaiya Demetros
    Kaiya Demetros  12 hours back

    I was literally about to buy the note 10 or 10+ but now I’m doubting because the galaxy s10 plus seems better 😭

    • Gabriel Torróntegui
      Gabriel Torróntegui  14 hours back

      So if you found the Note 10 and the S10+ at the same price, which one would you buy?

      • clarezelle christy1989

        I still loyal to my note 8

        • raihan ibrahim
          raihan ibrahim  3 days back

          Ireng juga kau Pace ! . Sumber air SDH dekat bisa bantu mamak buang adik kau disungai wkwkwk.good reviews dude!

          • Macintosh Fan
            Macintosh Fan  4 days back

            2:01 JerryRigEverything's instagram

            • vexas
              vexas  4 days back

              But no always on display on pro7. Huge miss

              • Mira!
                Mira!  4 days back

                This video is what you get when you give an 11 Pro Max user an 11.

                • Charles Kendall
                  Charles Kendall  4 days back

                  This phone seems great for efficiency, S pen and smaller compact size make everything go faster and with the better camera will be great for anyone works on the go, that's why I'll get it. I guess the best competition to it is the note 9.

                  • Lucas Echenique
                    Lucas Echenique  4 days back

                    This phone doesn't even seem like a Samsung. It looks like one of those other Android phones from all those brands that are carbon copies of each other and desperately trying to do everything Apple does. Sucks that Samsung has to go down that path

                    • Dank Dose
                      Dank Dose  5 days back

                      6:25 that lag though lol , that's why Android phone r shxt

                    • JM Vita
                      JM Vita  5 days back

                      I like it because it has smaller form factor. Its cute and comfortable to hand.

                      • Terrance Goo
                        Terrance Goo  6 days back

                        Watching on my Note 10

                        • 3choBlast3r
                          3choBlast3r  6 days back

                          No matterthe excuse.. 1080p is fucking RIDICULOUS for a phone this expensive. But more importantly. It makes this phone a much worse alternative to even a note 8 or 9 if you like to use gearVR for example. Because the screendoor effect will be terrible. It's a very dumb move. I get that they try to attract galaxy users and others to the note line but man the s10 doesn't have 1080p as far as I know so why this?!

                          my phone plan ended to my surprise (did not even notice I had my phone for this long) so I can pcik a new one. I almost ordered the 10 without even doing any research because I love the note line. Lucky that I saw that there is a note 10 + at the last moment.

                          • Joe Rumagit
                            Joe Rumagit  6 days back

                            best channel!

                            • Meister Rodgers
                              Meister Rodgers  7 days back

                              I love my Note 10+ and would appreciate if Samsung simply built an external and foldable multi-touch display to be used with the Note 10+.

                              When one needs the larger display, use DEX for this folding display accessory. This way, a person has their Note and when required can unfold an external display.

                              • Carlos Montes
                                Carlos Montes  7 days back

                                That's right! because my dad bought the note 10 and not because the plus was more expensive but because it was so huge in the hand

                                • Ahamed Ahamed
                                  Ahamed Ahamed  7 days back

                                  I was deciding to buy note 10 but u just made me more confused😂

                                  • T B
                                    T B  7 days back

                                    Battery size isn't a big deal at this point just bring a batter pack

                                    • Red_Queen_of_Shadow-Hunters And_Crows

                                      The Note 10 is literally so unnecessary😂😂Like, when I'm buying a Galaxy Note I want the _overkill_ the millions of features I'll probably never use and some I probably didn't even know of(but it's great to have them there you know, just in case). I want the gigantic screen and gigantic phone that's borderline uncomfortable to hold. I'm that person that you won't catch missing out on the latest features and that's why I purchase the galaxy Note devices.

                                      Why did the Note 10 have to exist. I like it. I think it's a good phone. But why💀

                                      • Haslem Ali
                                        Haslem Ali  1 weeks back

                                        S10+ $800?? Where???? Is still a $999 phone everywhere

                                        • Mrme myselfandi
                                          Mrme myselfandi  1 weeks back

                                          A PERFECTLY SIZED PHONE! I dig larger phones, and this screen size is pretty close to perfection. What caught my eye was the WIDTH of the screen for how tall it is. So many makers want their phones crazy narrow and long like a candy bar and it screws up the whole damn experience. Sony has done it with a new model and it's stupid. In order to get the width you want nowadays... you have to get a tall ass phone. WHY?! Might be cool for gamers to hold their phones like controllers...but I don't game on my phone like that.

                                          There's a comfort zone your eyes want to sit in which isn't huge and then you scroll from there you need enough width to enjoy whatever you're reading and looking at...and then to have it tall enough to take it all in. I thought 16:9 was legit because the extra 10 inches tall they give you is a pain in the ass and you're not going to look up and down your phone that far anyway...especially for're going to focus on one area for the most part and scroll.

                                          So to get a phone like this with a fatter width and not too rockin!! NOW!! If this thing had 90 hz refresh rate and a HEADPHONE JACK I would be all over it. The screen is ALMOST flat too which is a plus...I hate curved screens so it checks most of the boxes for me. Progress for sure.

                                          • awesomeferret
                                            awesomeferret  1 weeks back

                                            You clearly understand why this is wrong, so why do you perpetuate anti consumer trends like this by being so apologetic? Even in a video like this you are very apologetic for condescending design choices. I miss the old objective pro consumer MKBHD. I say this as someone who hasn't bought a Samsung Phone since the S7. Not a Samsung fanboy, just a pro consumer advocate. Please, start calling out companies again.

                                            • Prashant
                                              Prashant  1 weeks back

                                              Samsung is cheating its customers, and very disappointed with the after sales experience with Samsung.
                                              I had a note 8 and its totally dead now just after upgrading software, and after warranty period is over.
                                              It was worst decision I feel now that I chosen Samsung brand..
                                              Now the repair cost is more than half of the product cost.
                                              Highly disappointed with Samsung.

                                              • MRICECOLDCOLE
                                                MRICECOLDCOLE  1 weeks back

                                                Yea but my s8 is 1440 so why would anyone want an inferior spec anywhere," yes the new cars better in every way but now the seatbelts are made of tissues to save money , doesn't make sense, I think my next upgrade in a few months will be the note 9, huge screen, headphone jack , duel cameras, seems like the best phone till.this pinhole bs is dead

                                                • Munal Basnet
                                                  Munal Basnet  1 weeks back

                                                  3:07 One of the best Key & Peele video.

                                                  • Jufri Roslan
                                                    Jufri Roslan  1 weeks back

                                                    Can you make a comparison between the note 10 and the S10+. Because I am in the dilemma of buying between those phone with the same price. Can you help me in making a decision?

                                                    • Bách Lâm
                                                      Bách Lâm  1 weeks back

                                                      what the f**k? my asus zenfone 4 is 300mAh short of this flagship?
                                                      what kind of nonsence is that?

                                                      • Boze Commentator
                                                        Boze Commentator  2 weeks back

                                                        2059: Galaxy Note 40 With 345p Screen No Camera No Wireless Charging No Fast Charging No 4G Connection for $5000

                                                        • Renee Williams
                                                          Renee Williams  2 weeks back

                                                          Watching on a Note 10:
                                                          Answer calls ✔️
                                                          Twitter ✔️
                                                          Facebook ✔️
                                                          Netflix ✔️
                                                          Works overall for me. Done and DONE!!!

                                                        • WANAKO
                                                          WANAKO  2 weeks back

                                                          Dumbest review!! Wtf.

                                                          • Santo Valentino
                                                            Santo Valentino  2 weeks back

                                                            All these years and I thought his name was pronounced MAR-KEESE

                                                          • Taimoor Akram
                                                            Taimoor Akram  2 weeks back

                                                            I bought Note 10 and I feel like it is a huge phone.
                                                            I went to buy S10 and ended up buying Note 10 and now this video is making me feel as if I made a bad choice. But I don't know since he compared Note 10 with other S10+ and Note 10 +, not S10. I hope Note 10 is a better phone than S10. I bought Note 10 because they were only $50 apart and that Note 10 looked more beautiful (I like squarer look more than roundish look on s10) and I play PUBG so I thought Note 10 would be better for Pubg. And lastly, of course I prefer small phones so even if I had extra 150 bucks for Note 10+, I wouldn't have bought it.
                                                            I thought Note 10 and 10+ had same display but oops.
                                                            I didn't think I was going to use S pen when I was buying it, but I now I have been using it for taking notes in class and I love it. I hope samsung makes makes flasgship phones in smaller sizes too but without compromising the features except the battery. 😔 Like display, camera, and performance should be same.

                                                            • Allan Rosales
                                                              Allan Rosales  2 weeks back

                                                              Please make a review for s10 5G

                                                              • Steven Corbo
                                                                Steven Corbo  2 weeks back

                                                                Boycott Samsung to bring back the quad DAC

                                                                • Steven Corbo
                                                                  Steven Corbo  2 weeks back

                                                                  The note 10 looks beautiful but they got rid of the most important thing sound quality. Bluetooth headphones do not sound anywhere near as good as wired headphones. That being said it's not time yet to get rid of the headphone jack. They should have installed a quad DAC. I will not buy this phone. The note series was always everything but the kitchen sink. And now we're losing features. And the key feature.

                                                                  • Lee Carrillo
                                                                    Lee Carrillo  2 weeks back

                                                                    Q: A subset of the market, in which a specific product is focused? A: Niche Market 08:32

                                                                    • GLYEM House
                                                                      GLYEM House  2 weeks back

                                                                      I'm one of the ones who is tired of phone makers making big, giant phones. I get the feeling I'm gonna need a little red wagon just to lug the dang thing around! And being able to reach everything on the phone is no problem for me, since my hands are huge. But ease of carrying is one point most reviewers are missing. Personally, I have always felt the entire line of Galaxy Note phones was way too big. I'm glad to see that at least now some makers are making full-featured phones in a smaller size. I don't need a stylus, so I'm considering the Galaxy S10 or S10e.

                                                                      • Rajiv Dey
                                                                        Rajiv Dey  2 weeks back

                                                                        Sir help me please I need

                                                                        • Maxwell Lee daxon
                                                                          Maxwell Lee daxon  2 weeks back

                                                                          You asking for money wow man💵

                                                                          • Farzain Zai
                                                                            Farzain Zai  2 weeks back

                                                                            Well actually the peoples that can buy a 950$ phone the extra 150$ is actually nothing for them if they want

                                                                            • Robo Virtuoso
                                                                              Robo Virtuoso  2 weeks back

                                                                              Samsung: Folks are already complaining not having HIGHER resolution than 1080p, so why would we even put the option to LOWER the resolution even further. LOL.

                                                                              • Max Gonzales
                                                                                Max Gonzales  2 weeks back

                                                                                3:07 I just realized that I can do that with my pixel 3

                                                                                • Watchtv atmyplace
                                                                                  Watchtv atmyplace  2 weeks back

                                                                                  Got the 10+ instead in a sale :) love it

                                                                                  • Alberto Castro
                                                                                    Alberto Castro  2 weeks back

                                                                                    I just moved from the OnePlus 7 pro to the Note 10 and I made a huge mistake! =(

                                                                                    • Jamie Smith
                                                                                      Jamie Smith  2 weeks back

                                                                                      Maybe a lot of you aren't in the US, but those who are, why does phone price matter? $36/mo note10+ or $33/mo, S10+... It's all the same. $3x12mo=irrelevant. Your getting a new phone in 1-1.5yrs anyhow.

                                                                                      • Vijith S
                                                                                        Vijith S  2 weeks back

                                                                                        Anyone knows the intro track name? I know the artist is Jordyn Edmonds, but I can't find the track.

                                                                                        • Mr
                                                                                          Mr  2 weeks back

                                                                                          My note 4 is still going strong... will wait for the note 20. All these on paper specs are too much a sales pitch.