Mnuchin testifies on the 2020 Treasury budget


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  • Patricia Reed
    Patricia Reed  3 months back

    We would like to see all of Congress business doings, as it is a wonder how all these Congress people are multi millionaires in a short time while they are supposed to be working on their jobs, wouldn’t that be double dipping? How many were inside trading?

    • Gumbo ThunderEagle
      Gumbo ThunderEagle  3 months back

      New Angle on 2nd Amendment 🇺🇸 ⭐️⭐️⭐️ “GUN CONTROL “( IS )” PATRIOTISM 😲??? ⭐️⭐️⭐️  HOW😲??? 80% of ALL Guns are Owned By CONSERVATIVE PATRIOTS  Soooooo..... “ ANY & ALL” GUN CONTROL prevents Communist & insurgents from “arming themselves” Conservative PATRIOTS have always had GUNS IN AMERICA ! 🇺🇸😱
      Who is GUN Control marketed to & through? Communist Liberals & Leftist! Who then is it for? Directed toward & at? Communist Liberals & Leftist...
      So let’s compromise and allow for removal of all guns from all illegal immigrants and anyone housing or providing work to undocumented immigrants as well as anyone who knowingly supports communist agendas or insurrection....
      Isn’t that the leftist base! So yeah let’s just let them turn in all there guns.... less guns = safer streets right (their logic) and the left is the violent Antifa militants sponsor so yeah bring your guns to local Republicans and we will take care of everything for the left-overs....

      • Justin Case
        Justin Case  3 months back

        Someone who is smart didnt pay taxes (legally), creates jobs for ordinaries and isn't dependent on the taxes others pay? Sounds unconscionable and racist etc

        • Rick Crouch
          Rick Crouch  3 months back

          Donald Trump has paid a huge amount of taxes over his life. As a real estate developer his companies are entitled to depreciate the real estate holdings over their economic life. In certain years Trump and his companies may not pay very much in tax due to losses carried forward and a large amount of depreciation and expense. In other years, profits and capital gains will require Trump write a sizable check to the IRS. You can count on Trump having the best tax experts one can buy and you can count on his companies paying every cent they are liable for.

          • NWC SHREDDER
            NWC SHREDDER  4 months back

            We should be talking about how the federal reserve is basically empty and we should talk about how fractional reserve banking has screwed over our economy and is an illegal ponzi scheme .

            • Billy Jackson
              Billy Jackson  4 months back

              Jessee Jackson owes 4.5 million I guess it would be RACIST to expect him to pay it.

              • Kurt Moss
                Kurt Moss  4 months back

                Kennedy says higher ed is great in the U.S. I'd say academia has a terrible problem that's a downright existential threat. The indoctrination of students into a leftist anti American ideology like Marxism, intersectionality and a host of other illiberal topics make the modern university a joke.

                • Paul H
                  Paul H  4 months back

                  there are many in congress who's tax returns I would like to see, be very careful what you demand / ask for

                  • Paul H
                    Paul H  3 months back

                    @Michael Brogan - well in any case Trumps tax returns have been audited ( gone thru with a fine tooth comb ) by the IRS for many years, I don't know how many in congress can say the same, especially those who get elected at a salary of 170k a year and now are millionaires

                  • Michael Brogan
                    Michael Brogan  3 months back

                    they all show theirs to a committee, not to you, dumbfuck! but they all show them if asked to do so to clear up any conflicts that may arise! If there was a request for a return it would be given or ordered to be given and that would be the end of it!

                • Greg Smith
                  Greg Smith  4 months back

                  i think we shouldn't embolden the irs to go after anyone with the rampant spending that the government has. Kind of sad that we are electing folks to conspire in ways to take "our" money" without accountability of the expenditure of said money. if they take "billions and billions " of tariffs, this money should go straight to pay off our debt to the fed. Not pocket it. and disperse it elsewhere . the interest from said debt keeps rising .

                  • Marilyn Shealy
                    Marilyn Shealy  4 months back

                    First of all, I don't believe that there is a problem with Trumps tax return, I think he is trolling them. In the end they will push it to the point, where Trumps return and all of there returns will be looked at. A lot of them have plenty to hide. Trump is allowed personal privacy, they would put it out on MSM, so the media could have a field day, not even understanding half of it and not understanding the business world. Did you ever notice that all of the write offs are for big business.?

                    • rockyofusa1
                      rockyofusa1  5 months back

                      Trump said he didn't pay taxes and there are rules and regulations that corporation used, that he used as part of being competitive, those laws, regulations, and rules that he and every corporations use should be changed because he followed the rules and paid no taxes, every business owner knows it is staying within budget until tax time when you use the money your company saved from the last tax time on the big ticket items such as equipment, a service/repair remodel, etc. So that is a "reinvestment" instead of "profit," These politicians have no grasp of business, and lets face it folks, they have onl been successful at giving themselves raised, and more bonus, Meanwhile instead of raises for Social Security, and medicare, that should be half the taxes brought in then the "growing number of departments" that is pay to play, you state and federal government workers know them the ones riding the clock that doesn't get anything done because hlf the time they are fixing a problem they caused, or messing with the rights of another worker. We have to many Departments for their growing family time to cut of that federal tit the milk has gone dry,

                      • grumblesNgrumbles
                        grumblesNgrumbles  5 months back

                        you fucken morons. HAVE 0 CLUE WHY CORP. PAY TAXES TO AN OFFSHORE BANK ILLEGAL'Y DOING CONGRESS JOB//...... MORONS.

                        • Greg Morgan
                          Greg Morgan  5 months back

                          Isn't it ironic how the Demms are making such a big deal about our Presidents taxes and care nothing about the how the two leaders of the Democrat party. Pelosi has a net worth over One Hundred Million dollars. Shuemmer is worth over Two Hundred Million. Not one Democrat cares to know how they made their fortune or have they paid their taxes on the money they have made. I find it interesting how two people that have been in Congress for a combined 70 years and never had another job have managed to amass such a small fortune.

                          • H Factor64
                            H Factor64  5 months back

                            He's a FINANCIAL GANGSTER TERRORIST........ and this is all ONE BIG SHOW FOLKS!!!

                            • Aaron K
                              Aaron K  5 months back

                              WAIT, MNUCHIN is no longer with the u s treasury, he has been replaced.... this is dumber than a stick of wood...

                              • Aaron K
                                Aaron K  5 months back

                                I like senator kennedy's question about the irs and asking about the democratic presidential candidates tax returns

                                • Aaron K
                                  Aaron K  5 months back


                                  • Vincent Poulaert
                                    Vincent Poulaert  5 months back

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                                    • Vincent Poulaert
                                      Vincent Poulaert  5 months back

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                                      • Vincent Poulaert
                                        Vincent Poulaert  5 months back

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                                        • Vicki Fischer-Rasmussen
                                          Vicki Fischer-Rasmussen  5 months back

                                          When candidate Trump said he didn't pay much tax, I understood at the time that he was criticising the tax system and saying he was smart to use the existing laws to minimise his taxes. Just as we all do. I never understood him to mean he didn't pay tax he was required to pay. Perhaps if Congress wants to see the tax returns of one elected representative, i.e. POTUS, then they should pass a law requiring all elected representatives to submit their tax returns to congress for examination to ensure they are all honest about their sources of income and payment of required taxes. I do not understand how elected representatives manage to become millionaires while serving their countries. They must have great investment portfolios.

                                        • Lee Gotgoao
                                          Lee Gotgoao  5 months back

                                          This conversation is about budget, whyr it went to taxes of of president Trump! What's wrong of this law makers. They are disgraced specially the evils Democrats period.

                                          • Goldfish I
                                            Goldfish I  5 months back

                                            Munching you piece of shat, how about you provide equity of the IRS and not launch these attacks of convenience. G F Y

                                            • Terry Trump
                                              Terry Trump  5 months back

                                              it has got so stupid now that everyone should just plead the 5th on everything. The democrats have always done it when they are in trouble or in any doubt. And this is now just a witch hunt so everyone should just plead or say they can't recal

                                              • Mike will
                                                Mike will  5 months back

                                                Lyn "Cult member" Lee Your main problem among many, is that you can't deal with FACTS! and you are a mentally ill Trump Cult member, Even Things Trump has admitted, you and your Cult members claim are Fake or false. EVERYTHING! I posted are FACTS!, The only thing FAKE, was Trumps FAKE Charity that stole $500,000 from kids with cancer and money for Veterans, to put money in Trumps pockets, Mitch McConnells wife, Mrs. Chaos Security Clearance forms and your version of reality, Seek help (Charges against Trump and Trumps FAKE Charity, Shut down by Court order)

                                                • Lyn Lee
                                                  Lyn Lee  5 months back

                                                  Theyre not living in our America if theyre not speaking English.
                                                  And theyre working for cash and sending the money home

                                                  • Voltaire
                                                    Voltaire  5 months back

                                                    I think you are very wrong, they are terrories part of US that speak other languages...

                                                • Vegan Hannibal Lecter
                                                  Vegan Hannibal Lecter  5 months back

                                                  ...or Barry's college records....

                                                  • Vegan Hannibal Lecter
                                                    Vegan Hannibal Lecter  5 months back

                                                    ​@Greg Morgan
                                                    I was using the word in it's general sense. Control is always a fantasy. No matter how advanced techniques become, they can never evade hubris.

                                                  • Greg Morgan
                                                    Greg Morgan  5 months back

                                                    I respectfully disagree. Brainwashing is a negative term because it is used negatively to manipulate. However the techniques have been used in modern psychology for decades. The self help revolution in the eighties was largely centered around brain washing techniques. Afirmations and visualization have been been used in sports training and corporate sales training for over 30 years. These are also a form of brain washing. The difference is this type of brainwashing is positive. You. should check out Bruce Liptom. He is on the cutting edge of pshychology and what he is doing is amazing with changing gene and energy patterns.
                                                    When the allies took Berlin they discovered Hitler's institute for propaganda. This is now in England and is run with the assistance of our CIA. One premise of brain washing is repetition. Repetition combine with visualization and affirmations can change the way you think which in turn will change your life."Always move forward!"

                                                  • Vegan Hannibal Lecter
                                                    Vegan Hannibal Lecter  5 months back

                                                    @Greg Morgan Brainwashing only works to a point, the Russians used to laugh at PRAVDA, mockery is the kryptonite of tyrants...

                                                  • Greg Morgan
                                                    Greg Morgan  5 months back

                                                    @Vegan Hannibal Lecter Now that I am not brainwashed by CNN any longer. I know now. It is easy to see through the Democrat craziness. I look at it now and wonder why so many people can not see what I see now. There is only one answer that makes any sense. The liberal media is using brainwashing techniques to make the population vote for them. That has got to be it because their polocies suck!!

                                                    When you become embarrassed to tell people you are a Democrat and you no longer want to support the criminal party it is time to get off of the Democrat sinking ship. Walk away from CNN!!! The brainwash media ring leader!!!

                                                    The ExDemocrat

                                                  • Vegan Hannibal Lecter
                                                    Vegan Hannibal Lecter  5 months back

                                                    @Greg Morgan had no idea, thank you.

                                                • Vegan Hannibal Lecter
                                                  Vegan Hannibal Lecter  5 months back

                                                  Let Congress release THEIR tax returns know...lead by example...

                                                  • Notcha Grandpa
                                                    Notcha Grandpa  5 months back

                                                    I wouldn't mind seeing Pelosi's and her husband's taxes, and perhaps Schumer's, Cortez's and Omar's would be a good start. The fact is their taxes like Trump's has no place being passed around like a bag of potato chips, they act like the IRS is incompetent in the only field that branch handles, taxes! The directors and executives inside the IRS know the tax laws far better than any congressmen, or senator. Average Americans know there are loopholes that these corporations, millionaires, and billionaires exploit it's not a new development. If congress believes the IRS is so incompetent maybe they should have the IRS dissolved and start over.

                                                • John Mullally
                                                  John Mullally  5 months back

                                                  The only vool thing about my MIL is that se was born in Bozeman MT

                                                  • Joe Kerley
                                                    Joe Kerley  5 months back

                                                    Mnuchin, is the first honest Treasury Secretary we have had in a very long time.That being said the damage is done,as far as i am concerned we have no Treasury department due to the unconstitutional enactment of the Federal reserve all those many years ago.

                                                    • Marianne Pyeatt
                                                      Marianne Pyeatt  5 months back

                                                      He did not brag about not paying taxes. He bragged about using the laws to pay as little taxes as allowed by every sane person does. These liars should be called on their lies and not allowed to misconstrue what someone said in a Congressional hearing without being challenged.

                                                      • Linda Cirillo
                                                        Linda Cirillo  5 months back

                                                        FB b/h

                                                        • Leanne Smith
                                                          Leanne Smith  5 months back

                                                          These guys in congress are a joke aren’t they? After listening to the ‘matter’ on the Clinton foundation then listening to them here it’s almost glaringly obvious that they’re Clinton supporters and trump haters

                                                          They seriously are a joke as far as real justice goes

                                                          • stonehillady
                                                            stonehillady  5 months back

                                                            These hearings should be mandatory for all Americans for ALL Americans that can vote, and high school students. It what makes an informed Americans.

                                                            • Elite Pro Servers
                                                              Elite Pro Servers  5 months back

                                                              The global economy that they're talking about the only ones that do well are the big corporations.

                                                              • jr twit
                                                                jr twit  6 months back

                                                                The blunt answer to your question Mr. Van Hollen is the American people are just as interested in your tax returns as in the President's tax returns. So as Hon Steven Mnuchin says in his none partisan way and polite way he will not join the treasonous witch hunt!

                                                                • US TRAVEL VLOG AkoTubero
                                                                  US TRAVEL VLOG AkoTubero  6 months back

                                                                  that is why it called trade WAR, WAR that means there will be pain, casualties, destruction, famine, but with the goal in mind in winning, China started the war long ago with the help of the former stupid former leaders US started to loose.

                                                                  • Blake839
                                                                    Blake839  4 months back

                                                                    Loose? It's LOSE!!! I call you on that every single time you misspell it. You do not learn.

                                                                • John McSween
                                                                  John McSween  6 months back

                                                                  Screw China and it's bought off traitors.

                                                                  • Theresa Shimp
                                                                    Theresa Shimp  5 months back

                                                                    Trumps tax returns should be at the bottom of their priority list. That it’s on the top it shows they are weponizing the IRS. They have no probable cause for thisprivate info.
                                                                    Theresa m. Shimp

                                                                • Rob M
                                                                  Rob M  6 months back

                                                                  I haven't been able to listen to the whole discussion, but this is a civil, respectful conversation at least the 35 minutes has been! I love it.

                                                                  • David Priscak
                                                                    David Priscak  6 months back

                                                                    These are just little baby jujus

                                                                    • John Young
                                                                      John Young  6 months back

                                                                      Exactly zero Democratic candidates are promising a reduction of the national debt, which is fine with me since it's the Congress job to control the budget. If people want to vote in Congress that spends forever, then that is democracy.

                                                                      • David Priscak
                                                                        David Priscak  6 months back

                                                                        Hillary and OBUMER sold parts of the USA to China

                                                                    • Gianni Giampolo
                                                                      Gianni Giampolo  6 months back

                                                                      You watch these videos and you wonder who actually pays that full amount on their taxes. It's been made clear in congressional hearings that the taxpayer community should not be discouraged in any way from making the type of contributions they have been making (which fuels the delay of the crash of our economic system) but essentially that translates to "Just let people pay what they are gonna pay and don't throw people in jail and scare them from filing at all." As a member of the taxpaying community, I think American patriots have a right to withhold their tax dollars if senior members of the enforcement community make moves to weaponize the tax system. Tax is something you pay if you can afford it which is why only a small percentage of Americans actually pay their taxes and most of the tax payers do love their country.

                                                                      • Lyn Lee
                                                                        Lyn Lee  5 months back

                                                                        And we should reserve the right NOT to pay Congress, which no longer works for us!

                                                                    • matthias müller
                                                                      matthias müller  6 months back

                                                                      chi is not yourc friend, he iws deep state, i know you know

                                                                      • matthias müller
                                                                        matthias müller  6 months back

                                                                        do we still need china? think about it trump, we do not meed china, good bye communist ´chi

                                                                        • Mike will
                                                                          Mike will  6 months back

                                                                          Robin When you learn to read and comprehend a written statement and FACTS!, then comment. I gave FACTS! Facts are not hatred. You Trump Cult Member are no different then any Cult member, You lie, deflect, deny facts, cry, whine, ANYTHING! to Protect your Cult leader and deny your mental illness “Facts are facts and will not disappear on account of your likes.” Jawaharlal Nehru; “If lies are more comforting to you than facts, you need to get out of your comfort zone.” DaShanne Stokes; "You are not entitled to your opinion. You are entitled to your informed opinion. No one is entitled to be ignorant." Harlan Ellison

                                                                          • Mike will
                                                                            Mike will  6 months back

                                                                            ANYONE! that "believes" the Economy is Great, proves the complete failure of the Education system and their ability to not complete 5th grade math. The USA Debt has risen Faster and higher, Under Trump then Any US President, Over $22 Trillion and expected to hit $30 Trillion in 2028, under Trumps budget, adding $3.73 trillion in new debt by the end of the 2020 fiscal year, The GDP to Debt rating is around 105%, meaning the USA is Broke and going broker, faster under Trump. The over all USA economy is NOT! improving by added More debt and Trump Closing the USA Government and Trumps Trade war, that cost US Taxpayers Billions, did not help. Deal with FACTS! Stop "believing" lies fed to you by Life long Corrupt, lying, Assclowns (Trade war costs) ( US debt clock)

                                                                            • Mike will
                                                                              Mike will  5 months back

                                                                              @Lyn Lee Your main problem among many, are that you can't deal with FACTS! and you are a mentally ill Trump Cult member, Even Things Trump has admitted, you and your Cult members claim are Fake or false. The only thing FAKE, was Trumps FAKE Charity that stole $500,000 from kids with cancer and money for Veterans, to put money in Trumps pockets and your version of reality, Seek help (Charges against Trump and Trumps FAKE Charity, Shut down by Court order)

                                                                            • Lyn Lee
                                                                              Lyn Lee  5 months back

                                                                              @Mike will your problem is u believe everything you read or hear.
                                                                              At the end of all those articles will be one sentence that proves that what they were writing about was surmising guessing, or just out right lying and twisting the truth.
                                                                              Those articles are for suckers like u!

                                                                            • Mike will
                                                                              Mike will  5 months back

                                                                              @John Mullally Your post is the perfect example of a Trump Cult member. You make excuses that are not even based on facts, you lie, Deflect, deny facts, cry, whine, ANYTHING! trying to protect your Cult God Trump and your mental illness. FACTS! Trumps trade war has cost taxpayers Billions and does NOTHING! to stop intellectual theft. It has hurt farmers so much, that many stopped farming and the Fact that Trumps own family (Kushner and Ivanka) and Trumps Transportation Sec., Chao are making private deals with China, shows that Trump is lying to you. China hasn't really been effected and only shifted to buy from other countries, causing the USA to lose markets.
                                                                              So while Taxpayers suffer, Trumps family and Republicans in Congress are making money from China (Mrs. Chao, her husband is Sen. Mitch McConnell, Celebrating her families company, Foremost, that builds ships for China. McConnell sitting front and center) (Chao and McConnells ties to China) ( Kushner set to make $400 Million from Private China deal) ( Kushner and Ivanka promise Chinese investors Visa's to USA, if they invest in Kushner businesses) ( Ivanka makes multi million dollar deal with China) ( Farmers quit)

                                                                            • John Mullally
                                                                              John Mullally  5 months back

                                                                              Trump is taking steps. He is taking steps to making 'mrroca emery independent and shutting down the intellectual theft to China. May cost more to buy umbrellas in the short term. Steak may be cheaper.

                                                                          • Steve Godenich
                                                                            Steve Godenich  6 months back

                                                                            Consider a decentralized form of Edgar Feige's 0.3% flat tax[1,2] on the broad $4 quadrillion liquidity flows tax base[3,4] instead of the double-digit income tax rates on the narrower $10 trillion liquidity flows tax base[5] plus the average 6% sales tax plus the 10% capital gains tax, excise taxes, subsidies and tariffs. This tax reform increases liquidity on main street for households and productive businesses. Lower taxes raise net wages, net profits and enables lower priced goods, services and exports.

                                                                            Apportion these tax revenues to local governments and legislate appropriations upwardly to state and federal governments so local constituencies, through their locally elected representatives, have more of a say how their tax dollars are spent. Enable your local politicians to reduce property taxes, reduce education taxes and reduce reliance on politically conditional state and federal funding. Encourage growth of business and jobs in your local community, address concerns of lost revenues from tax havens[6,7] and save $800 billion per year in tax processing overhead costs with this tax reform. Consider also transitioning public pensions from defined benefit plans with 7.5% ROI to defined contribution plans with risk-free to market-rate ROI to remove the taxpayer guarantee risk. Finally, consider setting up a sinking fund to reduce government debt to a manageable level and right-sizing Guns[8] & butter[9]* spending.

                                                                            * Note that OASDI/Medicare Insurance is separately funded by FICA 15.4% premium payroll withholding (current $132K cap) and the actuarial risk is spread widely across the country, i.e. not included in [9]. Rates and caps may be adjusted to sustain the fund. Have a referendum if you think people don't want old age income, disability and medical insurance, now and in the future.

                                                                            [1] Alternative Proposals Reform, May 11 2005 | Video | C-SPAN (second 5-minute speaker)
                                                                            [2] Taxation for the 21ST Century: The Automated Payment Transaction (APT) Tax | SSRN
                                                                            [3] Intraday Liquidity Flows | FRBNY
                                                                            [4] Worldwide Currency Usage & Trends | SWIFT
                                                                            [5] Summary of the Latest Federal Income Tax Data, 2017 Update | Tax Foundation
                                                                            [6] The Spider's Web - Britain's Second Empire | Youtube
                                                                            [7] [PDF] Treasure Islands | Nicholas Shaxson
                                                                            [8] America's $1.1 Trillion National Security Budget | POGO | 2017
                                                                            [9] CRS Report: Welfare Spending The Largest Item In The Federal Budget | Sessions | 2012­

                                                                            • Edmund Singleton
                                                                              Edmund Singleton  6 months back

                                                                              A seventy-five-year-old Joe Namath appeared on the Fox
                                                                              Business channel, Varney & Co., with me wondering why, before it was revealed,
                                                                              he was there to plug his book, All The Way: My Life in Four Quarters, I will never
                                                                              understand why to sell books some must appear and market themselves as a much
                                                                              younger person, first employing hours of hair dye as prep, much like a politician
                                                                              chairing a committee hearing or campaigning, or a journalist appearing on
                                                                              televison, which in my mind diminishes personal trust that may have been built
                                                                              up over a long and loving career, is trashed when bathed in a cover up of hair
                                                                              dye, I guess I should be thankful that he did not opt for the standard black
                                                                              top dye so common among those of his vintage, instead flying as close to being
                                                                              a blond dye head without actually appearing as one…