Every Way to Cook an Egg (59 Methods) | Bon Appétit

  • Published: 25 March 2019
  • Join Basically editor Amiel Stanek as he attempts to cook an egg in almost every way possible. Which method is the best? Can there be a best method? What does 'best' even mean? Who says what's best? Not us. They're all eggcelent (besides the ones that aren't).

    Check out each of the methods here (thanks to Asaf Lebovic for making this list):
    0:47 raw egg
    1:10 prairie oyster
    1:34 amber moon
    2:00 sunny side up egg
    2:25 olive oil fried egg
    2:51 olive oil fried (basted) egg
    3:18 olive oil friend (steamed) egg
    3:43 over easy/medium/hard egg
    4:26 salt block fried egg
    4:41 McMuffin Egg
    4:58 cracked and scrambled egg
    5:30 low and slow scrambled egg
    6:00 hot and fast scrambled egg
    6:33 boiled egg
    7:39 steamed whole egg
    8:37 sous-vide egg
    9:08 pickled egg
    10:11 poached egg
    10:40 egg poached in tomato sauce
    11:14 microwave scrambled egg
    11:32 microwave poached egg
    11:52 grilled in George Foreman egg
    12:17 waffle iron egg
    12:46 blowtorched egg
    13:09 diner style omelet egg
    13:41 French omelet egg
    14:16 souffled omelet egg
    14:47 cloud egg
    15:20 steamed custard egg (Chinese style steamed egg custard)
    15:53 coddled egg
    16:26 shirred egg
    16:54 air fried egg
    17:31 deep-fried egg
    17:54 dehydrated egg
    18:18 frittata egg
    18:48 frozen egg
    19:17 dishwasher egg
    19:49 rice cooker egg
    20:22 egg cooker egg
    20:50 Rollie cooked egg
    21:18 oven cooked egg
    22:08 cooked in broth egg
    22:48 grilled egg
    23:13 smoked egg
    23:43 campfire (cast iron) egg
    24:19 campfire (foil pouch) egg
    24:49 campfire (burned in coals) egg
    25:11 sauna cooked egg
    25:38 engine cooked egg
    26:03 solar oven egg

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    Every Way to Cook an Egg (59 Methods) | Bon Appétit
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  • Mac
    Mac  6 minutes back

    You didnt make a half-boiled egg :(

    • Finnick Hazel
      Finnick Hazel  15 minutes back

      You can actually make pretty good poached eggs in the microwave! You take something like a small bowl and line it with plastic wrap to be able to crack the egg in it and then make a little bag with it. Then you add some hot water into the bowl, add your plastic-wrapped egg, and microwave it for about 3 min. You might have to cook it a lil' bit more depending on the water temperature and your microwave settings but it's overall super easy and it does end up like a regular poached egg :) (+ the plastic pouch makes a sort of mould for the egg to cook so it takes a very nice, smooth shape)

      • Finnick Hazel
        Finnick Hazel  29 minutes back

        Side note: the French word "baveux" is pronounced "ba-vuh" with the "ba" like Barbara and it just means "drooling" ;)

        • LoneSpark
          LoneSpark  1 hours back

          How to basic

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            Ahmad Zahari  1 hours back

            Why is he just gonna cook all egg. Its making tired.

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              charmedwn  1 hours back

              I always make "low and slow" scrambled eggs 💞

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                    When the colesterol attacks! XD

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                      Am i the only one Who remembers when sheldon Cooper looses his job? XD

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                        24:56 i am SCREAMING

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                          Did I just watch a 30 minute video on eggs instead of doing my homework? Yes. Do I regret it? No.

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                            Vengeance Man  4 hours back

                            it's literally 1:58 am and you convinced me to make eggs lmaoooo

                            • にたい私は死
                              にたい私は死  4 hours back

                              what i learned is that the dishwasher is really good for cooking stuff

                              • Lol Poop
                                Lol Poop  5 hours back

                                Imagine his cholesterol after that😱

                                • Wendy Beckwith
                                  Wendy Beckwith  6 hours back

                                  I’ve never had an omelette but that looked delicious

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                                    Bing Bong S A L M O N E L A

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                                      Any one get bothered by the egg stains on his shirt 😂😂

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                                        Must have been done over a corse of months. Can't have that many raw eggs/eggs in one day. Your imune system needs a break :p

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                                          Me: hates eggsA
                                          Also me: watching a man slurp raw egg 👁👄👁

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                                            The only reason i hate this with my entire being is because its so obviously dubbed over

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                                              The survival guide for the low budget student

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                                                What a waste of eggs

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                                                    looks like this dude just ate like 30 eggs back to back

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                                                        Just like with the episode of the chefs showing their favorite way to cook/eat an egg, I still don’t see Deviled Eggs. ☹️👿

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                                                          DAM U LOVE SALT

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                                                            • izzy girl harrypotter fan

                                                              Did I just watch that whole video?

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                                                                LPS boop  9 hours back

                                                                He could of used a toaster

                                                                • LPS boop
                                                                  LPS boop  9 hours back

                                                                  He ate an egg he cooked in a dishwasher but not the microwave ;-;

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                                                                    Jhon Low  10 hours back

                                                                    5:54 No, we say "baveuse" and it's just mean "slobbery" or runny if you want

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                                                                        Sun cooked

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                                                                          you have girl hands

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                                                                            Japanese egg roles? Or is that just the second omelette?

                                                                            • Torey Beau****
                                                                              Torey Beau****  12 hours back

                                                                              Like where they put an egg in a square pan then fold it then put another egg and repeat

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                                                                            Pretty sure raw eggs can give you salmonella

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                                                                              Waitress: How do you would you like your egg?
                                                                              Me: Sauna
                                                                              Waitress: What?
                                                                              Me: Cook it sauna
                                                                              Waitress: Im sorry sir
                                                                              Me: Uncultured I guess ill just have it engine.
                                                                              Waitress: Im going to have to ask you to leave.

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                                                                                        Bone apple teeth

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