IG Stories USWNT on Good Morning America 2019


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  • Soccer King
    Soccer King  4 months back

    Room full of queen 👸

    • Life with Mariyah
      Life with Mariyah  4 months back

      Omg Carly lolled at 9:36 like she doesn’t even fit in more Carly

      • Scott Summers
        Scott Summers  4 months back

        This is one reason why and how you win championships...pretty much everyone in the team gets along with each other and willing to support and do more for their special team...!!!

        • Vikram Vasudevan
          Vikram Vasudevan  5 months back

          Mornin USWNT
          Go Ladies

          • Susan Tagg
            Susan Tagg  5 months back

            Rose Lavelle was the player of the tournament.

            • L. Akerboompie
              L. Akerboompie  5 months back

              I am Dutch but I have a lot of respect to this team because they're so funny

              • Megan M
                Megan M  5 months back

                It’s so meta with the multiple IG live streams and real life footage

                • Em Dawg
                  Em Dawg  5 months back

                  C.Press droppin knowledge

                  • Leah Benavidez
                    Leah Benavidez  5 months back

                    USA good morning champions league game

                    • Nurke Koga
                      Nurke Koga  5 months back

                      Алекс Морган супер

                      • Dayana Valenzuela
                        Dayana Valenzuela  5 months back

                        Usa usa usa⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽❤❤❤💕💕💕⚽⚽💓💓💓💗💗💙💙💙💙

                        • Dayana Valenzuela
                          Dayana Valenzuela  5 months back


                          • Michele Angelini Angelini

                            AUGURIIIIII......COMPLEMENTi...... CONGRATULECCION
                            ......I LoVe....saludos desde Italia....i Sorry my Inglese. Kisssss.....kisssss🇱🇷⚽🥉🎉🎁🎆🎇✨💗💙💚💛💜 I Love Ashly Harris an Ali kriker, an Megan an Alex, an Tobyn......