Game Of Thrones Series Finale Discussion


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  • Filip Orvik
    Filip Orvik  1 months back

    I gave it half an hour, but had to tune out. For my own psyche's sake. Awesome that you guys liked it. I had problems finding a single thing i liked in this entire season... The production crew. All of them.... Other than the writers....

    • Movie Night
      Movie Night  3 weeks back

      It's not awesome, they are blind that they can't see it. The show ruined everything long scale.

  • SerbAtheist
    SerbAtheist  2 months back

    48:30 While I think 10 episodes COULD have worked, I firmly disagree about changing even a single detail from the last episode. The last episode is simply perfect as is. The first half is the culmination, the labyrinth of the Minotaur, the literal depiction of hell, a land with no color, no light and no hope.

    The climax of the entire series is: can someone who has his whole life been bound by the medieval code of honor break this code in order to deal with someone evil who comes from a far more advanced era where the boundary between good and evil isn't nearly as clean, someone who uses the pretext of doing good to commit horrific evil acts and secure power. The entire point of the final episode is neither dragons, nor who sits on the throne, nor anything else... the whole pinnacle of the show is Jon's heart in conflict with itself. The pain of doing the right thing at an immeasurably high cost. To pad this section up with extended scenes or far longer soul searching would have drastically diluted the impact of the moment, not to mention that the longer Jon waits, the further Dany is along in consolidating her power, rendering a good opportunity for the kill less and less likely.

    • NYC1E1
      NYC1E1  3 months back

      Game Of Thrones went from being one of the best shows in recent memory to total trash in 6 episodes...

    • Eduardo S.A
      Eduardo S.A  3 months back

      I always found some isshues in the other seasons of Game of thrones, but everybody use to be on a "Is perfect" mood. Now, everybody is on that hate mode. Lets face it, this season was good. ¿As good as the others? I dont think so, but the hate is going to the extremes. I think manny of the ones screaming that this season is crap, is just because they are repeating what everybody else says.

      • Movie Night
        Movie Night  3 weeks back

        How was it good?! It ruined everything! All the arcs etc...
        Yes u can say "they are just following the order like ships, but when you think about it yourself it's a disaster.

    • Overlord Of The East
      Overlord Of The East  4 months back

      Bran had no claim to the throne. How can you not see that ?

      • Colin Fletcher
        Colin Fletcher  4 months back

        Did Dany stab herself? Just like Han Solo?

        • siriusrha
          siriusrha  5 months back

          "The nerd crew" : Review this please 👆🏻🙊😂🤣

          • Cody Perry
            Cody Perry  5 months back

            I cannot understand how you can defend this trash let alone say you loved it! For someone who studies writing and does this for a living how?! How can you say this is good writing?!

            • momarist
              momarist  5 months back

              Holy shit, i literally cannot believe anyone could be so easily satisfied. You people need to do something else.

              • LyricalXilence
                LyricalXilence  6 months back

                This mofo lost me when he said he liked Bran becoming King.

                • David Ruiz
                  David Ruiz  6 months back

                  Wow John thought GOT season 8 was great?? Film is really subjective.

                  • M. Chabobabobitz
                    M. Chabobabobitz  6 months back

                    Why do they even need the wall and the nights watch anymore? Everything beyond the wall is dead

                    • David Alexander -DHS- Baltimore City

                      She did not murder her brother. He threatened her unborn child in front of the Dathroci. He also brought a sword to a place that was forbidden. She actually told him to chill out.

                      • HONKY
                        HONKY  6 months back

                        Seasons 7 and 8 are hot garbage. How anyone with an IQ over 58 can convince themselves otherwise is amazing and should be studied by psychologists.

                        • Devin Williams
                          Devin Williams  6 months back

                          I only came here to dislike this video

                          • Hi Daßer
                            Hi Daßer  6 months back

                            No wonder people hated you , you were always the corporate side of a story as always . someone who loves GOT season 8 and The Last Jedi ? This is not a coincidence , this is a sign of retardation.

                            • ssbbSephi
                              ssbbSephi  6 months back

                              You are really retarded and dont even realize it

                              • Gazza
                                Gazza  6 months back

                                And you call yourself a movie and series critic. Looked good but the writing was terrible

                                • Michael Madsen
                                  Michael Madsen  6 months back

                                  What a simpleton hack you are.

                                  • HV
                                    HV  6 months back

                                    Wow, i finally found a discussion i could enjoy, where people actually appreciated the show instead of checking, nitpicking if the writing was up their 'standards' (desires). Great take on the finale.

                                    • Shany Ali
                                      Shany Ali  6 months back

                                      They truly fucked the last season right up.. disappointed and shocked how season 8 went down .

                                      • Wonderboy Bates
                                        Wonderboy Bates  6 months back

                                        I’ve had time to ponder the finale and I’ve come to realise that although the audience might not have got what they wanted, all of our favourite characters did.
                                        Grey Worm carries out his promise to Misandae by going to protect Naarth.
                                        Podrick is a full night and member of the Kings Guard.
                                        Brienne a knight at peace who is Lord of the Kings Guard protecting Catlyn’s child.
                                        Davos, has his advice acknowledged as a member of the council to an honourable king.
                                        Sam is Grand Maester to a King who is wise and clever and his best friends little brother.
                                        Bronn got his hands on all the gold in the 6 kingdoms and The best castle in the kingdoms.
                                        Tyrian is the Hand to a King he got to choose in whom he has total faith.
                                        Sansa is Lady of Winterfell and Queen of the bloody North.
                                        Arya is free to travel West. The only thing in the whole series, as I recall, she ever said she wanted to do that didn’t involve copious amounts of murder.
                                        And John, never wanted to be a king. He never wanted to come back from the dead. He never aspired to anything but duty which he gets to carry out in the true North which is where he really belongs.
                                        Unless of course your favourite character was Daenerys. Then, well, you must have seen it coming though, right?

                                        • MICHAEL DUKES
                                          MICHAEL DUKES  6 months back

                                          John, how the hell can you be cool with Bran as king?

                                          • iamamogka
                                            iamamogka  6 months back

                                            @johncampea why was it rushed. Why 6 episodes

                                            • iamamogka
                                              iamamogka  6 months back

                                              In books Snow had step brother & sister targarrens why didn't they show up. What happened to them in books?

                                              • Factual Opinion
                                                Factual Opinion  6 months back

                                                Cobra kai is deliciously good. #facts

                                                • JEDeyeSAK
                                                  JEDeyeSAK  6 months back

                                                  They were betting on Bran because they read the leak haha

                                                  • YACompany
                                                    YACompany  6 months back

                                                    Don’t ask questions, just consume product. Then get exited for next product

                                                    • Al
                                                      Al  4 months back

                                                      Love you Kaori! Sad to see you seemed not happy during this taping :(, you seemed annoyed, but I'm always wrong and sure I am here as well. Ok while I enjoyed this final season, I enjoyed it cause I loved the characters and was glad to see resolution. That is it though. The story was massively rushed in a Hollywood dumbed down way. Dani has never once murdered innocents, her burning the population of King's landing was as lazy as it was dumb writing and while it did horrify me, it wasn't consistent with her character ark. Just one of a hundred rushed and mashed together plot lines that were poorly explained by the 'writers these last two seasons.

                                                  • MatiZ815
                                                    MatiZ815  6 months back

                                                    I loved it. The perfect finale. Unobvious but still satisfying as hell. It actually made this season and the whole show better. It even fixed the ONE big issue I had: Jaime's end that felt not enough for me. Brienne writing down his story made me so happy.

                                                    • Voicewav
                                                      Voicewav  6 months back

                                                      You are always in smart company John.

                                                      • Voicewav
                                                        Voicewav  6 months back

                                                        Johns mics are always acting crazy.

                                                        • xlr8nflo
                                                          xlr8nflo  6 months back

                                                          These guys are in the minority that liked the finale.

                                                          • Nee Rock Jung Rana
                                                            Nee Rock Jung Rana  6 months back

                                                            Dragon now no one can sit on on the throne
                                                            In Rolls Bran

                                                            • Notoya Arthur
                                                              Notoya Arthur  6 months back

                                                              It doesnt matter if the unsullied accepted it because they aren't Westerosi, so what does anyone care what they accept. They followed a mad queen and killed women and children. It's like Tyrion said, it's not up to u. And Kaori is right, no1 acknowledges his lineage. Bran didnt want the throne either but he still got it. So why not Jon who actually deserved it and was actually the rightful heir?

                                                              • Danny Lopez
                                                                Danny Lopez  6 months back

                                                                It might have felt rushed but they set the deadline for this season so they had to film within that deadline. I think project management may have influenced this season. Also allocated budge and the projected Return on investment considering everyone is going to end their subscription at the end of the season.

                                                                • Wolfmeister666
                                                                  Wolfmeister666  6 months back

                                                                  It was rushed because Dumb & Dumber wanted to move on to Star Wars.

                                                                  • Richard Barclay
                                                                    Richard Barclay  6 months back

                                                                    John actually you did get Spoiled. In open mic at the weekend someone told you exactly what would happen, you just said "I don't think that's going to happen" and you moved on.

                                                                    • Faisal Shahzad
                                                                      Faisal Shahzad  6 months back

                                                                      John, sometimes you're just too positive. GOT went stale in Season 8. A missed opportunity.

                                                                      • Anthony Palmer
                                                                        Anthony Palmer  6 months back

                                                                        There's so much hate and not enough love on any site. Game of Thrones was one of the most popular shows on TV because these creators did something that not too many people could have done. The fact that they had to do the rest of the three seasons without Source material besides bullet points was still an achievement. I wish people would stop hating on these guys and stop pretending that they could have done a better job. Well done boys!!!

                                                                        • Craig Hicks
                                                                          Craig Hicks  6 months back

                                                                          The audio in this video was as good as the writing this season.

                                                                          • FW Porras
                                                                            FW Porras  6 months back

                                                                            Something you guys need to think about: Bran may be King, but Tyrion makes the rules.

                                                                            • Paquette Stephen Brett
                                                                              Paquette Stephen Brett  6 months back

                                                                              Lost did it better

                                                                              • Tresser73
                                                                                Tresser73  6 months back

                                                                                САМЫЙ УМНЫЙ БЫЛ ДРАКОН , ОН РАСПЛАВИЛ ЖЕЛЕЗНЫЙ ТРОН И ПОД ШУМОК БЫСТРО СВАЛИЛ ПОДАЛЬШЕ ОТ МУДАКОВ , ПОКА ЕГО В КОНЕЦ НЕ ЗАЕБАЛИ

                                                                                • DoubleCrit
                                                                                  DoubleCrit  6 months back

                                                                                  13:15 Transformer mode engaged

                                                                                  • Tresser73
                                                                                    Tresser73  6 months back

                                                                                    блин жаль продолжения не будет , ну ничего щас быстренько сценарий накатаю для 9-го сезона : поплыла Ария на запад , плыла , плыла , плыла - хоп а там РОССИЯ . Шол шол шол Джон Сноу на север - хоба на , опять через северный полюс в РОССИЮ попал . Чесали чесали чесали безупречные на восток , вот тебе раз - опять в РОССИЮ попали ... в итоге им всем России пришёл пиздец

                                                                                    • Tresser73
                                                                                      Tresser73  6 months back

                                                                                      there will be no continuation, Che for garbage, well, nothing now, I’ll quickly write the script for the 9th season: Aria swam to the west, swam, swam, swam - hop and RUSSIA appeared. John Snow went to the north - again, he got to RUSSIA through the North Pole. immaculate went east, here's your time - again we got to RUSSIA ..... that's such an ass all there and died

                                                                                      • Tresser73
                                                                                        Tresser73  6 months back

                                                                                        damn sorry the continuation will not be, well, nothing right now, quickly the script roll up for the 9th season: Aria swam to the west, swam, swam, swam - hop and there RUSSIA. Shool shool shoal John Snow to the north - Khoba, again through the North Pole to RUSSIA. Scalloping scratching, scratching flawless to the east, here's a time for you - again we got into RUSSIA ..... here's an ass all there and fell

                                                                                        • Tresser73
                                                                                          Tresser73  6 months back

                                                                                          блин жаль продолжения не будет , ну ничего щас быстренько сценарий накатаю для 9-го сезона : поплыла Ария на запад , плыла , плыла , плыла - хоп а там РОССИЯ . Шол шол шол Джон Сноу на север - хоба на , опять через северный полюс в РОССИЮ попал . Чесали чесали чесали безупречные на восток , вот тебе раз - опять в РОССИЮ попали .....