How to Survive Art School


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  • Brett Beasley
    Brett Beasley  2 months back

    Im 27. I graduated from a normal college when I was 23 and I’m starting over at SCAD ATL. I’m terrified

    • Gillette Wow
      Gillette Wow  3 months back

      Ah... if only Bernie was elected into office. Then no American would have to worry about their crippling debt after school

      • Danielle Boyer
        Danielle Boyer  4 months back

        Why am I watching this? Lol. This is an old video and I’m going into engineering

        • Carter Mutch
          Carter Mutch  6 months back

          Your hair reminds me of viktor from Yuri On Ice

          • GhostyDraws
            GhostyDraws  7 months back

            im 11 and really wanna go to SAIC when im older, so im starting to save up for SAIC rn since i know its *E X P E N S I V E*

            • James Kirchner
              James Kirchner  8 months back

              Anna is wildly exaggerating the proportion of gay to straight students at art school. There are lots of gays, but definitely not a majority. One of the biggest husband-hunting problems is that rich parents send their daughter to art school thinking she'll make a nice ornament for some affluent professional man, and then she falls in love with an artist at school. It stands to reason that if you throw a girl in with a bunch of artists, she'll fall in love with one, but it still strikes the parents as an unpleasant surprise.

              • James Kirchner
                James Kirchner  8 months back

                You forgot one of the main types of art students: The middle-aged wives of high-income professional men whose kids are now teenagers. They tell their husbands, "I supported you in your career, so now you have to support me in mine! I'm going to become a painter!" These women hog all the time in the finance seminars with their high-finance issues based on their husbands' income, so that the artists who want to know what to do with the little money they make don't get any information. The women are completely dependent on their husbands but are loud, strident feminists. If they don't get divorced, they settle right back into their previous lives after graduation.

                • James Kirchner
                  James Kirchner  8 months back

                  One thing you forgot about critiques: Students get into the habit of making art defensively, so that they won't get hammered in critiques. They usually don't start creating honest artwork that comes from their souls until some time after they've graduated and have lost the fear of being critiqued. (People who go after commercial gallery representation may not get over it.)

                  • dokkiro
                    dokkiro  11 months back

                    90% are gay?..... maybe 20%

                    • Kathy Myers
                      Kathy Myers  12 months back

                      So funny. Thanks for keeping the #@!% to a nice intelligent medium. No pun intended....

                      • Kathy Myers
                        Kathy Myers  12 months back

                        Great hair!

                        • Brown Iverson
                          Brown Iverson  1 years back

                          art schools are not factories that produce great artists like magic, As and Bs on your transcript mean nothing when self motivation is important which helps someone trying to be a so called pro

                          • Jack Saltzberg
                            Jack Saltzberg  1 years back

                            Why all the mugging

                            • Depressed Bitch
                              Depressed Bitch  1 years back

                              I’m gonna go to ACAD in Canada, thank god my mum is coming to live with me 😂

                              • chicken soup for the teenage soul

                                where i'm from, i can go to art school for free, but as long its public

                                • Makaroni
                                  Makaroni  1 years back

                                  lmao hi i have a lot of feelings

                                  • Hope Nitty
                                    Hope Nitty  1 years back

                                    Meanwhile in Canada college students don't go to the bars because they're full of highschool seniors 😂😂😂

                                    • Varina
                                      Varina  2 years back

                                      wow You're really pretty

                                      • Laura Jazz
                                        Laura Jazz  2 years back

                                        Haha "or you just have a lot of feelings"...

                                        • Bone Headed
                                          Bone Headed  2 years back

                                          can you knit me a sweater from your hair plz

                                          • YOUNG Envisioning
                                            YOUNG Envisioning  2 years back

                                            The last comment 10:05 DEAD xD

                                            • Robynarts
                                              Robynarts  2 years back

                                              I'm still in middle school, but what are some good/cheeep art schools as far away from Florida? I must escape😂😂😂

                                              • Courtney Gordon
                                                Courtney Gordon  2 years back

                                                Loved your video. There are a ton of opinions about AI on YouTube calling it a scam and complaining but, it's what you make of it. If you're not focused and not passionate, you'll have a bad experience and you won't be successful. If you love what you do and you put in the effort and work; you'll do great. Love love love this. Good luck!

                                                • mya
                                                  mya  2 years back

                                                  British Arts school are so different than americans

                                                  • David Puck - Artist
                                                    David Puck - Artist  2 years back

                                                    This is giving me Janyce in Mean Girls - 'You've got your rich art students, your kids with a lot of feelings...' hahha

                                                    • Le Andra Alvarado
                                                      Le Andra Alvarado  2 years back

                                                      I want to go to this school so bad but I'm really scared I won't get in because of my high school test scores. I just stared senior year but im really scared. Im also scares that I wont be eligible for any scholarships they are offering because my family doesn't have enough money to send me here and im not good at regular schooling like math and science and history ect. Any tips?

                                                      • Meredith Johnson
                                                        Meredith Johnson  2 years back

                                                        im a mix of the three types of ppl, im full of emotions but my parents are not artists and still really supportive, and not the other 1

                                                        • Tomi11Garnetxd Miseiko-chan chan chan lol

                                                          Well, i know this is bad for me or my classmates but in my highschool we make the non-sleeping competitions

                                                          • ÜS4
                                                            ÜS4  2 years back

                                                            you do'nt survive art school
                                                            you live it

                                                            • CountessRose
                                                              CountessRose  2 years back

                                                              A few of my professors had the rule we couldn't say the word "like" while we were in critique. It made us think more about what we said.

                                                              • spring tae
                                                                spring tae  2 years back

                                                                You look like Viktor from Yuri On Ice

                                                                • this channel is literally dead

                                                                  Lol, I was waiting for the "Live on Ramen" thing.

                                                                  • Atyan V
                                                                    Atyan V  2 years back

                                                                    " don't drink if you're not 21"😏

                                                                    • KingCai72
                                                                      KingCai72  2 years back

                                                                      Soccer team? I'm in

                                                                      • Laura Haag
                                                                        Laura Haag  2 years back

                                                                        I just got accepted into MCAD, I'm super excited

                                                                        • isa t
                                                                          isa t  2 years back

                                                                          I know this video was published about 4 years ago, but You are AWESOME <3 love it

                                                                          • Rachel Griffin
                                                                            Rachel Griffin  2 years back

                                                                            Am I the only one who is wanting that cat picture in the backround I'm over here like "Its a CAT I NEED IT!!"

                                                                            • wild horses
                                                                              wild horses  2 years back

                                                                              I'm going to be a art teacher :/

                                                                              • This is Awesome
                                                                                This is Awesome  2 years back

                                                                                You're really fucking pretty. I just needed to say that. Your video was also really funny. X'D I'll be going to art school in the fall woop woop~

                                                                                • Nagito Komaeda
                                                                                  Nagito Komaeda  2 years back

                                                                                  I wanna go to art school, but there aren't any art schools in my country ;-;

                                                                                  • Kiki
                                                                                    Kiki  2 years back

                                                                                    the ending hahahahah😂

                                                                                    • Santiago Fernández
                                                                                      Santiago Fernández  2 years back

                                                                                      Her eyes are grey right? Like its not just me

                                                                                      • emily-san
                                                                                        emily-san  3 years back

                                                                                        Deciding between art school or learning to be a physicist two very different things that I both love

                                                                                        • Victoria Garcia
                                                                                          Victoria Garcia  3 years back

                                                                                          I'm going to Ringling college of art and design in the fall and I am terrified lol. I know I'm gonna be in debt for the rest of my life, but I'm going to live my dreams and have a fulfilling career.

                                                                                          • jodyhill48
                                                                                            jodyhill48  3 years back

                                                                                            are you an Aquarius ?

                                                                                            • saturn speedpaints
                                                                                              saturn speedpaints  3 years back

                                                                                              Annas art school survival guide (that was a reference to Ned's high school survival guid2)

                                                                                              • Aaron Makange
                                                                                                Aaron Makange  3 years back

                                                                                                Okay that's nice,well i guess i'm gonna have to struggle real hard then,but as a good start i do have an art page on instagram @a.phantom005, so yah,lets do this

                                                                                                • Sophia Trujillo- Walton

                                                                                                  You are gorgeous!! Thanks for the helpful hilarious video