CAPTAIN MARVEL (2019) | End Credits & Post Credit Scene - Full HD


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  • Huginn Hjartarson
    Huginn Hjartarson  2 months back

    Who Wants To Make A Credit Like This One?

    • KaL
      KaL  3 months back

      Return in Avengers Endgame for not even 4 Minutes Screentime and still more usefull than Thor...sad. I hate what they made out of Thor. He is supposed to be a King...not a fat, 1500 year old Fortnite kid...just terrible. Great movie, but Thor broke my heart. nohomo btw. :D

      • Tauriel of Mirkwood
        Tauriel of Mirkwood  4 months back

        And then you realise this was Brie Larson's first scene as Captain Marvel.

      • Dylon Rasco
        Dylon Rasco  5 months back


        • ZGMFXGN0042
          ZGMFXGN0042  5 months back

          the Visual arts reminded of Captain America/Iron man.

          • Tony parra
            Tony parra  6 months back

            I'll do you one better Carol, who is Fury?
            I'll do you one better, why is Fury?

            • peyton hilliard
              peyton hilliard  6 months back

              Marvel rules

              • peyton hilliard
                peyton hilliard  6 months back

                Best soundtrack ever

                • Oliver ClothesOff
                  Oliver ClothesOff  6 months back

                  Shazam is the real Captain Marvel!

                  • Volzarok
                    Volzarok  3 months back

                    Copyright the name next time loser

                  • Blue Penguin
                    Blue Penguin  5 months back

                    Yeah he is, in DC. In the MCU and Marvel's comics is Carol, it's not that hard.

                  • Ben Shapiro
                    Ben Shapiro  5 months back

                    Josh Abraham Seriously dude. If you were atleast a little bit clever you would realize all of Brie Larson’s speeches are meant to provide cover. If Brie Larson is hated it means America is a deep sexist place and not because she’s simply a piece of shit.

                  • Itbankrock
                    Itbankrock  5 months back

                    you came here to spread hate? Damn you have a lot of free time in your life, can I have some?

                  • NyJoanzy
                    NyJoanzy  6 months back

                    I thought he was Captain SparkleFingers?

                    Also equally fictional

                • GreenTurtle Gaming
                  GreenTurtle Gaming  6 months back

                  Woah the credits were amazing (didn't pay attention to them in theaters)