Did Bloodraven warg Bran?


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  • bridge4
    bridge4   1 years back

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    • bridge4
      bridge4   1 years back

      Well they are all descendant's of the first light bringer, or song of ice and fire, the Nk :)))

    • bridge4
      bridge4   1 years back

      Waiting is our only option. So once we do as elsa said, it's easy to wait :)

    • Niko Kokko
      Niko Kokko  1 years back

      Yeah my guess would also be no, but anything can happen just gonna have to wait(which is really hard)

    • bridge4
      bridge4   1 years back

      I don't see tyrions look as a sign. That related specifically to love being a risk (as it already had been by her flying to the lake battle)

      In terms of betrayal, I don't have any data to make a prediction. It's possible for either tho since she warned vary's about betraying her, and Tyrion has vowed never to betray his family (Jamie not cersei)

      As of now, I'd say no tho bc anything I'd makeup would just be pure fanfiction. But it's possible I guess

      What do u think?

    • Niko Kokko
      Niko Kokko  1 years back

      bridge4 Wanted to ask do you think that Tyrion or Varys will betray Daenerys or how likely it would be ? (I`ve been thinking about this a lot in the past few days) ps. love your content keep on doing the good work :)

  • İsm Ata
    İsm Ata  5 months back

    then 3ER is like abominations in dune.

    • Corbin Hudson
      Corbin Hudson  7 months back

      @bridge4 It could be possible Three Eyed Raven has been warging / skin changing from person to person for "1000 years" (how long he stated he waited for Bran) to avoid death, like Varamyr Sixskins describes in prologue of ADWD. I fully believe this prologue was setup tp describe what happened to Bran (despite me agreeing with almost all your videos).

      If you believe this its not a stretch to think... Three Eyed Crow = Lord of Light. Melisandre's vision was classic misdirect as we know Three Eyed Crow wasn't helping Night King based on how Night King went turbo speed to try to kill Three Eyed Raven.

      Also Given the series is Fire vs Ice, its obvious Ice is for Night King but fire as Lord of Light never really did it for me because it wasn't Stark oriented enough. With Three Eyed Raven as Lord of Light , it ties everyone is Westeros to the fire side. He is using everyone to fight his battle against the Night King - "We're all just pawns in some other lords war" & "Every Lord I've ever met is a c***"....you know those are gonna be paid off.

      Three Eye Raven / Lord of Light picked Bran for strong warging abilities but also to have the protection of all of Winterfell / the North (and now Danny). Now he has everyone fighting the war for him against the Night King.

      • Nick Salmon
        Nick Salmon  8 months back

        The only reason I think Bloodraven Warged into Bran is because when Bran says am I ready, and Bloodraven says no it cuts back to Bran and instantly his eyes go cloudy it's the same sort of shot they use when he wargs summer and Hodor (Aww blessed Hodor) and from what I could see Bran isn't holding a root so how would he be going into the Weirwood net if he's not touching an access root?

        But it also ties in with what you said because a piece of Bloodraven would of stayed with Bran after warging but because it's the 3 eyed greenseer warging Bran who's actually many people, as you explained, then pieces of all those 'songs' would have been left behind in Bran and maybe Bloodraven knew the only way to prepare Bran in such a short time was to warg into him and leave a bit of himself within Bran because considering he apparently wasn't ready, he sure got ready quick

        Love the videos dude keep em coming, let me know what you think of my evidence

        • Kristy Finlay
          Kristy Finlay  8 months back

          @bridge4 - Yo, know this is an old video - but didn't want to post this random question on your recent vids....Do we know how many 3-eyed ravens there have been? Were there any before Bloodraven?? I've been thinking about it a lot lately and I'm not sure of the answer to those but figured Mr Book-Master would know ;)

          • Kristy Finlay
            Kristy Finlay  8 months back

            @bridge4 It's curious then, right? If he's not been something around for a while...why Bloodraven? Why did HE choose to become that (aside for the prolonging life thing, maybe? Though extra years from tree roots may not be fun, lol)? Why did he pick Bran? Hmmm....

          • bridge4
            bridge4   8 months back

            I'm not sure it was ever mentioned. Ir if there even was a "three eyed crow" per second before bloodraven

        • Maven Esquith
          Maven Esquith  8 months back

          I feel he's still very much Bran but expanded with all the three eyed raven is. I'm a cook so I'm thinking of it as the same soup poured into a new pot. Lol

          • Tygerr Recchia
            Tygerr Recchia  8 months back

            And if I couldn't have said it better my self ya basstard!!!!! I hate math and that was a great way of presenting a miserable problem visually! Sad to think that Bran is dead but he is. He said it himself so yeah, Bran, he is dead effectively.

            • Jon Schnee
              Jon Schnee  10 months back

              I really like your video and I agree you in most part.
              But I think there must be still a dominance in Brans personality inside him. I mean if he downloads the identities of others as you said, won't he also know their goals and feelings?
              If so he would reach towards many goals at the same time, meaning he could do nothing at all.
              But only Bran and not many others know about the threat of the NK and want to defeat him.
              So there must be a bit more Bran or something else inside him pushing him towards defeating the NK, if not he would just have a split personality of different people each having different goals and opinions.
              That is what came up to me watching your video.

              What do you think about this?

              • Hunter McGahan
                Hunter McGahan  12 months back

                What if instead of the show and books being written by a maester or Sam it’s all just being remembered and experiences through bran as the three eyed crow/raven?

                • Hunter McGahan
                  Hunter McGahan  12 months back

                  I had this thought last night it was pretty interesting. I’m glad someone else thought of it too because I have no one to talk to about it so these videos really help me think about what all has happened and what could happen

                • MrBeavis84
                  MrBeavis84  12 months back

                  This underestimates blood raven

                  • Slowpoke
                    Slowpoke  1 years back

                    Whatever song means...

                    • Golbon Mol
                      Golbon Mol  1 years back

                      Dude you're a genius.

                      • bridge4
                        bridge4   1 years back

                        Lol trechemically I'm in mensa. But realistically, im a dumbass haha

                    • ned johnson
                      ned johnson  1 years back

                      What changed bran into this emotionless robot that shunned Meera? He wasn’t like that when he left the cave. He was plenty himself when he was with cold hands. Still was when he arrived at the wall. But once at winterfell he was totally different

                      • House Milton
                        House Milton  1 years back

                        I think only magical fire can hurt targaryens, such as wildfire or dragon fire.

                        • bridge4
                          bridge4   1 years back

                          Plenty of targs were burnt during the dance

                          The princess who never was

                          And "king" aegon as examples

                      • Danny Hicks
                        Danny Hicks  1 years back

                        Itd make sense,but probly not,all I know is I get what there doing and all...but my god the kid since taking on his new role has zero personality,the old bran is literally gone,and it kinda sucks really.

                        • Matt
                          Matt  1 years back

                          I see lots of this, but I think his " its time to become me" is what happened after tgis, the Hodor reveal. To me it seems Bran became the 3eye by affecting the past. So my take is where did yje 3eye affect the past?
                          What if the 3eye affected the Mad King, "burn them all" where he had a vision/moment of someone calling to burn the Wights?
                          Bran became the 3eye because he could now affect the past.

                          • Evil Loch Ness
                            Evil Loch Ness  1 years back

                            Hi +bridge4
                            I don't know if you have been following my progress on this, which started as lists of unconnected predictions but this is the most recent version:

                            This is a set of predictions for the show having a Happyish ending <1% chance of happening:

                            Jaime dies.
                            Jorah dies.
                            Hound dies.
                            Danerys dies.
                            Beric dies resurrecting Danerys.
                            Varys dies.
                            Jon dies.
                            Euron dies.
                            Qyburn dies.
                            Jon is resurrected by Melisendre who then dies.
                            Mountain dies.
                            Cersei dies.

                            Yara, Theon, Robin, Tormund, Samwell, Gilly and little Sam, Sansa, Edmure, Arya, Gendry, Danerys,Tyrion, Bron ,Brienne, Jon, the Onion Knight and Bran all Survive.

                            Bran is the three eyed crow and said he can never be a lord so I take it literally as he would fit better as master of whispers.

                            Gendry becomes warden of the Stormlands. Arya could marry Gendry. (while I would love that ending its hard to imagine unless we see some character development from Arya but it would join houses Stark and Baratheon).

                            Arya could also fit Dorne, since as a FM she is both assassin and master of poisons which lines up with the Martells pretty closely, whats more her wolf Nymeria is named after a Rhoynish ruler who lead her people to Dorne during the Valyrian conquest and married a Martell. It would suit that side of her, but her other side is a stark and she is even accused of being like a smith by the septon i think it is, so marrying a smith who is baratheon and would complete Roberts wish to join the two houses, would make sense but its hard to imagine with how she is now.

                            Edmure Tully and his Frey wife and child, wardens of the Riverlands.

                            Sansa becomes Warden of the Reach and marry's Tyrion who is hand of the Queen. Joining houses Stark and Lannister,

                            Warden of the vale could be Robin (I cant think of a suitable bride for him that could seal an alliance other than Sansa and I think she will be more likely to marry Tyrion as that joining of houses is more important, and being half Tully he is already blood related to Sansa, Arya, Edmure and Bran).

                            Bron warden of Dorne fits his character and would bring Dorne into the seven kingdoms, but he could easily be given the westerlands by Tyrion as payment, which actually makes sense if you think about it Tyrion owes the debt, a Lannister pays their debts, so Tyrion should have to pay Bron himself with the westerlands which don't mean all that much now the gold mines are dry.

                            Theon is both Stark and Greyjoy according to Jon Snow, and Yara already declared for Danerys so if they survive a new alliance with the Greyjoys can be added. Brienne was loyal to Renly first and the Starks second so Warden of the Reach could fit, but kingsguard suits her more I think, just thinking she could also fit warden of the vale if Robin dies.

                            The onion knight could also fit the Vale, or Dorne, or just simply lord of Dragonstone.

                            Aegon or Jon, will renounce the Targ name his claim to the throne, is the product of Stark and Targaryen houses joining(Rhyanna). intermarrying Targaryens is expected. If Jon remains King of the Norf and Danerys becomes Queen of the remaining seven kingdoms of Westeross they both get what they want and a dragon would make travel between Queens Landing and Winterfell no problem.

                            There are 8, or 9 kingdoms of westeross if you include the crownlands. So Dany wants to be Queen of the 7 kingdoms, but if Dorne is brought into the fold its 8 kingdoms, if you subtract the north then Queen dany gets her 7 kingdoms and the norf gets its king.

                            If Kings Landing is leveled by Cersei with wildfire then what is rebuilt at Kings Landing could be the Queens Landing. I suggest the Onion knight as hand of the King of the Norf and Tyrion as hand of the Queen of Westeross. It makes sense for them both to have hands to serve as their trusted advisers and small councils if they rule their separate realms.

                            For the King of the Norf and Queen of Westeross and the wardens of the Riverlands, Vale, Stormlands and reach all to be related by blood and marriage (Stark/Targaryen/Tully/Arryn(Baelish)/Baratheon/Lannister) seems to fit nicely into making a new alliance of the great houses through Stark marriages with Danerys as ruler of the seven kingdoms of Westeross.

                            I can't settle my mind on a few of the warden positions but filling the list of wardens after the long night has been the overall purpose of this whole effort, once you list the kingdoms try different cast members as wardens until you find which ones make most sense.

                            However I changed tact after my first edit and instead tried to focus on an ending which would be "happy" for the fans hence the less than 1% chance tag, I doubt all of the people I listed as survivors will actually survive as I think it will be far more bloody and there might not even be 7 kingdoms after the long night. I redid the process again but using more brutal parameters and came out with Arya and Sam being the only survivors and several more which I may save for later.

                            I may change it again once I think more about Dorne, the Reach, the Westerlands and the Vale.

                            • xxx.burn.them.all.xxx
                              xxx.burn.them.all.xxx  1 years back

                              Will we ever know who was 3ER before bloodraven? 1k+1. He had that in life. Summerhall and egg sends him to be 3er??

                              • xxx.burn.them.all.xxx
                                xxx.burn.them.all.xxx  1 years back

                                Night(s)king is imprtant. But if bran as 3er is to confront, deal with him.... If cotf make nk what's 3er? The net? Where'd they come from?

                            • Rach C
                              Rach C  1 years back

                              Hello my friend, please tell me which book is after Oathbringer, Sanderson...? Much love

                              • bridge4
                                bridge4   1 years back

                                oh wow I didnt even notice shallan. Very cool!!!

                              • Rach C
                                Rach C  1 years back

                                bridge4 oh thanks for getting back to me, oohh it's like G.O.Ts all over again, I've become so engrossed with the books I'm physically hurting (lol) that it's coming to the end, I will check out your recommendations, I'm on the last 3rs of Oathbringer ( like my icon, it's shalon) 😎😎

                              • bridge4
                                bridge4   1 years back

                                That's the most recent one in stormlight so far :) have you read the edgedancer companion novella yet tho? If not, that's the next step :)

                            • Mindy Hinders
                              Mindy Hinders  1 years back

                              Haven't had a new video uploaded from you in a week, hope you're doing okay and life is just busy.

                              • bridge4
                                bridge4   1 years back

                                seriously, thank you for the kind thoughts though

                                hope alls well with you too! =))

                              • bridge4
                                bridge4   1 years back

                                thanks =)) took a few days off. but i got back to the grind 110% yesterday and today. more stuff coming soon =)

                            • buxycat
                              buxycat  1 years back

                              Kev, no new video from you for a week or more, I hope things are ok.

                              • Tommy Deaton
                                Tommy Deaton  1 years back

                                In the hedge knight it describes Dunks sword with a polished black stone in the helt, you think it's that mysterious black stone that fell from the sky?

                                • Nicola Jade
                                  Nicola Jade  1 years back

                                  Hi Kev!
                                  I recently watched over Sansa finding Arya’s faces again and it struck me to realise Arya was speaking with a similar voice to little fingers... especially when she’s saying “I can become someone else, speak in their voice, live in their skin... I could even become you”
                                  I also noticed that the camera then cuts to the one object left that has anything to do with little finger...
                                  the dagger
                                  Do you think this could be a hint she may use his face? Peter was a powerful man with lots of little birds which probably won’t be needed now bran is around, however, I’m sure he still has ‘friends’ somewhere?

                                  • bridge4
                                    bridge4   1 years back

                                    Could be useful in and around cersei unless word gets to cersei of his death

                                • Ross Breneman
                                  Ross Breneman  1 years back

                                  Is it just me or does the Three-Eyed Raven's voice in the show sound oddly similar to Jon Snow's voice but just with a little more vocal fry?

                                  • Pedro Alves
                                    Pedro Alves  1 years back

                                    bridge4, this is awesome content as always! Back in 2017 I wrote a little article on that very same subject, though I used a different approach. Have a look: “Brandon Stark is no more” https://medium.com/@pedroalvesv/brandon-stark-is-no-more-3c044c3746f4

                                    • dprs
                                      dprs  1 years back

                                      I love how you still manage to make new and interesting videos about the show, CONSISTENTLY. I have no clue how you do it, but thanks for doing it.

                                      • bridge4
                                        bridge4   1 years back

                                        Thanks for the continued support :)

                                    • Javier DeJesus
                                      Javier DeJesus  1 years back

                                      i love watching your videos!

                                      • Drogna
                                        Drogna  1 years back


                                        • Gavo Morg
                                          Gavo Morg  1 years back

                                          Haven't been on for a while kev but great analysis as always, 85 k wow man!! and u deserve everyone of those subs and if iv said it once iv said it a million times your one of the 3 best GoTs channels on ya and I swear that by the old gods and the new,,, all hail king kev long may he reign,,,, YOU BE HITTING 100 K SUBS SOON keep it up

                                          • drewlovs
                                            drewlovs  1 years back

                                            The question that has been bugging as of late is, who was the Three-Eyed Crow before Bloodraven? Who "called" him to the far north? Did THAT entity affect the world in ways we can see? I am very ignorant when it comes to GoT timelines, so I really don't know what was going on when Bloodraven packed his stuff and disappeared, except he was on the Wall, or was a Ranger... do you?

                                            • drewlovs
                                              drewlovs  1 years back

                                              As an aside, this feels like it could be important ~or~ completely unrelated to the story. That's how writers like Martin, Tolkien and Jordan work-either a complete critical plot arc hidden in plain sight, or a red herring to drive people like me crazy...

                                          • Mike Guy
                                            Mike Guy  1 years back

                                            Gardbrant or Dillashaw tmo?

                                            • Chris Black
                                              Chris Black  1 years back

                                              But in season 7 episode 7 bran clearly said " my aunt lyanna" so no, its still bran.

                                              • ZombieFeathers
                                                ZombieFeathers  1 years back

                                                Did they change actors for Bloodraven between seasons?

                                              • The Warlocke
                                                The Warlocke  1 years back

                                                Oh thanks for clearing this up! I was a little confused on how that worked but you explained it so well it just all made perfect sense.

                                                • bridge4
                                                  bridge4   1 years back

                                                  This is just a guess. We should fiND out for sure in the next book though. But no problem, my pleasure.

                                              • Ron Anderson
                                                Ron Anderson  1 years back

                                                Now that makes a lot of sense. Love your videos.

                                                • Rogue One
                                                  Rogue One  1 years back

                                                  I like how the show used the "thousand eyes and one" line but then gave him two eyes. 🤔Lol

                                                  • B Vivek
                                                    B Vivek  1 years back

                                                    If bran doesn't come back to be Stark... The Stark lineage stops.. Irony is that all families thought they erased targareans but they will probably be the only family living....

                                                    • 62tjz
                                                      62tjz  1 years back

                                                      Best GoT channel on YT bro. Your content never disappoints

                                                      • 62tjz
                                                        62tjz  1 years back

                                                        bridge4 Your numbers blow my mind, especially with some of your view counts. I think you were around 60k a few weeks ago when I subbed. Thinking about picking up the books bc of you as well. Keep it up brotha!

                                                      • bridge4
                                                        bridge4   1 years back

                                                        Haha not in terms of numbers that's for sure. But thank you!

                                                    • Sue Hastings
                                                      Sue Hastings  1 years back

                                                      Total agreement in Three eye Raven not wargging into Bran. Good visual in explaining what happened to Bran and behavior changes.

                                                      • D Halps
                                                        D Halps  1 years back

                                                        He says I’ve been watching you with 1000 eyes and 1, and that “and 1” means his own eye since he is a cyclops... Think this plays towards what you said in the video about how every time the 3-Eyed Crow, he (Bloodraven - soon to be Bran), wargs somebody else or something else (animals, looks into the past, wargs people maybe?, etc) a part of him, the 3-Eyed Crow, goes into the warged & vice versa. Therefore, it’s inevitable to lose part of yourself if you warg so many people and animals (and going into the past)... They talk about the “cost of magic” too and how “a life must pay for a life” and other similar notions... Bloodraven sent messages to Jojen and look what happened to him? Bloodraven has grown into a tree. Clearly Bloodraven was waiting a long time & wasn’t joking... This makes me wonder what will happen to Bran? He is already a cripple, and I wonder if that means anything or if that will help him/hurt him? If Bran will have to start a search for the next 3-Eyed Crow after him too?

                                                        On another idea, the 3-Eyed Raven is clearly a hero for the COTF and they help him and lived with him in the weirwood tree... Could it be possible that the NK is a hero of another faction of the COTF? Maybe they’re using the NK to kill people to bring Westeros back to a forest but kind of made a deal w the devil bc all the ice kills everything kinda too... Especially with the GRRM referred to iced sidhe - which is very reminiscent of the COTF in a way... Lastly, does the NK’s magic have any impact on the COTF?

                                                        Feel free to write back any ideas, opinions, suggestions, criticisms, whatever.... Thanks for reading my mind flowing out into a comment.

                                                        • Disney Robey
                                                          Disney Robey  1 years back

                                                          So there is a theory that the story is told by Sam at the end. If Bran really can see things from everyone else's eyes and GRRM writes ASOIF from everyone else's eyes.....what about Bran telling the story at the end? If anyone is telling the story.

                                                          • Malaysian_ Asian
                                                            Malaysian_ Asian  1 years back

                                                            He's lived a thousand lives, and one.

                                                            • Deborah Kogan
                                                              Deborah Kogan  1 years back


                                                              • Mia Blomgren
                                                                Mia Blomgren  1 years back

                                                                Is this why there must always be a Stark in Winterfell? In case (when) the last greenseer needs a new body, he must skinchange into another skinchanger, to be able to further skinchange when that body is consumed. Also, are they all Brandons (and variations of the name). Brynden is a form of Brandon. Were Brandon the Builder and the other significant Brandons in fact the last greenseer?

                                                                • bridge4
                                                                  bridge4   1 years back

                                                                  Iron rusted tho :-P

                                                                • Mia Blomgren
                                                                  Mia Blomgren  1 years back

                                                                  Issa Legend Yeah the statues in the crypts are definitley denying guest right with their swords over their laps. No one is welcome in the crypts.

                                                                • bridge4
                                                                  bridge4   1 years back

                                                                  could be. i don't have a concrete stance on that saying yet though. i'll let ya know if i ever do =)

                                                              • fred l
                                                                fred l  1 years back

                                                                After watching this video, Bloodraven reminds me of the character Jacob from LOST.

                                                                • Marc Ritz
                                                                  Marc Ritz  1 years back

                                                                  Nah, this isn't true. It's been shown that Bran has to specifically look at certsin events to learn about them.

                                                                  If your theory was true, he would automatically adopt all the memories AND desires AND wants AND needs. He does however not have any of that. He doesn't even have access to people's inner consciousness, he just sees what happened like a secret recording.

                                                                  Memories are not recordings. You really need to look into that subject. People's memories are ridiculously inaccurate. They may be completely manufactured even. Memories doesn't play a part in this AT ALL or he would have a multitude of wildly conflicting memories.

                                                                  Even if Bran adopted another person into him. It would have been limited to the experiences Bran actively downloaded. So it would be 1 {Bran} + 0.0000000001 {Jaime}.

                                                                  Bran became disconnected from humanity. Uniting more people into you would NOT do that. There are many fundamentally human emotions, behaviors, desires which would not ever become diluted because every other person shares them.

                                                                  • Adam Denford
                                                                    Adam Denford  1 years back

                                                                    Woo could the entire show be from the perspective of the three eyed crow? Like he could be reminiscing

                                                                    • Adam Denford
                                                                      Adam Denford  1 years back

                                                                      bridge4 I'll give it a watch! It's a real interesting subject

                                                                    • bridge4
                                                                      bridge4   1 years back

                                                                      He's my video on that if you're bored..an agnostic view of asoiaf (I don't think rhllor is real)


                                                                    • bridge4
                                                                      bridge4   1 years back

                                                                      His own life fire is my guess. He tells beric the 7th time would be the last,for them both, suggesting that doesn't have any more to give

                                                                      Same with stabbing and shadow babies. Mel tells him no after 1 in show and 2 in books else it will kill him

                                                                    • Adam Denford
                                                                      Adam Denford  1 years back

                                                                      bridge4 what about thoros bringing back beric the first few times, as that's the only exception I can think applys to that rule. Or is his death his cost for rebirth through magic?

                                                                    • bridge4
                                                                      bridge4   1 years back

                                                                      Only life can pay for death. And for magic. All magic comes at the cost or exchange of life unless I'm mistaken