Halo Infinite E3 2019 Trailer Reaction


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  • mysticblood2007
    mysticblood2007  4 months back

    Make it a more powerful and Blu-ray I fits different from Cortana can telepathically get a powerful AI user well not user but aai fragment to join up with her in her power to destroy Cortana and transform only a eyes from their Guardian cells into one huge ass orange Guardian that will attack and defeat but it will be a boss fight Cortana cortana's big gigantic

  • Jim Lagiano
    Jim Lagiano  4 months back

    Finally a reaction that addresses the shear depth of how heavy the Cheif's amour is. Nice one Team 👍

    • El Señor Spook
      El Señor Spook  5 months back

      Masterchief could have a kid the metal gear solid way.

      • Jay B Industries
        Jay B Industries  5 months back

        " I can't remember the end of Halo 5 " damn hes so lucky

        • Joypad Bandit
          Joypad Bandit  5 months back

          Whole pelican shook... #FinishTheFight

          • Tophef Tyr
            Tophef Tyr  5 months back

            They literally know nothing about halo lore lol

            • The Gaming Résumé
              The Gaming Résumé   5 months back

              You're right. I've only played every Halo game (sans Wars) and read multiple books (before Bungie retconned them) in the series. Yeah. People just can't forget things, can they? 🤦🏽‍♀️ - Onix

          • Reece X
            Reece X  5 months back

            "Guys, what if this is John?!"
            He has a kid?"
            Entertaining to hear those thoughts aloud :D

            • Life of Chad
              Life of Chad  5 months back

              Wtf does he say at 4:55? Hunting for your ace?

              • Leminscate
                Leminscate  5 months back

                @Life of Chad It's literally the subtitles

              • Life of Chad
                Life of Chad  5 months back

                @Rodolfo Montilla nah sounds like race lol

              • Rodolfo Montilla
                Rodolfo Montilla  5 months back

                Hunting for your reason?

              • Life of Chad
                Life of Chad  5 months back

                Sounds like hunting for your race actually

              • Life of Chad
                Life of Chad  5 months back

                @Leminscate nah it dont sound like it still sounds like my comment 😂

            • Jesse Hernandez
              Jesse Hernandez  5 months back

              It took like 30 seconds for them to realize it was master chief 😂😂😂
              Imagine if they weren’t wearing glasses 🤓

              • audilicous
                audilicous  5 months back

                THE FEELS

                • DJ DJ
                  DJ DJ  5 months back

                  That dude on the far right is that little step brother that is annoying and you wish you never had.

                • DJ DJ
                  DJ DJ  5 months back

                  How much y'all wanna bet the original Cortona was a "2nd" Cortana...
                  Now Cheif will have the Original Cortana, To continue to Saga.

                  • g4meboy13
                    g4meboy13  5 months back

                    I hope they find a way to do that. It could happen remember how the flood worm forgot the name. Had her for a bit maybe they can bring back the flood AND cortana that way to go against the rampant cortana, the flood the covenant

                • ChrisTBH
                  ChrisTBH  5 months back

                  Game takes place at least 3 years after Halo 5.
                  Installation 04 is destroyed.
                  Evidence points towards this ring being Zeta Halo (Installation 07).

                  • Joseph Isley
                    Joseph Isley  5 months back

                    @Narom Malagon Morales I was misinformed lol ive heard from some of my buddies that it retconed halo 5 and honestly I was hoping it did Dx plz halo community please do not kill me

                  • Narom Malagon Morales
                    Narom Malagon Morales  5 months back

                    @Joseph Isley Bro, wtf are saying.

                  • ChrisTBH
                    ChrisTBH  5 months back

                    @Joseph Isley What are you talking about? This IS Halo 6, it's confirmed as that. The Visor reads last modified in 2561 which is 3 years after the events of Halo 5. It's new armour.

                  • Beardless Operator
                    Beardless Operator  5 months back

                    This takes place a year after halo 5

                  • JBear Antonicic
                    JBear Antonicic  5 months back

                    The Jazzhop Man it is Gen 3 Armor last modified in the year 2561

                • Alok Kar
                  Alok Kar  5 months back

                  I think that's the hint surprise I think cortona is back and they will finally be together I guess. OMG 😱 I am waiting for this for long time halo my favorite game is back yes yes 😄😄😄😄😭😭😭😭

                  • Robert Bickley
                    Robert Bickley  5 months back

                    Oo oO I mean, she basically overthrew the entire Galaxy, and my theory is that she destroyed the Infinity, and that’s why we don’t see it in the trailer

                  • Oo oO
                    Oo oO  5 months back

                    His gonna have to end up killing her you watch

                • MikeCharlieAlpha
                  MikeCharlieAlpha  5 months back

                  “What if this is John?”

                  Fuck outa here.

                  • Frank  Allara
                    Frank Allara  5 months back

                    Cant remember how halo ended?? Either of them, I'm willing to wager ...yall suck ....dont comment on halo ever again ....

                    • Thee Furaribi
                      Thee Furaribi  4 months back

                      @DJ DJ YOU MEAN THEY DONT KNOW CHIEFS A GINGER 0,0

                    • DJ DJ
                      DJ DJ  5 months back

                      Yea man, I 100% agree with you. They were all clueless.

                      "What if this is John"

                      "As a baby?" (Yea maybe)

                      I mean really! come on.. common sense lol.

                    • Kevin Lee
                      Kevin Lee  5 months back

                      @MarkyMo I love Halo, and I completely agree.
                      The fuck we were playing with some nobody for, what the fuck were they smoking at 343... what was that guys name lol, I keep thinking John Lock or some shit.

                    • MarkyMo
                      MarkyMo  5 months back

                      halo 5 sucked dick. I wouldn't blame anyone for forgetting it

                  • The Xmoda
                    The Xmoda  5 months back

                    Simply so satisfying. Yes I wish we could get gameplay but the game is still 1.5 years out

                    • JBear Antonicic
                      JBear Antonicic  5 months back

                      The Xmoda actually the trailer is the campaigns opening cutscene

                  • riku riku
                    riku riku  5 months back

                    Tgr final fantasy 7 remake release date trailer is coming out now ,can't wait to see your reaction

                  • stop right there or be terminated bub

                    In the boot up it says last modified 2561, and halo 5 took place in 2558, meaning its been at least 3 years since the events of halo 5.

                    • Milan P
                      Milan P  5 months back

                      @jeff Machem Halsey upgraded his armor btw in between those years

                    • jeff Machem
                      jeff Machem  5 months back

                      Additionally. If you pause on a section of screen after the dates, it says at the top of the HUD "Prepping AI Security Measures" which suggests that Chiefs new suit has software to fight being controlled by A.I.

                    • jeff Machem
                      jeff Machem  5 months back

                      yeah. My guess is they had to create a type of Mjolnir armor that couldn't be hacked and controlled by Cortana or the other UNSC A.I. programs that joined her. In previous games she could control everything in the armor except John-117s physical movement. Even then she could switch off the suits power and basically render John immobile

                    • Robert Bickley
                      Robert Bickley  5 months back

                      LORD TWIGO the Infinity probably fought on the ring, and lost, and that’s why Chief is floating in space

                    • LORD TWIGO
                      LORD TWIGO  5 months back

                      @Stan156 so after Halo 5, Chief got a new suit and somehow got sucked into space? He really ends up in the darnedest situations

                  • xbxspartan
                    xbxspartan  5 months back

                    this will be epic

                    • iownalx23
                      iownalx23  5 months back

                      cortana is back again. good.

                      • iownalx23
                        iownalx23  5 months back

                        @Oo oO yea probably. but atleast it wont be a retcon again.

                      • Oo oO
                        Oo oO  5 months back

                        John gonna end up killing her you watch

                    • THEWORTHYGENTLEMAN
                      THEWORTHYGENTLEMAN  5 months back

                      That shield recharge sent me into survival mode 💫